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February 2001

- Interview with Summer Solo-II Champion Allan Pepper - Header and Exhaust review - CART Puzzle

February 2001 2001 MCO Executive

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Editorial Exhaust
One advantage to doing this column last is the opportunity for last minute updates. Such as the preliminary results of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. As was mentioned in the December 2000 Link, MCO member Jim Holtom was racing with the Bytzek Motorsport team, driving the Porsche 911 GT1 (gawk - what a great looking car.) The results show the #01 Porsche codriven by Jim placed 6th overall and 3rd in class behind the winning Corvettes of Corvette Racing. The second Bytzek (#00) car placed 41th of a 79 car grid. Congratulations to Jim and the rest of the Bytzek team!! Secondly I'd like to thank Stephen Bolt. As Basil Chiu has mentioned many times, volunteerism is the heart of any club. Stephen has come on board to help with Link preparation, and I welcome his effort. Thanks!! -r.

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February 2001

2001 Calendar of Events

MCO GENERAL MEETINGS First Tuesday of every month, 8:00 pm Louis's Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road MCO EXECUTIVE MEETINGS Third Tuesday of every month, 7:30 pm Louis's Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road

Tentative 2001 Winter Solo and Winter Driving Schools

Winter Driving Schools: Saturday Feb 17 Slush n' Slides: Saturday Feb 11 (Rain Date: Saturday Feb 18)

Workers Wanted for Canaska Cup Weekend, July 6-8, 2001

Please contact MCO Executive for further information and needed positions

Tentative 2001 Solo II Schedule

April 28 Solo I School SMP - Fabi April 29 Solo I School SMP - Nelson May 18 Lapping 1 Mosport DDT May 19 Event 1 Mosport DDT May 20 Event 2 Mosport DDT June 9 Event 3 SMP - Fabi June 10 Event 4 SMP - Nelson June 22 Lapping 2 Cayuga June 23 Event 5 Cayuga June 24 Event 6 Cayuga July 14 Event 7 Mosport DDT July 15 Event 8 Mosport DDT August 11 Event 9 SMP - Pro August 12 Event 10 SMP - Nelson August 24 Lapping 3 Cayuga August 25 Event 11 Cayuga August 26 Event 12 Cayuga September 13 Event 13 SMP - Pro September 14 Event 14 SMP - Fabi November 3 Solo 1/2 Banquet Ramada Hotel, T.O.

MCO Performance Driving School and Lapping Weekend

June 23-24, Shannonville Motorsport Park. Further information, including pricing, and registration sheet is available online at

MCO Indoor Racing League Events:

Tuesday January 9 Capital Karting Wednessday January 31 Capital Karting Thursday February 22 Capital Karting Tuesday March 13 Capital Karting Wednesday April 4 Capital Karting Wednesday April 25 Capital Karting for more information, see

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April 20-22 April 27 April 28, 29 May 11 May 12, 13 June 2, 3 June 30, July 1, 2 July 6 July 7, 8 July 21, 22 August 10 August 11, 12 August 31 September 1, 2 September 14 September 15, 16 September 28 September 29, 30 Spring Fling SMP Test Day Mosport BARC - Event 1 Mosport Test Day Mosport BARC - Event 2 Mosport CRDA Event 3 SMP VARAC Festival Mosport Test Day SMP MCO - Event 4 SMP DAC - Event 5 SMP Test Day Mosport BARC - Event 6 Mosport Test Day Mosport CRDA - Event 7 Mosport Test Day Mosport BEMC - Event 8 Mosport Test Day Mosport Celebration - Event 9 Mosport

