Adventures of the American dollar A GUY appears on the screen. He is cheerfully walking along the street.

The street looks somewhat normal, though some stores are closed and some houses are ‘FORECLOSURE’. Voice Over: I don’t know about this crisis. Look at all this. We see a long never-ending isle with goods. A DOLLAR peaks out of the guy’s pocket, looking around with curiosity. VO: Whatever The hand grabs a random nondescript thing. Tag reads: ‘Whatever. 70 cents. Made Far Away’. At the cashier the Guy digs into his pocket and yanks the Dollar out, so fast it can only squeak in alarm and close it’s eyes. VO: I don’t like saying goodbye but that’s what you eventually have to do. Never really think again where it’s gone unless I think I’ve lost it. Hands it to cashier. VO: I figure once you give your buck away it’s not coming back anyway. Dollar looks really sad getting on a plane, plane leaves, sad dollar in a window. The Guy is back on the street. More stores are closed now, sad people on the street. Two STORE OWNERS are nailing up a sign ‘CLOSED’ to the door. The Guy: Hey! It’s my favorite coffee shop! First Store Owner: I swear it’s like money are just disappearing these days. Second Store Owner: Dunno where it’s all going… The Second Store Owner reaches for the box with nails. The box reads ‘Nails. Made Far Away’ The Guy looks at them and keeps walking. We pass by a blacksmith shop. The BLACKSMITH is carrying out boxes. The sign reads ‘Nails and stuff NO MORE’ VO: Well. Maybe it's not all that good... The Guy is back to the store. People are running to the isle, grabbing things and disappearing. We see a line of very sad Dollars boarding on a plane. The plane destination reads: 'Far Away'. DOLLAR NUMBER 2 picks out of the Guy’s pocket in alarm. The Guy shrugs and reaches for another random thing in the isle. The Dollar squeaks and pulls the Guy by the sleeve. The Guy: What?

Dollar pulls him in the direction of identical things. Tag 'Made HERE' The Guy compares them. The Guy: Hey! That one is ten cents less! Those money ain’t gonna come back to me, huh? The Dollar shakes head in desperation. And drags the Guy to the cashier. The Guy: OK, OK. If you say so. But it’s better be for a good reason. Hands the locally produced purchase to the cashier. Dollar is jumping in excitement on top of it. Cashier: What’s he so happy about? The Guy: I don’t know. He thinks he can do some good or help out or something. Dollar jumps into the cash register and breaks apart into a bunch of coins. They quickly grow legs and eyes and run away. The Guy: Just like I said. Won’t be seeing those around. We see the coins running on the street. One of the coins dives into the mailbox that reads “TAXES’. A ton of little coins jump out of the box and ran. We see them hop into flower beds on the street and dry flowers start blooming, some jump into old peoples pockets and people raise their heads and perk up. One of them goes to the Coffee Shop and tries to buy something from Store Owners. (we can see more of the money action here). VO: Who likes giving away money? I bet you nobody. But here is a difference. They don’t really go to far, when it’s to your neighbor. You gonna see them back right here. We can get ourselves out if we don’t send our dollars away. Why wait for somebody? And guess what. They procreate if they stay home in their natural habitat! Shh..! Two dollars going around quickly turn into four! Visual of two dollars on top of each other, sign ‘CENSORED’ Back on the street one of the coins is pulling the First Store Owner by the sleeve toward the Blacksmith’s shop. We see Blacksmith undoing the Coffee Shop ‘Closed’ sign with a nail puller. VO: Now that’s much better! And that’s up to us. Eventually the café is full. We see the happy Guy sitting at the table getting his change. He looks closely at one of the coins. The Guy: Hey! You look familiar!

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