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“Layla!” Turning in the direction of the male calling her name. Layla was mindful not to reply with something wickedly dirty in front of all these people. It wouldn’t do to have someone muttering . Layla’s skinny heels made it difficult to exit the taxi. Whenever she said “Excuse me” she was greeted with a smile. stuck between darkened buildings being renovated and floodlights bouncing off glass doors.Chapter One The art studio was downtown. This was a new experience for her. It was almost as if people didn’t mind her brushing against them. and her dress didn’t allow enough room to bend down for the loose quarters and dimes spilling from her change purse. and she was actually able to maneuver through the packed crowd without the glares she used to receive. So whatever landed on the ground would have to stay there.

Instead she was staring face to face with her former self. not self-conscious in a tiny dress and sky high heels. But dayyummm his voice was Barry White deep. . I almost didn’t recognize you with straight hair. reminding the man that he already had his card.” His voice had returned to the soft tenor she recalled from high school. She broke contact first. He gave her a warm hug. This was Akeel’s art show and she was just another guest. sixty pounds heavier. “Promise you won’t peek. the springy afro he now wore swaying like palm leaves over them both. hundreds of them that had somehow meshed into her twin. needing to see his face at the big reveal. Layla fought to contain her excitement as Akeel babbled on while leading the way. but her fists were hair trigger. how she wanted to be that woman again. with a bent knee strategically placed in front of one breast. dissolving into a thorny crown of dreads that popped with nuggets of copper and bronze. looked ready to be harvested. it’s not that I don’t like it Akeel. “No. because not only was the old Layla ready with a curse filled comeback. . Akeel cut him off. And heaven help the female who made a crack about her size. Brush strokes swirled upwards or zigzagged into squares. Each block of brown sparkled. She was nude. and she could swear there was a teeny bit of annoyance in his voice.” he said. from her shoulders to her thighs. head thrown back in throaty laughter. nervously fingering her jacket buttons. body paint and mind blowing sex . Shot glasses. Layla was just about ready to break her promise. It was amazing how a pallet of colors could form a spot on likeness of a person. to the curve of her satiny calves. pear shaped and hanging full and ripe. never letting go of her hand. and to relive the night that portrait was conceived. The woman in the painting would’ve walked in knowing she could leave with someone else’s man this night. I mean. lethal weapons. “But you look good. congratulating him for such a successful showing. while the other.that she was a skank for acting so familiar with the star of the night. but a statement. her bare apple bottom seated in a canvas of white pearl and cream. “Y-you don’t like it?” His stutter tugged at her heart. I love it. Just to have her confidence one more time before he saw the new and improved Layla.” . I want this to be a surprise. slipping off her coat to let him view how much she’d changed. The woman staring back at her was downright haughty even with no clothes on. Her hair sprouted like an inky shadow from her scalp. And-” Before he could continue some guy slapped his back. God. It wasn’t just a portrait. “You look different.

