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September 2001

Web Site Update Presidents Report Marshaling Story Golden Pines Rally

September 2001

2001 MCO Executive

Ron Woltman H: (613) 592-0141 W: (819) 997-6988 J.R. Fortin pager: (613) 760-8418 W: (613) 734-8556 Rob Microys H: (613) 822-7204
Directors Public Relations Past President Vice-President President and Ontario Race Organizing Rep.

maintained by Rob Microys Hosted by Anjura Technology Corporation Louis's Steakhouse 1682 Cyrville Rd., Ottawa, ON FirstTuesday of every month All are welcome M.C.O. P.O. Box 65006, Merivale Postal Outlet Nepean, ON K2G 5Y3
The LINK is the official publication of the Motorsport Club of Ottawa. The opinions expressed in the LINK do not necessarily reflect those of the LINK Editorial Staff or the Club's Executive. Though all efforts are made to ensure that facts stated in the articles herein are accurate, the individual contributors should check the accuracy of their articles prior to submission.
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On the Internet, they say that content is king. The same holds true for the Link newsletter. It is supposed to reflect the interests and ideas of the Motorsport Club of Ottawa. We, in MCO, have such a huge variety of outlets available to members interested in racing including road racing, ovals, karting, rally, marshals and crew. The Link provides a voice for those experiences. But to do so, it must get content from the members. Please, take the time out from working on the car, and let your friends and acquaintances know about your efforts. The recent issues have been shorter than in previous months. In the last year (this is the first issue of my second year as editor), I have not refused any submissions. The Link is shorter now because I am receiving fewer submissions. Less content = less pages.

Basil Chiu H: (613) 830-1561 W: (819) 953-7251 Adam Mortimer H: (613) 822-2565 Jeremy Hamilton H: (613) 824-1362 Chris Holmsten Jim Morrow H: (613) 256-0188 Patrick Weightman (613) 831-3749 Robert Benson H: (613) 837-2051 Chris Capowski H: (613) 228-1180 W: (613) 526-5202
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While I know this plea does not fall on deaf ears, I know that racing can be all consuming on our schedules. I suffer from a lack of time myself. However, it can be equally Members may also submit business rewarding to jot down a few notes card-sized advertisements for their about your trials and tribulations, as businesses free of charge. These it is to be at the track. Link articles will be published space permitting. also count towards worker points. (MCO Executive Continued) LINK Editor Richard Muise H: (613) 241-9983 W: (613) 763-6981 Ontario Race Committee Rep Cindy Armstrong (613) 489-2725 I look forward to being the one of the mediums by which the MCO members can talk with each other. Cover photos by Doug Wong Motorsport Club of Ottawa Founded 1949 Founding Member CASC 1951 Incorporated 1953

Members are welcome to submit classified advertisements for noncommercial purposes free of charge.


September 2001

2001 Calendar of Events

MCO GENERAL MEETINGS FirstTuesday of every month, 8:00 pm Louis' Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road MCO EXECUTIVE MEETINGS Third Tuesday of every month, 7:00 pm Louis' Steakhouse, 1682 Cyrville Road

MCO Solo-II Schedule

April 22 April 29 May 13 June 3 June 17 July 14 July 15 July 29 August 26 September 9 September 23 October 7 Event #1 Performance School #1 Event #2 Event #3 Event #4 Performance School #2 Event #5 Event #6 Event #7 Event #8 Event #9 Event #10

2001 Solo-I Schedule

April 28 Solo I School SMP - Fabi April 29 Solo I School SMP - Nelson May 18 Lapping 1 Mosport DDT May 19 Event 1 Mosport DDT May 20 Event 2 Mosport DDT June 9 Event 3 SMP - Fabi June 10 Event 4 SMP - Nelson June 22 Lapping 2 Cayuga June 23 Event 5 Cayuga June 24 Event 6 Cayuga July 14 Event 7 Mosport DDT July 15 Event 8 Mosport DDT August 11 Event 9 SMP - Pro August 12 Event 10 SMP - Nelson August 24 Lapping 3 Cayuga August 25 Event 11 Cayuga August 26 Event 12 Cayuga September 13 Event 13 SMP - Pro September 14 Event 14 SMP - Fabi November 3 Solo Banquet Ramada Hotel, T.O.

