Bloodmeiser Forghul Race: Human Class: Sorcerer (Undead[Sanguine] Bloodline) 6 Blood Mage 2 Strength: 8 (-1) Constitution: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Wisdom

: 12 (+1) Intelligence: 16 (+3) Charisma: 25 (+7) 10, 17, 8, 12, 14, 16

Gold: 2,626 EXP: Current HP: 53

Fortitude: +2(Base) +2(Constitution) +1 (Cloak) = 5 Reflex: +2(Base) +0(Dexterity) +1 (Cloak) = 3 Will: +7(Base) +1(Wisdom) +1 (Cloak) = 9

BAB: +4 AC: 11 (1 Armor, 0 Dexterity) Initiative: +0(Dexterity) +2(Trait) = 2 CMB: 3 CMD: 10 +CMB + 1(Dexterity) = 14 Health: 53 Attack Options: Melee: +4 BAB -1 STR = +2 Ranged: +4 BAB +0 Dex = +3 (+4*) Skills: Bluff: 7(Rank) + 3(Class Skill) + 7(Charisma) = 17 Intimidate 7(Rank) +3(Class Skill) + 7(Charisma) = 17 Knowledge Arcana: 7(Rank) +3(Class Skill) + 3(Intelligence) = 13 Spellcraft: 7(Rank) + 3(Class Skill) +3(Intelligence) = 13 Appraise: 7(Rank) +3 (Class Skill) +3(Intelligence) = 13 Craft Alchemy: 7(Rank) +3(Class Skill) + 3(Intelligence) = 13 Perception: 3 (Rank) +1 (Wisdom) = 4 Use Magic Device: 6 (Rank) +7 (CHR) +3 Class Skill = 16 Feats: Human: Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy): +1 to Necromancy DC 1st: Spell Focus (Necromancy): +1 to Necromancy DC 3rd: Bloodmage Initiate: +1 Caster level to Necromancy. Always have a medium load. 5th: Point-Blank Shot 7th: Precise Shot Traits: Accelerated Drinker Reactionary Class Features:

Bloodline: Undead [Sanguine]

Iron Will. In addition. Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell of the necromancy school. give the bloodmage the option of subtracting 1 point from any surging rolls (see below) after the results are known. Blood points can be spent at the time of casting to cast a spell without using that spell’s spell slot. As a standard. vampiric touch (7th). when the bloodmage rests to regain spells. Still Spell. The Blood Is the Life (Su): At 1st level. and must have blood. she gains the sickened condition. your effective caster level is increased by 1. Bonus Feats: Combat Casting. Hemophilia: Particularly vulnerable to bleeding. The creature must be corporeal. she remains at 8 until she spends the extra points). Some bloodmages conduct constant rituals involving leeches or exsanguinations in an attempt to regulate their systems. the more you draw upon them. in order to gain a number of extra blood points. If the bloodmage’s current number of blood points is greater than her class level but less than or equal to twice her class level. animate dead (9th). save by the bloodmage abandoning the rituals for a day (also during spell preparation). you gain resist cold 5 and DR 5/— against nonlethal damage. This penalty cannot be removed.Bonus Spells: chill touch (3rd). the closer you come to joining them. false life (5th). which removes it immediately. her hit points drop to –1. In addition when suffer bleed attack -1 blood point. Each day. These rituals. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. her blood points drop to 0. Blood Pool: A bloodmage gains a pool of blood points. the bloodmage may push herself. Retaining a spell slot in this manner costs a number of blood points equal to the spell’s level. Endurance. At the end of the rage. you can gain sustenance from the blood of the recently dead. Bloodline Powers: You can call upon the foul powers of the afterlife. with Bloodsurge. . Spell Focus. Unfortunately. energy drain (19th). must be at least the same size as you. Toughness. horrid wilting (17th). Diehard. Death's Gift (Su): At 3rd level. she immediately flies into a homicidal rage. If her exertions push her beyond twice her normal blood point level. DC of heal to stop it is +5. A bloodmage’s normal pool of blood points is equal to her bloodmage level. and she begins dying. she regains blood points up to her class level but not beyond (so if her bloodmage level is 5 but she currently has 8 points. you can drink the blood of a creature that died within the past minute. undeath to death (13th). Skill Focus (Knowledge [religion]). waves of fatigue (11th). striking out randomly with her most damaging attacks and abilities at friends and foes alike for 1d6 rounds or until her blood pool is reduced to 0 (whichever comes first). finger of death (15th). which must be undertaken daily during spell preparation. This ability heals you 1d6 hit points and nourishes you as if you’d had a full meal. but at the price of a non-cumulative –2 penalty to Constitution.

