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April 2002

2002 MCO Executive

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April 2002 Editorial Exhaust

A return to the usual format of 16 pages this month is indicative of the shortness of the publishing month due to the Easter long weekend. This issue had to go to the printer (Dollco Digital) the last Wednesday in March. It appears that the insurance issues will be worked out in time for Spring Fling and our MCO Race School, both in April. I'm the organizer and registrar for the school, working closely with the Armstrongs (Bob is the chief instructor) and the executive, all of which are far more experienced at this than I. I'll also be a student. There will be a report about the school in the next Link. So, I don't really have any feelings about the state of health care, what with beening generally healthy and well covered from Nortel (BTW, I'm back working with them again after a 4 month layoff). But when I booked my medical exam required to apply for the novice CASC license, I was told they couldn't take me for 12 weeks, ie. May 30th. Good Grief, heaven forbid I might have actually needed medical attention for an illness. "I'm sorry Mr Muise, but the doctor can't see you about your broken arm until early 2003. Perhaps you could just not move it around very much?" Four days after taking the school, I'm off to Toronto to take the Level-2 BMW driving school, perhaps I can write up a quick report of that event as well. The last exercise at the BMW school is an autocross using the new BMW M3 coupe. Hurray!! At the Level-1 school it had a similar exercise and to my surprise I actually had the best time (that was using the 330Ci - I was saddled with the only automatic transmission there despite my protests). Hmmm, perhaps I should have written an article about that as well. Perhaps May will see another 20 page Link again! Hurray! Cover Photo: A very special thanks to Paul Lindsay for submitting a large quantity of archival materials from MCO. On the cover is a reproduction of the cover of The Link, circa June 1965. The picture on the back cover is from the same lot (unknown photographer).

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April 2002
CASC 2002 Ontario Region Schedule: Spring Fling Shannonville BARC Mosport BEMC Mosport CRDA Shannonville MCO Shannonville VARAC Mosport DAC Shannonville BARC Mosport CRDA/SCCA Mosport BEMC Mosport CASC/Panoz Mosport * Spring Fling is now 2 days Solo-I Schedule Open House, Cedarbrae Volkswagen April 7th 1pm to 5pm OMSC Solo I School, SMP, May 11, TAC Solo I School, SMP, May 12. TAC Event #1, MDDT, May 18, OMSC Event #2, MDDT, May 19, OMSC Event #3, SMP, June 15, HADA Event #4, SMP, June 16, HADA Event #5, MDDT, July 6, BAC Event #6, MDDT, July 7, BAC Event #7, TMP, July 27, HADA Event #8, TMP, July 28, HADA Event #9, SMP, Aug 10, TAC Event #10, SMP, Aug 11, TAC Event #11, TMP, Aug 24, BAC Event #12, TMP, Aug 25, BAC Event #13, SMP, Sept 14, OMSC Event #14, SMP, Sept 15, OMSC Top Gun Shoot Out TBA TBA TBA Solo Banquet November 2nd. MCO Solo-II Schedule (Tentative) April 14 Event #1 May 5 Performance Control School May 26 Event #2 June 2 CADL Invitational Solo II June 9 Event #3 June 29 St. LAC Invitational Solo II July 14 Event #4 July 28 Event #5 August 11 Event #6 August 18 Performance Control School August 25 Event #7 September 8 Event #8 September 22 Event #9 September 29 Rain Date October 6 Event #10 * all events at Jetform Park April 13/14 * April 27/28 May 11/12 June 1/2 June 22/23 June 29/30 July 20/21 August 10/11 Aug 31/ Set 1 Sept 14/15 Sept 28/29 MCO Karting Series Race #1 May 26 KDM Racing Race #2 June 16 Quyon (TBA) Race #3 July 14 TP Products Race #4 July 28 Quyon (TBA) Race #5 Aug 11 Alois Burkhart Race #6 Aug 25 Marc Dani's Family Race #7 Sept 8 KDMRacing * all events at Le Circuit Quyon MCO Rally Championship Series Schedule: Mississippi Valley Drivex - November 16, 2001 Lanark Winter Highands Rally - night time drive, January 12, 2002 Slush n'Slides (see above) Mangy Moose - daytime drivex, April 27, 2002, 200km Totally Silly Drive (TSD) - night time learnex, May 18, 2002, 132km Solo-II schedule - to be determined Golden Pine Rally - daytime drivex, September 14, 2002, 200km Lanark Highlands Drivex - daytime drivex, October 19, 2002

April 2002

by Paul Swinwood
and Richard Muise
The MCO Enduro Karting Series is unfolding. A meeting on March 17, 2002 finalized the Regulations and the applications forms. Both the series Regulations and the Application Kit are available on the MCO web site at See you at Quyon on the Practice Day, May 25th. A novice school will be held early in May. - Paul As noted above, at the March 17th meeting a crowd of about 20 people went over the final drafts of the series Regulations, spending about 2 hours going over the document with a finetoothed comb to come up with the final document that is now posted at the MCO web site. The schedule for the series is posted on the previous page. The fees for the events are $45 for MCO members per race class per event and $55 for nonmembers. The series sponsors are firming up, but there are still 2 events available. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship, please contact Paul Swinwood. Volunteers are still needed to help run the events. Positions include starter, marshals, timing and scoring. You won't be required to be at every event, but if you can help out in any way, you can reach Paul through the contact info listed in the MCO Exec list on the inside front cover.

MCO Enduro Karting Series

To: All Territory Presidents and Canadian Association of Rally Sport

Date: March 22, 2002 Subject: Master Insurance Plan On March 6, 2002, we communicated to you that we had not received assurance from K&K that they would be able to offer us continued insurance coverage after March 31, 2002. For some months we have been exploring alternatives. We are pleased to advise that we have today received a commitment from one of the major North American motorsport insurance brokers that they will provide coverage effective April 1, 2002. In other words, we anticipate a seamless transition of coverage. We previously advised you to expect a substantial increase in premiums. However, we are pleased to inform you that the increase will be in the fifty percent (50%) range, which is considerably less than expected. Also, there will be changes in procedure. Under our agreement with the new insurance provider, ASN Canada FIA will assume overall responsibility for insurance and risk management. The details of this arrangement are not yet finalized. However, from this point forward, all communications on insurance matters must be addressed directly to this office. We are preparing rate sheets and are already well advanced in the preparation of an Insurance and Risk Management Manual, which will be distributed to all Clubs. Obviously, time is pressing, and we need to get this information out as soon as possible. The Board of Directors ASN Canada FIA

Annual Regional Tech Inspections in Ottawa!!

