MESA, MANILA COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES THESIS PROPOSAL Proponent’s Name: Bernadette R.Penaroyo Carla Trixia A.Corpuz



3rd Trimester / 2012-2013 Proposed Title:
“ Online Purchasing with Inventory using PHP”

Area of Investigation: The proposed study will offer essential information pertaining to frequent appliances that are used for home. The facet of this proposed study is its enchanced searching aptitude that will exhibit facts like the Product Catalog, Download Pricelist(PDF)and Search function, Like us on facebook link, Shopping Cart(Uses Paypal), Separate Login and Session 3 user Levels (Administrator, Inventory Manager, Sales Manager) ,Reports and receipt generation, Sales Management(Pending Orders, Shipped Orders, Returned), Update FAQ, Pricelist, Homepage Banner, View User Login and logout time for Administrator only and what ailment these home products treat. It will also contain a user and an administrator site. Reason for the Choice of Project: The proposed study is being shaped for an opposite and quicker mode of seeking home solution by means of appliance products. Importance of the Study: With its online property and searching capabilities this software will lend a hand to people who need a beautiful home through the use of home appliances Target User and Benificicaries: The target users and beneficiaries of this software are people who can’t meet the expense of appliances and rely on home decoration. This will gratify local as well as foreign community because of its online feature. Software Development to be used: Necessary programming language will be used for the software development such as PHP, JAVASCRIPTand HTML. The programming language/s that will be used may vary depending on what suits the software. Similarities and Differences to the Previous Studies:

. home appliances were not actually accentuated and they were taken for granted . MANILA COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES As far as previous studies are concerned.AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE – MANILA STA. The chief similarities of this software on other studies was its online and searching properties but the notion of using home products was way to unusual. MESA.

College of Engineering AMA Computer Univeristy Date .Corpuz Date Date Approved By Katherine C. MESA. Malvecino. Phd Dean.Penaroyo Carla Trixia A. MANILA COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES Proponent’s Siganture Bernadette R.AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE – MANILA STA.

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