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Job Title: Grade: Hours: Department: Location: Reports to: Responsible for: Prof Accountable To: Registered (HPC) Senior Clinical/Counselling Psychologist Band 8a 37.5 Psychology Lewisham Early Intervention Service team bases. Will be expected to travel to other locations as required Team Leader Early Intervention Service Lewisham Band 8a Clinical/Counselling Psychologist

Psychology Lead fro Early Intervention, Psychosis Clinical Academic Group

Job Purpose:
To ensure the systematic provision of a highly specialised clinical psychology service to people with early psychosis served by the Lewisham Early Intervention Service team, which will require the analysis of complex information to determine the planning and management of psychological assessment and therapy. To provide expertise in a highly specialist clinical or research area and to offer advice and consultation on clients' psychological care to other members of the team/service in relation to the area of expertise. To work autonomously within professional practice guidelines and Trust guidelines. To propose and implement policy and service development, undertake research, service evaluation and audit for own team/service and to contribute to the training of clinical psychologists and others. To ensure that systems are in place and working effectively for the clinical and professional supervision and support of more junior psychologists within the service/ sector for which the post-holder has designated professional responsibility. To work effectively as a member of a multi disciplinary team.

Communications and Working Relationships:
Psychology Team Lead Fortnightly Team Leader LEIS Monthly LEIS team members Weekly

Facts and Figures:

The South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust is in partnership with Kings College London (including the Institute of Psychiatry), Guys and St Thomas Trust and Kings College Hospital Trust to form Kings Health Partners, an Academic Health Sciences Centre with a vision to pioneer better health and well-being, locally and globally, through integrating excellence in research, education and training, and patient care. The Trust has recently undergone a major reorganisation in order to align clinical services with research and training, and Clinical Academic Groups (CAGs) have been formed as part of this. The Early Intervention in Psychosis care pathway is one of four care pathways in the Psychosis CAG. The South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust provides a comprehensive mental health service for the 1.1 million people living in the London Boroughs of

and Early Intervention Care Pathway. requiring skilled manipulation of test materials. opinion and interventions. and comorbid personality disorders. carers and colleagues taking account of sensory and cultural barriers to communication. 2) To select. The 2001 census showed that 34% of the population were from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. Lewisham is an Inner City Borough with high levels of social deprivation. Trust services work in close collaboration with the London Borough of Lewisham and other partner agencies to provide a comprehensive mental health service to the local population of approximately 250. team and Directorate meetings as appropriate and across the Trust when required. Lewisham has a long established ethnic and culturally diverse population. as required. Lambeth. 8) To contribute to the effective working of the team and to a psychologically informed framework for the service area. monitoring outcome and modifying and adapting interventions. The postholder will have one session a week of continuing professional development time. 3) To provide psychological reports. drawing on a range of theoretical models.000. Key Responsibilities: 1) To provide expertise in a highly specialist clinical area which will contribute to Lewisham Early Intervention Service. 7) To travel to psychology. Lewisham EIS has been in operation since 2005. including relevant formulation. CAMHS and the Ladywell Unit at Lewisham Hospital. including first episode and early psychosis. taking full responsibility for own work including treatment and discharge decisions. 9) To communicate skilfully and sensitively highly complex and sensitive information with clients. Croydon and Southwark.To provide highly specialist assessment and clinical formulation to clients with complex mental health needs. and learning disabilities. in order to inform referrers and. The postholder will be based within The postholder will have supervisory and management responsibility for trainee clinical psychologists on placement and assistant psychologists working within the service. taking on specific roles or duties as agreed. The team currently has team members dispersed in three locality bases.Lewisham. . service users 4) To select and deliver highly specialist evidence based psychological treatments. where appropriate. 5) To work as an autonomous professional within BPS and Health Professions Council (HPC) guidelines and the policies and procedures of the service. and interpretation and integration of complex data. although plans are in place to move the team into one stand alone team base. 6) To be responsible for psychological interventions with carers (or families as appropriate) of referred clients recovering from psychosis and act as care coordinator as required. In the Borough of Lewisham. administer and interpret psychometric and neuropsychological tests. trauma.