Date: Saturday March 30, 2002 from 0900 - 1300 Location: Plus 1 Performance, 30 Stafford Rd. (check for map)

Beat the rush at Spring Fling

Photo submitted by Paul Lindsay

If you have questions, please contact Chris Krepski at

April 2002

Life in the Fast Lane with Len Clue

by Jean MacGillivray
Those of us who love BMW's got a special treat on March 16, when Len Clue invited us over to see his race car. About a dozen of us met with Len and his crew, J.R. Fortin, Chris Capowski and Jeremy Hamilton, at Len's Beacon Hill home, where the race car is stored after its last competition. That was the Daytona Grand-Am Cup race, where Len and partner John Lockhart finished 24th overall and 7th in class (ST1). Nice driving, especially considering they had qualified 44th overall. The "us" I'm referring to are members of the Ottawa chapter of the BMW Club. Chris Pawlowicz, the president, is always on the lookout for interesting tech sessions, and he arranged this show-and-tell session around Len's busy schedule. Len took us through a history of the car, which is an E36 328is, built in Atlanta, Georgia. After going over what was stock (most of the car, including the brakes) and what he had modified (a few things, like group "N" cams, adjustable shocks, it's lowered a bit and he put coil-overs up front), he popped open the hood so we could see for ourselves. He even started the car up so we could enjoy the sound of a 260-hp engine coming to life (it has a custom-built freeflow exhaust).

Everyone was interested in the car and its performance, and Len and his crew were kept busy answering lots of questions from a very interested audience. We wanted to know how it felt to be on the track, dealing with other competitors - nothing like living the experience vicariously!

At Daytona Photo by Mark Weber of Exclusive Motorsports

I had to leave early due to another commitment, but I left behind a room full of guys totally immersed in the very special world of racing. We really appreciated having Len, J.R., Chris and Jeremy give us a glimpse into their world.

Afterwards, I chatted with J.R. and Chris about being part of a race team, which includes driving long distances to a track and supporting the drivers during a race. It was really interesting to get a sense of the "lifestyle" around the track: the motorhomes, the maintenance of a special race car, the smell of the highoctane fuel, the intensity of competition.

Chris Pawlowicz is writing a technical article that he has agreed to share with The Link, so a full report will be coming your way soon. Many thanks to Chris for his great tech-session ideas. We look forward to reading his take on Len's very special BMW.

Workers Need for Speedorama!!

MCO needs workers to help with our booth at Speedorama, April 12th to 14th, 2002 and setup and tear down activities on April 11 and 14th. Also looking for somebody with a pickup truck on Thursday and Sunday to help pick up and deliver the booth. An open trailer is available from Bennett to help bring in the booth. Full details and schedule on page 13. Please contact Rob Microys, Tel: (613) 822-7204, email:, if you can help.

Are you looking for a racing school that won't break the bank?
The Motorsport Club of Ottawa may have what you are looking for! Learn from award-winning race drivers and senior racing officials. MCO will be putting on an Accredited Race Driver's school at Shannonville Motorsport Park on the weekend of April 20-21, 2002. If you are interested in getting your basic race licence or renewing a race licence that has lapsed, please signup online at Contact: Richard Muise (phone: (613) 241-9983,

April 2002 March 2001

MINUTES OF MEETING M.C.O. Executive Committee Meeting March 19th 2002

Louis's Steak House, Ottawa, Ont. Prepared by John Powell, MCO Secretary PRESENT: Executive: Ron Woltman, President; Bennett Leckie, Vice-President; Rob Microys, Website Editor; Rick Miskiman, Open Wheel; Steve Greiner, Closed Wheel; Craig Hamm, Rally; Jeff Graves, Solo I; Greg Kierstead, Solo II; Paul Swinwood, Karting; Richard Muise Link Editor; Warren Haywood, Club Merchandise Co-ordinator; John Powell, Secretary; Jean MacGillivray, Promotional Display Material ABSENT WITH EXCUSES: Executive: Bob Benson, Treasurer; Pat Weightman, Membership. NOTE The position of Public Relations Director is vacant. The President opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m., and the following business was discussed: ASN Insurance Problem: The President briefed those present on the current situation as follows: There is nothing new at the moment, but he will be attending a meeting the following evening at CASC where there will be representatives of ASN present who may have some news. As of March 31st there will be no liability protection for the Club's officers, and anyone uncomfortable with the situation will have to make a personal decision regarding staying on. A decision will have to be made regarding our risks in conducting "social" activities, such as meetings, but there will be NO competitive events. Before opening the topic for discussion, Ron Woltman first introduced Warren Heywood, who will assume the Club's new position of Club Merchandise Co-ordinator. The discussion then dealt with the following: Regarding the concerns of other clubs, Ron noted that some, including the "Z" club, may be seeking a refund of affiliation dues. He added that Laurence Polley is looking at voluntary receivership protection for CASC.

There was some discussion regarding the possibility liability of the Club's officers, and procedures to follow. Craig Hamm asked about notarised resignations, and Steve Greiner noted that there could be no corporation without officers. Ron Woltman noted that, on a personal point, he would not resign, but the Executive MUST be careful about what we do. He then asked Rob Microys to check with the organisers of Speedorama regarding whether or not their insurance would cover our display. Ron then closed this topic by noting that VARAC is leaving K&K, and going with a U.S. insurer. In a discussion later in the meeting regarding memberships and affiliation fees, the following points related to liability insurance were raised: Several members present noted that perhaps it would be best in future to require Club membership for all participants in Club events in order to minimise liability risks. It was noted that several other organisations, including the SCCA have this requirement. The effect on Solo II was raised, as 75% of participants enter only one or two events. The Executive discussed the possibility of requiring that all entrants be members of MCO, but no decision was made at this time. Ron Woltman advised the meeting that he would like this topic to be on the agenda for the next Executive meeting. MCO Display: Jean MacGillivray outlined the proposed content and format of the display, and noted that she needed material from Steve Greiner. Ron Woltman advised that it would be best to keep permanent material generic, and provided Jean an advance of $140.00 from general revenues for display expenses. There was a general discussion on the various possibilities for content, layout etc. of the display in order to make it adaptable for use at different events. Rally: Craig Hamm briefed members on the following: Regarding the presentation by Doug Mepham on March 27th, a notice has been sent out to various clubs, and Jim Holtom has graciously loaned his projector for the video presentation. There is also the possibility of a press mention in the Ottawa Sun.

