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April 2001

April 2001 2001 MCO Executive

President Ron Woltman H: (613) 592-0141 W: (819) 997-6988 Vice-President J.R. Fortin Past President Rob Microys H: (613) 822-7204 Directors Public Relations Basil Chiu H: (613) 830-1561 W: (819) 953-7251 Karting Adam Mortimer H: (613) 822-2565 Race Jeremy Hamilton H: (613) 824-1362 Solo-II Chris Holmsten Membership Gordon Acorn and Helen Zhou H: (613) 271-1161 W: (613) 763-1155 Treasurer Robert Benson H: (613) 837-2051 Secretary Chris Capowski H: (613) 228-1180 W: (613) 526-5202 LINK Editors Ayan Gangopadhyay H: (613) 798-1266 Richard Muise H: (613) 241-9983
Hotline (613) 788-0525

Editorial Exhaust
As spring brings the new, so it must also bring change. In this case, we (at the Link) have lost the valuable help of Bev Millar and Ken Baird in getting the Link out to the MCO members. Ken would like to be able to concentrate on his race vehicles. I believe he has built (or is still in the process of building) 2 trucks for the 2001 ANCA ProTruck series. More information is available at me.html. A huge thanks goes out to both of them for the very laborious task of addressing, stamping, folding, stuffing, and finally mailing out the roughly 150 copies of the Link that are mailed every month. After trying it myself resently, I can attest that this task can chew up more than a few evenings! -r.
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General Meetings Louis' Steakhouse 1682 Cyrville Rd., Ottawa, ON First Tuesday of every month All are welcome M.C.O. P.O. Box 65006, Merivale Postal Outlet Nepean, ON K2G 5Y3 The LINK is the official publication of the Motorsport Club of Ottawa. The opinions expressed in the LINK do not necessarily reflect those of the LINK Editorial Staff or the Club's Executive. Though all efforts are made to ensure that facts stated in the articles herein are accurate, the individual contributors should check the accuracy of their articles prior to submission. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 18th day of every month.

Members are welcome to submit classified advertisements for non-commercial purposes free of charge. Members may also submit business card-sized advertisements for their businesses free of charge. These will be published space permitting.

Special Thanks
Stephen Bolt for helping with Link preparation

Motorsport Club of Ottawa

Founded 1949 Founding Member CASC 1951 Incorporated 1953

April 2001

2001 Calendar of Events

MCO GENERAL MEETINGS First Tuesday of every month, 8:00 pm Louis' Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road MCO EXECUTIVE MEETINGS Third Tuesday of every month, 7:00 pm Louis' Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road

MCO Solo-II Schedule

April 22 April 29 May 6 May 27 June 3 June 17 July 22 August 12 August 19 September 9 September 23 October 7 October 21 Test n'Tune Day Performance School #1 Event #1 Event #2 Event #3 Event #4 Event #5 Performance School #2 Event #6 Event #7 Event #8 Event #9 Event #10

Tentative 2001 Solo I Schedule

April 28 Solo I School April 29 Solo I School May 18 Lapping 1 May 19 Event 1 May 20 Event 2 June 9 Event 3 June 10 Event 4 June 22 Lapping 2 June 23 Event 5 June 24 Event 6 July 14 Event 7 July 15 Event 8 August 11 Event 9 August 12 Event 10 August 24 Lapping 3 August 25 Event 11 August 26 Event 12 September 13 Event 13 September 14 Event 14 November 3 Solo 1/2 Banquet SMP - Fabi SMP - Nelson Mosport DDT Mosport DDT Mosport DDT SMP - Fabi SMP - Nelson Cayuga Cayuga Cayuga Mosport DDT Mosport DDT SMP - Pro SMP - Nelson Cayuga Cayuga Cayuga SMP - Pro SMP - Fabi Ramada Hotel, T.O.

Workers Needed: 2001 Canaska Cup July 6-8, 2001 2001 Shannonville Lapping Weekend June 26-28, 2001
If you would like to help out at these events, please contact the MCO Executive at

Tentative 2001 Road Racing Schedule

April 20-22 April 27 April 28, 29 May 11 May 12, 13 June 2, 3 June 30, July 1, 2 July 6 July 7, 8 July 21, 22 August 10 August 11, 12 August 31 September 1, 2 September 14 September 15, 16 September 28 September 29, 30 Spring Fling Test Day BARC - Event 1 Test Day BARC - Event 2 CRDA Event 3 VARAC Festival Test Day MCO - Event 4 DAC - Event 5 Test Day BARC - Event 6 Test Day CRDA - Event 7 Test Day BEMC - Event 8 Test Day Celebration - Event 9 SMP Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport SMP Mosport SMP SMP SMP Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport

April 2001

In the beginning God said let's lead with some positive news. Former President John Blouin has endured an almost complete refit of his heart pipes (some might say that was not the problem), and is well on his way to being his ornery self! Bravo John. Btw, my son said you willed me all your 510 parts before they knocked your lights out! Following in the same vein, I am delighted to announce the appointment of J.R. Fortin as our new Vice-President; and Jim Morrow of rally fame, now sitting as your new rally and RSO representative on the executive. Gentlemen, thank you. Alas, there is a down side to these developments. Dave Butler, member since before the widespread proliferation of dreaded front-drive autos, has relinquished

the role of VP and rally director due to work commitments. Clearly, Dave has his priorities misplaced, however, I know we can count on Dave to continue to serve MCO honourably and admirably as he has 'lo these past many years. Thank you David. AUTORAMA is April 6 - 8 at Lansdowne Park. MCO is going to be there. Still time to contribute your timeplease see Rob or me. Thank you to all you have volunteered (this is the International Year of the Volunteer), especially those of you have provided cars for the show. To wit, Mike Merriam, Adam Mortimer, Pat Weightman, and Lee Racicot have stepped forward. Come out and support your club. We are in the Aberdeen Pavillon. Our June 23 and 24 school/lapping weekend at Shannonville Motorsport Park is taking great shape. In fact, we are as booked fuller than Planter's has nuts! But,

we do have a waiting list. LINK editor Richard Muise is minding registration and is still taking names for the waiting list. Bob Armstrong has graciously stepped into the role of Chief Instructor replacing Nigel who regrettably decided to step aside. If you are qualified, and are interested about assisting as an instructor, please see Bob or me. Help is REQUIRED in many areas. You want FUN, this is the place and weekend. BELIEVE ME. We are NOT going to be doing the five-headed instructor routine, however! I am happy to report I have made three trips to Toronto since Apollo 13 blew up (the SSEi) without any untoward incidents. Kanata to the CASC HQ on Petrolia is now under 3h45m. See you all soon, rpw

Pictured at left, Jim Holtom finally had the opportunity to collect his "Hard Luck Trophy" for a member who perseveres against all odds. The award was presented at the February general meeting, where Jim also regaled the audience with the story of his recent involvement in the 2001 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Picture by Christal Pomeroy

April 2001

My Excellent Adventure with Mungo

by Jim Morrow and Jaak Laan
Well, the 2001 Yokahama Winter Rally Series (YWRS) is over! The MCO was well represented with, by my count, six teams competing at various events. We even had a team join the MCO the day before the second event so they could compete for points and trophies. The 2001 YWRS was comprised of three events in Ontario and one in Quebec. The supporting sponsor in the series is Subaru Canada. Due to their contingency program for Subaru drivers, 19 of 40 cars entered for the final two events were Subarus. This is a TSD series, run (as one organizer put it) so as to minimize our exposure to daylight. The roads are a delight for the Rally enthusiast and success in the series requires a combination of driving skill, sharp navigation and timing skills, and a strong, competent car. Jaak Laan and I had run the series last season, Jaak driving his silent black Honda Civic smoothly and quietly through the night and yours truly navigating. Because it worked so well, we decided to change things around. I flew my noisy black Subaru Impreza, howling through the night and Jaak navigated, trying to hit the resets on the Terratrip computer as we skittered about the stages. Of this decision, Jaak noted: "Having watched navigators from the driver's seat on many rallies, it was with more than mild trepidation that I committed to navigating for Jim. I knew he was a keen competitor. He made noises about how our expenses would be paid by our winnings, etc." I knew that we might have a problem when Jaak showed up with enough clothing, camping gear, food and emergency bits and pieces to fill both the trunk and the back seat - but more of that later. I was just so thrilled to be able to go out and play Rally Driver. I mean we had the noisy bouncy car, the Rally Computer, the Big Lights