February 2001

Allan Pepper: The Summer Solo II Champion

by Jean MacGillivray
Autocross champion Allan Pepper is an engaging fellow whose good humour always sends him back from a run with a smile on his face. I met him three years ago at Solo II events, watching him blast his white Eagle Talon around the various autocross courses with speed and enthusiasm. In October, Allan added to his list of achievements by entering MCO's Lanark Highlands Rally. With Jeff LeClair navigating, he drove to a second-place finish in a field of 21 cars in the Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally. (I believe Jeff can attest to Allan's vigorous driving on that occasion!) Allan's achievements were recognized at the MCO Annual Banquet and Awards dinner in November, when he was awarded the Dow's Lake Trophy for being the Summer Ottawa Solo II Champion. Allan competed in the CSS Class. Now equipped with a black Eagle Talon, Allan is looking forward to another exciting Solo II season in 2001. Allan Pepper Talks About Driving "I've always been into cars. When I was a kid it was watching racing on TV, and playing racing games like Sega's Outrun," says Allan. "I was also into radio-controlled racers. I actually went to the Canadian nationals (in Belleville) once, and to the Hobby Show at the Ex a couple times. Not that I did very well, but it was fun and helped teach me some of the basics about how things worked. I even spent some time customfabricating my own chassis and suspension components out of channel aluminum." Allan's first car was actually a little pick-up, a Mazda B2000, that he got while at university. "It was very practical, but not a whole lot of fun. Co-op terms and moving every four months required some sacrifi-ces," he says. The Molson Indy sparked his interest in competitive driving. "I think I've missed going to it (only) four times since it started. Standing at the end of the Lakeshore straight and watching the Indy cars streak by under the bridge at 300+ km/h and come out at 60 km, lap after lap, is what did it." Could the need for speed be genetic? "As far as I know there is no family history of

racing, although I have heard persistent rumours about an uncle who may have worked with the Jaguar works team in the past," says Allan. What kind of car do you drive at Solo II? This year, I drove a black 1997 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD. Before that, it was a white 1995 Eagle Talon Esi. What improvements have you made to your car? The biggest improvement for this year was trading up to a new car with 50% more horsepower and 100% more driven wheels! Other than that, I haven't done much so far. It's pretty much all the "free" stuff you can do in SS class, so I've still got some room to grow for next year. This is what I've done: opened the intake; firmed up the struts with KYB AGX's; firmed up the chassis with some strut tower bars (hey, they made the sunroof stop squeaking over the bumps); and helped out the brakes by replacing the rotors, pads and fluid. How long have you been competing at Solo II events? This was my first year as a season regular, but I've been competing for three. How does it feel to be the fastest driver? I wouldn't say that I'm the fastest driver; there are quite a few out there who go much faster. I'm just grateful that this year turned out as well as it did. How does Solo II compare to the other types of driving you do, such as rallying? I haven't done much other driving. A recent TSD rally (thanks, Jaak and Jim), some drag racing, some summer and winter Solo schools, and one F2000 racing school is about it. I've been using Solo II as a springboard to learn the car control required for some higher speed events, like rallying, Solo I and track events. There is so much to

learn, and the autocross events allow me to develop my skills in as safe an environment as I could think of. Ask me again next year, I may be better able to compare! What's the reason for your success? I'd say that one of the main reasons was building some driving skills before I got into my current car. Spending two years working the bugs out in the white Talon and getting my mind around the physics of Solo II really helped out. Now, when I get into the car, I am much more aware of how it behaves near the limit and just what those limits are. As this year progressed, my intent was to work on slowing down where I needed to and becoming smoother behind the wheel. Judging from the white knuckles on some of my passengers, I don't know if this lesson really took, so I've still got some work to do. What plans do you have for next season? I'm not sure. I'll be back for the next Solo season, of course, but in addition I think I'd like to get into some track driving, perhaps even a Solo I event. For the winter, I may get involved with the Yokohama Winter Rally Series, but I rather suspect that the Slush'n'Slide will be all the driving I'll be doing. What tips do you have for the up-and-coming driver? Take the performance ground school! Spend some time learning how friction and weight transfer (physics) work in relation to what you are doing behind the wheel. Learn how to use the brakes effectively. One of the biggest learning experiences for me came when I was attempting to brake and steer into an off-camber corner! I now understand why the result was so dramatic, but at the time it just seemed like a natural thing to do. That's good advice. Thanks for your time and good luck next season, Allan!

