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January 2001

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January 2001 2001 Executive

President Ron Woltman H: (613) 592-0141 W: (819) 997-6988 Vice-President David Butler H: (613) 596-5518 C: (613) 762-8268 Past President Rob Microys H: (613) 822-7204 Directors Basil Chiu (613) 749-9444 (weekdays) (613) 830-1561 (weekends) (prefer phone contact) Adam Mortimer H: (613) 822-2565 Jeremy Hamilton H: (613) 824-1362 Chris Holmsten H: (613) 831-1720 Membership Gordon Acorn and Helen Zhou H: (613) 271-1161 W: (613) 763-1155 Treasurer Robert Benson H: (613) 837-2051 Secretary Chris Capowski H: (613) 228-1180 W: (613) 526-5202 LINK Editor Richard Muise H: (613) 241-9983 W: (613) 763-6981
Hotline (613) 788-0525
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Editorial Exhaust
Well, something a little new this month. Thanks to Bennett Leckie for submitting the puzzle found on page 5. Also thanks to Basil Chiu for the executive biographies. The classifieds have been cleaned up this month as well. If you have anything you would like to submit for the classifieds, just send along an email. The classifieds are free to all members. The ad will run for about 3-4 months, unless the ad is pulled (i.e. you sold the parts you had). I'm also looking for additional help in Link production. Even a little time spent proof reading would be of assistance. If you do have some spare time and access to the Internet, please contact me through email ( -r.

General Meetings Louis's Steakhouse 1682 Cyrville Rd., Ottawa, ON First Tuesday of every month All are welcome M.C.O. P.O. Box 65006, Merivale Postal Outlet Nepean, ON K2G 5Y3 The LINK is the official publication of the Motorsport Club of Ottawa. The opinions expressed in the LINK do not necessarily reflect those of the LINK Editorial Staff or the Club's Executive. Though all efforts are made to ensure that facts stated in the articles herein are accurate, the individual contributors should check the accuracy of their articles prior to submission. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 18th day of every month.

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Special Thanks
Bev Millar and Ken Baird Collation and Distribution

January 2001

2001 Calendar of Events

MCO GENERAL MEETINGS First Tuesday of every month, 8:00 pm Louis's Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road MCO EXECUTIVE MEETINGS Third Tuesday of every month, 7:00 pm Louis's Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road

Tentative 2001 Winter Solo/Winter Driving School

Sunday Jan 6, Saturday Jan 13 - Winter Driving Scools Sunday Jan 14, Sunday Jan 21, Sunday Feb 4, Sunday Feb 11 (Rain dates: Sunday Jan 28, Sunday Feb 18) - Ice Dice/Solo
For more information, rules, or driving school registration sheets, see

Tentative 2001 Solo I Schedule

April 28 Solo I School SMP - Fabi April 29 Solo I School SMP - Nelson May 18 Lapping 1 Mosport DDT May 19 Event 1 Mosport DDT May 20 Event 2 Mosport DDT June 9 Event 3 SMP - Fabi June 10 Event 4 SMP - Nelson June 22 Lapping 2 Cayuga June 23 Event 5 Cayuga June 24 Event 6 Cayuga July 14 Event 7 Mosport DDT July 15 Event 8 Mosport DDT August 11 Event 9 SMP - Pro August 12 Event 10 SMP - Nelson August 24 Lapping 3 Cayuga August 25 Event 11 Cayuga August 26 Event 12 Cayuga September 13 Event 13 SMP - Pro September 14 Event 14 SMP - Fabi November 3 Solo 1/2 Banquet Ramada Hotel, T.O.

Workers Wanted for Canaska Cup Weekend, July 6-8, 2001.

Please contact MCO Executive for information about positions.

MCO Performance Driving School and Lapping Weekend.

