BTEC Qualifications for IT Users and IT Practitioners

From September 2009 there will be a comprehensive BTEC suite available.
There are two BTEC IT qualifications: IT User for learners who want to acquire practical IT skills, and IT Practitioner aimed at students who plan to follow a career in the IT or Telecoms sectors. BTECs are practical, work related qualifications offering an exam free equivalent to GCSEs and A levels. They are the most widely recognised vocational qualification in the UK and have a 25 year pedigree. Our BTEC IT suite is the vocational package for ensuring that ALL of your students achieve their potential and that your qualifications meet the needs of 21st century learners. Over the last 25 years , BTECs have been used to help millions of people develop the skills they need to get on in life. Employers and parents like and trust BTECs.

BTEC be inspired

Brief the class on scoping a pro ject plan for an online business i. CompTIA and Microsoft. Encourage discussion on any online busine ss ideas the students have for the future. Functional Skills in ICT are embedded within this qualification 03 Wednesday Split the students into groups and share their ideas. . There are a number of reasons your students would want to study this qualification: • Up-to-date. internationally recognised. relevant content. Please note this is an example only. recognition and enhanced achievement • UCAS points. including topics such as graphics. 04 Thursday Work with the class to develo p the website’s secondary pages. Highlight key areas including messaging. spreadsheets and desktop publishing • Vocational learning style engages students and allows teachers to tailor the course to the specific requirements of their students • Fully meets National Curriculum requirements for ICT in Key Stage 4 • Supports development of personal learning and thinking skills BTECs for IT Practitioners offers: • Practical. school. Doing Business Online . For example.e. a student taking the BTEC IT User Award can also study the BTEC Certificate in Business. It is ideal for students who have an interest in IT and want to learn skills that will equip them for further education and a career in IT. images. Present agreed criteria to the class and have them evaluate against the fina l site.BTEC for IT Users The BTEC IT User is a brand new qualification aimed at learners of all abilities who wish to learn how to use IT more effectively. enabling you to tailor programmes to meet your learners’ needs 01 A week in the life of a BTEC IT Monday Teacher Flexible Delivery The BTEC IT Users qualification is flexible in the way you can deliver it to your students. Unit 21. The above unit may run acro ss several weeks. adding further value. It can work as a stand-alone qualification as well as supporting other subjects and BTECs your students may be studying. web authoring. work-related learning • The skills to develop a career in the IT industry • Up-to-date. Teachers have freedom to create projects that are relevant to their students and their college or school. Start to develop the main pag es online. NOTES BTEC First for IT Practitioners . communicating with IT. relevant content. enabling learners to make university applications with confidence • Points for the School and College Achievement and Attainment Tables (SCAAT) • A choice of three different-sized. meaning they have improved chances of success. 05 Friday Engaging Material The BTEC IT User qualification has been written as a qualification that will engage students and allow teachers to shape the qualification to the needs of their own students. All students can be engaged with BTECs. clu b or company. Explain the importance of quality control with practical examples. designed to engage and motivate learners • A selection of embedded vendor awards from Cisco. content and links. offering clear progression routes • Learners a choice of four specialist pathways for optimum flexibility • A wide range of specialist units. 02 Tuesday Demonstrate how to plan a we bsite offline. multimedia. Students can gain a qualification that is recognised by employers and education institutions alike. BTEC for IT Practitioners Units included in this qualification across levels 2 and 3 will include: Proposed unit titles Core Using IT Systems Improving Productivity Using IT IT User Fundamentals Setting Up an IT System Optimise IT System Performance Security for IT Users Using IT to find and exchange IT Communication Fundamentals Using the Internet Using Email Using Collaborative Technologies Using Mobile IT Devices Personal Information Management Software Using IT Productivity IT Software Fundamentals Audio and Video Software Audio Software Video Software Bespoke Software Specialist Software Computer Accounting Software Data Management Software Database Software Design and Imaging Software Design Software Imaging Software Desktop Publishing Software Drawing and Planning Software Multimedia Software Presentation Software Project Management Software Spreadsheet Software Website Software Word Processing Software The BTEC IT Practitioners qualification has been well established in schools and colleges for a number of years. nested qualifications.

sample moderated assignments and much more. This means you can tailor assignments and coursework to fit real world situations that you know will engage your students. schemes of work and lesson plans.edexcel. on a BTEC your students have the chance to re-submit their work if they feel they can achieve a better value of a BTEC course is that students of all abilities can succeed. BTECs are assessed practically. Plus. Publication Ordering Code: Z020755 . That means when you choose or email btecmarketing@edexcel. These will support teachers with every aspect of the BTEC qualification from planning through delivery through to assessment. These resources will include Edexcel Study Guides. Edexcel offers first class end to end support including: • Professional development and training • High quality teaching and student resources • Regionally based curriculum development managers to support implementation and delivery of BTEC For more information please visit www. not through exams. This method of assessment and learning means students develop a much deeper understanding of IT and can apply it to real work or in other parts of their education. you have access to Pearson’s portfolio of resources and teaching support materials. Additionally your centre can get constant support through our dedicated BTEC support line and the outstanding AskEdexcel service. Unrivalled levels of support Edexcel is part of the Pearson Education group. student books and resources.