February 2001

Puzzle #2: 2001 CART Driver Names

Place the 2001 CART Drivers names in the puzzle above. Use only the last name, no space. If you need a list of drivers, see page 8. Solution is on page 13.
Puzzle by Bennett Leckie

February 2001

Product Install and Review Header and Exhaust System

by Rob Microys
As with most drivers of small import coupes and hatchbacks, I found that my car was sometimes lacking in power delivery when compared to big Detroit iron. I had an opportunity to upgrade my exhaust system this month, as the old system on my 1995 Nissan 200SX SE-R was about to fail. After doing some research, and from my experience working on Bob Armstrong's NX2000 racecar, I selected a 4-2-1 header from Hotshot Systems and a new exhaust system from HKS, purchased from Chris at Hunt Club Honda. The Hotshot header for the SR20DE motor (found in the Nissan 200SX SE-R, NX2000, and Infinity G20) is a really nice piece. It has a 4-2-1 design with a flex-pipe. The piece is ceramic-coated, which should help longevity in the salty winters, and the welding is of excellent quality. I'm hoping to add significant power to the car's already reasonably potent 140 factory horses. The Hotshot header is by far the industry best for the SR20DE motor, and in a head-to-head comparison in a previous issue of Sport Compact Car it had the best dyno pull of any of the other manufacturers. The HKS exhaust is also a really wellbuilt, with a fully baffled stainless muffler and tip fed by a mandrel bent 60mm aluminized steel exhaust pipe. The exhaust also has a center resonator. The welds and flanges are of very high quality and thickness. With Chris' help, I started the job at about 7:00pm. The entire job can be done with basic hand tools, but some of the bolts were removed with less effort by using an electrical impact gun. During a previous trip to Nissan I acquired new nuts for the header to head, new bolts for the catalytic converter, and all the gaskets, just in case. The gaskets weren't needed for the header came as it with high quality copper gaskets, but it was nice to have the new nuts and bolts. However, the HKS exhaust didn't come with a cat gasket or new bolts, so it had certainly helped to get the extra bits. The old manifold and down pipe came apart without too much trouble, considering that the car has seen six of our lovely Canadian winters here in Ottawa. The one hard part about the manifold was removing the EGR fitting, a big 24mm fitting sort of like a brake line nut, just bigger. It was a very tricky one to remove, as only could only get an open-ended wrench on it; but with heating it up, we did remove it without incident. Once the exhaust was dropped, a quick job with a hacksaw removed the offending system from the car. The hardest part of the entire job was to remove the catalytic converter from the old exhaust and down pipe. Nissan's system is a little different, as the flanges are threaded and the exhaust and header bolt on to the converter. This made it very important to be extremely careful when removing the bolts to the cat - one can't just use a welding torch and cut them off. With a lot of heat from a good propane torch, and the help of special nutgripping vise-grips, the bolts were eased out of the converter, and the easy part of the install proceeded. While I was busy getting the exhaust out from under the car and freeing up the converter from the rusty old exhaust and down pipe, Chris was busy cleaning off the head and installing the primary pipes. Nissan uses quite large studs, and we had no problems with them. Once the header primaries were on, the next part was to mount up the secondary pipe and converter. After a bit of bumbling around, we figured the logistics of the install - we mounted the converter to the secondary pipe, mounted that as one unit on to the car, and bolted it up to the primary pipes. After the header was installed, the HKS exhaust bolted on in less than 5 minutes and we were all done. We doublechecked every fastener, connector, and carefully reclaimed all the tools lying around under and on the car. It was time for the "acid test". We opened the garage door and started the car up. The car idled surprisingly quietly for a huge exhaust system, it isn't loud or obnoxious. We checked for leaks and there were none. Satisfied, we shut it down, lowered the car, finished cleaning up and went for the obligatory test drive (I did have to drive Chris home that night). We checked the clock, it was shortly past 11pm. Not bad, four hours for a full header and exhaust system, including a trip to Canadian Tire for a 24mm wrench. As we drove off, the note of the car was quite pleasant, and not overly loud - the system is just a bit louder than my previous Pacesetter system, which really was quite quiet. A quick blip to the throttle prompted a growl and retort that revealed that behind the polished exhaust tip lies some serious performance. Once on the road with the car warmed up sufficiently, we cracked the throttle open, and much to my enjoyment, the car really pulls a lot harder. Power and throttle response is up at all RPMs - with the high end particularly being strong now from 5000 straight to the redline at 7200. The car used to labour above 6500, but now it pulls quite healthily up to the redline. Dyno-tested at about 12 horsepower on a stock SE-R, I would say that the AccuPrecise SOTP dyno (seat-of-the-pants) agrees that this give my little car some serious extra ponies - I highly recommend these products, their manufacturers and the service/deals at the parts department at Hunt Club Honda (shameless plug for Chris...). Sources Hunt Club Honda Ask for Chris 2555 Bank Street Ottawa, Ontario (613) 526-5617 Hotshot Performance HKS USA

