Total Daily Points Allowance: 19 Total Points Consumed: 22 Points Earned: 4 I used all my daily points and 3 of my 4 activity

points. I also did really well with the Weight Watchers Good Health Guidelines:
1. 2. 3.




7. 8.

Activity: Check! Water: Check! (At least 14 glasses.) Healthy Oils: Check! (I had 2 oil servings: sesame and coconut oil*.) Fruits & Veggies: Check! (I had tons of them!) Vitamins: Check! (I had them after dinner) Dairy: Check! (Soy milk and calcium supplement) Whole Grains: Check! (Bob's hot cereal) Protein: Check! (2.5 Bean servings & 1 Tofu serving) ation that I pick on the blog of flora ( before you begin you must calculated the

60 m 2 and over --- . how tall are you? a) less than 1..2 e) more than 65 years --.number of points you are entitled aixquelles Calculate your points daily This simple 2 minutes in answering this short questionnaire: 1.60 m --.15 2... You are . Ex: 70-79 note 7 4. How old are you? a) 18-20 --.1 3) how much you weigh? note as a result the number (or number) of the ten corresponding to your weight.5 b) 21-35 --. a) a woman --.4 c) 3 36-50 --d) 51-65 --.7 b) a man --.1 b) 1.

0 b) begin to adjust your weight --.. you want .. your daily activity is: a) work almost exclusively seated --..2 c) an activity practiced primarily standing --.5.6 6.4 breastfeeding • A 100% your baby (it takes only breast milk) add 10 percentage points higher.0 b) mostly sitting and sometimes standing / traveling up of a couple --. a) lose weight --.4 d) work very physical --. • Your baby is breastfed but diversification is or is mixed feeding (breast milk and industrial) add 5 points must also give you too many points you updated as soon as you change your weight in ten (losing hope) and also when your age changes also see above .

3 servings of starchy Example: 25 g of bread. Remember to vary the oils to enjoy all their qualities. then: we must cosommer day . or about 300 grams .1.Minimum 2 servings of fruit.3 servings of dairy products Example: 1 cup milk + 1 yoghurt + 1 piece of cheese . An example of 1 tablespoon oil and season with 1 tablespoon butter for cooking or spreads. 200 grams .Add the results and you find your daily points. pasta satiety and 150 g of mixed vegetables .Minimum 3 servings of vegetables.5 liter of water about . .2 servings of fat.

(Gustave Flaubert. fish _________________ the hands that help are as sacred as the lips that pray (Sai Baba) CENSORSHIP: Useful. Dictionary of Received Ideas) My morphotypes RUBENS beginning on 9/05/10 http://muslimahfitness.. we might say. d-videos-exercises/ .1-2 servings of meat.

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