Close. S. S. +10 on Spellcraft made to identify items. Close: 25 +5/2 levels. S. Concentration. Minor Metamagic Rod. S.Equipment: Haramaki +1 AC Metamagic Rod. S. Can produce noise equal to 4 humans/level. S. Detect Poison (D) – V. 1 round/level. cone 3 rounds/level. Instat. 1st: Identify (D) – V. Minor Circlet of Charisma (+4) Cloak of Resistance +1 Spell Page: Floating Disk Throne. Scoop (E) – V. ST: Will. Suffer 1d6 damage +1 STR damage/full 500 gold value of the material used in your next spell. Instantaneous. Ghost Sound (I) – V. As a move action can direct the force vessel to move 15 feet per round or pick up 1 pint of liquid. ST: None. DC 20 Wisdom or Alchemy check to identify poison. Requires 1 minute to pick up a spill. M. ST: None. ST: None: Determine if poisoned or poisonous. Close. ST: Will. Reach Spell. Causes living creature below 0 hp to resume dying. worth 750 Gold Scroll of Deathwine (x2) 2nd Level Cure Potion (x2) 1st Level Cure Potion (x4) Wand of Fly (7) Wand of Scorching Ray (3) Universal Solvent (3) Glowing Glass Orb Spell Casting: DC: 10 + Spell Level + Charisma Modifier +2 for Necromancy Spells per day: 1st:6+2 2nd:6+2 3rd:5+2 4th: 3+1 Spell List: 0th: Bleed (N) – V. Touch. Arcane Mark (U) – V. S. Instant. Close. Blood Money (T) – Swift Action. V. Permanent. M. . 60 ft. Extend Spell.

2nd: False Life (N) – V. 1 min/level. improved evasion. Can offer an order with an opposed Charisma check. Crafter’s Fortune (T) – V. S./level). Close. Auto fail all sight based tests. failing leaves them prone.). Ray of Enfeeblement (N) – V. Medium 100 +10/level ft. Alters a potion to instead add X to your next necromancy spell’s effective caster level where X is . 1 living creature. S. M (drop of blood). S. +5 on their save if they are immediately threatened by your party. Interrogation (N) – V. 1 Hour/level. 1 minute/level. Blindness/Deafness (N) – V. ST: None. Link mind share a single memory no longer than one minute. One living creature per 3 levels. no two of which can be more than 30 feet apart are frightened. Share Memory (D) – V. Can deliver 4th level or lower touch spells at +2 on attack roll. loses Dex to AC. Medium (100 +10 ft. Instant. An undead takes no damage but must make a will save or flee as if panicked for 1d4 rounds + 1/level. their own memory. Acts as the spell Invisibility. Will (Partial). opposed Perception checks. Dex checks. 1 hour/level. M. Target gets +5 luck bonus on next Craft skill check. S. ST: Will (Negate). Touch. 3rd: Vampiric Touch (N) – V. Incorporeal. S. ST: Fort (Half).) Spectral Hand (N) – V. Charm Person (En) – V. Permanent. Touch. Touch. **Deathwine (N) – V. S. 1 question per 2 levels or 1d4 + Wisdom mod damage if they don’t answer. Must make a Acrobatics 10 check to move more than half speed. 1d6 +1/2 levels Strength damage. Touch. 1 round/level (Max 5).. Touch. Gain 1d10 +1/level (Max +10) temporary hit points. 20% spell failure that require verbal. ST: Fort (Negate). Makes a humanoid regard you as a trusted friend and ally. -4 on perception. ST: Will (Negates). 1d6 negative energy and 1 Strength damage (Fort Save). 1 day/level. Shaken for 1 round if they pass the saving throw. S. your saves. 1 round/level. Close. 1d6/2 levels (max 10d6) and you gain temporary hit points equal to the damage done. S. -4 on Str. They also receive -4 on bluff checks. 1 hour/level. Suffer 1d4 damage and hand materializes with that man hit points. Medium (100 +10/level ft.Chill Touch (N) – V. Vanish (I) – V. Instant. (Blind: -2 AC. S [1 minute cast]. S. Damage can’t exceed their remaining hit points + their Constitution score. F (a tool). Deaf: -4 Initiative. All opponents have total concealment [50%]. Personal. ST: Fort (Negate). 1 potion/level. S. ST: Fort (Part) or Will (Negate). auto fail sound tests. Scare (N) – V. Close (Ray). 1 touch/level. Living creature touched. Touch. The target is either blinded or deafened. Can show them your memory. Instant/ 1 hour. S. AC 22+ Int mod. 1 round/level. or view one of their memories.

fatigue if saved. Exhausted: Half speed. charge. Save for half damage and fatigued instead. 1d6 damage/caster level (max 15d6) and is exhausted. S. instant and 1 min/level.the level of conjuration healing spell used to make the potion. ST Fort partial. close. In addition. 1 corporeal with bones/exoskeleton or object. m (broken bone). Objects made of bone/chitin take +50%. . 4th Boneshatter (N) – v. Potions not drunk are destroyed. s. Fatigued character becomes exhausted. ST: Fort (Partial). heals undead for 1d8. 1 minute/level. Ray touch attack exhausts target. -6 STR and DEX. Ray of Exhaustion (N) – V. SR yes. can’t run. Close. M (a drop of sweat).

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