June 23-24, Shannonville Motorsport Park. Further information, including the price and registration sheet are available online at

MCO Indoor Racing League Events:

Tuesday January 9 Capital Karting Wednesday January 31 Capital Karting Thursday February 22 Capital Karting Tuesday March 13 Capital Karting Wednesday April 4 Capital Karting Wednesday April 25 Capital Karting (for more information, see

Tentative 2001 Road Racing Schedule

April 20-22 April 27 April 28, 29 May 11 May 12, 13 June 2, 3 June 30, July 1, 2 July 6 July 7, 8 July 21, 22 August 10 August 11, 12 August 31 September 1, 2 September 14 September 15, 16 September 28 September 29, 30 Spring Fling SMP Test Day Mosport BARC - Event 1 Mosport Test Day Mosport BARC - Event 2 Mosport CRDA Event 3 SMP VARAC Festival Mosport Test Day SMP MCO - Event 4 SMP DAC - Event 5 SMP Test Day Mosport BARC - Event 6 Mosport Test Day Mosport CRDA - Event 7 Mosport Test Day Mosport BEMC - Event 8 Mosport Test Day Mosport Celebration - Event 9 Mosport

January 2001 January 1999


- Interior and Exterior cleaning and detailing - Mid to highend maintenance - Custom engineered upgrades - Design and consulting services - Custom mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust systems up to 3" diameter - Precision MIG and TIG welding of: - Aluminum - Stainless Steel - Inconel - Titanium - Various other metals

by appointment only

(613) 798-8163

January 2001

English to German Automotive Translations

This was sent to me without attribution and so I do not know to whom it may be attributed. It did however provide me with a few chuckles and hopefully will amuse you as well. If I ever find out who the author is I will gladly give them credit and thanks for brightening my day. To help you read these translations you must understand that in German the "ie" combination is pronounced as "ee" and the "ei" combination is pronounced as "eye". Also, German is a language which strings multiple short words together to create one new long word. Enjoy! Indicators Hood Exhaust Clutch Puncture Learner Parking Meter Wipers Brake Gear lever Seat Belt Headlights Exhaust Highway Traffic Act Fog Warning Traffic Jam Rear Seat Tires Backfire Juggernaut Accident Garage Skid Double White Lines Near Accident Die blinkenleiten tickentocken Die pullnob und knucklechopper Der spitzenpoppenbangentuben Die kulink mit schlippen und schaken Die phlatt mit bludyfriggin Die twatte mit ellplatz Der tennerpinscher und klockenqweer Der flippenflappen muckenschpredder Der edbangeronvindschreen stoppenquick Bigenschticken fur kangarooshtoppen Der klunkinklikker frauleintrapper Der dipperenderdazzlubastad Der kaffenundschpitpolluter Der wipenfurarsen Die puttenfootdownen und friggit Die bluddifriggin dammundblast Der schpringentester mit fraulein Flahttfarts Der lowdenbangenmekkenjumpen Der friggingrett trucken Der bledinmess Der heiway robberung Der banannan waltzen Overtaken und krunchen Der friggin ner crapenselfen

(submitted by Cindy Armstrong)

January 2001

Word Puzzle: AwayTo The Races 2001

submitted by Bennett Leckie

Object: Put all the 2001 Formula-1 and CART events in the crossword above. The Formula-1 events are vertical, and the CART events are horizonal.
Down: Formula-1 March 3 : Australia March 18: Malaysia April 1: Brazil April 15: San Marino April 29: Spain May 13: Austria May 27: Monaco June 10: Canada June 24: Europe July 1: France July 15: Great Britain July 29: Germany Aug 19: Hungary Sept 2: Belgium Sept 16: Italy Sept 30: United States October 14: Japan Across: CART Mar 11: Monterry Mar 25: Rio De Janeiro Apr 8: Long Beach April 29: Fort Worth May 6: Nazareth May 19: Motegi June 3: Milwaukee June 17: Detroit June 24: Portland July 1: Cleveland July 15: Toronto July 22: Brooklyn July 29: Cicero Aug 12: Lexington Aug 19: Elkhart lake Sept 2: Vancouver Sept 15: Lausitz Sept 22: Corby Oct 7: Houston Oct 14: Monterey Oct 28: Surfers Paradise Nov 4: Fontana

solution on page 8

January 2001

January 2001

2001 MCO Executive Member Profiles

by Basil Chiu
His dyed blond hair and earring make him look somewhat of a vague Jacques Villeneuve. That, or you can imagine him vaulting berms on a motocross. Racer and dealer-Adam Mortimer loves karts. That's how you probably know him in this club. "I want to see a local club running safe, ASN sanctioned karting events," he said recently. That's why he's this year's open-wheel race director. He's been working on Formula Ford 1600 and Atlantic racing cars for 15 years with his father now. For the past six, he's been racing karts. Just one or two races a year, starting in small four-stroke Hondas, until last year. That's when he graduated to an 80cc shifter kart, winning the National Capital Karting Club championship, and placing fourth at the OKRA Canadian Grand Nationals at Shannonville. As well, he raced a FF1600 in the B class at the Canaska Cup for the past two events, placing just off the podium in each of his races. When he's not around race cars, he's around road cars-Mortimer works at Donnelly's Ottawa Ford.


