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Who lives exclusively in the super conscious (being positive and optimistic) will dream wonderful dreams, but if he does not unite the forces of the super conscious with practical actions, he will do nothing but dream dreams and therefore, dreams will not come true. The glory begins when we combine mental and practical actions in the conscious, sub- conscious and super conscious, and then we will get the results we desire. Straws upon the surface flow, he who would seek for pearls must dive below. When we understand the psychology of anything (e.g. actions, thoughts . . .), we understand the power that comes back from that particular thing and the forces which control and give this thing thus, produce a definite and accurate action. The more you are the more you do the richer your life the greater your joy. BUT being and doing must always line together as one entity. To try to be much and NOT try to do much is to find life as a waste of time. The man who wins is the man who can apply in practical life every productive action of his mind tells. Like attracts like. If you want that which is better, BE BETTER. Whatever you want, produce that something in yourself and you will be attracted towards the corresponding conditions in the external world. In order to use the powers of the mind, it is vital to direct every mental action towards the goal. This direction must be CONSTANT and not occasional. Most minds think about a certain thing for one moment and about something else in the following moment. AS a result, the power of the mind does not move constantly towards a certain definite goal and as a result, the powers of the sub conscious mind are scattered. When thinking all the time about a certain thing, the full power of your mind will be turned upon that object or goal and as the power of mind is the ruling power- this power will be devoted to achieve this goal. The higher your aim, the greater your achievements will be.

The rules to reach the optimal use of your mind: 1. Direct the full power of mind upon the goal and continue directing the mind in the same manner all the time. 2. Make every mental action positive [When every nerve feels full, strong and determent, you are in the positive attitude. The positive person is absolutely calm, well controlled and full of energy, in a way that every atom in his being is ready under all circumstances- to accomplish and achieve]. The world does not care for negative personalities, as those people look weak and empty and are usually ignored. On the other hand, everyone is attracted to people with positive personality. 3. Make every mental action constructive and do not forget to be ambitious.

In order to apply these three essentials, You should: 1. Avoid forceful, aggressive attitudes 2. Never attempt or try to control or influence others in any way.

God helps them, those who help themselves. The sub conscious mind is always ready and willing to make any change in order to improve our physical and mental make- up which we may desire. BUT it does not produce results instantly; its action is gradual. The sub conscious mind will respond to the commands and directions as long as these directions do not interfere with the laws of nature. It is highly important that we positively refuse to give in to any undesirable feeling. Whenever we give in to any feeling, it becomes sub conscious and if that feeling is negative, it becomes magnified. We should never surrender to the feeling of sickness. When you feel tired or depressed, do not admit it; instead, turn your attention at once upon something that is extremely interesting to you. No one dies until he gives up; that is, giving in to those adverse conditions that are working in his system tending to produce physical death. So, as long as he/she refuses to surrender to these conditions, he/she continues to live.

In many instances, the forces of life and death are almost equally balanced. Which one is going to win depends upon the mental attitude of the patient. If he/she has the will and surrenders to the forces of life, those forces are most likely will win. But if he/she permits the mind to act towards death, the forces of death are most certain to win. Its secret is found in the fact that whenever we give in to any condition or action, it becomes reality due to the tendency of the subconscious mind to enlarge, increase and magnify whatever it receives. Giving in to the forces of death will cause the subconscious mind to increase the powers of that force. Give in to the forces of life and the subconscious mind will increase the power of your life and eventually you will continue to live.