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Motivation Letter

My proposed field of study is Master of Engineering with a specialization in Electrical Engineering. It is thought that there is a lot of potential for advancements in this field. Technology has made a big impact on the lives of people in the world. Some of the millions of potential products an electrical engineer may work on include industrial control system, medical technology, cellular phones, automobile engines, security systems, robotics, and airline navigation systems. I choose the Electrical Engineering field because of the following reasons. First, it fits with my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. During my undergraduate education, my specific major was Electronics. The subject of electronics has fascinated me from the very beginning of my studies. Some of the courses I have enjoyed include Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics, Control System and Power Electronics. These laid the foundation for my courses in Electronic Communication & Control Systems later on. My undergraduate studies already focused on the electronic applications and digital communications. I am very much looking forward to conducting research on theory, design, and fabrication of new and advanced electronic devices. A masters degree in electrical engineering with Digital Control SystemTechnology as major field is the next logical step. Second, as junior lecturer at the Polytechnic Institute of Aceh, I teach several subjects that are related to digital end electronics technology, such as Introduction to Electric Circuits, Basic Digital Electronics, Industrial Control Systems and Computer Programming language. The master will help me to provide the best quality teaching performance in the field at the Polytechnic Institute. Furthermore, as a teacher in Polytechnic, I am considering a career in research, training, and development of Control System Technology in the Polytechnic Institute following my graduation from the Masters Program. I feel like the Masters in Digital Control System Technology would be a big step in the right direction, and would give me the ability needed for the pursuit of this career. I believe that my career in Digital Control System Technology will help to restore some of the damages in infrastucture caused by the devastation of the Tsunami in 26 December, 2004. By focusing on Electronic Engineering, I intend to do what I can to contribute to the large task of restoration in Aceh.