Craig requested the input of members on the draft letter to prospective Rally sponsors. There will be a Rally Marshal's School on the Easter weekend. He closed by giving a brief update on the Mangy Moose Rally, and by noting that Jim Morrow and Jean MacGillivray will be attending the RSO general meeting on the coming weekend. Club Incorporation: Steve Greiner reported that the up-dates to the Club's registration as a corporation are progressing. Racing - Open Wheel: Rick Miskiman reported that things are quiet except for preparations for the annual tech inspection. Karting: Paul Swinwood reported the following: About 20 people attended the Karting meeting the previous evening and reviewed the MCO Karting Series Supplementary Regulations. It looks as if there will be about 50 entrants for the upcoming season. Despite renewing his track liability insurance in January, Paul advised that K&K have cancelled the policy. They have yet to return the unused portion of his premium. The Karting Supplementary Regulations and Series application forms will be posted on the Club's website. There could be up to 100 new members from the Karting division. We will need to create a Club Karting Licence form, preferably plasticized. The $200.00 OKRA affiliation fee will cover up to 50 Karting members as a start-up. We will need to create a Karting flyer, and a shifter kart will be available for the Club's Speedorama display. Affiliation Fees: Ron Woltman opened a discussion on the topic of CASC/CARS affiliation fees, as follows: - Ron reported that it was noted in the CASC-OR Annual Report that MCO has decided to share dues with both CARS and CASC-OR, resulting in a loss of revenue for CASC. It was suggested that we should look at the wording of the agreement on the allocation of fees to ensure our procedures are correct.

April 2002
Speedorama: Rob Microys gave a brief up-date on the Club's Speedorama display, including some of the items still needed. He also noted that videos of motorsports events for showing at the display would be welcome. Club Merchandise: Rob next briefed the meeting on the possibility of ordering some Club baseball caps for sale to members. The cost should be under $10.00 each, and he will survey members for their preference of colour combinations. He also noted that we could do Club "T" shirts again, and he will talk to Warren Haywood, as well as pass the cap purchase on to him. Warren Haywood, the new Club Merchandise Coordinator, then advised members that he was working on a structure for the administration of Club merchandise, and will be soliciting comments from other members of the Executive. Canaska Cup: Ron Woltman informed those present that, pending a replacement for Basil Chui, Richard Muise has volunteered to handle public relations for the race (err, discussions are continuing- ed), and will be a member of the Race Committee. Bennett Leckie asked if the race will go ahead, and Ron answered that it would, but not to lose money. We must try to ensure profitability which might possibly mean no subsidisation of worker accommodations. This would be subject to review, as noted in previous discussions. Richard Muise has a list of potential participants for Lapping Days, should this eventuality be necessary. Solo I: - Jeff Graves noted that the Solo I Open House will be held at Cedarbrae VW in Toronto on April 7th. There will possibly be an inexpensive F2000 day at the Bridgestone/Firestone school at Mosport for Solo I participants. Information to follow. Solo II: Greg Kierstead reported that the schedule had not yet been firmed-up due to insurance questions. JetForm will need an answer in one week, and Greg will inform the Executive as the situation unfolds. On a question regarding approaching the Corel Centre, it was noted that they're not really interested. However, Paul Swinwood advised that their booking staff has changed, so it may not hurt to ask them again. Regarding equipment, Greg noted that he has priced 10' x 10' tents at under $400.00, and Ron advised him to go ahead, subject to the Club's purchasing procedures. Bennett Leckie also advised the meeting that a new walking measuring wheel could be had from Princess Auto or Canadian Tire for under $100.00. Greg noted that he was looking for new ideas for awards, and was looking at plaques and plastic decals. Greg closed by saying that an up-date on a Club Regional Solo II event will be sent out soon, and there was mixed interest from other clubs in a home-andaway inter-club challenge. - the executive discussed the notion that all entrants to Solo-II must be MCO members. No decision was taken at this time. The Link: Richard Muise advised those present that there would be a short deadline this month due to the Easter weekend. The due date will be 8 days before the monthly meeting (March 25th.). Racing School: Bob and Cindy Armstrong were absent, and there was no report of new developments from them. Several items were discussed including the status of the list of instructors and curriculum, and forwarding them to CASC. It was noted that we have our CASC permit, but would need to send a cheque for fees. If the insurance crisis causes a postponement and re-scheduling, we would have to consider other dates at Shannonville, such as May 7th, or possibly contacting Mosport for the use of the Driver Development Track. Other Business: Ron Woltman closed the meeting by advising members that the use of a late date at Mt Tremblant is possible, and that he will ask them to put us on their list for next year. He also advised members that he will give an update on the possible merchandising agreement with FILA Ferrari at the nest meeting. The meeting was adjourned approximately 9:00 p.m..