(although Jaak had to keep reminding me to turn them back on) and my navigator never got sick. Rallying, as Jaak says, is a team sport. Whether in World Rally Championships or local TSD events, neither the driver nor the navigator can do it alone. One of the hardest things I ever did was to focus just on the driving and let my navigator navigate. It's hard to accept that, as one pro Rally driver said, "The navigator is the sharp tool in the shed." Trust is critical, according to Fabrizia Pons (co-driver/navigator for Pierro Liatti in the 555 Subaru World Rally Team): "If there was no trust between driver and co-driver, rallies would be very slow." Each rally ran for about eight or nine hours of driving. The stages went by so quickly! The transits from fun road to fun road seemed interminable. But we were busy; here's Jaak's story: Learning to use the rally computer was a learning experience. By that, I mean we read the instructions, Jim prepared cheat cards for me (me having little retention ability under stress and there being danger in punching wrong buttons resulting in loss of data) and we had to use it a few times. After the second event and while I was trying to catch up on sleep, I had a spontaneous vision of new functionality. Yes! First rally, the average speed function of the computer lay dormant. Second rally, I started zeroing the odo at each instruction (a couple of hundred times a night). Third rally, my aforementioned delirious brainstorm resulted in me hitting the rally computer freeze button twice for every instruction (about 400 hundred times a night now) so that we ended up knowing exactly where we were (as tire spin, and there was a lot of that, didn't have as much effect on distances over 1 or 2 km, although the instructions seemed to be more inaccurate with each rally...go figure) and also knowing our instantaneous average speeds. Checkpoints flubbed that up but those are usually near the end of sections where everything zeros anyway so the damage to our knowledge base was limited. Of course, knowing how fast

we needed to go now also meant that Mr. Driver had to try to get to those average speeds...79 km/h on icy snowy cottage roads AVERAGE was pretty challenging often. Mr. Driver worked very hard and the car spent almost all of the nights sideways trying to match those speeds, while Mr. Navigator tried to keep up with button-pushing and not missing turns and calculating those darn calculated time-ins for end of legs and calculating average required speeds from times given. I did indeed find it hard work, but oh so much fun. At checkpoints I would run back from the checkpoint car and watch the front wheels gently steaming as the brakes slowly cooled - the heat kept snow from building on the front wheels at least. Our style wasn't what I remembered from watching the WRC cars. I remember hearing Nicky Grist calling out to Mr. McRae as they came up to a particular corner: "Don't Cut." Our style was more like: cut on a tight right-hander, launch off of a large stone or bounce through the ditch, hear the 'bonk' as Jaak's head hit the window or roof, and then hear him call "Don't Cut, dammit!" What fun! Jaak resumes: "Half way through the first event I started to begin enjoying calling out the instructions. There is a rhythm, a pattern that begins to emerge as you discover by doing, that doing it by rhythm takes away the stress of figuring out how to call things out. Calling out the cautions was pretty neat, although it took me a while to understand the superior performance potential, particularly braking and cornering grip on ice that our car and tire combination offered, so that I nagged a bit too much at the beginning as we headed deeeep into some caution areas. One interesting thing I sussed was that having a car and driver that could maintain average speeds and being high up the run order away from true first-timers meant we saw few people throughout the nights. As you move up the run order, teams understand the need to maintain speeds indicated and that means you neither catch up nor get caught too often.
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April 2001 March 2001

April 2001

Capital Karting Gone But Not Forgotten

By Sam Mandia
The sign on the door said: Real. Fast. Fun. I would like to vouch for all of that. The first time I heard about it (Karting indoors) I was skeptical about the whole thing. I remember going in for the first time and looking the place over. The first thing I noticed was how clean everything was. The staff was also very polite and courteous. That was 20 months ago, and a lot has happened to MCO and me. I was asked to organize a fun night at Capital Karting and it went very well. The MCO League began shortly there after. We ran 5 nights every 3 weeks for 3 seasonal sessions. The drivers ranged from long time members to friends of members. To see all the smiling faces after each race was gratifying, and to see the competitive nature of some people was "interesting". Especially seeing Rob with helmet and goggles, the look on Richard's face, the "look" in Jay's eye, the quiet yet menacing style of Jeff, Ian, Mark, Eric, Chris, Basil. The non-members also fit the mould of race driver as well, Marc, Bud, Dennis, Luc, Louis-Phillip, Pierre, and Henry. Sorry if I missed anybody. The racing was, as the ad said, just like the real thing. Right down to the noise and the smell. I live close by and was a frequent visitor, so much so that I had a lot of my personal photos hanging on the wall. Their place looked an awful lot like my place. The staff was the thing that made the place so special, and so very friendly. The two owners Marc and Robert Gaudet have become personal friends of mine, and they were so impressed with the Club, and its members they said that they would like to join us. Yes, the racetrack is gone, but not forgotten. The next time I strap on my F-1200, I will think of all the times I spent practicing the basics of car racing in in a 5.5 H.P. Go-kart. OH yes I forgot to mention Bud, and I just got our own Kart. See you at the races.

