The universe may not be an orderly place, but that can always be changed. That's the philosophy behind Cryokinesis; imposing order on overactive molecules, slowing their motion, cooling the objects they comprise. A potent cryokinetic can lower the temperature of almost any object, even a person; either pleasantly cooling the subject - or freezing it solid. Roll: Manipulation + Meditaiton

Thermal Screen
The first thing any self-respecting psion learns is how to protect himself. By drawing the ambient heat, the psion can shield himself from the worst effects of exposure, cold damage, or even from cryokinetic attacks. This effect can make the psion's immediate surroundings even colder as the psychokinetic absorbs more and more heat energy. System: Each success adds one point to your character's soak against both Bashing and Lethal cold effects. The screen lasts for the rest of the scene. At Cryokinesis 4, the Thermal Screen may be extended around your character a number of yards in radius equal to half his Willpower score (rounded up), allowing others to benefit from its protection. While this power is in effect, your character's infrared register increases drastically since he's gathering heat around himself (anyone with IR-sensing equipment who monitors your character's position gets one automatic success to pick up his signature).

Hypothermic Blast
The psion focuses a quick blast of supercooled air at a target. The sudden freezing effect visibly frosts the air between psion and subject, and can slow the target's metabolism or even cause frostbite. System: Roll against the target in a resisted action against the target's Stamina. Every extra success you roll translates into one Bashing Health Level applied to the victim (this damage bypasses soak). Additionally, every two successes put the target at +1 difficulty to all actions for the next three turns as her limbs become numb. If the target has Thermal Screen up, she may add it to her Stamina total for the resisted roll. Your character may affect a target at a range of up to 10 times his Willpower rating in yards. Upon reaching four dots in Cryokinesis, your character may affect a number of targets equal to his Willpower score, simultaneously (if they're within range). Each target's roll and the results are resolved individually against your single roll.

Flash Freeze
The psion slows the motion of free liquids, freezing them to solids in the space of seconds. This effect can be used on such high-temperature liquids as boiling water or molten metal, although the higher the substance's current temperature the more challenging this becomes. Flash Freeze is not effective against living beings or other complex organisms. This power may also be used for less direct effects, such as condensing or freezing surrounding water vapor (a psion could fill his drink with ice and dehumidify the room at the same time). System: The number of successes required to freeze a target depends on the substance and its current temperature. The chart below indicates the number of successes needed to freeze a substance with an ambient temperature between 50 °F and 100 °F. The target remains frozen until it thaws naturally back to ambient temperature (for particularly large or dense substances, this could take hours). Successes Needed Substance One Water

or metal into a brittle. Your character can affect a substance that is up to his Psi score in yards radius at a range of up to five times this path's rating in yards (at Cryokinesis 3. but may only make a hole. simultaneously. Depending on the type of attack. Cryofreeze This effect is comparable to that of a liquid nitrogen bath. supercold state. An ice barrier provides the same benefits as any other kind of cover. this may not necessarily destroy the entire barrier. The barrier's volume can be increased by one cubic yard for each additional success achieved on the roll. an attacker trying to "blow through" the cover must inflict one structural level of damage for every . from frosted. The Storyteller has final say regarding "ludicrously misproportioned" shapes. The barrier is composed of three cubic yards of solid ice and can be made into a wall 2 yards high. weight and thickness. This power inflicts severe frostbite . so it cannot be done twice in the same area within half an hour. Additionally. The psion can freeze flesh or blood as well as wood.5 yards on a side. of course.000 mile-long one inch diameter ice cables or anything of that nature. If you don't roll the full number of successes required. Creating the barrier sucks 90% of the ambient humidity from the air within half a mile of the psion in all directions. The average barrier weighs more than a metric ton but is less dense than water and will float.2 yards (7 inches) provides only visual cover and no armor protection. setting height. The barrier generally occupies no more than three cubic yards in volume . the psion shapes the barrier somewhat. System: A single success creates a roughly hemispherical lump about a meter in radius or a cube roughly 1. 3. or another simple shape of the character's choosing. At Cryokinesis 4. The final decision on the result is left to the storyteller. Cold Cover This rather flashy power allows the psion to create hard cover in the middle of a battlefield by flash-freezing all of the moisture in the air in a large area and collecting it into an icy barrier. he may freeze a number of separate objects equal to his Willpower score. your character can still reduce the substance's temperature by an amount that the Storyteller feels is suitable. A surface or object affected by this power suffers the effects of a drastically reduced temperature. but players should be aware that a barrier thinner than . but he cannot create ludicrously misproportioned shapes . 3 yards wide and 0.5 yards (a foot and a half) if it is to stand upright. the Storyteller may require an extra success for every additional 80 °F that a substance is above 100 °F. Generally.5 yards (a foot and a half) thick.or iced-over surface to brittleness to possibly permanent structural damage.2 yards (7 inches) of thickness the ice wall provides. The psion can shape the barrier to some extent. he can Flash Freeze a substance up to 15 yards away). By spending an extra success.Two Alcohol Three Oil Four Liquid Nitrogen Five Mercury A greater number of successes may be required for significantly hotter substances. plastic. it can be no thinner at its base than 0. Specifics are up to the Storyteller.often enough to make the difference between life and death to soldiers caught in an ambush.

Not even heavily bundled targets are immune . so permanent damage is likely.the effect simply ignores any layers of clothing and focuses on the person within. at the Storyteller's discretion). Cryofreeze may be used against targets at a range of up to 30 times your character's Willpower rating in yards. the subject takes a number of Lethal Health Levels equal to half your character's Willpower.even if left whole. Cryofreeze imposes an immediate frozen state by lowering the subject's core temperature. she stands a good chance of losing fingers. ears or other extremities due to frostbite (this can translate to reduced attributes or Abilities.or hypothermia in seconds when used on living beings. If the target loses more than three Health Levels at once. toes. A target reduced to Incapacitated or Dead by Cryofreeze can literally be shattered with a sharp blow . System: Make a resisted roll against the target's Stamina.only applicable powers currently active (like Thermal Screen) apply. plus one for every extra success achieved on your roll. As long as you score more successes. . medical science can do little to save her. Armor cannot be used to soak .

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