” She gave him a sultry grin. as if he’d given the wrong answer on a quiz and just realized the right one much too late. ready with a crack about how they’d no longer be confused with the number ten when standing side by side.she did a show model hand wave starting at her breasts and ending at her hips – “for that?” The man looked from the painting to her. and once they graduated he’d hit her up on Facebook. Even though he’d never said an unkind word to her.” She grinned up at him. she had no problem going after him for the hurt they’d caused. She handed it to him and he waved over a girl with a doughnut sized bun atop her head and cheekbones sharp enough to cut someone. “You’ve lost weight. as if he were remembering their night together.” Too bad. Layla threw her head back dramatically. She was so hoping it was another guy. . his eyes going wide. When his tongue flicked out to lick his lips. Would you turn all this away?”.” “Yep. “You’ll always have that painting to remember her by. “I’ve got some people here who want to meet you. It got to be a running gag with them. . Oh the places he’d gone with his tongue . He’d taken a step back.” A pained expression came over his face. “Have you been sick or something? Is that why you look so thin?” No he didn’t just go there. “Tell me something. making sure Akeel saw her press in closer. They’re from a modeling agency.” the girl said. Now he was standing there minus the coke bottle glasses and sweater vest. . So why was he acting like he had a bag of rocks for brains? His eyes were wistful. Not after what his clique put her through in high school. Layla thanked her. I love your dress. letting it slowly drip onto his tongue while proceeding to use her body as his canvas. like the way he’d dipped his finger into a jar of honey. The nearest person to Layla got hooked by the elbow. telling herself to forget the look in Akeel’s eyes and the words he’d said to hurt her. I was just telling my friend it had to be you. wondering when she’d make good on her promise. “You’re the model. cornering his nerdy looking ass and threatening to strangle him by the balls.” Oh right. Her coat. “So where’s your friend?” “Here she comes now. eager to gauge Akeel’s reaction. his voice full of awe.His smile was part relief and part Thank you Lord. she had her own blast from the past. rocking a Hugo Boss suit like he’d never made any changes. Layla answered in a voice filled with building anger. “Ooh. Let me take your coat.

“Mia Wang.© . But Layla’s no longer the girl in that painting. I love it!” The woman stuck out her hand. “Big and what?” Mia kept talking. End of Excerpt Book blurb: A secret tryst results in an acclaimed portrait that ties a model forever with the artist. I’m an agent with Big Beautiful Babes modeling agency. only he can’t seem to win over Layla. Layla’s not sure she’s ready to risk her heart again. but all Layla heard was Charlie Brown’s teacher going Wah wah wah wah wah . After dropping over sixty pounds. guys who used to taunt her in high school now want to date her.“Oh you’re giving me that fabulous smile. especially after Layla disrobed on a dare and let him paint her. . and so-called friends are only too quick to remind her of how heavy she used to be. even though Akeel’s more certain than ever that they belong together. . Akeel’s a gifted artist who gets raves for his web site designs and graphic comics. and now it’s his best known work.” Layla’s voice almost caught in her throat. the one where her voluptuous curves were proudly on display. He’s drawn to her in more ways than one. Trapped between the snarky girl she once was and the femme fatale many assume she’s become.

reminding him of falling sweat. though it probably would have been a good move if he’d taken a sip just to show Coach Ahmed that his hands were steady. He was out of his chair with a bobble head nod in greeting. Since Coach had excused himself to talk to the police officer at his door. Alex Campos had on a pair of his best khakis and a dark blazer that was part of the school uniform he used to wear. the glass still in his hand. the screen door blasting open with such force it almost swung back and clipped her.UNBROKEN He hadn’t touched the lemonade.” . “G-good afternoon Ma’am. He’d cut the emblem off the breastbone pocket to make it look as if he owned the jacket. all Alex could do was focus on a living room three times the size of the trailer he now called home. and a glass full of lemonade beading up with moisture.” “Oh just shut the fuck up. The stench of alcohol invaded his nostrils even before he saw the girl.