April 2001
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That only happens in that situation when somebody makes a mistake, goes off road or misses a turn and had to catch up. As most people who do this more than a few times end up wanting to do well, they generally stay on the road too. Which brings up a memory of an Audi Quattro Coupe that was trying to make time and was catching us up. As we crested a rise at speed and panic stopped to attempt to make the turn to the left onto a new road, said Quattro skidded sideways past us (on the left) and deftly avoided the ditch. That instance of pucker factor was a little yucky. Actually I saw him coming and, after making sure there was no danger, thought it would be fun to scare Mungo (at night, far from civilization and far from help, Jaak goes away and Mungo comes out). I mean I was trapped in the car with the guy and he had been making jokes about killing and eating me if I dared to run off the road. Jaak again: "Various memories will stay with me...jumping off an ice crest onto a one-lane bridge while pushing the freeze button on the rally computer was an interesting new challenge, looking

down INTO the crevasse of 'the mother of all frost heaves' (quote from the instructions) and trying to keep my head down for the impact and rebound." Do you remember how I mentioned that Jaak always filled the back seat with clothes, sleeping bags and secret rally stuff? Well, we crested a steep rise and there were two huge frost heaves laid out on the downhill slope leading to a sharp left. I judged that this was the Mother of all Frost Heaves and, given our speed, our chances at surviving were well below zero, but I didn't tell Mungo as he might start screaming again. We bounced awfully high on those two heaves and thinking that we had just beaten the 'Mother of All Frost Heaves' I said, "Ha, that wasn't much." That's when Mungo screamed and we launched off of the REAL Mother of all Frost Heaves. We were flying nice and straight and the car was level. The problem was that we were in danger of flying straight past the apex into the trees. No, that wasn't the real problem, the real problem was the articles of clothing draped over my head and the sleeping bag that kept hitting my shoulder. We made it round the corner quite nicely considering that I couldn't

see and Mungo was trying to get the door open so he could jump. Actually it was all incredible fun and we didn't break the car. That we did as well as we did is a tribute to my Navigator and the fact that the car and tire combination would make an idiot look good. Join us next year when we switch again and Jaak drives while I ride in the relaxing seat. Also, join us later this May when we run a fun TSD rally over some glorious roads that someone hid not more than 80 km from my house.

MCO General Meetings - 1st Tuesday of every month MCO Executive Meetings - Third Tuesday of every month

1682 Cyrville Road (613) 741-2130
Take 417, get off at Innes Road (by 417 Nissan and Costco)

all are welcome!


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- Interior and Exterior cleaning and detailing - Mid to highend maintenance - Custom engineered upgrades - Design and consulting services - Custom mandrel-bent stainless steel exhaust systems up to 3" diameter - Precision MIG and TIG welding of: - Aluminum - Stainless Steel - Inconel - Titanium - Various other metals

by appointment only

(613) 798-8163

April 2001

March 2001 Executive Meeting Minutes

Time: 7:00pm - 9:50pm Attendees: Ron Woltman, Jeremy Hamilton, Richard Muise, Rob Microys, Basil Chiu, Gordon Acorn, Chris Capowski, J.R. Fortin

- Dave Bulter, Vice President has resigned. The executive would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to Dave over the past years for his services and efforts as part of the executive team. Dave sited incompatible schedules and other reasons for being unable to continue his work. Thanks Dave! In the meantime, the club is looking to appoint a replacement outside of the current executive. Any interested candidates should send a quick email message to

policies at the last President's Meeting. MCO is one of a number of clubs that uses renewal dates different than that of CASC-OR. CASC-OR was concerned about liability, and other issues. A discussion followed in which we will respond to Lawrence Polley at CASC-OR with our desire for CASC-OR to better accommodate clubs like MCO. - Membership to return to handwritten cards to better serve the membership. Also, the membership chair will provide all directors the ability to accept and issue memberships, not just the membership chair. - Policy for mileage agreed on, people appointed to tasks by the executive driving on official club business can request to claim mileage reimbursement from club at $0.20/km.

- List of instructors has been compiled and will be submitted to Nigel. Any other people wanting to instruct should contact Bob Armstrong. - A pre-event classroom session for Group 1 and Group 2 novices will be held in Ottawa. Time and location will be finalized later. - Roll Bars for open cars. A discussion that Ron had at the President's meeting concerning schools and open cars ended with the statement that the club could do 'what ever it pleases' with regards to open cars and roll over protection. The executive discussed liability and safety issues, and it was again agreed that all open cars must be fitted either with true OE roll over protection (like a BMW or Mercedes with pop-up rollover protection) or be fitted with a roll bar. Currently there are 11 participants registered with open cars, they will be notified immediately of the requirement and asked to ensure that they comply or asked to be removed from the event.