All Events are at Jetform Park Dear Link,

On behalf of the Ottawa Citroen Club, I would like to thank the Motorsport Club of Ottawa for your support of our recent Rendezvous 2001 event, held August 10-12, in Winchester. During the course of the weekend, we welcomed over 75 people, and around 20 Citroen automobiles, including DS, Sport Maserati, 2CV, and even a 1953 Traction Avant. Participants came from Montreal, Toronto, Belleville, Quebec City, Boston, and of course Ottawa. Your gracious loan of a set traffic cones helped us to organize the First Annual Citroen Olympic games on Sunday morning. The cones were used in the spectacular culmination of the games, a slalom in which the blindfolded drivers were assisted by sighted navigators. Such games are a regular part of Citroen gatherings in Europe, but we believe this was a first for a North American meeting. Our competitors, who ranged in age from 22 to 79, were unanimous that the games were an excellent addition to our schedule. Special thanks to Dave Jones, for his help in getting access to the cones, and to Pat Weightman for his help in returning them. All for now, Bob McLeod Rendezvous Co-organizer Ottawa Citroen Club

2001 Road Racing Schedule

April 20-22 April 27 April 28, 29 May 11 May 12, 13 June 2, 3 June 30, July 1, 2 July 6 July 7, 8 July 21, 22 August 10 August 11, 12 August 31 September 1, 2 September 14 September 15, 16 September 28 September 29, 30 Spring Fling Test Day BARC - Event 1 Test Day BARC - Event 2 CRDA Event 3 VARAC Festival Test Day MCO - Event 4 DAC - Event 5 Test Day BARC - Event 6 Test Day CRDA - Event 7 Test Day BEMC - Event 8 Test Day Celebration - Event 9 SMP Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport SMP Mosport SMP SMP SMP Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport Mosport

Golden Pine Rally - September 15. See page 10 for ad. Annual General Meeting - November 6th. Louis' Steakhouse, 8:00pm All members should plan to attend. MCO Awards Banquet - December 8 more details in October Link & MCO web site

Up Coming Events

September 2001 March 2001

Election night is nigh!


Website Report
by Rob Microys

MCO website administrator, and is not distributed.

MCO's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is nearly upon us. This is YOUR opportunity to wield unprecedented democratic power by having the right to review and approve/disapprove the actions of their executive; propose positive changes to the by-laws; nominate qualified individuals for office; 'even' stand for office yourself and find ways to give back to your Club. And, of course, in the purest exercise of democracy -- VOTE! Lets mark the date, Tuesday, November 6, 2001 on our calendars. There are innumerable places an individual can contribute to a club. But, one of the most responsible is to ensure we enjoy a quorum for the vote by being in attendance in November. (See notice elsewhere in LINK). As MCO's moves proudly into its' 53rd year, we continue to grow and evolve. We are active on many, diverse fronts. That includes auto racing, Solo 1 & 2, karting, rallying, race organization, summer and winter schools, an informative and interactive web site, an award-winning newsletter, individuals active in all facets of the sport and, well you get the idea.

The forums that are currently The following recent additions have available, which categorize the been made to the website. messages in to topics include a general discussion area, competition On-Line Discussion Forums: specific areas based on discipline (Solo II, Solo I, Rally, Karting, Road The new on-line discussion forum Racing) and it also includes a Want allows members and non-members to Ads/For Sale area for those people communicate via a web based who are looking to buy or sell things. interface. This is an evolution (or This should allow club members to some might think a de-evolution) of openly communicate more effectively our current email based list server - I hope that more people will use this functionality provided by Anjura. service over the previous email list. Both services will remain up, until a The current system requires you to time at which the lesser used service register by sending an email to the will likely be turned off. email server, then all messages sent to get sent to all the Racer/Team Bios on MCO Website: people that registered for the service. If any race teams would like to have a The new system simply requires you biography of their team, MCO is to have web access, but you'll no offering to put up photos, and longer be tied to a computer at which information for any team wishing to you can access your email account. have a little space of their own on the Simply hurl the following URL in to web. Pass along images and copy to any browser your friendly neighborhood webmaster, and we'll spin it up for you! If you want any questions, comments or other queries with respect to the content on our website, don't hesitate to contact me, Rob Microys, by email at or by phone, (613) 822-7204.