trying to assess which play to make. “You might be good. Flat on his butt while she pressed a knee to his groin. “Heads up asshole. “Yeah? Well this ‘girl’ just laid your ass out. Her shirt was soaked. Her head whipped around and he noticed how all that smart-assness deflated as they watched her dad talk about everything except her. it sucks to be you. He was torn between wanting to comfort her. You know why? It’s ‘cause I’m Cra -zzzzzy.” Her sneer was one of pure satisfaction. Alex cupped his junk in his hands as Coach Ahmed stood over him.” . Middle Eastern?” She came in closer. you better learn how to take the pain. “You can’t be Mexican ‘cause we’ve already got enough on team. Coach answered the cop’s questions on the upcoming football season and who was a standout among his crop of new players. The lemonade geysered upwards as if he were taking a whiz.” The laughter outside cut their conversation short. She gave him a triumphant smile as she slid down his body. If you ever want to lead my team. “Shake it off son. molding to her just like the smell of lemons and alcohol that were now stuck to him. Outside the coach was huddled with the police officer who’d brought his daughter home. “Wait. Danielle Ahmed landed on the floor in a heavy thud.” With that she launched into his chest. Instead they were shiny.” Her eyes narrowed. I’ve got it. And she wasn’t wearing a bra. Duh-duh-duh-duh-” “G-Guess I’m a-all of ‘em. “So what are you. The girl had broken through the line of scrimmage. and just ordering her to a time out corner.” “Danni!” Coach jerked her off him so hard she went airborne. “Damn. anger stripping the stutter from his words. only to spring up like the whistle hadn’t blown the play dead and she still needed to cover her man.” Somehow he managed to say it with a grin. leaning back on her heels to gloat. and he could feel the heat of her breath. so with no protection he was vulnerable. catching him off guard so that they both tumbled over.He went into quarterback mode. “You hit like a girl. Way too shiny. When the girl faced Alex again. the fire had left her eyes. but I’m better.” He grunted. her hair smothered his face. making him anticipate a direct hit. bi-racial? Native American. And he chuckled at the officer’s hoorahing fist pumps predicting the team making the state finals this year.

either smiling or falling back with his arm cocked in a pass greeted him. days after his father left. and when Alex arrived. from one coach to another. Everyone said his dad was an expert handyman. If he performed well he’d join the team in time for the school year. If not. The list of his successful athletes was long. And that’s what Alex Campos wanted more than anything. working on an oil rig. His old private school coach had made a call. he’d be just another invisible student at Newcastle. But Jose had expected to see the shy seven year old in a photo. he’d discovered Austin Reynolds.” Jose Campos told his son. This was a courtesy try out. he was already taller than his dad. But his red rimmed eyes and weather beaten face told a different story. But what it did better than any other small town was graduate athletes that went on to play in the NFL. now a Pro receiver and former Heisman Trophy finalist. Before Webb. and he was number one on the list for two of . but probably no more satisfying than his own son Dante being named to USA Today’s Top 100 High School Football Players three years in a row. Problem was. but at least the car got him there on a prayer and a rebuilt transmission. Because here. “I’ll send for you once I get settled. quiet neighbor. a single police station. When he’d driven from his home to Newcastle high. football ruled everything and everyone. He’d introduced Alex to everyone in the trailer park. so he gladly took a job down in San Antoine. the ability to scramble even when the pocket collapsed or to move the team down field and throw a Hail Mary touchdown in the final seconds of a game. All Alex brought with him from New England were his memories and a beat up Chevy. where he had a shot at second string. spoke with Coach Ahmed. there hadn’t been an oil job down there in years. and it was done. Jose felt old. one college. and so proud that his boy would be living with him. and he felt restless. Only one theater. and Alex tried to put names to the faces of people who’d come up and say hi. His mother had shipped him off to live with his dad since private school was a bust. Webb had ice water in his veins. one high school. Now he had a tryout with the offensive coordinator and the coach at Newcastle. a nice. or basically the right to become a bench warmer for their quarterback. Coach Ahmed was the kingmaker. with his father deciding the trailer wasn’t big enough for the both of them. When he got here his reunion with his dad was short-lived.***** Newcastle was a dust bowl of a town with one of everything. billboards with Newcastle University’s star QB Webb Chenoweth.