March 2001 January 1999


- Interior and Exterior cleaning and detailing - Mid to highend maintenance - Custom engineered upgrades - Design and consulting services - Custom mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust systems up to 3" diameter - Precision MIG and TIG welding of: - Aluminum - Stainless Steel - Inconel - Titanium - Various other metals

by appointment only

(613) 798-8163

March 2001

February 2001

January Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday January 16, 2001 7:10pm - 8:45pm Present: Chris Holmsten, Basil Chiu, Rob Microys, Helen Zhou, Gord Acorn, Adam Mortimer, Ron Woltman, Dave Butler, Jeremy Hamilton, Bob Benson, Richard Muise Winter Driving School -Ron W. and the instructors met to determine how weekday courses could be best handled. It was decided some measure of renumeration was required for the particpating instructors, yet still transferring monies to the Clubs' coffers, was in order. It was agreed that an amount of $150.00 be allocated to each instructor for their efforts ahd the remaining amount go to the Treasury. -This proposal was unanimously accepted by the executive. Membership Directorship -Gord A. states that he cannot continue to manage the club's membership because

he is too busy. -proposes to find someone new to run membership, but is willing to stay on and help out. -a warm and sincere vote of thanks was given to both Helen Zhou and Gordon Acorn for their unflagging diligence and work as membership persons over past few years. -ideas of how to ease the load of processing memberships are discussed. Ideas include on-line registration and the website having a members-only section. Shannonville Lapping Weekend -Jeremy H. states the club must begin to organize the Shannonville Lapping Weekend. It is believed 30-40 people will be needed to help out. -as of yet the club has not paid for the Shannonville track. -flyers of the event will be made by Basil C. and sent out to other car clubs. Solo II -the Solo II organizers meeting on Feb.17 will be listed in the next link. -a Solo II schedule will be made -Helen A. will e-mail Ron W. and Chris H. a contact for Solo II at Alcatel and

has agreed to set-up a meeting for them with this person. Other Assorted Items -A draft copy of the event worker points form was made. -Basil C. would like the names of all people who volunteer for events from the event organizers. -The link will now be put on the MCO website as well as being published. -Dave B. states the MCO is now affiliated with CARS (Canadian Association of Rallysport) as of Jan. 3. MCO members can now compete for points in CARS events. -The MCO is also in the process of updating the papers of incorporation. -Richard M. has been recruiting more people to help with the Link. -Basil C. would like to run a media event with people from Formula SAE and solar car races, etc. -Ron W. asks to make sure Robert Wilson of Travel Edge (sponsor) knows his Ad is on the Link and website.

Here is the list of 2001 CART Drivers for the puzzle on page 4.
Michael Andretti Alex Barron Kenny Brack Patrick Carpentier Helio Castroneves Cristiano da Matta Gil de Ferran Scott Dixon Adrian Fernandez Christian Fittipaldi Dario Franchitti Luiz Garcia Jr. Mauricio Gugelmin Bryan Herta Michel Jourdain Jr. Bruno Junqueira Tony Kanaan Michael Krumm Nicolas Minassian Roberto Moreno Shinji Nakano Max Papis Alex Tagliani Tora Takagi Marcel Tiemann Paul Tracy Jimmy Vasser Max Wilson Alex Zanardi

Winter 2001 MCO Karting League

Next Event: Thursday February 22 See for current standings.