Ottawa Lynx at Jetform Park

Proud sponsor of the MCO Solo-II Timing Board

Sponsor of the MCO Solo-II season

Miscellaneous Rumblings II
by John Powell
1. Say It Ain't So! On St. David's Day last, I came upon a sad indicator of the degenerated state of present society. I followed a Volvo 240 driving on a wet, greasy road, negotiating a curve at just under 80 kph, behind a 10 ton construction truck mounting a massive cement suction pump and pipes, and the driver had a cell-phone glued to his ear! Oh, what is the world coming to? Have even Volvo drivers sunk to the depths of the average motorist? I fear, dear friends, that Western Civilization is truly at an end! 2. 407 ... the King's Highway Number, ... or the dollar amount of the toll? Well, as promised, this is my rant about toll roads. And yes, they're still called the King's Highway. Don't ask me why, as our last king, George VI, died half a century ago. I have held my views about tolls for a long time, but the trigger for this piece was when circumstances forced me to use the 407 when I picked up my RX7 in the GTA last summer. For two trips totalling about 25 miles, the bill was $10.95. This consisted of $4.81 in tolls, and $6.14 in other charges! These were $4.00 ($2.00 per trip) for not having a transponder (to make it easier for them to collect their tolls), a $2.00 "account" fee (pay to use the road, then pay them to send you a bill!), and $0.14 GST. Oh yes, if you don't want to pay for not having a transponder, you can rent one from them - for another fee. And you thought credit card interest rates were a rip-off!! Back to the rant. It used to be in Ontario that we only had to pay tolls for special highway projects, such as construction of the Burlington and St. Catharines Skyways. When the projects were paid for, the tolls were then removed. All this has changed, however, since we elected as the Provincial Government a bunch of American style right wing ideologues masquerading as traditional Canadian style Progressive Conservatives. (I did say this was a rant, after all.) Now we have the 407 "Express Toll Route" (Expensive Toll Rip-off?), and probably more coming, if the present bunch remain as the government. As sacrifices to their god of so-called "free enterprise", we will be expected to pay twice for our roads! Once in the form of fuel and highway taxes, the other in the form of tolls to "free enterprise" monopolies, for the use of the public roads "sold" to them by their friends in the Government.

April 2002 March 2001

I have no objection to a private company buying up land, building their own road, and then levying tolls to defray their capital costs and expenses, and to make a profit if they can. Especially if they are in direct competition with other private roads. After all, this is how true free enterprise operates. I am less comfortable with, but under the right circumstances would accept, the government charging temporary tolls for special projects, such as the major bridges mentioned above. But, there is something in me, perhaps Celtic bloody-mindedness, that rebels against continually paying twice for an essential public service. And inter-city roads are an essential public service, given the high cost of air travel, our neglected passenger rail system, and the inconvenience and tedium of inter-city bus travel. My blood really boils, however, when I pay for a road through my taxes, have to pay tolls to use it, and then have part of my payment go towards the profits of a private company. A road built by the taxpayer should not be used as a vehicle for private profit! 3. The CCAB Numbers Are In .... Column Readership Doubled! No, not the Canadian Circulations Audit Bureau, but the Canadian Compendium of the Aberrant and Banal. Counting our esteemed Editor, the four e-mails I have received, and 5 comments in person, Miscellaneous Rumblings II now has 10 confirmed readers. O.K., the editor has to read it to proof the copy (but it's always a pleasure to do so - ed), but that still leaves 9. The original Miscellaneous Rumblings column in RPM, the news letter of the Sports Car Club-Toronto, in the early '60s only had 5 confirmed readers. These were John Punshon, the editor, so we have to drop him, his father, Bert Punshon, Allan Bunting (Uncle Bunt), the President of SCC, and two friends, Cliff Taylor and Dave Jameson, for a net total of 4. So in just 40 years, I have more than doubled my confirmed readership! What's next, you may ask? Well hopefully, a lucrative contract with a leading national newspaper chain. One who's editorial policy is balanced and moderate - perhaps the National Post or one of the Sun (newspapers?)? 4. Back in the Saddle - Episode VI "The Devil Farts in My Face Again, Baldrick" (Black Adder II, BBC, Episode V, "Beer" (1989)) Let's see now, where to resume our saga. Well, it was August 2nd. 2001, the car was at it's new home, and it was time to look at what needed changing to suit me. For example, there was the fact that I was a fair bit taller than the previous owner, amongst other things, so let's start with the septic tank. Huh, you say? But cars don't have septic tanks. No, but farm houses do, and when they need pumping, they need it NOW. Well, uncovering it's a bit of work, but it's a simple job, right? It is if you know where it's located, but notwhen it's not where I was told it was when we bought the place! But the City knows where it is because they have the plans, right? They don't if it's older than 1972, which it is. Do you know how long it takes to probe an area 30 x 60 feet to a depth of 30 inches in order to locate (possibly) a pipe about 6 inches wide or a tank about 5 feet in diameter? I do now! The upshot was that after I found it, uncovered it, removed and replaced two 150lb. concrete tank covers, and re-covered it, along with other chores and rain interruptions, almost two weeks went by that should have been spent working on my race car. The first August test day at Mosport was now out of the question, but Shannonville had a pay-per-lap evening the following Monday, which was now my objective. With the three extra days, I gave the car a quick once over, and discovered it's ride height was too low to get my floor jack underneath at the preferred jacking points, the front cross-member and the differential. I had to use an old scissors jack under the rocker panels to get just enough height to use the floor jack. That figured out, I adjusted the pedal heights, of which more later, and managed to get the seat an extra inch to the rear. That wasn't enough, but would do for the moment. Loading the car on the trailer by myself proved to be a challenge. The front of the trailer had to be raised for the exhaust to clear the rear trailer cross-member. You had to be lined up dead straight before you climbed the ramps, as you couldn't see once the nose of the car was in the air. The doors wouldn't open once the car was on the trailer, so you had to climb out of the window. Once you were out, the car wanted to roll back because of the angle, and putting it in gear only slowed it down a little. You had to have a block handy, get out REALLY quickly, and shove it under the nearest wheel! Once the trailer was levelled, you then rolled the car into it's proper position for the tie-downs. I managed all that, and then it was off to Shannonville for an evening's lapping, with my old Buco helmet because my new Bieffe hadn't arrived yet from Italy. Unloading at the track was a bit easier as my wife was along to help, although this didn't stop me from nearly driving off the side of the trailer ramps because I put the steering wheel on in the wrong position. From there, things got gradually worse. I forgot what the tire pressure was supposed to be, so I had to guess - wrong. The oil

