Cost and Energy Reduction Evaluation for ARM Based Web Servers

Olle Svanfeldt-Winter, Sébastien Lafond, Johan Lilius
Sébastien Lafond


Åbo Akademi University - Department of Information Technologies


12.Department of Information Technologies 2 .2011 Åbo Akademi University .Outlines Motivations Energy consumption Total energy consumption Energy propositional computing Data Centers Costs Evaluated HW Benchmarks Results Conclusion 13.

Motivations Energy consumption of data centers is both an economical and environmental issue – important impact on the possibility to construct or expend data centres – cooling infrastructures are expensive Models for data centre costs exists – It is possible to determine the relationship between the total cost of a data center and the energy consumption of its server 13.2011 Åbo Akademi University .12.Department of Information Technologies 3 .

Department of Information Technologies 4 .12.2011 Åbo Akademi University .Energy consumption The two main metrics are: – PUE = TotalFacilityPower ITequipmentPower 1 ×100 PUE – DCiE = Both express the energy efficient of the data center But at the end the total energy consumption matters – this is what you will pay for every month – infrastructure design based on the maximum power dissipation of the data center 13.

12. 40. Barroso and U. 12. but on average the dissipation is 72% of the peak power Google server containers are reported to house 1160 servers and dissipate 250KW each.Department of Information Technologies 5 . pp. vol.2011 Åbo Akademi University . “The case for energy-proportional computing. Holzle. 33–37.Total energy consumption According to [1] the processors in a typical server contributed to: – 45% of the total power dissipation at peak performance – 27% when idle Power dissipation is application specific. 13. [1] L. December 2007.” Computer. no.

12.Department of Information Technologies 6 .2011 Åbo Akademi University .Energy propositional computing Ideally the energy consumption of data centers should be proportional to the required performance – this is unfortunately far from being true – energy efficiency is best at peak performance – however typical servers operate most of the time at 10 to 50% of their capacity Using low-end and cheaper processors might be an answer for better energy proportionality – increase the granularity of power management steps 13.

” James Hamilton.mvdirona.Department of Information Technologies 7 .12.Data Centers Costs Based on Hamilton analysis [1.2011 Åbo Akademi University . [2] “Overall data center costs. Hamilton. low power servers for internet-scale January 2009.aspx. September 2010 13.07 per KWh • 80% average load usage • 50k servers • 165 W per server • 5% cost of money • 10 year amortization time • 4 year amortization time for the network • 3 year amortization time for the server [1] J.” in Proceedings of CIDR 09.2] • $0. http://perspectives. “Cooperative expendable micro-slice servers (cems): Low cost.

Evaluated HW Versatile Express – Quad-core Cortex A9 – 1GB DDR2 – 400Mhz Tegra 250 – Dual-core Cortex-A9 – 1GB DDR2 – 1Ghz 13.12.Department of Information Technologies 8 .2011 Åbo Akademi University .

Department of Information Technologies 9 .2011 Åbo Akademi University .Benchmarks Autobench and Apache 2 HTTP server – static web pages SPECweb2005 – more demanding web services Erlang – micro benchmarks – real world SIP proxy 13.12.

Apache Results 13.12.2011 Åbo Akademi University .Department of Information Technologies 10 .

2011 Åbo Akademi University .12.Results SPECweb2005 13.Department of Information Technologies 11 .

2011 Åbo Akademi University .12.Department of Information Technologies 12 .Results Erlang Calls per dissipated Watt 13.

7% total cost saving – 3.Conclusion The performance of 2 ARMv7 based ARM cortex-A9 was measured and evaluated and compared to Xeon processors Measurements show that the Cortex A9 can be up to – 11 times more efficient with the Apache server • Enabling a 12.6 times more efficient with Erlang base SIP proxy • Enabling a 10% total cost saving – 2.9 times mote efficient with the SPECweb2005 • Enabling a 9% total cost saving 13.2011 Åbo Akademi University .Department of Information Technologies 13 .12.

12.Department of Information Technologies 14 .Questions ? 13.2011 Åbo Akademi University .

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