There is also a link to the forums available from the main website. By accessing the URL above, the browser puts you in to the online forum listing. As a non-registered user, you can browse the topics, and read the messages. In order to reply and post messages, you must register with the website. It is free, and only requires you to enter a very small amount of Where do I fit in? Anywhere! It is mandatory information. The your right - but more importantly - information remains in control of your responsibility - to exercise your democratic right. Consider running for the executive. It's fun, very rewarding and believe me, you will meet some good colleagues and learn a bunch to boot. JOIN IN. While on the note of electoral natterings, I have accepted to act as Chair for the CASC AGM nominating committee. In that capacity, I am also seeking committed, energetic and interested individuals who may wish to stand and serve at the regional level. Further detail is available on the CASC website, but if you are keen, please see me personally. -rpw

2001 MCO Awards Banquet

Tentative Date: Saturday December 8th

Tickets on sale soon! Details on the location and final notice of date and time will be in the October issue of the Link, as well as on the MCO web site

September 2001

Main Street Racing Press Release

ProTruck#2 - Rebuilt and Racing Again

Races. CASCAR had more Ottawa drivers, with Carp's Steve Munro and Ottawa's Al Long battling it out for first with Al Long getting the win. Sounds like the Mini-Stocks at Capital City, with Dave Watchorn and Martin Walter. They seem to have running first and second down to a fine art. This past Wednesday saw Dave win. These guys are a treat to watch. The MiniStocks have great cars this year and one of the most popular series for drivers and fans alike. And, talking about popular drivers, the ProStock driver Earl Wylie, his engine blew up big time. Well, last we heard form Earl, he was already planning where to get the next motor and how to be ready for Wednesday Night Racing. Last Wednesday at Capital City Speedway definitely was a Fan Event for Action, but a bit hard on the pocket books of the Drivers. This week, August 15th, is regular racing with the ProTruck, Minilegends, Mini-stocks, Hobbystock and Four for Fun, for those that want a less expensive taste of racing. The next week, August 22nd, Race Vehicles be out and shining for Fan Appreciation Day at Capital City Speedway. Special thanks to the Crew at Main Street Racing for all the excellent work to get the ProTruck out there for the Races. Colin, Pam and Chris Lewis spent more time in the

DATE: Sunday, August 20th, 2001 The ProTruck #2's was off and racing after an intense effort by the Main Street Racing Team after last race's contact with the Wall. The extra care showed as the ProTruck driven by Kenny Baird worked its way from 7th to nosing into 1st in the first half of the feature. While Ken was working on getting into first, Tim Kirby's #10 bumped and spun Ken's truck, sending Ken to the back of the pack for causing a caution. Ken worked his way back through the pack to seventh again. And this time, close contact in Corner One loosened some of the new body panels enough that Ken had to go to the pits for repairs. Ah, well, that's racing. Tim Kirby won the race, followed by Gilles Seguin and Dave Riopelle, after Danny Yeas had led for most of the race, losing his position in the very last lap. Everything was back in order for Saturday's Autodrome St. Eustache in Montreal Cummins Racing Event with ProTrucks and CASCAR. Ken Baird and Steve Yendall were the only Ottawa drivers in the ProTruck Series

garage than home last week, and Leo Constantinou brought great pizza and great good humour to the scene. Best Wishes to him these days - he and his most patient spouse are expecting their first born any day now; Makes him run for that cell phone when it rings. Main Street Racings Sponsors this year are CARQUEST, Class 8 Collision, Shell Oil Thermoshell, G. W. Roofing, Bernhard Turbo Trans, R.V.S. Hydraulics, Kemco Radiator, Extreme Signs, Irish Rose ATV Nature Trails, Custom Welding, and Barry Horricks. Again, Thanks to An Excellent Crew - Colin Lewis is the Car Chief and Chief Mechanic, Rob Jackson is Backup Driver and Crewman, Jeff Brown and Chris Lewis are Crewmen and Leo Constantinou is the Race Cars Parts Professional. Pam Lewis, Chris Dolman and Bev Millar are the Team Assistants.
CONTACT: Main Street Racing (613) 489-0980 - Box 37, North Gower, Ottawa, ON, K0A 2T0

Ottawa Lynx at Jetform Park


"The Professional Edge in Travel Services" A Division of R.H. Travel Inc.- Ont. Reg. #4142303 Robert Wilson Your Ottawa Travel Consultant Phone: (613)260-7012 Fax: (613) 733-6839 1-888-339-9733