He waited for her to blast him. so my work here is done. Dante Ahmed made their All USA Football Team those years also. Sell out. At 6’5 and one hundred ninety pounds. In other words. I thought you could use something for your nerves. Since he didn’t take up her offer. take it or leave it. Alejandro Campos? Hey. He’s like Usain Bolt. he realized he wasn’t the only one up so early.” “But you did recognize it. So you better rec-neck-a-nize. he makes up for his start with lightning speed down field. responding in a voice thick with drowsiness. to tell him what he’d been saying to himself all the while he’d lived in New England.” “It’s not for me. her nails sparkling like tiny shells on a beach. but he couldn’t control his stuttering. and the talk was he wouldn’t unless his dad was offered a coaching job. . His stuttering and his Hispanic name didn’t sit well with his mother’s parents. you need to know Dante’s strength isn’t in his take off. Dante stood head and shoulders over his defenders. the bottle went back into its hiding place under her legs. Not that it was any of her business. just easier that way. The name change was easy enough. “His highness is never on time. .those years. As Alex pulled into the parking lot of the high school and made his way to the football field. Dante Ahmed and his dad were a team. just sitting in the bleachers against a sky streaked with blue and pink. I ‘ve been meaning to ask. But he still hadn’t committed to any of the Big Ten colleges yet. The sun took its time rising. Alex came closer and she raised a bottle of liquor. Instead she just went back to propping her head on her knees. giving her a scowl. and he smoked them once he got the ball. And if you didn’t look at the tapes. With a loud yawn. .” “V-very bad imitation of Honey-Doo-Doo. Anybody ever called you a whiner. You just better hope your arm can throw that far. she used her knees to rest the side of her head. “I’m the coach’s daughter and my brother’s the star player. “Kinda early for getting drunk.” he mumbled. Better get used to CPT” – she gave him the same look of confusion he was giving her. “Where’s Dante?” She lifted her head. Danni Ahmed was clothed in morning shadow.” Even in the faded light he could sense she was smirking. so some explaining was in order – “CPT means colored people time. So Alex said the first thing that popped into his mind. He stopped. how come you aren’t calling yourself Alex Camp anymore?” “It was uh . Somehow silence felt worse than when she was ragging on him. as if knew better than to disturb her.” Danni’s toes were curled over the back of the bleacher in front.” “Anybody ever tell you that you talk too much?” “All the time.

If you’re gonna play here you need to learn the terms. Neil Carey’s been chowing down all summer. stepping sideways off the bleachers. “That’s a really bad move. You’ll have to impress Dante as well as my dad. so you need to be ready. The high school is Little Nu. Realizing he was staring. Because they compare notes. “I’ll start warming up when Dante gets here. So does this stuttering thing only happen when you talk to girls? Or is it just me getting you all horny?” “Fuck you.” “Wait. isn’t there another backup quarterback? . just as she was bending to the side with her arms above her head. He won’t make weight and you’ll probably get put in. since you’ve got a GPA of 3.” “Y-you’ve been s-studying me huh?” “OMG.” She stopped in mid-stretch. “You’ll never survive down here being so thin skinned. He figured she was probably drunk or simply dreaming. giggling into her shoulder. And because I think Dante’s gonna like you. because his voice had some serious edge to it.jerking upright every so often to give him a lazy smile.” But her hands were delicately posed. Everybody insults everybody at Newcastle. trying to picture himself falling back in the pocket and rocketing a ball into the center of his receiver’s chest. ‘Cause whatever Dante says is what my dad will go with. When she faced him again. Danni began stretching as soon as her feet were on the turf. You better move back up north if you’re looking for some PC Nirvana. “You’re gonna throw to Dante cold? Didn’t they do drills at that school you got kicked out of?” she asked. He ignored her. since he liked to think he’d left on his own.” That should have shut her up. ‘cause quarterbacks get it a zillion. He’d been told upfront that he’d be nothing but a benchwarmer.” What she said didn’t sound right.8. Alex decided to look somewhere else. pointing to a steepled tower that seemed to rise out of the mountains. sort of how a ballet dancer would do.” With that she got up. “Why would they compare notes?” “Because the current backup. Only it didn’t. huh?” “Big Nu. But I guess that’s another way you’re different than the jocks down here. Alex grimaced at that. She just turned her head. “So that’s Newcastle University. Only nerds or preppies from out of state say it like you just did. he got some advice. like she was about to sing “I’m a little teapot. billion times worse.