"I'm not doing this for recognition," states Hamilton. "People can share their knowledge and experience." Which is why he chose to take the responsibility of being the MCO's closed-wheel race director. He admits he's a neophyte and that he has a lot to learn. But he joined because he saw others, like himself, with something to share. And he wants to make it easier for other club members to share what they have to offer. "I'd like to see more driver training events for members and the community. They're good things." Hamilton became a member in 1996, crewing with his uncle, Len Clue (another MCO member), and others. In 1998, he began driving in the Ontario Challenge Cup. That same year, he won the MCO's rookie-of-the-year award. He is currently Clue's crew chief and third driver. Last year, he was an instructor at the MCO's winter driving schools, and he enjoyed the experience tremendously. "Racing excites me," he says with a wide smile. When he's not racing, you can find Hamilton learning industrial design at Carleton University.

Chris Holmsten Solo Competition Director

Chris Holmsten joined the club because, he figured, he needed to. Let's retrace the steps: He gets his aunt's car for his sixteenth birthday. Now being a car owner, he becomes interested in cars, especially Porsches. He is involved in an accident, and figures his driving can improve. At a Porsche parade in Mt-Tremblant, he witnesses Solo II for the first time. So then last year, Holmsten joined the MCO to compete in Solo II, improve his driving skills, and maybe see a Porsche or two. But why join the executive? "I want to be a Formula One engineer," says Holmsten. "I want experience in management and in organising events. And I want to pick up some technical and driving skills along the way." Indeed, Holmsten is hoping to study racecar engineering at Oxford University in England, after he graduates high school this year. (At 18, he figures he's "probably the youngest director in the MCO ever.") He admits if he's accepted, he won't be able to complete his term as director. Before that happens, Holmsten plans to use the Link and word-of-mouth to raise interest in Solo II. He wants to hear from Solo competitors too: "I want their input, because I want that input to effect change. But still, I don't think people should take Solo II racing too seriously. It should be fun."

MCO General Meetings - 1st Tuesday of every month MCO Executive Meetings - Third Tuesday of every month

1682 Cyrville Road (613) 741-2130
Take 417, get off at Innes Road (by 417 Nissan and Costco (Price Club))

all are welcome!


January 2001
Motor Sport Biography of: Basil Chiu 2001 MCO member-, media-, and sponsor-relations director
Basil Chiu joined the club as a requirement for his PR education in October of 1999. He stayed because he enjoyed, and continues to enjoy, the administrative challenge. He usually drives a 1993 Mercury Topaz, but at times, takes his brother's 1999 Mercedes 230 SLK without asking. He's been interested in cars since a young child, for their visual appeal. Friends, his brother's stack of Car&Driver magazines, courses at university, and his love of drawing combined that interest into a passion. Eventually, Chiu joined the Jim Russell Racing Drivers' School in 1996 as a "RaceTeam Mechanic," where he drove the school's 1986 Autosport Basi Formula Ford 2000 race cars. During an unsuccessful attempt to join the ranks of professional car racing, Chiu was advised to get a public-relations education, by the then-head of the Molson Indy. He is currently finishing that education at Algonquin College. After he finishes his PR diploma, Chiu wants to work in creative advertising. When his life settles, he wants to race professionally, and, just maybe, use his PR skills to make a few extra bucks hunting for sponsors for other racers. In the meantime, he may take his Topaz for a rally, since it's on its last legs. Says Chiu of his work ethic: "I might work slowly, I might stop and look around me, and I might even change my goals, but I never give up."