Sponsor of the MCO Solo-II season

September 2001 March 2001

How to Identify Rally Fever

by Jean MacGillivray
Interest in rallying at MCO continues to grow by yumps and bounds, and I know of several homes where there's no shortage of rally talk. I thought it might help to identify some of the more significant signs that your rallymeister is in the throes of rally fever. You know rally fever is high when... you take HIS car on vacation because it has the rally computer and you have to do an odo check for an upcoming rally you ALWAYS have to eject a rally tape from the VCR before inserting your own you have one calendar dedicated only to rally events he convinces you to sell your BMW and get a Subaru Impreza he considers the proper way through corners to be sideways he refers to old snow tires as "gravel tires" he considers a bash plate to be an appropriate upgrade he speaks with reverence of "big lights" he searches out back roads to test the yumps. He insists that you come along to share the fun. he always takes the long way home from work...on gravel roads you're waiting for him to say he needs a roll cage and a five-point harness he's gone for 12 hours at a time checking out new rally routes he spends hours at the computer working out checkpoints, times, etc. he realizes the weekend's over and he hasn't spent any of it with you he finally convinces you to rally with him and he wants you to drive you agree to drive 3 hours each way to attend an event hosted by another club he tells you about all the interesting new people he's met...they all rally he considers a lifestyle that doesn't include rallying to be unendurable

2001 MCO Annual General Meeting Tuesday November 6th

It is vitally important for all members to attend. This is your opportunity to vote for the 2002 executive (or volunteer for a position). The AGM will immediately follow the monthly meeting, 8:00pm, Louis' Steakhouse

MCO: The First Fifty Years Only $35 for this important book!
Plannning for a delivery of 300 numbered copies. It is a hard-covered coffee table style book recounting the long history of motorsopts in Ottawa and the regions. With 150 pages, everything and everyone is included. Don't miss out on your copies! There is still space available for sponsorship as well. For $20 you can ensure your name is in the book by sponsoring a page of your choosing. Full or partial page ads are open. Contact Sherissa Microys at (613) 822-7204 or e-mail

September 2001

Mosport Marshalling
by Richard Muise
This is why everyone interested in motor racing should become a marshal. I was on yellow flags for the American LeMans Series (Sunday August 19), and it was streaming down rain. Behind me was a row of photographers with gigantic zoom lenses, and far to my left was the live TV feed to NBC. But that didn't matter. Before me lay corner-5, a majestic sweeping dive down from corner-4 to a hairpin with a massive elevation change that is never adequately visualized from pictures. The pace car had already been by twice, leading the field to the green. Even the marshal's with years, decades of experience would not guess at what the first lap would bring when we talked over lunch. At the front of the pack were the "big boys", the LeMans prototypes, LMP900's. The first row was the factory Audi team R8s, followed by one of the beautiful red Panoz front-engined prototypes and a private Audi R8. The pack was scattered irregularly behind, with many fast cars starting at the back of the field due to mechanical issues during qualifying. Something had to happen and quickly, as the racing order sorted itself out. In the streaming rain.

right that is the slowest part of the course. And before my very eyes, it happened. The Big One. Drivers not willing to concede space on the rain drenched corner that narrowed too quickly. With the first Panoz LMP900 behind it (up from third), the lead Audi #1 tried to brake late to protect the position. There was no way it could make the corner when it lost traction under braking. It spun 270 degrees and came directly towards us sideways with unchecked velocity. All three flaggers ran away from its trajectory. Behind me, I could sense the same movement from the row of sports photographers, scattering in all directions backward. The third Audi, the privateer #38 also lost control trying to avoid the first spin and spun into the gravel trap to the left. The Panoz, which now inherited the lead also had problems with braking and ran wide, putting 2 wheels off the track but continued.

so we had a number of trucks to get the cars out of the corner, clean up the mess, and attend to the drivers if they were injured. It took between 7 to 10 minutes to get all the mess cleared, the safety vehicles off the track and the marshals back in position. The entire time, I was still waving one yellow flag and holding the second yellow out steady; my arms were so tired. The racing resumed and we had some time to relax. But a few laps later, Porsche 911 GT3-RS #30 lost it coming into our corner. The driver almost caught the slide, but only managed to delay the trip out to the tire barrier. He hit hard, ending his race with body parts all over the dirt leading up to the tires. Again, another 5+ minutes of full course yellow, with a waved yellow in our corner. That was the story of much of our day in corner-5. We had a few more spins in the ALMS race, but all continued without contact with our well-used wall. The day had started in the same manner, lots of rain, lots of clean up.