We need a star right here and now. “He’s Just a freshman. And from what I’ve read. becoming the starting quarterback of the Newcastle Coyotes means a second chance. staring at her while he tried to come up with something that didn’t make him sound like a dick. you’ve made it pretty clear that you wish I wasn’t breathing. “T-thanks for the tip. that’s why my dad picked you. © . Somebody to groom for the future. For Alex Campos.” He was doing it again. attempting to lower herself into a split. And he’s the boy they expect to take their school to the state championship. And she’s determined not to let that happen to the boy she loves. And not after witnessing how one town’s obsession with football almost destroyed her.” End of Excerpt Book Blurb: She’s the girl they warned him about.” “W-what’s that supposed to mean?” “It means you’re only here because my dad needs someone as desperate as he is.She grunted. So he’s not about to blow it by falling for the coach’s daughter. you da man. But why are you telling me all this? I mean. But Danni Ahmed’s not a girl who takes no for an answer. Maybe I feel sorry for you. especially when their connection is so strong.” “I dunno.

my cousin Yomi and her friend Emma were supposed to be the next ones to enter. on a Saturday night I don’t remember where Jason came from. heavy on the bass blasted our ears as people came and went.Inseparable CHAPTER ONE Club Luna. Now that I think back on it. Since my cousin and Emma already had their ID’s checked. because the club was full. The steady thump of techno music. At first I thought he was just some guy standing in the back of the line. fed up with listening to me complain about having to stand there and show several forms of ID that nobody else seemed to need. he told us to wait. I could swear he was closer to the front when the doorman let two bottle blondes go in. But when me. I joked about them . More girls stepped out but the bouncer said only a few more could get in.

There was a hole in the wood above us. because she’s the one who suggested we come to this damn place. I rolled my eyes upwards and looked back at the line that snaked around the building. Screw it. beveled glass. We bumped shoulders as I tried to get out of his way. Something besides a license. Then I mouthed. “Can I at least tell my friends I’m leaving?” He shook his head and dashed my hopes of pulling the old get in and hide among the crowd trick. “Where’s my drink?” “Nadia Shakur”. figuring he’d already gotten his hand stamped and needed to get back in. I’ve got that. Then . just over my head. “Do you drive? Have you got your car registration on you?” At first I thought he was kidding. Ten minutes later I was still waiting. For the umpteenth time I had to endure this guy making me recite personal info from my license while Yomi and Emma were giving me concerned looks through the smoky. I stood there freezing under a tacked on. “Nope. Snowflakes landed on the doorman’s parka like dandruff. breathing heavy enough to form white smoke stacks in the chilly air. and stretch boots with three inch heels instead of my Uggs because I wanted to look cute. so I turned around to curse them out. “College ID might work. There were a few comments directed my way by some girls standing in line. staring down my evil tormentor. soft leather jacket in late January. as five more people were cleared to go through. Yomi’s shoulders went up like she felt the need to apologize.” “Sure.That was about the sixth time the doorman had said my name . And a mini skirt. but I was pissed enough to just give up and go home. Only she never responded. cold as hell shed posing as an entrance ‘cause I was dumb enough to wear a fitted.“Any relation to the rapper?” I kept my tone light and a smile plastered on my face. that’s just what I almost did. but he stuck his hand out like he wasn’t.going ahead to order my drink. I decided to text Yomi to let her know we had to leave. That’s when I saw him. Hell yeah. I gave her a smile so she wouldn’t get worried. pulling out the toothpick and using it to point at a faded yellow sign behind me. The smell of marijuana filled the shed when he stopped by my side. and it looked like I was on my own.” I was busy digging in my purse when he made another request. a tall guy walking right up. “Oh come on! I don’t understand what the problem is!” Exasperated. Can I go in now?” He sucked on his toothpick before answering. “You got anything else?” “Like what?” He shrugged. We’d parked the car blocks from here.