April 2002
filler was on so tight I had to use pliers to get it off. I got more gas outside the car than in because of a quirky filler neck. And getting the front air dam mounted was more difficult than untying the Gordian knot - I could see the holes, but nothing lined up. After liberal use of the Great Australian Adjective, and after much running around and too much time, I headed out for my first few laps. I found out at the starting line that you didn't hand in your tickets and run your laps, you had to come in to the pits each lap and hand in a ticket for your next lap. Not great for rhythm, but it was seat time. Out I went on to the Long Circuit, and there encountered some more unpleasant surprises: Going down the straight after turn 1, the rear of the hood lifted with a bang, and I thought it was going to come off - until I remembered that it should have been taped down. Heading into turn 2 (3?) I realised that the track disappeared somewhere off into the grass, and I couldn't see where I was going! The RX7 is a lot lower than my pick-up, and although I was familiar with the track, it didn't help. I had trouble with this all evening, trying to guess where the corners went, how hard to brake, and where to pick up the line. Then, halfway through my second lap, the brakes locked on! After they had cooled down, with my spirits down in the dumper, I drove slowly back to the paddock to investigate I couldn't see anything obvious wrong with the brakes, so I went to the manual for the troubleshooting chart. There, right near the top of the list, was "incorrect pedal free-play". A light went on - there wasn't enough free-play in the brake pedal! When I adjusted the pedal height back home in the garage, I had not allowed enough clearance. So I wriggled and squirmed head first under the dash and readjusted the pedal. This fixed the problem, but it took over half an hour, and now we were running out of time when ....... I noticed oil on the air dam. The leak appeared to be at the oil cooler fittings so I tightened them up, topped up the oil, didn't see any more leaks, and went out again. I got four more laps in but by now I was thoroughly out of focus - I was trying too hard and driving poorly. I was still having trouble trying to see where the track went, and only got the braking points and lines worked out reasonably well for a couple of corners, even at the end of the back straight, where there are braking markers. It was a totally unsatisfactory performance, but a learning experience. However, the worst, and potentially the most dan gerous problem, occurred on the way home. I got a massive cramp in my right leg on the 401 near Kingston, and only just managed to get stopped on the entrance ramp to a service centre, which luckily was just up the road. My wife had to drive the rig into the parking lot, and it was at least half an hour before I could drive again. The cause was the terrible seat in the pick-up, and I knew they'd have to be fixed. Back home in the garage the next day, and taking stock, the job list developed into: fix the air dam; re-do the seat mounts to get more leg-room, install a fire extinguisher, do something about the loading/unloading rigamarole, and some other minor things. First, though, was do something about that terrible seat in the pickup! The problem was, not only was there not enough leg room, but the seat itself was poorly designed, and not easily modified. Pondering the problem, I was looking out of the garage window, when "... soft, what light through yonder (dirty) window shines?...". 'Twas fair Helios, softly glinting on the faded paint of the old Volvo 142 out by the barn! Well, after much measuring, cutting, drilling, cursing, etc., and blood (there's always blood in such undertakings, isn't there 'tis the way of things - cuts, abrasions, and so on), two old Volvo seats are now installed in the pick-up. They're much better, but I could still use about an inch more leg room. A similar amount of pondering, measuring, cutting, cursing, blood, etc., went on to the jobs on the car, and gradually they got done. The air dam now installs easily, I got another inch or so more leg room and some height by re-doing the seat mounts, installed a fire extinguisher, and found a solution to the loading/unloading problem. I now have a pair of sturdy wooden ramp extenders, which also come in handy as small service ramps for the car. The last test day in August was only two days away when ... the effing oil cooler still leaks! It wasn't the fittings after all, so out she came and down we went to the local rad shop to check it out. Well, the threads for the drain plug were cracked, and they couldn't do anything about it but recommend a trip to an aluminum oil cooler specialist in Kingston, or liberal amounts of epoxy weld. Oh well, there were still two test days in September. I did make the first of the September test days. It wasn't pretty! First, though, I did manage to fix the leak in the oil cooler with epoxy, and found a good used spare at RX7 Heaven, which I picked up on my way to Mosport. But, four days before I left, Essex Distributing still didn't have my helmet because all of effing Italy was on summer effing holiday! Joe Chan said that he would be at Mosport on the weekend, and would bring it if it arrived. In the meantime, I phoned Mosport, and they told me my old Buco would be O.K. if the Bieffe hadn't arrived. When I got to the track, things started off well. The helmet had arrived that morning, and the trailer ramp extenders worked like a dream. I did have quite a bit of trouble with the track - it looked so much as I remembered it, but drove so much differently. I'll go into that next month, so let's end this with the Devil's last fart in my face. During my second session, a lower rear trailing arm came undone when I was exiting the hairpin. I lost the bolt, nut, spacers and all, and no-one could help me with a spare. So, my day was done! However, lest we end this rather long tale of woe on such a dismal note, the next test day did begin to show a ray of hope, as we shall see in the next episode. 5. They want me ... they really want me! Funny how your interests alter your perceptions. I headed out to the mailbox a few days ago to collect the mail and pick up the empty garbage cans, and while I was juggling various items I noticed that the sender's corner of one of the envelopes read "ALMS". "Now what" I thought "does the ALMS want with me?" Visions of sugar plums, or more exactly a sponsored ride, danced in my head. Hey, I can dream, can't I? Back in the house, and upon examining the envelope more closely, I found that it read not "ALMS", but "ALS". It just was a solicitation from the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society for money. Worthy enough, I suppose, but I'm not rich, and I've already got my favourite charities picked out. Besides, they disappointed me! 6. Parting Shot I've come up with an idea for a new bestseller, and of course the subsequent lucrative movie. It will be about people in crisis as they face the challenges of navigating the web amidst wrecks, depth charges, crashes, and sub-surface enemies. It will be called "DOS Boot!".

