Subject – Mathematics
1.Multiple Choice Questions

(Max. Marks – 80)
(6 x 2=12)

I. II.

Which is the correct factorisation of x2-10x-24 = ? a) (x-2)(x+12) b) ( x+4 )(x-6) c) (x-4)(x-6) d) (x+2)(x-12) Conversion of 4.29 m3 to cm3 is a) 429 cm3 b) 4290000 cm3 c) 0.000429 cm3 d) 0.429 cm3


Out of 17 boys & 13 girls in class. The probability of selecting a girl is -: a) 13/20 b) 15/30 c) 13/17 d) 1/13 The there angles of a quadrilateral are 65, 55, and 130, its fourth angle is: a) 50 b) 90 c) 110 d)55 If x/y=1/2 and value of x=5, find the value of y: a) 10 b) 11 c) 5 d) 20 Value of x: a) 110 b) 36 c)50 d) 60


IV. V.

2. FILL IN THE BLANKS I. The digonals of a square make an angle of II. Volume of a cylinder -------------------------. III. Lower limit of the class interval 26-33 is_____________. IV. A quadrilateral has___________ pairs of adjacent angle.

(1x5=5) with each side.

V.Hari can do 1/4th of a work in 8 days . he can complete the work in _________- days.



i. Two quatities x & y are said to vary inversely if their quotient x/y remains constant.
1 Mathematics Test Paper for Class VIII

Draw histogram for: Marks No. In how many days will she weave 110 baskets? V. X. The total surface area of cube is 54 cm2. area of four walls of room= perimeter of floor X height of wall.18. A die is rolled once. If the thickness of 500 sheets of paper is 3. 12.15. v. Dr aw the quadilateral in which AB=3.5 cm. Draw the pie chart for a large flower arrangement contained 15 dark red. iii.5cm. BC= 5. III. 14. VI. The bars of histogram are always vertical.One of the factors of (x2 +14x-32) is(x-2).QUESTION.8) (5. 15. The solution of the equation x/0.18) (2. CD= 4. Make a frequency distribution for the given data: 15. Shashi weaves 25 baskets in 35 days. VERY SHORT ANSWER. The volume of cylinder is 660 cm3 . find its height if its radius is 5 cm. XI.5=2/5 will be less than 1.15.2cm.14. 16. what would be the thickness of 275 sheets of this paper? IV. VII. 18. 13. Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 5cm & 6cm respectively.16.14. 8 white rose and 14 deep pink roese.3cm& AC=7. I.9cm. 17.13 IX.6cm. 16. 4. DA=5. Complete the table for y= x+5 2 Mathematics Test Paper for Class VIII . of students 0-10 5 10-20 9 20-30 14 30-40 7 (2X12=24) 40-50 5 II. 8 pale pink rose. 15. What is the probability of rolling: a) 3 b)7 c) an even number d) a prime number.12.ii. Find its perimeter. 11.-8) XII. Plot the following points on graph: (0. iv. What is the length of its sides? VIII.16.9) (5.

69 . 7562.505 including 9 % VAT. What is the probability that i) a dimond is chosen ii)a king is chosen iii) a black 4 is chosen. 54.74 . Find the breadth of the tank if the length & depth are 2.51.How many cm3 of wood there in it ? 3 Mathematics Test Paper for Class VIII .48.31.Find the cost of tin plating the inner part at the rate of Rs 10 per 100 cm2.84. D) Draw a graph of 2x-y-3=0. SHORT ANSWER –QUESTION (DO ANY 6) (3X6=18) A) A card is chosen at random from an ordinary deck of playing cards.43 Using the class interval of 40-50 (excluding 50). 49.45.71. 75. Find these integers C) A cylindrical vessel open at the top has a base diameter 28 cm & height 10 cm . 82. 36 . Construct a frequency table C) The capacity of a cuboidal tank is 50kl of water. B) The following are the monthly rents of 30 shops : 42. Find the price of scooter ? 6 LONG ANSWER TYPE QUESTION (DO ANY FOUR) (4X4=16) A) Factorise : I) 6x5-22x3-8x II) 25-x2 B) The difference between two positive integers is 50 & ratio of these integers is 1:3. How many cubes of side 2cm would be needed to fill the same space ? E) ABCD is a square and ABRS is a rhombus.If the wood is 1cm thick . E) Wooden box including the lid has external dimension 40 cm x 34 cm x30 cm .48. Find ∟ASD and ∟SRB? F) Find the angles of a parallelogram if one angle is 20o less than twice the smallest angle? G) Seema bought a scooter for Rs 48.61 . 44. 37.5m & 10 m? D) Draw a cube of side 6 cm .47. 79.39.54 . 37. 63.80.38. If ∟SAD =120 . 74.X Y 0 4 7 5.

4 Mathematics Test Paper for Class VIII .