leading the way through the door. “B-but the doorman’s still got my ID-” By the time the words were out of my mouth Jason told me to wait while he walked back out. One of them crooked her finger. I mean really.he said the three words that my cold hands. I couldn’t stop looking and he couldn’t stop grinning and urging her on. worm like shimmy down to the floor and tossed her hair. And he wouldn’t meet the guy’s eyes.” Neither man said the name of the guy they were talking about. If he has any problems with it then tell him to come see me. only his eyes were darker. He exchanged a funny look with the bouncer. ‘cause I never realized not being allowed entry somewhere could make me feel so angry. “Jason” took my frozen as a popsicle hand. The doorman looked startled when Jason got in his face. trying to get close enough to be seen. one of my mom’s favorite movies. Not too many men could wear their hair long and look as good as Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. I didn’t realize Jason was nearby until a couple of girls tried to get him on the dance floor. Or so helpless. snatching my license and college photo after the guy took them out of his pocket. I kinda lost it when I spotted Yomi and Emma on the dance floor. stinging ears and runny nose were overjoyed to hear. That whole thing-” I was talking way too fast and breathing hard. This guy had to know how attractive he was. alternating between dancing with each other and some frat boys who were giggling more than they were partying. And his hair was longer. “She’s with me. “Ay Jason.” The bouncer laughed. I think I was having a panic attack.” “So am I. but it was clear it had to be the owner of the club. I was expecting an argument but the bouncer just kept nodding. the lights reflecting off his smooth. motioning to him while she did some weird. When we stepped inside the bouncer gave us a questioning look. Maybe it was the relief of finally getting out of the cold.” The doorman practically jumped off his stool. .” Jason told him. “Dave’s just adding to his collection. He reminded me of that actor from Thor.” “Thank you. Or maybe the realization that I’d been profiled hit me. I squeezed through the crowd. When Jason came back in his cheeks were really red. but not by much. “That prick was planning on keeping ‘em. I’m just doing my job. “Let her in. With the crush of bodies and memories of my interrogation playing over and over in my mind. Guess he finally realized what an asshole he’d been. nearly bald head.

“You’re the hottest girls in here. He stopped me ‘cause I’m black.” “Don’t do that. as if that was supposed to make me feel better. She knew exactly what I meant.” she said. “This place is racist!” I yelled over the way too loud music. Pushing his shoulder length hair back he tried sweet talking us into staying. “I almost didn’t get in. He . But he only does it to the really cute ones. like you. it had to be Yomi. Now they were stinging my eyes. do you see anyone else in here of color?” Yomi looked hurt. “And I don’t want to be anywhere I’m not wanted. There wasn’t anything special about this place.just so wrong. . A bunch of heads turned my way. “Nadia. Funny thing though. Damn non-waterproof mascara! Stupid ass cheap fake eyelashes!! Somebody handed me a napkin. I wasn’t gonna have this conversation with her here. I think Yomi was about to. to minimize this shit -” I’d been on the verge of angry tears before.” she pouted. he tries to get as much info on them so that he can harass them later. And you don’t count ‘cause you don’t look it. None of us expected Jason to step up and actually do it. “That’s not what he was doing. Okay. and I didn’t care who heard me. “What?” Did he need me to draw a diagram? I was already pissed.” Jason had been standing there listening the whole time. and tonight was a perfect example. he actually sounded sorry to see me quit. “OMG. It was just four walls with a kick ass sound system and the place to be. “Yeah.” I mumbled.” Emma added. Look around. Maybe I had taken the joke too far. I was surrounded by Yomi and Emma before I could answer.“That’s.” Yeah I said it. Don’t any of you dare try to . because Jason’s eyes widened and his smile disappeared.” he kept murmuring with an arm over my shoulders. I’m black. “It’s gonna be okay. Nadia what you took so long?” “That doorman’s a perverted pig.” Really? Then why didn’t you come out so we could leave? I wanted to scream. only he beat her to it. “I think you need a hug. Only I think I must have been overdoing it. so I started imitating the girl. just because. .” “You know what I mean. By the way the fingernails almost sliced me.” “But I’m still black. “Why’d you stop?” he asked.” “We were talking to some girls in here who said he does that all the time.