April 2002

MINUTES OF MEETING M.C.O. General Meeting March 5th 2002

Louis's Steak House, Ottawa, Ont. Prepared by John Powell, MCO Secretary PRESENT: Executive: Ron Woltman, President; Bennett Leckie, Vice-President: Bob Benson, Treasurer; Rob Microys, Website Administrator; Steve Greiner, Closed Wheel; Craig Hamm, Rally; Paul Swinwood, Karting; Jeff Graves, Solo I; John Powell, Secretary Members: Sufficient members were present for a quorum. ABSENT WITH EXCUSES: Executive: Rick Miskiman, Open Wheel; Pat Weightman, Membership; Greg Kierstead, Solo II: Basil Chiu, Public Relations (Resigned - see below). The President opened the meeting at approximately 8:00 p.m., and the following business was conducted: Announcements: Ron Woltman welcomed guests present, amongst whom were Mike Lamothe, Paul Lindsay and Don Rodgers, former MCO members from the Club's early days. He next announced the resignation of Basil Chiu, the Director of Public Relations, effective March 2nd 2002, and asked for those interested in taking over the position to contact the Executive. Ron finally announced that there would be the auction of a telephone in the shape of a red Ferrari Testarossa after the end of the meeting. It was rumoured that this phone once belonged to Luca Badoer for the purpose of receiving a call from Jean Todt to assume a seat on the Ferrari F1 team. It was therefore brand new and in it's original box. Bob Armstrong noted that he had been a presenter at the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in Toronto, and announced that they now have a new home in the old Hockey Hall of Fame building at the C.N.E. grounds in Toronto. Winter Driving School/Capital City Speedway: Bob Armstrong thanked the volunteers who made the schools a success. These included instructors, workers, track designers, Herb Henning - maintenance, organiser and registrar Richard Muise, and Paul Swinwood. Ron Woltman noted that we have the CCS parking lot up to the end of April, notwithstanding the ongoing sale pro-

ceedings for the track. Ron then added his special thanks to Bennett Leckie, Paul Swinwood, Bob Armstrong, Herb Henning and Richard Muise for an outstanding job with the Winter Driving Schools. Racing School: Currently we have 17 students who have registered and paid a deposit or the full amount, and a further 54 people who have expressed an interest. Ron Woltman advised the meeting that we are looking for instructors from MCO, who would be our first choice, that the Chief Instructor from the FAQ has asked to be included, and that instructors from other clubs have expressed an interest. Ron then opened the topic for comments and questions from the floor, and some of the items discussed were: The only licence requirements for the school would be a valid provincial driver's licence. Richard Muise advised that information on the school would be on the Club's web site, and registrants would be provided with a full information package, including driver and vehicle requirements. Bob Armstrong stated that we would only be doing a physical check of cars for track-readiness, and if the student will be applying for a Race licence, the vehicle must have a manual transmission. During the discussion it was also noted that open cars must have a roll bar complying with the current CASC Solo I regulations. Bob also noted that all cars must have 2 front seats with DOT seat belts as a minimum. During a discussion on helmets, members were informed that the minimum requirement was SA95 (or better), and someone then pointed out that even these would be declared obsolete for racing in a few years, and that SA2000 helmets would be a better choice. Bob Armstrong closed the discussion by giving an outline of the course structure, and noting that there would be written and track performance pass/fail exams. Treasurer: Bob Benson reported that our present bank balance is $30,407.00, but with deductions for the residual fund and track deposits for the racing School and the Canaska Cup, the effective working balance is $17,085.00. He added that the Winter Driving Schools and Slush 'n Slides have shown a net profit of $8,600, and Membership income since Nov. 1st, 2001 is $2,200.00.

Rally: Craig Hamm reported the following: The Rally Solo planned for Capital City has been postponed until next winter. There were 21 members and guests at the last MCORG meeting, where they enjoyed a video and presentation on the Perce Neige Rally given by Steve Rioux. Jean MacGillivray has asked that those at the meeting with written material for the Club display give it to Craig. The next Club rally is the Mangy Moose at the end of April. 10% of all entrants in the 5 event Yokohama/Subaru winter rally series have been MCO members. Craig then gave a brief outline of members' experiences in this series, noting that Steve Greiner and Nick Berry are currently in 5th place in the Novice class. Craig has a Targa Newfoundland brochure for the viewing of those interested. He also noted that Doug Mepham, who looked after Public Relations for and competed in the Targa Tasmania, will make a presentation on this event including a video. Information on date, time and place is in the Link and on the web site. Racing: The only item reported was Chris Krepski's reminder that the annual technical inspection would be on March 30th. Details can be found on the web site. Karting: Paul Swinwood reported that he and Kelly Michaud had attended the recent OKRA meeting, which dealt with straightening out some of the rules. He then gave an outline regarding club karting licences and the race series, and will give the information to Rob Microys for posting on the Club web site. There is a strong possibility that a sponsor will be found for Karting in Ontario. The next MCO Karting meeting will be on either Monday March 18th or sometime in April. The inforation will be posted on the web site. There is a pressing need for workers for Club Kart races. In response to a question there was a discussion regarding under 16 race licences in the 4 stroke Honda classes. Paul briefly explaned that a medical would first be required. After that there would be 3 races within the MCO club series, then the posibilty of moving up to the Regional level, including Quebec. In a final note, Paul advised that the track inspections had not yet been done.