But that's not to say that the weekend was about incidents. As marshal, you get to watch racing from the second best location (after the drivers themselves). And there was lots of great racing. Aside from ALMS, Because of the expectation that this there were also races for open wheel sorting process may not be peaceful, (Star Mazda, ChampCar Lite, and all the flaggers were moved back "Mixed Results" Formula 1600's), Panoz GT Pro, from their normal positions near the photo from Panoz Motorsports (C) 2001 Canada Cup. I worked at corner 8 wall and tire barriers. Our corner captain gave us the signal that the green I remember taking the yellow flag with during Saturday qualifying (it's at the end flag was out, and at the same time, the me, and as the first Audi hit the wall, I of the back 'straight'), and corner-2 during roar of the cars on full throttle down the flinched, turned around and started to Friday practice. Corner-8 was amazing to pit straight made its way across the furiously wave the flag. From out of the watch when the big prototypes topped the facility to our corner. The race PA system middle of the field came the second hill at speed. announced that all cars were cleanly Panoz. It had nowhere to go, and not through the first corner without incident, enough traction to either make the corner I got to work with some great people. and gave information on the next corner or stop. It came like a train to the wall Marshaling is a great deal of fun, mixed before the sound of the fast approaching hitting hard ten feet in front of me at an with some periods of hard work (running pack drowned out the PA. A few more oblique angle, just missing the first Audi with fire extinguishers should be an event in the next Olympics). Saturday evening, quick glances at the captain, trying to read that was now trying to leave the gravel. all the marshals even got their own the status, but I received no indications before the leaders appeared at the top of The drivers didn't seem to accept that their autograph session and some kind words cars were broken, and all three cars from Ron Fellows (Corvette Racing #3), the far hill, corner-4. immediately tried to leave, but could not. who was forced to show us his Rolex (the They were approaching me head-on at (None of the drivers were hurt). The #1 back was engraved with "Winner 2001 speed for the first time. Great walls of Audi appeared to be the best off, but had Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona"). water rose from the rear of the leading hit the tire barrier sideways. The #38 Audi cars, obscuring most of the trailers, was only stuck in the gravel trap and had I can't encourage people enough to get including the ones that we expected would no damage, but had to be towed out. The involved in marshaling. The experiences I be moving forward through the pack. Panoz was a wreck. The driver tried to had at my first Mosport weekend will stay Corner-5 is a hard braking zone, a hairpin reverse out of the tires and back into the with me for a very very long time. It was before the back straight. The braking zone race, but the front wheels were no longer the best vacation I've had this year! is actually up a 100-foot elevation change, pointing straight, and he was missing a and hard to the right before the second fair bit of bodywork. Within a minute or

September 2001

Main Street Racing Press Release

Good, Smooth Racing for Ken Baird and the CARQUEST ProTruck #2 Capital City Speedways Feature Race. DATE: Sunday, August 20th, 2001 Wednesday Night's Feature Race with the ProTrucks at Capital City Speedway was good, clean racing in front of a packed Grandstand. There were only two cautions, one in the first half and one in the second, and racing finished within the specified time limits. Noise concerns are being met by the track limiting the time on each race to approximately one minute per lap. This means the 30 Lap feature has to be completed within the 30 minutes allotted. Cautions could potentially use up a lot of race time so all were glad the cautions were slight. Ken came in Fourth in his heat race, right behind one of our other North Gower Drivers, Steve Yendall. Stephen Benoit won the Heat. The Feature win went to Carp's Steve Munro with Ken, working his way up from a ninth place start, finishing in Fifth position out of a field of seventeen. Steve Yendall was Seventh and Matt Moffitt, our other North Gower ProTruck driver, was Eleventh - not a usual finishing position for this successful young driver. All the North Gower ProTrucks finished with little to do to make them ready for the Wednesday Night's Racing except the perennial setup work to