February 2001 Freezing My Exhaust Off

The Joys of Winter Solo-II by Ayan Gangopadhyay
The crisp January air. So clean. So refreshing. So.... COLD!!!! After standing outside for five or six hours, it's really only the latter that comes to mind. Your feet are cold. Your hands are cold. Your ears and nose are cold. Your brain is cold. And now you have to go out there, and drive really fast on ice, using those frozen hands, feet, and brain. Sure, you may say, I've spent the day outside before, skiing or snowboarding. But have you ever stood around an open field, in the middle of winter, with close to no physical activity? The answer is likely "No", unless you've tried MCO's Winter Solo-II Series! In preparation for Winter Solo-II (also known as Slush n' Slide), MCO rented Capital City Speedway on Hwy7, and snow-plowed a tri-oval road course with three large "chicanes" that can be opened up or closed off to create a multitude of different course layouts. The course was then watered to provide a solid base of ice for the cars to run on, with further snowfalls have left the track with a nice top-coat of hard-packed snow (much more fun and faster to drive on than glare ice), and decent-sized snowbanks as guardrails. Those who may have tried Summer Solo-II and found the biggest challenge to be picking your way through the sea of cones will find this refreshing, as the course is very clearly defined (by the snowbanks). The challenge then becomes going fast. Winter Solo-II is much like Summer Solo-II, in that it is a timed event with one car on the course at a time. The main source of risk to your car is hitting snowbanks. The cars are divided into six classes determined by drive system (FWD, RWD, or AWD/4WD) and whether the car is "street" or "race". This year, most of the competitors are running street cars, including some pretty new, expensive vehicles! All cars are subject

to a technical inspection, where similar to Summer Solo-II, the car has to be in good, safe running order and the driver needs a Snell M90-rated helmet or better (note - there are loaner helmets available at the track for a small fee). Winter Solo-II is an excellent opportunity to learn about car control, as your car is constantly on or over the edge of adhesion as you make your way around the track. You learn to control frontwheel, rear-wheel, and four-wheel skids. You have to be exceptionally smooth and controlled in your application of any input, whether it be steering, throttle, or brake. Typically it is not the fastest car that wins, but the smoothest driver. All kidding aside, the two events so far this year have had the best weather and track conditions I've seen in my five years of participation. Kudos to the organizers who (with a little help from Mother Nature) have put together an excellent track and an excellent event!

February 2001

The 2001 Ontario Street Stock Series

The Ontario Street Stock Series is a race series in the tradition of the best single-marque events featuring the allnew Nissan Sentra XE. This is a driver's series where no modifications will be allowed to the Nissan Sentra XE engine, drivetrain or engine management computer. Spec tires, suspension and muffler will ensure equal performance and mandated safety modifications will allow close, action-packed racing. This series will take place at CASC-OR race events at Mosport and Shannonville. It will feature practice, qualifying, a 10 lap heat race on Saturday, and a 15 lap feature race on Sunday. Prize money will be paid out at each feature race for positions 1 through 5, and the Ontario Street Stock Series champion will take home the grand prize at the end of the. The prize fund and major sponsors will be announced shortly. The rules will be very simple and a Drivers Committee will establish and enforce the regulations. A claiming rule will ensure that all drivers have access to competitive cars. The $1,000.00 series registration fee will cover the costs of trophies, administration and sanction fees and will provide each competitor with a pre-registered number, series rules and regulations, a standard decal package, and promotional items that will ensure high visibility for the sponsors. The per event entry fee will be $350.00 with $250.00 going to the organizing club and $100.00 to the prize fund. Cars are to be made available for dealer promotions, mall displays and selected trade shows. On-track promotions will be held at 2 events where sponsors will be hosted at the track and enjoy track tours in the race prepared Nissan Sentra XE. Special promotions can be arranged to complement sponsor marketing plans and dealer activities. A fully prepared car will be featured at the 2001 Toronto Auto Show. All cars will be sourced through selected dealers and the various components sealed prior to delivery. The anticipated cost of the basic car is about $14,300 plus taxes. It is expected that a ready-to-race car will cost about $22,000 complete with all required modifications and safety equipment. Parts will be available at dealer cost plus 10%. For further details, or to register for this series, please call Dave Diedrick at 905-619-8813 or Laurence Polley at 905846-5175.


February 2001


by Ron Woltman
So much to do, so little time. I regret my absence from these pages the past two issues but believe me, I have not been idle. First - the Winter Driving Schools have been a resounding success! In fact, we have far more potential participants then we can possibly manage. Somewhat foolishly, I assumed the role of organizer and registrar - MISTAKE. Worse yet, we have had considerable press, both in the Citizen, and CJOH, which prominently featured my home phone number. I delegate well, but I missed the boat on this one while we transitioned from the out-going executive. Without fear of exaggeration, I could have easily employed a person, full-time for three days a week, to manage the flow. My genuine appreciation goes out to all that have made this effort a success not only for the club, but also for the community as a whole: all of the patient and truly excellent instructors Nigel Mortimer, Bob Armstrong, Len Clue, Jeremy Hamilton, Bennett Leckie, Adam Mortimer, Jaak Laan, Roger Picard, Paul and Chris Swinwood, Rob Microys, Ferdinand Trauttsmandorff, Sam Mandia; Bennett, who has lived out at the track; all the hearty volunteers who have come out to help; Baz for the promotion; Richard Muise, the certificates. Great team effort. Let's work together to achieve the same measure of team effort and success for our race weekend at Shannonville, July 68. On behalf of the club, I attended the all clubs meeting hosted by the Wheels section of The Ottawa Citizen and the