Yomi finally said what we were all thinking. I even tried texting you-” “Em. cringing at how I must have looked. but who are you?” “Oh . so ready to bring the drama to this place now that I was finally thawing out. I want you to stay.” I snapped. Yomi was smirking. but hell. “Oh come on. he’s fine!” .” I pulled away from him. didn’t you say “Y’all go on ahead and order me a drink?” “You saw me out there freezing and begging to get in-” Em’s excuse only made it worse. but we call her Em for short. but I never liked the girl because she’s an idiot. Maybe we should just go.” I turned just as he gave me a wink before walking away. so meet me at the bar if you still want those free drinks. handing it to me. I was too upset to really care.used a napkin that I could swear had a phone number on it to wipe off the smeared liner and shadow I’d missed. because I just didn’t think I’d see him again.” “Nadia. And I had to direct my anger somewhere.” After all the introductions. I mentioned how I finally ended up getting into the club. “That means there’s less competition for me. “Still feel like leaving?” “Yes I do. “Oh come on! Girl. “What if I buy you ladies a drink? All your drinks will be on me. “What for? Ain’t no brothas up in here.” “No. “Jason Pappas. um. she’s upset.” He peeled the fake eyelash strip that should have been on my left eye off my cheek.” Now I was the one pouting.” Yomi and Em said “Ooh” at the same time. Jason tried to break up our fight with a peace offering. as if it all came down to me getting loud and spoiling our night out.” “You thought what?” Oh this was seriously messed up.” Yomi gave an eye roll that had to be a record breaker. “This is Jason. “If I was feeling him do you think I’d be crying? You guys should have come out to see what was wrong. “This is my cousin Yomi and our friend Emma. especially when she sweetly suggested we head for the ladies room so that I could fix my makeup. I gave Yomi a stare that could kill. “I’m not trying to be funny. “But you were smiling! We thought you two were flirting. “Jason got me in after you two left me.” I didn’t bother giving him my last name. . I know Emma’s Yomi’s good friend.” Yomi said. . Then they said it louder when Jason squeezed my shoulders and leaned in close. my mouth wide open in shock.

I don’t need you to babysit me. he’s so fine! So what if he’s cheating on you? He’s so fine! “Do you understand what happened to me tonight?” “Some douche bag stopped you from coming in. “Go on. I didn’t bother telling her I wasn’t going in there to do the number one or two.” “He probably works here. then she gave me the “ugh” look. she’s the girl on the dance floor screaming “Heyyy!” and getting low with some guy she just met. I didn’t want to be a party-pooper.” After Yomi’s words. “So? All the more reason to get some free drinks.” I muttered. I was more interested in tweeting about the hell I’d been put through than fixing my face. He asked her to dance and she gave me a look that clearly said Mommy. Plus I snapped pictures of my puffy face and eyes. you don’t have to stay. ‘Cause I’m not leaving without getting my free drink.” I countered. I couldn’t see myself going back to school after Christmas break and all I had to show for it was some doorman’s attitude haunting me.” Finally. dancing and flirting. but to get to my Twitter and Facebook account.” “One drink. “There’s an open stall.” Besides. If there’s a booty shaking song on. It was a nice rest room with marble on the floors and the walls. Yomi finally admitted it. It was two against one.” Em said. I love my cousin. “If we stay they’ll say it wasn’t that bad. A few girls asked me what was wrong and why I . “But I also know a fine hunk of man is trying to hit on you. That kind of stuff is against the law. but that’s just how she is. “They’ll claim that anyway. is it okay if I dance with the nice man? I had to laugh at her expression since it was a relief to feel something besides anger. then that’s one more for me. “They can’t get away with doing this. especially after the stress of finals.” Em said.” Yomi might as well have added. we left on our own. When I was sure Em was gone I came out of the stall and took some photos of the place. I really wanted to have a good time.” I figured she wanted to be out there with Yomi. Emma just had to nod in agreement. They at least owe us a drink. Only I wasn’t ready to let it go.That was Yomi’s answer for everything. And if you don’t want yours. Don’t leave your boyfriend just ‘cause he hit you. even though you’re acting like sister-gal ain’t got the time. Then she went and spoiled it. I’m gonna be in here a while. “Em. It was also kinda crowded.” “But if we leave now they can say they didn’t put us out. So we made our way to the ladies room. all while some guy was checking out Yomi’s butt. as if using the bathroom and my phone simultaneously meant I was a nasty heffa.

