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Rotary Bangalore Jeevan Bima Nagar News Letter

Issue 1/2013, January 2013

RI Theme 2014

MY RBJBN – MY VISION - By Rtn. Ravindranath
The term "autism" comes from the Greek term "self admiration." A look at the history of the disease indicates that it was the Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler, who first coined the term in 1911. He noticed how people with the disorder retreated into their own mental world, a symptom that he also observed in schizophrenic patients. Autistic disorders are characterized by profound impairment of the whole development, begin in early childhood and are centered on social interaction and communication disorders. Autism is difficult to diagnose and the causes of the disease are to this day still unclear. Treatment of autistic disorders are not aimed at a cure, something which according to current knowledge is not possible. Autistic people have a live-long disablement and are therefore particularly limited in their social life. There are, however some therapeutic approaches that improve various abnormalities which can thus help with what can otherwise be a difficult social life. My vision for my RBJBN is setting up of world class Autism School to treat Autism children, disseminate information on Autism in Pre-Schools and educate the parents about Autism and how to deal with them.

Sign board at CV Raman Nagar

Rotary Autism Centre should be established on a 5 acres of land within about 30 KMs from Bangalore city. The infrastructure on this land should consist of various treatment Blocks, a Community/Conference Hall, Kitchen and Dining Hall, Play Ground and greenery all around. The eight Blocks will consist of Medical Evaluation Block, Psychological Services Block, Speech Therapy Block, Physical Therapy Block, Parent Counseling and Training Block, Assistant Block, Specialized Services Block, Admin and Registration Block. All the Blocks should be in a circular fashion so as to get a unified sense of action. While all the Blocks are for the treatment of residential and non-residential participants. A separate residential complex in the form of one bedroom arrangement should be located nearby for the facilities of people who come from outside Bangalore. The Faculty Block should be a separate Block that has rooms for Centre Head, Visiting Faculty, Discussion Hall, Pantry and Toilets. It is seen that the Faculty members for the treatment of Autism are mostly women and therefore transport facility should be made available for them to come to Centre and go back to the residence. The parent that generally accompany the child is usually the mother and a Recreation room for them should be provided separately. This Centre should be headed by the qualified person who should be given the responsibility to bring in Faculty members in the other related fields.

RBJBN meets at Rotary TTK Blood Bank, next to Thippasandra Post Office every Saturday at 4:30 pm.

Team JBN Celebrated 10 golden years of Service
Charter Night celebrated along with Governor Visit on 9th of October 2012 . Thanks to DG. Rtn Badriprsad , District Secretary Rtn Asha, AG Rtn. M J Mathews for gracing the occasion.

From President’s Desk
Donation of Time- the supreme charity Rotary is a mission of service to humanity. Service is the heart beat of Rotary. Service is the key that opens the door to Divinity. There is no dearth of pecuniary donations. Money, while it enables the implementation of Projects, it cannot elevate the level of human consciousness. This daunting task calls for noble Rotarians donating their time with emotional commitment. It is possible to donate money to a cause with stinginess and reluctance, especially if it is for reasons of ego, prestige and social pressure. Donation of our precious time, however, often comes from a place of devotion and faith in the cause. The new era needs this supreme charity, let us hope our Rotarians will not hold anything back and donate their time in abundance. The creation of the new era of ‘Peace through Service’ needs time, faith, devotion and enthusiasm, and not just money. The true and supreme charity is one of time donation. It is for every Rotarian to take up challenges that would translate Service opportunity for the welfare of the community.

Pres-Rtn. Boolchand @ ICGF Vocational Services

Congratulations Team JBN 2013-14

Dr Usha Mohandas honored by DG. Badriprasad on the GoV day
She is an ardent specialized Pediatric Surgeon practicing for almost 22 years. She works exclusively on children and young adults. Formerly the Dean of VSDCH, Bangalore, Dr Usha Mohan Das has been a part of the ICMR-Indian Council of Medical Research Task force. She is a member on advisory of the regulatory body concerning Standardization in INDIA as in BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). Dr Usha Mohan Das is visiting faculty in almost 10 B-schools all over India. Dr Usha Mohan Das is a Member to the National Academic Advisory Board in Pediatric Dentistry. She has served in various capacities on the UGC(University Grants Commission) including as expert of the Commonwealth fellowship selection program. Professor Mohan Das is the Regional Head of the IHRO (International Human Rights Organization) for the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh currently. Dr Ushy Mohan Das is the President of Gift a Smile Foundation, works extensively for the cause of underprivileged children. Professor Ushy Mohan Das is the Chief Mentor and President of Serve our Society ,a national social goodwill initiative. ( She is the President and founder of two organizations spearheading crusading against corruption namely Face 2Face India and FACIDE(Forum Against Corruption in Dental Education) Dr Ushy Mohan Das is a Behavioral counselor with almost six organizations all over South India. A writer and an avid blogger of great repute , Dr Ushy Mohan Das is the Editor of more than 6 highly reputed Scientific journals.