Byward Market. Quite the gathering close to 100 souls. There will be an official calendar published by Shannon Lee Mannion and shared with all clubs, and we will publish highlights, but rest assured if you want to attend. A club activity, a cruise night, a flea market, drive for this, that and the other thing, car shows et al, why you can be busy most very weekend from March through October, and most nights in between. And that includes planes, trains and automobiles. Watch your LINK for more details. We have also entered the already 'award-winning' LINK in the Wheels contest for best monthly club newsletter. Your committee for the Shannonville race consists of myself, Cindy Armstrong, Rob and Sherissa Microys, Bob Benson and Basil Chiu. We will, as team leaders, be calling on YOU for help. Quoting the new U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, "Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds." The executive, from an initiative of Bennett Leckie, has a produced a 'draft' workers form, which once completed, will appear in your LINK, and be used to track worker points for club members. Please use when you are either organizing or working an event. We are looking for individuals to take over the role of membership chairperson(s). Gord and Helen have executed that role for the past few years in exemplary fashion, and I salute them both. They have generously offered to assist in the transition to whoever steps forward to assume that responsibility. See Gord or anyone else on the executive for further details. See you all at the meeting.

2001 Summer Solo-II Competitor's Meeting

Louis' Steakhouse 1682 Cyrville Road, Ottawa Saturday February 17, 2001 at 2:00pm All competitors are welcome to attend this planning and bitch session to review the rules, supplemental regulations, propose changes to how we do things, suggest improvements to process and/or equipment. It's your sport guys - and it needs you and your input to continue to operate and improve. For more information, contact Chris Holmsten at or (613) 831-1720 Proposed Schedule: Apr 22 Apr 29 May 6 May 27 June 3 June 17 July 22 Aug 12 Aug 19 Sep 9 Sep 23 Oct 7 Oct 21 Solo II Test Day Solo II School #1 Solo II Event #1 Solo II Event #2 Solo II Event #3 Solo II Event #4 Solo II Event #5 Solo II School #2 Solo II Event #6 Solo II Event #7 Solo II Event #8 Solo II Event #9 Solo II Event #10

MCO General Meetings - 1st Tuesday of every month MCO Executive Meetings - Third Tuesday of every month

1682 Cyrville Road (613) 741-2130
Take 417, get off at Innes Road (by 417 Nissan and Costco (Price Club))

all are welcome!


February 2001

MCO's Winter Driving School a "Must"! by Jean MacGillivray

Three is an auspicious number. Superstition has it that bad luck runs in threes, but then so does good luck. I prefer the latter interpretation: I'm "three times lucky" because January 7th marked the third time I've attended the MCO Winter Driving School. As in years past, Nigel Mortimer did the honours as Chief Instructor, with 14 MCO'ers volunteering their talents as instructors. There's a perfectly good reason for repeating the school, year after year. The first year, I had my 1994 BMW 318i and needed to learn winter-driving skills in a rear-drive vehicle. The second year, I needed to brush up on those skills, and have some fun. This year, with my 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS, I needed to learn the limits of all-wheel drive in winter conditions. I know I always say this, but man, did I have fun! Instructor Jaak Laan of Solo II and MCO Lanark Highlands Rally fame, climbed aboard to teach me all that he knows (right, Jaak?). The Subaru, equipped with brand-new Blizzak WS-50's, gave me great traction. No one could believe the car's ability to stay stuck on the road, including me...though I did visit a snowbank or two and mash some cones in my enthusiasm. In other words, I found out that there are limits to that traction...and the consequences of exceeding them!