April 2002
The meeting paused at 8:40 p.m. for a break, and returned at 9:05 p.m., continuing with the following: Canaska Cup/Regional Racing: There was a general discussion on these items, including the following points: Ron Woltman pointed out that Cindy Armstrong, Paul Swinwood, Craig Ham and himself are continually attending meetings in Toronto to put forward members' positions at the Regional level. He then explained the reason for the increase in entry fees, including the fact that all the clubs lost money on races last year, and that the new fees are published in this month's Link. He went on to mention that we wanted to at least break even on the race, and that we control the gate at Shannonville, while clubs using Mosport do not. - Ron next noted that insurance rates for all club events would be going up, and Paul Swinwood added that the estimate he had was 35%. The general discussion then revolved around various topics such as; entry fee increases are too high, there are too many race meetings per season, possible MCO cooperation with VARAC at Shannonville or Mosport, the effect of costs on the number of entries last year vs. this year, and the posibilty of the Club adjusting the effective amount of entry fees by issuing more crew passes. One member gave some reasons from his experience in support of the argument that the present class structure (bracket racing) has tended to require more car modifications at an increased cost in order to stay competitive. In response to a question, Ron Woltman advised that in order to reduce costs, there will be no Test Day prior to the Canaska Cup this year. Web Site: Rob Microys explained that due to problems with the attempted upgrade of the web site hardware, another attempt will be made the weekend of Mar. 8th / 10th . Speedorama: Rob next gave a brief report on the Club's Speedorama display. We have 3 cars, a performance rally car, Porsche 944, and Rob's race-prepared VW Jetta. The display we had last year may not be available, but we will still need workers for setup and to man the booth. Solo I and II: Jeff Graves reported for both departments in the absence of Greg Kierstead. We had a good Winter Solo II season despite the weather, and Jeff thanked Herb Henning and Bennett Leckie for the track. The Solo II schedule still has some conflicts at JetForm Park with a ball tournament and a car show, although the latter are interested in having an event run while they're there. Jeff briefed the meeting on the status of the Solo I and II Regulations, and the requirement for a CASC Basic licence for Solo I. More detailed information is available online, and Jeff has a copy of the Quebec schedule for those interested. There was a question from the floor asking why Solo does not have a pre-technical inspection system similar to racing. This was not resolved. The Link: Richard Muise first announced that he has some coupons for rebates on Goodyear tires, if anyone is interested. He next explained that he is making some improvements in the Link including a table of contents for reference purposes, and a Results Page (under development) showing member's results in Club and other events. - Richard then informed the members of his coming retirement as Link editor, August will be his last issue, and his reasons for stepping down. There is an article in the March issue of The Link explaining the editor's duties, and he asked that a replacement be appointed sooner rather than later, as this would allow time for training and transition. Other Business: Ron Woltman informed the meeting that we had received a request for drivers far an upcoming TV pilot. When asked for details by a more senior member present, Ron informed him that the request was for drivers who were both young AND personable, and left those present to draw their own conclusions. Information on this request is on the web site. Regarding the Club history, Ron has spoken with Mike Lowe recently, and progress is being made towards a publication date later this year. He next reminded members of the memorial for Ted Powell on March 16th (see details in the March Link), and stated that the Executive will consider some suitable way to recognise Ted's contribution to the sport and MCO. Ron closed by giving a brief rundown on enquiries by FILA Ferrari, a clothing manufacturer, for a marketing arrangement with the Club to sell their products. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:45 p.m. on a motion by Nick Berry, seconded by Dave Butler. Note: The "Luca Badoer" Ferrari Testarossa telephone was auctioned off after the close of business. There ensued a heated bidding war between Dave Butler and Nick Berry that was worthy of any farm auction, with Mr. Berry the fortunate winner. The Club's coffers have now been increased, to the great pleasure of Bob Benson, our Treasurer, by the princely sum of $12.00. Prepared by John Powell, Secretary, MCO, 8th 2002.

MCO: The First Fifty Years Only $35 for this important book!
Plannning for a delivery of 300 numbered copies. It is a hard-covered coffee table style book recounting the long history of motorsopts in Ottawa and the regions. With 150 pages, everything and everyone is included. Don't miss out on your copies! There is still space available for sponsorship as well. For $20 you can ensure your name is in the book by sponsoring a page of your choosing. Full or partial page ads are open. Contact Sherissa Microys at (613) 822-7204 or e-mail


April 2002

The Motorsport Club of Ottawa Rally Group

Mangy Moose Rally

(3rd Rally of 6 in MCO Rally Championship)

Saturday, April 27, 2002.

Feedmill Restaurant, Trim Road, Navan

A Time-Speed-Distance event (not racing). BEGINNER-FRIENDLY instructions. A multi-hour night event of approximately 200 km. Average speeds maximum 95% of posted limit. This is not a race. Roads are chosen so as not to harm your car/van/truck. You need: driver, navigator and safe interior lighting; and proof of: vehicle ownership, insurance and registration. Recommended: a few pens, a clipboard and a stopwatch. Entry fee: $35/team (if both non-club members). Registration open from 4:00-4:30 p.m. Limited to first 30 cars. Car 0 departs from Feedmill Restaurant at 5:00 p.m. See for more details and Supplemental Regs. For information and/or registration, please contact: Corey Groves:; 229-7737 Directions: From Ottawa, head East on Queensway, stay straight at split (just past St. Laurent) and head for Orleans on #174. After Place d'Orleans, after 10th Line, turn right at traffic lights onto Trim Rd towards Navan. Go straight until you get to Navan (past old Montreal Rd., past Innes Rd.). After stop sign the restaurant is second building on left.

MCO General Meetings - 8PM, First Tuesday of every month Executive Meetings - 6:30PM, Third Tuesday of every month

1682 Cyrville Road (613) 741-2130
From the 417, take the Innes Road exit (by 417 Nissan and Costco)

all are welcome!


April 2002

Competition Tires

2607 Diab, St-Laurent (Qubec) H4S 1E7 Tel.: (514) 337-0833 FAX: (514) 337-8857


V700 (R-compound) V70A (R-compound)* ECSTA 712 *


T1-S RA1 (R-compound)

AVS-S1 AVS SPORT A032R (R-compound)



30 years of providing quality tire products and services. Sponsor of the Rennsport Region Porsche Club. Sponsor of Solo l and ll Racing, C.A.D.L., L.A.P.S., M.C.O. Sponsor of F.A.Q. Ice Racing. Sponsor of the BMW Car Club of Quebec. Accredited by the Automobile Protection Association (A.P.A.).


April 2002

MCO Rally Group News, April 2002

by Craig Hamm
The onslaught of tough winter rallies is over, we are licking our wounds, crafting our lies and tall stories, and getting some sleep! Though we are in a lull in the rally competition schedules, there is activity! Jumping in... Of 24 scored Novice teams in the Yokohama/Subaru Winter Rally Series no less than 8 teams are listed as MCO members. Our two most successful teams throughout the series were Steve Greiner and Nick Berry in the legendary black beast (Ford F150 4x4) for 5th place and Kirby Dunstan and Gary Oman (Subaru Impreza) in 4th place. Kirby and Gary beat Steve and Nick by only 2 points (Kirby and Gary were 3rd in Frostbite, 3rd at Defi des Glaces). Ryan Huber and his mother came tenth in Novice in the famous Ontario Winter Rally, beating all other MCO teams (again!!!). Who said it wasn't a family sport? As for me, I had my first experience navigating in competition at the Frostbite rally for James Corrigan. This was, as expected, humbling but also a lot of fun. I'm quite thankful for Gravol! On both Frostbite and OWR competitors had very little snow on these early March winter rallies, and now in late March we have tons of it!! Aghhh! Jean McGillivray has been busy working on the multi-panel display in preparation for the Doug Mepham Targa Tasmania presentation. Many thanks to her for the time as I know she has been very busy recently. Related, Jim Holtom graciously loaned us a video projector for Doug Mepham's slides. Truth be told, these are very expensive to rent, and Jim really