Dr Usha is the Vice Chairperson of the Women’s Dental Council of the IDA .She is the Past President of the National Body, Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry. Teaching has been her passion and she has dabbled in numerous areas and made a mark in almost all vocations she chose! …Including HRM.

A busy year so far
Club Activities 14-Dec 21-Dec 3-Nov 4-Nov 17-Nov 19-Nov 13-Oct 9-Oct 4-Dec 11-Dec 20-Nov Participation in „Polio Plus orientation & Planning meet‟ @ RV Teachers college Participation in “Candle light vigil‟ @ Freedom Park Participation in „New members Orientation Program‟ @ Rotary House of Friendship Participation in “ICGF- International Services” @ NIMHANS Participation “Children Day Program” @ Govt. Model School (Pri. Section), JBN Organised “Painting Competition” @ Govt. Model School, JBN Participation “ICGF- Vocational Services” @ KASSIA Hall GOV & Charter Nite „Career Guidance‟ organised at PU College, Indiranagar Organised „Career Awareness Program‟ in association with ICSI for 135 students @ Kairalee Nikhetan Edu. Trust, Indira Nagar PU College
1-Oct 6-Oct 8-Oct 10-Oct 11-Oct 11-Oct 13-Oct 21-Oct 23-Oct 25-Oct 29-Oct 31-Oct 2-Nov 3-Nov 14-Nov 19-Nov 25-Nov 3-Dec 9-Dec 10-Dec 10-Dec 15-Dec 17-Dec 26-Dec 31-Dec 1-Jan 1-Jan 8-Jan 9-Jan 17-Jan 18-Jan 20-Jan 26-Jan 27-Jan 18-Sep 2-Nov 4-Nov 19-Nov 30-Nov 7-Dec 9-Dec 11-Dec 1-Jan 8-Jan

Happy Birthday
Rtn. Sam Sonali (W/o Rtn. Lakhotia) Rtn. Ramesh Seshadri Rtn. Ravidranath Rtn. Ravikumar Devanand (H/o Rtn. Vinothini) Prathima (W/o Rtn CM Reddy) Navrashi (D/o Rtn. Manoj) Shwetha (W/o Rtn. Abhishek) Aarthi (W/o Rtn. Shiv) Rtn Sailesh Nihar (S/o Rtn. Ranga) Jigisha (W/o Rtn. Sailesh) Rtn. Trilok Deepa (D/o Rtn. Sailesh) Rtn. Ronnie Vincent Rtn. Veenu Ravindran Rtn. Rajesh Rtn. Ganesh Anil (S/o Rtn. Thomas) Sudesha (W/o Rtn. Trilok) Sudarshan (S/o Rtn. Trilok) Avinash (S/o Rtn. Veera) Kishan (S/o Rtn. Narasimha) Vani (D/o Rtn. Trilok) Rohit (S/o Rtn. CM Reddy) Indira (W/o Rtn. Ranga) Tony John (S/o Rtn Abbey) Anuj (S/o Rtn. Anamika) Rohinisri (Rtn. Ravishankar) Sarvesh (Rtn. Ravikumar) Jayalakshmi (W/o Rtn. Ganesh) Sudha (W/o Rtn. Makeshwari) Sudha (W/o Rtn. Veenu) Ronnie and Nirmala Ranga & Indira Ravindernath & Soudamini Seshadiri &Rajalakshmi Krishna Kumar & Sonali Manoj & Namita Dr Chaitanya & Vinaya G Narasimhan & Kalpana Thomas & Lilly Abbey & Cincy

Vocational Services:

„Career Guidance” @ Kairlee Nikethan Edu. Trust, Golden Jubilee PU & Degree College Community Services: 15-Dec 21-Dec RBJBN donates Qty. 3 Shelters for Homeless, under Dist. Housing Project. Asst. Gov. Rtn Mathews MJ received 3 cheques. Under Dist. Citizens Welfare Initiative, Qty. 50 Blankets donated to needy, destitute, Slum dweller old people Health camp- „Dental check-up‟ organised at Govt. Model School for 350 school children, In association with Dr. Shayamala Reddy Dental college & Hospital Family Get Together at new Villa of JBNian- Rtn. Ganesh Swaminathan Diwali Pot Luck Dinner organised at residence of JBNian- Rtn. Ravi Sankar Invited talk, Guest Speaker- Mr Anil Kumar, Topic: Healthy vegetables/ Fruits forYour Kitchen Joint meeting with Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar, & RB IT Corridor Invited talk, Guest speaker- Mr Ravi Shankar GS, Topic: „Organic Dairy‟


Potluck Dinner/ Family Get together 30-Dec 10-Nov

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Joint Meeting/ Invited Talk: 8-Dec 5-Nov 17-Nov

NID on Jan 20th Through pictures

JBN in Action

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