Solo II:
- Still having difficulties locating a lot for this year's activities, we have exhausted many possibilities. Organizations that have turned us down consider liability the largest issue, even though the club has an exemplary record, and insurance coverage. Additional suggestions were brought forward to the table, and divided up among the board for follow up. If anybody has suggestions, please contact the executive so we can follow up leads. - Equipment infrastructure update, the current equipment is being updated with new cases, wiring, connectors, and other improvements to make the system more user-friendly and robust. Past years we have encountered system problems which have led to spurts of downtime at events. This upgrade should make it easier to operate, configure and make the equipment less prone to failure. - Solo II equipment acquisition as discussed in previous executive meetings (other than FRS radios) has been put on hold until a lot (and associated costs if any) has been confirmed.

- Booth will be acquired this year from Wash Dynamics, courtesy of Ryan McNeil. - 20x40 booth will hold 3 cars and a kart. - Show is April 6, 7, 8. Our booth is in the Civic Center in the Aberdeen Pavilion.

- Mailing list updated to add/remove various external sponsors, supporting groups and organizations. - Link is in need of photographs! You want a boring Newsletter? Then just keep not sending in photographs.

Shannonville School:
- Some people with outstanding payments from on-line registration. Due to waiting list, these individuals will be notified to submit payment ASAP or lose their spot.

- Club is in good financial condition for the events coming this year.


"The Professional Edge in Travel Services"

A Division of R.H. Travel Inc.- Ont. Reg. #4142303

Robert Wilson Your Ottawa Travel Consultant Phone: (613)260-7012 Fax: (613) 733-6839 1-888-339-9733

- CASC-OR Board of Directors discussed some club's renewal

April 2001

I am looking for a set of 2" rally harnesses, four point mounting type in good share. Also wanted, a set of 225-50/16 Toyo etc. track tires in time for the MCO lapping session. Call Paul Swinwood at 829-6938 or meil at

A & C Class Motorhomes
Qualified technicians Fifteen years experience Courteous Fast Service


Repairs to all makes of cars and trucks Open at 7am 6 days a week 6104 Perth St. Richmond, ON (613) 838-3524 Seniors Discount Available

Ministry of Transport Licensed Inspection Station 3 Equal Payment Plan


MCO Indoor Karting Final Results

Name Total Jeff 108 Luc 107 Marc G. 96 Richard 92 Rob 89 Tomasz 85 Chris H 80 Brian 79 Jay 76 Eric 75 Sam 63 L-Philippe 62 Mark W 59 Dennis 58 JR 54 Pierre 40 Bud 38 Ian 36 Tony 36 Dana 35 Mouse 30 Bruce M 29 Henry 29 Matthew 26 Stephen 25 Steve 24 Mike D 24 Greg 24 Daniel 22 Stephen 21 Chris 21 Dell 19 Mike 17 Basil 15 Darren 13 John 13 Henry 9 Alex 9 Jamie 8 Michel 6 Event #1 22.40 29 22.14 30 22.59 24 22.55 27 22.97 21 22.48 28 23.22 17 22.83 22 23.18 18 22.98 20 22.63 23 23.87 23.14 23.82 22.58 23.84 23.86 23.40 22.56 10 19 13 25 12 11 16 26 Event #2 21.26 27 20.97 30 21.42 23 21.41 24 21.60 20 21.16 21.74 21.30 21.75 21.46 21.33 21.79 22.08 21.40 21.97 22.25 22.40 22.22 22.15 29 19 25 18 22 28 17 14 26 15 11 10 12 13 20.12 22.68 21.86 24.14 23.66 24.16 23.54 24.83 23.91 24.06 7 21.50 14 6 15 5 9 8 22.24
Grassroots Motorsport in the National Capital Region since 1949. Affiliated with Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs - Ontario Region (CASC-OR) and ASN Canada FIA

Event #3 22.00 25 21.55 29 21.80 27 22.11 22 21.79 28 21.41 30 22.04 23 22.18 17 22.13 21 22.14 20 21.18 18 22.15 19 22.38 16 22.62 11 21.92 26 22.55 14 23.13 10 23.46 22.59 9 12

Event #4 20.11 20.63 20.27 20.63 20.53 20.10 21.18 20.38 21.11 20.71 20.96 20.90 21.03 19.99

27 18 22 19 20 27 11 21 12 17 15 16 14 28

22.35 19.81 19.88

5 30 29 25 3 8 7 4 10 13 2 9 6

8 16 21 9 7 6

22.00 22.56 22.47

24 13 15

22.82 21.96 22.11 22.78 21.65 21.05 23.38 21.79

22.52 22.85 23.55