continuously improve performance. North Gower's CASCAR Driver, Lyle Perkins, did well at the Raindate Race on Sunday, August 19th. He finished well and had good racing and little to fix as well. Ron Beauchamp from Ormstown Quebec won the CASCAR Feature. Dave Watchorn and Martin Walter of North Gower took one win each for the heats, and Martin got First and Dave Second in the Feature. I wonder what these two neighbours talk about during the week - trade set up notes and then may the best driver win? Lots of fun to watch anyway you look at it. Was nice to see Chris Dunham make them work for their wins. He was third and second respectively in the heats, making the North Gower boys work just a little bit harder. Earl Wylie had a rather spectacular crash on Wednesday night driving his old hobbystock, while he waits for an engine for his Pro Stock. His throttle stuck on and he went right over the wall between corner One and Two. When the car stopped it looked like he had neatly parked it beside the fence. Earl was ok and his hobbystock is fixed and ready to race again Wednesday. This Wednesday, the 22nd of August, is Fan Appreciation Night at Capital City Speedway, so bring your cameras and autograph book as your favourite drivers will be parking on the track for the audience to come and see close up

the Cars and ProTrucks with an opportunity to speak with the drivers and find out a bit more about motorsports in Ottawa. Visit http://www.mainstreetottawa. com/status.html for past updates on Ken Baird and Main Street Racing. Main Street Racings Sponsors this year are CARQUEST, Class 8 Collision, Shell Oil Thermoshell, G. W. Roofing, Bernhard Turbo Trans, R.V.S. Hydraulics, Kemco Radiator, Extreme Signs, Irish Rose ATV Nature Trails, Custom Welding, and Barry Horricks. Again, Thanks to An Excellent Crew Colin Lewis is the Car Chief and Chief Mechanic, Rob Jackson is Backup Driver and Crewman, Jeff Brown and Chris Lewis are Crewmen and Leo Constantinou is the Race Cars Parts Professional. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BABY GIRL, LEO. Pam Lewis, Chris Dolman and Bev Millar are the Team Assistants. CONTACT: Main Street Racing (613) 489-0980 - Box 37, North Gower, Ottawa, ON, K0A 2T0

MCO General Meetings - 1st Tuesday of every month MCO Executive Meetings - Third Tuesday of every month

1682 Cyrville Road (613) 741-2130
From the 417, take the Innes Road exit (by 417 Nissan and Costco)

all are welcome!

September 2001

Competition Tires

2607 Diab, St-Laurent (Quebec) H4S 1E7 Tel.: (514) 337-0833 F AX: (514) 337-8857

30 years of providing quality tire products and ser vices. Sponsor of the Rennsport Region Porsche Club. Sponsor of Solo l and ll Racing, C.A.D.L., L.A.P .S., M.C.O. Sponsor of F .A.Q. Ice Racing. Sponsor of the BMW Car Club of Quebec. Accredited by the Automobile Protection Association (A.P.A.).

V700 (R-compound) V70A(R-compound) * ECST 712 * A AUTOCROSS (DOT) T1-S ROAD RACING (DOT) RA1 (R-compound) RACING SLICKS A VS-S1 / AVS SPORT A032R (R-compound)




