Why all the Kolaveri Di?

This one question played on everyone‟s lips across the globe, regardless of age, language or nationality. A single song reaching such unprecedented popularity was never ever imagined in this day and age where the number of songs being churned out globally comes second only to plastic waste generated on earth. One could call it luck and the work of destiny, but one cannot simply take away from the fact that nothing happens in this world by chance and it is always by design. In this case, a serious infringement of privacy and the subsequent digital robbery of creative content with a sole motive of sabotage was cleverly countered attacked and orchestrated by the all those involved in the process. This is an over analysed topic, with a million “expert” opinions having been splashed across the media. I am just going to try and explain what worked for me as a viewer and what my takeaways from this whole campaign were:  ‘Queen for the win’ : While every language under the sun has beautiful lyrics and supporting music that make it a pure listening delight, this song proved that English certainly has an unparalleled reach across the globe. Though this song will certainly make the queen lose some sleep, the crude use of the language had a reach across all Indians at first who were the primary target, and more importantly people located all around the globe as well. ‘Curiosity bells the cat’: In modern day scenario curiosity does not kill, it in fact helps sell. The clever use of local slang in the song like “Kolaveri” and “soup boys” piqued people‟s interest into wanting to know what it meant, being a south Indian was never as cool for me personally as it was receiving frantic calls, messages, facebook pings about what these meant in our local parlance and it suddenly shot all tamilians way high up on the non-existent “cool” meter created by some „ishstud‟ Punjabi munda who for a brief period of time gave up on Honey Singh for Danush. ‘Sorrow thrives’ : Even the comic greats in the world like Chaplin have made references about how the world thrives more in sorrow than in joy. This song made a „love failure‟ so thoroughly heartening that every self-proclaimed Romeo around the world could relate to it and sang along reminiscing in the sorrow exuded by the song about some similar story in their lives. The song gave a new found way to celebrate a heart loss than what has been depicted by the entertainment world for ages. The slobbering drunkard now was given a chirpier lovable avatar and it is the song of a jilted lover pouring out his anguish became way more popular than one could have ever imagined. ‘Good things in small packages’: A dark frail looking Dhanush and an even smaller „chomu‟ looking Anirudh (music director) had a visual appeal that was pitiable and at the same time extremely adorable. Understandably the women, but even men found it hard to resist these seeming underdogs. A rough basic video made predominantly picturing these two had a way better connect with the masses than any video made in recent past with all of the world‟s hi-tech gadgets combined. Playing the sympathy vote : In a brilliant marketing strategy, the „3‟ team came out in the open to announce how they were back stabbed by some „villains‟ and that this was done only to try and save the movie and all the efforts & hard work. While in an industry where plagiarism and „copycatting‟ is not unheard of, this move proved to be a complete winner. It won sympathy for the team and thereby made the song an unparalleled success. This also helped because it avoided making the campaign sound like a sales pitch, which could have come across as needy and put people off. It just sounded like a bleak attempt to save their creative work and it paid off.

one cannot follow the same path. the awesomeness lies in being able to immediately „share‟ it and virtually. with digital media. Moral of the story: It created history and will remain etched in peoples‟ memory for years to come. FM station Radio Mirchi and MTV got exclusive rights to use the song for two days. but what actually helped was the well monitored strategy employed by the creative folks at Jack in the Box Worldwide . In India. teachers and anybody in a position of authority. there were politicians. literally and figuratively. Across the world a similar feeling was directed at bosses.907 tweets on November 24. forcing your friends into viewing the content. Next. It thus became a phenomenon that was universally applicable given the levels of stress and frustration people were facing in all walks of life. The PR and Marketing strategies: All the aforementioned points were only helpful in creating a strongly „sellable‟ content. But so immense were its popularity that anyone who tries a similar route will only be mocked at as poor copy gimmick. with radio stations and television channels being allowed to air it. Thus there is ginormous increase in the number of „hits‟ tipping any creative content into heights of popularity. Awesomeness of the ‘share’ button : While in any other medium of marketing can happen only through „word of mouth‟.the agency which designed Kolaveri's viral strategy. rather inactions. Nothing has yet matched Kolaveri. news channels began discussing Kolaveri. There were 179 tweets on November 17th. the song was also shared with the real one towards the end of the first week. Sony Music began by putting a link to the video on its Facebook page. “why all this kolaveri di?”    . The rampant ‘kolaveri’ in the world: It helped the song came around at a time when the world at large was brimming with a feeling of „Kolaveri‟. At first. but it has created hope and excitement among people about when they will be caught unawares in a cleverly planted marketing trap. Noticing the uproar in the entertainment space. These were all done with an intent to increase the popularity and hence due credit must be given for creating the benchmark which the likes of PSY with Gangnam may have possibly aped. From the virtual world. which has a million followers. which further rose by 200 per cent daily. When the dust settles on all this. we can only wonder. While. it began releasing tweets about the video. creating the #whythiskolaveri account on Twitter. it has in fact broken several myths about creative marketing and has helped open several doors for unconventional selling. sports personalities asking to be murdered owing to their actions. to peak at 14. where a person can merely suggest it to his or her friends. further fuelling its popularity.

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