was taking pictures. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail so his features were on full display.” I teased. but it wasn’t prominent. “You never asked. until I burst out laughing. Neither were the guys who’d been hollering their drink orders. I’d been freezing cold before. “You never said you were the bartender. Yomi was still dancing. so I took his stare as a challenge. The slower I chewed the harder he stared. just the garnish I liked. But if I made a mistake-” He started to grab the glass but I blocked his hand. and he watched me chew it slowly. It was hard not to ignore everyone’s face at the bar and the collective groan they gave when we separated. After I wiped away most of my clumpy mascara and reapplied eyeliner. just like his wide lips. Jason put his elbows on the bar top. His nose wasn’t too long and it wasn’t short. The more I chewed the closer he got. I’m not one to avoid direct eye contact. “Well.” He’d even added a maraschino cherry. because he dipped his head.” “How’d you know which one? Maybe I wanted an Amarreto Stone Sour. but when he saw me he lifted a stool over the bar and told a guy sitting there to move over so Em and I could share the seat. Of course there were no seats. When he smiled one deep dimple appeared in his lower right cheek. “I took a guess. It fit his face. There was another dimple smack in the middle of his chin. moving forward until we were almost nose to nose. Yes! He actually had meat on his lips. and they just nodded. By this time Em wasn’t saying a word. “You chickened out and threw the game. And goofy. I just wanted to act sexy. you were right. Apparently Jason liked what he saw on me too. By the time I got to the stem I was sucking on it and I don’t know what I was doing with my tongue. laughing and trying way too hard to pull Jason.” . and I noticed how golden brown his eyes were when he pushed an Amarreto Sour my way. “I’m just covering while the regular bartender takes a break.” Em didn’t want to be left out of the conversation.” I didn’t want to sound accusing. But Em was at the bar. but now I was burning up. “I told him how much you love this drink. Jason threw up his hands in mock indignation. so I gave him a smile. I headed out. I bit into the cherry first. I told them about the doorman. nibbling on the other end of the stem as we played tug of war.” He smiled back at me.

asking him to give Emma any drink she wanted. looking directly at me. it becomes her worst nightmare. “She’s beautiful. When her handsome rescuer is none other than the club owner’s kid . but when Nadia’s initially refused entry to the hottest club in the city.” “What? Where are we going?” Em said.“I’m sorry. “Then let’s go. I had to groan at that.” “No.” Em blurted. . If you enjoyed a sneak peek at what’s upcoming at wikkid.” the guy told him.” The other bartender came through again and Jason slapped his back. It’s just . but I like privacy.books. “To the please visit: http://wikkidsexycool.books please “like” our Facebook page.” Jason switched places with the regular bartender. and also help her find out if love really does conquer “Maybe for you. inviting herself along. who’d just returned from his “You got it. all these people were staring-” “But that’s such a turn on. © Thank you for reading these excerpts. little does she know that her ranting tweets detailing how she was unfairly treated will divide a city. you do. Nadia.” End of Excerpt Book Blurb: It was supposed to be a fun night out. . you’ve never had rice pudding until you taste Greek Rizogalo. For more information on the novels and novellas from wikkid.

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