September 2001
especially now that the other driv- Kingston, Kirkland Lake and Torers are giving them such a run for onto. their money. Leo Constantinou could not be at Ken Baird and the CARQUEST This coming Wednesday, August the track this past week, being ProTruck #2 had a fun night at 29th is the last of the Wednesday busy with his brand new daughter, Capital City Speedway's Fan Ap- Night Races. Sundays will be the Zo, but he continues, with CARnew racing day for the Fall at Cap- QUEST, to contribute all week as preciation Day. ital City Speedway as the evenings our Race Car Parts Professional. are beginning to get dark earlier. You can call him at CARQUEST DATE: Friday, August 24th, 2001 The CASCAR races are finished at Nepean 225-9221 most weekdays Fan Appreciation Night is Main Capital City Speedway for the and he will give you great advice Street Racing's opportunity to Season, so Lyle Perkins, our North and assistance on your Car Parts meet the fans who make Motor- Gower CASCAR Driver, has his needs. Thanks to all Our Excellent sports so popular. Drivers like Ken remaining Race Events at Dela- Crew - Colin Lewis is the Car Baird talk to fans, sign autographs, ware Speedway and Autodrome St Chief and Chief Mechanic, Rob and have giveaways as thanks to Eustache. Ken Baird and the Car- Jackson is Backup Driver, Jeff the audience for making Oval Quest ProTruck will be heading Brown and Chris Lewis are CrewTrack Racing possible in Ottawa. off to Montreal for the 150 Lap men and Leo Constantinou is the This Wednesday Night was no ex- ProTruck Race at Autodrome St Race Cars Parts Professional. Pam ception. Matt Moffitt's team even Eustache. Plans are also under- Lewis, Chris Dolman and Bev had a special draw of 4 MTM Rac- way to raise the $10,000 needed to Millar are the Team Assistants. ing Jackets, which at least one take Eastern Ontario's Canadian North Gower Fan was very happy ChampCar Lights to the Fall Clas- Main Street Racings Sponsors this to win. The fans were visiting on sic at the newly renovated Mt year are CARQUEST, Class 8 the track so long at intermission Tremblant Road Racetrack, Sept. Collision, Shell Oil Thermoshell, that is was lucky the ProTruck 22 and 23. Any prospective spon- G. W. Roofing, Bernhard Turbo Feature was a fine example of sors can call and speak to Ken Trans, R.V.S. Hydraulics, Kemco Radiator, Extreme Signs, Irish green flag racing with the new Baird at 489-0008. Rose ATV Nature Trails, Custom City's time limits on Racing. No Cautions and Kemptville's Kevin You can visit http://www.main- Welding, Barry Horricks and Ramsay won the Feature Race,\status.html for WineMakers. Ken has a new leaving plenty of time for the Mini past updates on Ken Baird and Sponsor for the CARQUEST ProStocks, the Mini Legends, Pro- Main Street Racing. And there is Truck - WineMakers, a new VilStock and HobbyStock Features. a new site we just checked out, lage Brew-On-Premises for Wine Of the North Gower Drivers, Matt and Beer - also located in the Main Moffitt finished ninth, Ken finish- which has the unofficial results Street Building at 2319 Communied twelfth, Steve Yendall four- from the races, sometimes the ty Way, North Gower. teenth having trouble with his same day. This site can provide all the services to run sports leagues, CONTACT: Main Street Racing transmission. teams and individual sports in- Mini Stocks - what can anyone cluding statistics, schedules, pro- say- it was Dave Watchorn and vide officials and timekeepers, (613) 489-0980 - Box 37, North then Martin Walter, it was Martin order uniforms, take photographs, Gower, Ottawa, ON, K0A 2T0 then Dave, it was Dave and then present awards and cater banquets. Martin - the saga continues. Great And they are based here in Ottawa fun to watch these guys duel it out, as well as locations in Huntsville, Main Street Racing - Press Release

September 2001
For Sale: 1990 BMW E30 M3 motor with chip. Asking $4,600. Contact: JeanMacGillivray (613) 256-0188 Classifieds For Sale: Nissan 240sx, #60 GT2 CGTCC, 1:32 at Mosport, 1:12 at Shannonville. Chevy LT1 V8 (approx. 400hp), 6-speed, 300zx brakes, Koni shocks, Tilton pedals, Autometer gauges, etc. Spare parts include: spare body, 14 wheels, rain tires, orig. 250hp Nissan Motorsports engine, transmission, diff., etc. Ready to race, asking $14,500 OBO. Call Len at (613) 748-3313 or email for details

Golden Pines Rally September 15, 2001

Total Distance : 223.95km
School Starts at 10:00 Registration Opens at 12:30 Drivers' Meeting at 14:00 First Car Leaves at 14:45

Location: The Community Centre in Golden Lake Beginner and Expert Routebooks available Prizes Available!

Craig Hamm (D) and Paul Acacia (N) at the start of the Midsummer's Night Rally, July 28, 2001.

Here, Jean MacGillivray (D) and Jim Morrow (N) take the start at the same rally.


Main Street Racing and Automotive Parts, Performance and Service INTERPROVINCIAL LICENSED MECHANIC *** MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION STATION Automotive Take It Back Partner - We recycle your Used Oil, Antifreeze, etc. P.O. Box 37, 2319 Community Way, North Gower, Ottawa ON K0A 2T0 Ken Baird (613) 489-0948


If you won trophies last year, please return them to oneof the executive members by November 6th (AGM). See the inside cover for contact information.