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Februarv 8.2013

VIA FACSIMILE & MAIL JohnJ. Neu Chiefof Police Torrance PoliceDepartment 3300CivicCenter Drive Torrance, California 90503
Re: David andLizzette Perdue

Dear ChiefNeu: We represent David andLizzette Perdue. As you know, officers of the TorrancePolice Departmentattemptedto kill Mr. Perdueyesterday. Mr. Perdueis a 38-year-oldwhite male. He is 5' 9" and weighs 160 pounds. He lives in RedondoBeach with his wife and family, and he works at LAX. At daybreakon February7, he was driving his Honda pickup on his way to pick up a friend to go surfing before work. He was stoppedby Torrancepolice who were looking for a 6'2" 270-poundblack man him at once. The driving a Nissanpickup. The officers interviewedhim and released particular route. He cooperatedfully with the officers told him to tum around and drive on a officers. A few seconds later, after Mr. Perduedid as he was told, anotherTorrancePolice officer crashed patrol car broadsideinto Mr. Perdue'sblack Honda Ridgeline,spunhim around, her and then openedfire. After being crashedinto and shot at, the police removed the shaken Mr. Perduefrom his vehicle and forcedhim to lay face-downon the pavement. Even though it was apparentto all at all relevant times that Mr. Perduewas not the personpolice were looking for, the police detainedMr. Perduefor an hour. The Torrance Police Department vehicle. of then took possession Mr. Perdue'sbadly-damaged We believe that the Torrance Police Departmentis the sourceof inaccuratenews reports regardingthis incident, including the statementthat Mr. Perduewas "uninjured." We ask that the TorrancePolice Departmentstopmisleadingthe public aboutthe incident.

JohnJ. Neu Chiefof Police Torrance PoliceDepartment February 8,2013 Page2 In orderto clearup the obviousinaccuracies whathasbeenreported dateandto inform in to thepublic aboutwhat actuallyhappened, request the Torrance we that PoliceDepanment provideus with the following information:
(1) Copiesof any Dash Cam video and/oraudio recordingsmadeat the scene; (2) Copies of any audio transmissionsor radio traffic immediately before the shooting; (3) Data from the SensingDiagnosticModule or "black box" of the patrol car that broadsided Mr. Perdue; (4) A copy of any statement that Mr. Perdueprovided at the scene; (5) A copy of any statementthat any other witness provided; and (6) A copy of any incident report. We also demandthat the TorrancePolice Department preserve Mr. Perdue'svehicleand the patrol vehiclethat crashedinto him. The "Messagefrom the Chief'on the TorrancePolice Departmentwebsitestates: "As a progressive, professionalorganization, take pride in deliveringthe highestlevel of quality we service. Rooted in sincerecare and concernfor the Torrance community, our dedicated employees achieveour mission of ensuringsafetyby servingwith pride, compassion, excellence, and integrity." The Torrancepolice officers' violent and recklessactionsyesterdaydisplayed an utter and completelack of "care and concernfor the Torrancecommunity." In light of the officer's attemptto kill Mr. Perdueby deliberately crashinginto his vehicle and firing severalbullets justification, Mr. and Mrs. Perduewould like to know at his head,all without any warning or what, if any, disciplinary action the TorrancePolice Departmentintends to take againstthe officersinvolved. They would also like to know what the TorrancePolice Department intendsto do to make sure that their communitv is not endanseredlike this in the future. Finally, pleaselet us know if the TonancePolice Department will comply with these requests, whether it intends to force Mr. and Mrs. Perdueto take formal legal action. or Pleasedirect any further communicationsto this offrce. Very truly yours,

)-t.t Da*
ToddD. Thibodo
Cc: David andLizzette Perdue

RobertSheahen, Esq.

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