carers and colleagues taking account of sensory and cultural barriers to communication X.To communicate skilfully and sensitively highly complex and sensitive information with clients. X. X. X. X. X.To be aware of risk relating to aggressive and challenging behaviour amongst the client group. X.To ensure own Continuing Professional Development in line with HPC requirements and Trust Personal Development Plan requirements. TEACHING TRAINING AND SUPERVISION X. MANAGEMENT.To provide psychological support to clients who are experiencing (or have experienced) serious emotional trauma and also to provide support to carers and staff working with such clients. allegations of abuse. training and supervision to staff and carers working with early onset psychosis clients in community settings.To contribute to the development of services through initiating. X.To initiate appropriate research to improve client care and provide research advice and supervision to other staff undertaking research within the service. X. X.To contribute to the development of the knowledge and skills base within LEO Services by maintaining an active awareness of current developments in psychology and early psychosis and by implementing knowledge gained in practice.qualification psychologists and specialised training to other professions as appropriate. To adhere to the BPS Psychology's Professional Practice Guidelines and Trust policies and procedures.To provide supervision for the psychological work of other multi-disciplinary staff as appropriate. REASEARCH AND SERVICE EVALUATION X. X.To provide specialist training to other professions as appropriate. X.To contribute to the appraisal of junior qualified psychologists and assistant psychologists. Performance and Ethics' and ensure professional development in line with the HPC 'Standards for Continuing Professional Development' and 'Standards of Proficiency'. which could be improved and initiate and implement service development projects.To identify aspects of the service.To identify any aspects of the service which need to be improved and to advise service and professional managers on appropriate changes. X. consultation. X. X.POLICY AND SERVICE DEVELOPMENT X. X.To provide advice.To liaise with other agencies and service providers in relation to the provision of psychological services and service developments. X.To plan and undertake teaching and training of pre and post.To participate in the recruitment process of more junior qualified psychologists and assistant psychologists.To participate fully and implement standards devised from Trust's clinical and research governance activity.To comply with the HPC 'Standards of Conduct.To ensure that . assistant psychologists and trainee psychologists for all aspects of their work. X. and family conflict. X. assessment/implementation and assist other staff in the implementation of same.To initiate the development of outcome measurement.To disseminate research and service evaluation findings through presentations and published articles. such as challenging behaviour.RECRUITMENT. X. X. as appropriate.To participate in clinical governance initiatives as agreed by the directorate clinical governance committee.To receive regular clinical and professional supervision from a more senior psychologist according to HPC and Trust guidelines.To maintain the highest standards of clinical record keeping and report writing. in line with professional and Trust guidelines.10) X. and follow trust policies relating to its management.To advise other members of the service on specialist psychological care of clients. undertaking and supervising service evaluation and audit. X.To provide professional and clinical supervision to junior psychologists. X.To assess and monitor risk and draw up appropriate risk management plans.To contribute to the consultation and engagement of service users in planning and developing services.To respond appropriately and professionally to emotionally distressing situations. including electronic data entry. X. X.To provide expertise in a specialist research area which will contribute to improved services and innovation for early intervention service users and their carers/families.To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of current developments in professional and clinical practice and of relevant legislation and policies. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES X. and to support others involved in such situations. X.

(A/I/E) Experience of providing supervision to other professional groups. audit or service evaluation projects. Experience of being involved in recruitment. diversity. if relevant. (A/I/E) Knowledge of the theory and practice of specialised psychological therapies for psychosis. (A/I/E) EXPERIENCE Substantial experience of having worked as a clinical specialist under supervision (if KSF not yet available) (A/I/E) Experience of specialist psychological assessment and treatment of clients with a range of psychological needs of a complex nature in early psychosis.(A/I/E) Experience of carrying out post-doctoral research. (A/I/E) KNOWLEDGE Evidence of having completed KSF outline at second gateway level for Band 7. and addressing issues of. and psychosocial interventions for early psychosis (A/I/E) Doctoral level knowledge of psychological research methodology and complex statistical analysis (A/I/E) Evidence of continuing professional development as recommended by the HPC. by application form (A) or by a test (T) Essential QUALIFICATIONS Doctoral level qualification in clinical or counselling psychology or equivalent. (A/I/E) Experience of working with.all services provided are acceptable and accessible to the diverse communities which make up the population of Lewisham Person Specification Verified at interview (I). including experience of working within a multicultural framework. (A/I/E) Experience of providing teaching and training to psychologists or other professional groups. (A/I/E) Registered with the HPC as Practitioner Psychologist. (A/I/E) . (A/I/E) Theoretical knowledge of psychopathology and the evidence base for cognitive behavioural therapies for psychosis. (A/I/E) Advanced knowledge of psychological assessment and clinical psychometrics.