Winter Driving Made Safer, More Fun

In all, 19 students shared 14 instructors, with most of us getting a personal instructor for the day. I figure that about one-third of the students had ties to MCO members, as there were other wives and children out to learn the ropes - or, rather, the skids! Others had heard about the school from the media. The most dedicated student had to be a young driver from Kingston, who arose long before dawn to make the trek to the Capital City Speedway. No doubt he had ample opportunity to practice his new skills on the twisty roads home! During the day-long course, we learned how to accelerate smoothly and compare the effects of threshold braking to locking the brakes up. We braked on different surfaces, including glare ice. We learned what makes the car oversteer/understeer and lose traction, and how to correct it. Finally, we put those skills

together in trying to brake and go to the left or right (according to the instructor's last-minute choice) of a three-pylon obstacle. In the midst of all this, we had to avoid the balls being thrown in front of the car by willing volunteers! Heartfelt thanks to all the instructors and volunteers who came out to teach us the nuts and bolts of safe winter driving. They had to endure telling us where to go on the circuit (politely, of course), digging us out of snowbanks, and doing whatever else was required to get us going in the right direction again - okay, so I admit I was going backwards sometimes! Will I be back next year? Probably, but as a volunteer instead. Right now, I'd like to try one of the Slush-and-Slide events. Yes, the Winter Driving School has given me that much more confidence!

MCO: The First Fifty Years On Sale Now for $35!

Plannning for a November delivery of 300 numbered copies. It is a hard-covered coffee table style book recounting the long history of motorsopts in Ottawa and the regions. With 150 pages, everything and everyone is included. Don't miss out on your copies! There is still space available for sponsorship as well. For $20 you can ensure your name is in the book by sponsoring a page of your choosing. Full or partial page ads are open.

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February 2001

Puzzle Solution 2001 CART Drivers



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February 2001

For Sale/Wanted
WANTED: VW PERFORMANCE PARTS Building an 87 16v Scirocco for the Grass Roots Motorsport $2001 Challenge. Need any performance parts for a1, a2 or a3. Also looking to rent garage space to work out in the evenings Please call Eric at 613-746-7780 or email For Rent: Manor Park semi-furnished townhouse room for rent. $370/mo (everything). 2 roommates. 1.5 bath. 5 appliances. Walk to #7. Please contact Basil at 749-9444 or 830-1561.

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The HANS Device

While safety equipment has addressed most of the possible injuries a race driver faces, head and neck protection is coming to the forefront as the next wave of safety regulations are being formed. Most of the safety devices used for head injury are to reduce direct impact of the head (such as padded cockpits and of course helmets). However, this still allows a fatal force loading on the head and neck. Reducing this force was the philosophy behind the new HANS (Head and Neck Support) device. The HANS device is new to the market, but 15 years in development. The HANS device consists of a carbon fiber shoulder mount and flexible nylon tethers that attach the helmet to the shoulder mount. The shoulder mount is secured to the driver by wearing it under the safety harness (there is a guide for the harness on either shoulder), and can be padded for extra safety for the upper torso and collar area (by reducing chest compression during impact). From the back of this mount is a short yoke. Tethers are attached to the helmet and this yoke. In normal use, the helmet has free mobility; the driver can look up, down, left, right and even tilt the head. However, during an impact, the helmet can not move more than a few inches before the tethers stop the motion. This can reduce the forces on the head from 107 G's (1120 pounds) to 62 G's (210 pounds) during a 40mph crash (as tested by GM and Mercedes Benz). The injury threshold is 740 pounds, so this system can save a driver from what ordinarily would be a critical injury. There are 3 models available, Model-I, Model-IV, and Model-III. Model-I is the largest of the HANS devices, and requires a more upright siting positions, and is used in race vehicles and boats with large cockpits. The smaller ModelIV is used for sprint, stock cars and other cars with smaller cockpits or small window opening. The Model-III is being used in the CART, IRL and Formula-1 style open cockpits with a reclined seat.

The HANS device is now required equipment in CART for all oval courses, and recommended for the road circuits. The FIA has also mandated that the HANS device is required for all Formula-1 drivers for the 2001 season. The HANS device was invented by Many other racing series (including Robert Hubbard, PhD., Professor, boat racing) are considering making the College of Engineering at Michigan HANS device standard equipment. State University in collaboration with his brother-in-law, long-time IMSA sports The HANS system is exclusively car driver, Jim Downing. available from Hubbard/Downing Inc of Atlanta, GA. Further information is available at

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