Puzzle solution

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January 2001

Bimmering around Europe in a diesel!

by A.C. Gullon
Many of you will remember (I hope! I hope!) my talk on road safety at our May meeting. In June/July that presentation took me 'round the world (Korea, Australia, India, Germany) and in Oct/Nov back to Europe for three weeks courtesy of BMW who wanted me to do the talk at a special 'BMW Showcase' during a 'cars and computers' conference in Torino, Italy. When I mentioned at the October meeting that BMW had promised me a car for those three weeks a 'voice from the back of the room' (probably Mike Lowe) hollered that I should be required to report on the experience for the Link. On the way over I wasn't at all sure that the trip had enough motor-sport content for a Link article but events took a couple of interesting turns Picking up the vehicle in Munich I spent the first week at BMW HQ, with a side trip for an automotive conference in Dresden. Late Friday afternoon I lit out for a looksee on the expressways of Holland via the Black Forest (mother-in-law lives 30km northward of Lahr), France, Luxembourg and arrived in the Liege area of Belgium shortly after noon Saturday. Due entirely to the 'huma' (horseshoe up my a**) I was able to locate the Belgian police officer with whom I spoke in '96! (one of the five mentioned in the May talk) He has retired to devote himself full-time to amateur motorsports. He's currently VP of the local club and we hope to exchange program info to mutual benefit. Moreover on the way to his home I took a wrong turn and found myself (the 'huma' again) on one of the hillclimb courses that I raced in the '60's! The next week was again spent in the Munich area and again I left late Friday headed for Torino this time. Because I hadn't seen the Italian autostradi for over 30 years I took the roundabout way via the eastern Alps and Venice with a further detour for a pilgrimage to Maranello. This time however the 'huma' fell out and I was

unable to locate the Ferrari factory in the hour I had allotted. At the Torino conference howev-er, with the 'huma' firmly back in place, a young engineer at the Ferrari booth prepared me a floppy with a map showing the way to the factory, the museum (Galleria Ferrari) and the Fiorano test track. [They are all close together in the northwest corner of Maranello on the road leading to the town of Formigine.] The street leading to the track has been renamed Via G. Villeneuve and there is a small bust of Gilles on the corner. If you're going to the museum however, plan on a couple (at least) of very worthwhile hours and bring a wheelbarrow of lira if you want something from the souvenir shop. That young engineer, by the way, provided me with a great anecdote for future talks (on distraction as THE cause of accidents) when he pointed out that Michael never has a problem when dicing with other drivers but has fallen off the road a couple of times when he was alone in the lead and allowed his mind to drift away to other things. Eh? What's that? What did I think of the BMW diesel? Oh yeah! Well, it was the first diesel I had driven since the '60's (military staff cars in Europe). There was plenty of power but neither diesel smell nor diesel smoke nor diesel rattle. I put 5800km on the car, a 320 station wagon, in just 10 days of driving and it was every inch (centimeter?) a BMW. In fact I told the BMW guys that the only way I could be sure that they had actually given me a diesel was that it kept going after I had filled the tank with diesel fuel!

2001 MCO Executive Profile: Ronald Woltman 2001 President

MCO president, Ronald "the Snake" Woltman, is no stranger to many of us, having been a member since 1968. Soon after becoming a member, Woltman became the editor of this publication. He did this for several years, as well as writing a weekly motor sports column for the Ottawa Journal, during the 70s. He has held every position on the executive council, save the treasurer's, at least twice. As a competitor, his driving record began like many MCO members, entering club rallies and slaloms before moving on to dry track racing. There, he raced everything, including a Datsun 2000, Formula Fords, Formula Atlantic, go-karts, and stock cars. He has held both CASC and ASN national licenses at one time or another. His first street cars included a 1958 MGA and an Austin Healey 3000. Now, Woltman is found co-ordinating, more than driving in, racing events. For the last 10 years, he has used his public-relations skills as an ASN official in national and professional racing series, like the North American Touring Car Championship. Somehow, he has still found time for grassroots events: instructor at MCO lapping days, clerk of the course at MCO races, and check-point duty at rallies, (when he hasn't been lost). In 1999, he received a special "services award" at the MCO's fiftieth anniversary banquet for his over 30 years of passion and dedication for the club and the sport. --Basil Chiu, with files from Mike Lowe.

January 2001

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WANTED: VW PERFORMANCE PARTS Building an 87 16v Scirocco for the Grass Roots Motorsport $2001 Challenge. Need any performance parts for a1, a2 or a3. Also looking to rent garage space to work out in the evenings Please call Eric at 613-746-7780 or email

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