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Indo-Russian Bilateral Relation

The Indo-Russian bilateral relation goes prior to the Cold War era, when India and then the Soviet Union enjoyed a strong strategic, military and political relationship. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the newly formed Russia continues to have a cosy relationship with India even though the largest republic has improved is relations with the Western Union and the USA. The Indian and Russian bilateral ties have been built mainly on political, military, space technology and civil nuclear cooperation between the two nations. Recently the economic tie up between the two countries has boomed and is considered the most important factor of the bilateral relation and is estimated to touch $20 billion by 2015. To boost its bilateral ties both the countries have inked a new weapons deal worth $3 billion. Recently both the countries have been pursuing multi-vector approach in their foreign policies and have named their relationship as a Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership which emphasises on building an exceptional closeness in their bilateral relationship. The Indo-Russian InterGovernmental Commission (IRIGC) is the controlling body of the bilateral ties between the two countries at the government al level. Russia has always provided a helping hand to India whenever India has required its support and assistance. During the Sino-Indo war Soviet Union declared its neutrality much to the disappointment of China who was one of the leading strategic partners of the Soviet Union then. Soviet Union also acted as the peace broker between India and Pakistan after the Indo-Pak border war. Russia has always supported the Indian sovereignty over the disputed area of Kashmir region. Russia provided support to the Indian government against any possible intervention of China during Indias support to East Pakistans (Now Bangladesh) efforts to secede from West Pakistan. On the political front today Russia strongly supports India for receiving a permanent seat in the UNs Security Council. Russia has also been strongly backing India for Indias inclusion in the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) though India has not signed the NTP. The Indo-Russian defence relationship can be named as a historical perspective in todays world. Russia till date is the major supplier of defence equipment to India since the cold war era and today the defence relationship between the two countries is not limited just as a buyer and seller but has advanced to include joint researchdevelopment, training and joint exercises. So the Indo-Russian bilateral relationship with such a long history of strategic cooperation is definitely going to stay here for a very long time to come.

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