pulled us out of a costly bind. Many Our rally group meeting of February had thanks Jim and Control Microsystems! about 19 or so attendees, still a good number, and this time we watched in car footWe have two new rallymasters and each age from Steve Rioux's Rally Perce-Niege are first-timers. Corey Groves, the Rally bid, and a video tape of Group B rally cars Group Competition Coordinator is work- (600-800 hp rally car behemoth's!). Our ing on the Mangy Moose which is sched- March 27th meeting was a special event uled to run April 27, out of Navan. Ryan with Doug Mepham who gave a full audioHuber only a member since January has visual presentation of his experience in last agreed to make the 2002 version of the To- years Targa Tasmania (http://www.targa. tally Silly Drive, slated for late May or, a historic tarmac rally covering early June. Both rallies will require no 2000 kilometers over 5 days on the island special equipment other than clipboard, of Tasmania. This event was to only be a pens, and a stopwatch. Any more than that rally group meeting, but I decided it was a and you're ahead of the game. Our rallies chance to really get the word out to the do not have complicated instructions; we masses about our sport. To that end I indo NOT try to get you lost. In fact it seems vited all the local car clubs and notified the press. The Ottawa Sun ran an ad with a getting lost is rare on MCO rallies. photo, and thanks to Shannon Lee ManRally-dude Warren Haywood has agreed nion, expect a rally article in the Ottawa to join the executive as Merchandise Coor- Citizen Wheels-section sometime, again! dinator and is the point person (not necessarily the do-er) for all design, purchasing, On March 30, only days after Doug Mephand selling of MCO club merchandise. Bit am's presentation, Jim Morrow and I gave by bit, Warrren will be building up the our first (TSD) Rally Marshaling school. If MCO stores of t-shirts, buttons, hats, and you are interested in either of these topics all that cool stuff. Many thanks to Warren or just want to get some 'inside knowledge' for moving from the rally regalia role to to improve your rallying, these courses the larger task of managing the current will be of benefit to you. Depending on void of club merchandise. the turnout, we may offer this course again this year. Jim is still working on his OrGreg Brady's Rideau Lakes Racing Subaru ganiser's course. Impreza (co-driver Steve Frankovitch) will be on show at Speedorama, as will Craig Come out to the Emerald Plaza Branch of Seko's Porsche 944 which is undergoing the Ottawa Public Library, on Merivale conversion to rally specifications for Targa Road. We have a great space to hold our Newfoundland. Thanks guys for the use discussions, loads of free parking, a moderately central location next to many resof the cool autos! taurants, and audio-visual equipment for Finally, Jim Morrow and Jean McGillivray watching videos after the business portion attended the Rally Sport Ontario (RSO) of the meeting. All are welcome, especialAnnual General Meeting on your behalf on ly non-MCO members, whether you are Sunday March 24, in Downsview. Thanks curious about rallying, or are fully involved. Meetings are held the last Tuesto them MCO was well represented. day of each month at 6:30 PM. Rally on!


April 2002

For Sale: 1990 BMW E30 M3 motor with chip. Asking $4,600. Contact: JeanMacGillivray (613) 256-0188 For Sale: Race Winning 2000 CRG Santana 'S' Very Good Condition, Modified KX80 motor, Fresh top end, New pipe, can, Tillett seat, Gearbox Velocity I Bodywork, spare CIK Bodywork Tack, Spare Tires, Many Spare Parts Gearbox Racing Suit size 54 Race Ready $ 5000.00 Cdn. OBO Call Bill or Herb @ 613-836-3811 email: For Sale: 1995 Champ Car Light, 1996 Rear Suspension & Wings, Spare 1995 Front Wing (complete), Spare Goosenecks (2) & Rear Uprights (4), 5sp Gear Box With 12 Gear Sets, 16 Wheels, 4 Orig. Formula Renault With New Avon Radial Rains, 4 New Weld Wheels With New Goodyear Rains, 8 3 Piece Panasports With Avon Slicks (used) 2 damaged Outer Rims. many Used Avon's & Goodyear Slicks, Penskie Triple Adjustable + 3 Original Shocks (Blistens? maybe), 6 Springs 2x700, 2x550, 1x600, 1x500, 2 Battery's, 2 Fuel Pressure Regulators, 2 Complete Exhaust Systems Incl. 2 Headers & 1 Supertrapp, 2 Rear Sway Bars 1 Tee 1 V, STACK 8100 Data With cable & Eurocom 486 Laptop, 8 New Spare Control Arms(wishbones), 2 Slightly Bent, Various Spare Pushrods & Tie Rods, 2 Spare Front Wheel Brgs, 3 CV Boots, 2 Lever Jacks, 1 Front, 1 Rear. With CCL race prepared 2.0L Neon DOHC 0 Laps. Raced In 1999 & 2000 Series $35,000.00 Call Ken 613.489.0980 (Ottawa)

The President
It is a little known fact that long before his days in the Yokohama Formula Ford series, our gregarious President once made attempts to make his name famous on the European circuit. Unfortunately, unlike other would be Grand Prix greats of the time, Ron picked Poland as his point of departure and he is seen here lined up for the qualifying session at his debut in 1965. Decimated by his lavish style and subsequent hospitality expenses, the under budgeted team was forced to use a tire off the team trailer when Ron blew a tire in the morning practice. submitted by Mike Lowe


Main Street Racing and Automotive Parts, Performance and Service INTERPROVINCIAL LICENSED MECHANIC *** MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION STATION Automotive Take It Back Partner - We recycle your Used Oil, Antifreeze, etc. P.O. Box 37, 2319 Community Way, North Gower, Ottawa ON K0A 2T0 Ken Baird (613) 489-0948

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