Evidence of continuing training in a specialised area of psychological practice through formal post doctoral training (diploma or equivalent). (A/I/E) Ability to work effectively within a multi-disciplinary team. OR an evidenced portfolio of supervised practice. OR a combination of specialist short courses. (A/I/E) Skills in providing teaching and training to other professional groups (A/I/E) Ability to supervise clinical psychology trainees having completed the relevant training. assessed by an experienced clinical supervisor to be of equal level to a postgraduate diploma. contributing to effective team functioning and holding team roles. to partnership working and to reflective clinical practice. (A/I/E) Consultation skills to work with the multi-professional team or other professional groups within own service. (A/I/E) Highly developed verbal and written communication skills including communicating complex. (A/I/E) Knowledge of legislation in relation to the needs of young people recovering from psychosis. (A/I/E) SKILLS AND ABILITIES Skills in the use of methods of psychological assessments and intervention for early psychosis. families and colleagues. (A/I/E) Awareness of racial and diversity issues through attendance of relevant training. professional and academic meetings (A/I/E) Desirable . (A/I/E) Well developed IT skills including entry and analysis of research data and for teaching purposes. (A/I/E) Ability to work as an autonomous practitioner with appropriate level of clinical and managerial supervision. (A/I/E) Ability to develop and use complex multi-media materials for presentations in public. mental health issues and child protection. based learning in a specialist area of clinical practice. (A/I/E) Advanced level 4 practitioner skills in at least one model of psychological therapy (cognitive behavioural therapy). (A/I/E) OTHER (specify) Commitment to continuing professional development. (A/I/E) Ability to identify and employ mechanisms of clinical governance as appropriate. highly technical and sensitive information to clients.

The post holder should ensure that they are familiar with and adhere to all Trust Information governance policies and procedures. in accordance with Trust policy. Health and Safety Employees must be aware of the responsibilities placed upon them under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. (A/I/D) Experience of being involved in service user and carer involvement projects (A/I/D) Experience of supervising assistant and trainee psychologists having completed the relevant training. visitors and employees.EXPERIENCE Experience of being involved in recruitment. (A/I/D) OTHER SPECIFY Record of publications in either peer-reviewed. visitors and employees against the risks of acquiring health care associated infections. Any breach of confidentiality will be taken seriously and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken. Professional standards and performance review Maintain consistently high professional standards and act in accordance with the relevant professional code of conduct. Service/Department standards Support the development of performance standards within the . Equal Opportunities Promote the concepts of equality of opportunity and managing diversity Trust wide. Infection Prevention and Control Employees must be aware of their responsibilities to protect service users. paying due regard to health and safety in the workplace and management of risk to maintain a safe working environment for service users. academic or professional journal/books (A/I/R D) Other Information: Confidentiality Confidentiality/data protection regarding all personal information and Trust activity must be maintained at all times (both in and out of working hours) in accordance with professional codes of conduct and relevant legislation such as the Data Protection Act. Employees are expected to participate in the performance review process.

. The post may change over time to reflect the developing needs of the Trust and its services. Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Employees must be aware of the responsibilities placed on them under the Children Act 1989. Code of Conduct The post holder is required to adhere to the standards of conduct expected of all NHS managers set out in the Code of Conduct for NHS managers. as well as the personal development of the post holder.Service/Department to ensure the service is responsive to and meeting the needs of its customers. 2004 and the trusts safe guarding vulnerable adults policy. This job description will be subject to regular review and adjustment. Finance All Trust staff will comply with the financial processes and procedures. SUMMARY This job description is an outline of the key tasks and responsibilities of the post and the post holder may be required to undertake additional duties appropriate to the pay band.

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