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World Architecture Festival
Barcelona 4-6 November 2009

Super-jury confirmed KENgO KUmA, RAFAEL ViNOLY, ViTTORiO m. LAmPUgNANi ANd FARSHid mOUSSAVi 1. Learn about the latest architectural innovations seminar programme which at this early stage includes Sir Peter Cook, Cezary Bednarski, Rod Sheard and michel Rojkind 2. Meet architects and architecture – last year saw over 2000 attendees 3. Understand sustainable design issues in our cutting-edge Less does more thematic exhibition 4. See the work of four leading architectural schools compete in the EdAW | AECOm student competition 5. Save up to €150 on visitor passes when you register before 18 September 2009

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here are some of the practices attending the WAF: 3 // 3xN // A-3 Architects // Ad+Rg // Adams Kara Taylor // ALKUTA // Allford Hall monaghan morris // Amanda Levete Architect // Anas Build // Arhiconi grup // Arhistrat deco // ARm // ARqT Luciano Tessi // Ash Sakula Architects // Astudio // Atkins // Audun Bergstrom // B & Associates // Cafer Bozkurt Architecture // Capita Architecture // City of Oudenaarde // C-Laboratory // Coop Himmelb(l)au // daoust Partners // dRmm // dSdHA // Elmo Swart Architects // Enota // Fast + Epp Structural Engineers // Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios // Fluid Namith Architects // gg design // grimshaw // groleger Arhitekti // H2o Architects // Hawkins Brown // Hawkins Brown // Helin & Co Ar // Janet Rosenberg & Associates // Jaspers-Eyers Architects // JCY Architects and Urban designers // Kleinfeldt mychajlowycz Architects Lease design // LOTUS // maisam architects & engineers // malishev Wilson Engineers // mamostudio // marc Koehler Wu Zhi Qiao // m & Engineers // moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners // murman Arkitekter ab // muum // Naqshyad // Narud-Stokke-Wiig Architects Jorge graça Costa // Per Architects // Perkins+Will // Peter Rich Architects // Piotr Barelkowski Architect // Populous // Pro Habitat 4d // Roberto Rijo // Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners // RTA Studio // RVdg arquitectura+urbanismo // Turn the page to find out which practices have been shortlisted this year! At this early stage. structural design and future projects. BARCELONA – Visit the city fusing stunning modern architecture with some of the world’s most famous classical buildings and structures Information on accommodation and travel can be found at our one-stop-shop website. and an awards ceremony for overall winners on the closing night of the event. ARCHiTECTS – over 2000 of them! Meet. giving away magazines and insight on the international industry 9. content-rich three day event. members and participants. FESTiVAL gALLERY – contemplate the breadth of international architectural excellence in the Gallery where all entries are exhibited together – over 600 entries from 83 project locations 2. working. jury. innovative products for your next project 7.What happens at WAF? “The group of people you brought together were remarkable. mEdiA PARTNERS – from over 60 countries. make friends and stay in touch using our online portals – Festival Connect. dRiNKS RECEPTiONS – Network with your peers from around the world 8. The awards consist of a comprehensive exhibition of every single entry. Twitter and Linkedin.worldarchitecturefestival. presentations by all shortlisted entrants (see page 4) in front of expert juries. AWARdS CEREmONY – the festival finishes on Friday evening with a prestigious awards ceremony. learning and playing that would not otherwise exist 4. meet and share. Chairman World Architecture Community The World Architecture Festival is an action-packed. category winners’ presentations before our eminent super jury. An exclusive architectural tour of La Sagrada Familia will be available for attendees at WAF 10. All links to join are on our website www. the student competition and the ultimate awards in each section 5. offering architects and suppliers from all over the world the opportunity to learn. PROdUCT SHOWCASES – Find the latest. I have seldom experienced such a high level participation in any event on architecture both from the speakers. celebrating the winners of each category. The awards programme was one of the most exciting aspects of the Festival” Suha Ozkan. Rod Sheard and Michel Rojkind 3. as well as interiors and fit out. collaborate. WAF offers architects from all over the world the opportunity to get inspired by the world’s greatest building design practitioners.edaw. Sir Peter Cook. from museums to schools to commercial buildings to private homes. STUdENT COmPETiTiON – watch and support architectural schools compete for the EDAW | AECOM URBAN SOS prize www. Facebook. At its heart are the WAF awards. THEmATiC ExHiBiTiON – this year’s theme ‘Less Does More’ shows how cleverly utilised resources can create opportunities for living. share.dREi Architektur // Samoo Architects arquitectos // So-Concept // Sordo madaleno Arquitectos // Space // Stephen davy Peter Smith Architects // Stiff+Trevillio // Strootman L UArchitects // UNStudio // Vista Urban design // Welst Architects // West group Architecture // White Arkitekter AB // Zeidler Partnershi . rewarding excellence across a wide range of building types. Cezary Bednarski. But that is just the beginning! Here are 10 reasons to attend WAF this November: 1. PRESENTATiONS – get inspired by the world’s greatest architect practitioners include Rafael Vinoly.

many more! .com/bk1 or call +44 (0) 20 7554 5800 to speak to our friendly team stasiadis Sa // Archetonic S.V. // Archetonic S.ViA d.o.worldarchitecturefestival.A.V.A. de C.o. // ARCHiKUBiK // Architecture 2 Batley Partners // Batlle & Roig Architects // Berk mimarlik // BiRO.Friends of WAF International Media Partners: Partner Sponsor: Official Communications Partner: Category Sponsor: Keynote Sponsor: Student Competition Sponsor: Product showcase: Sustainability Partner: Supported by the world’s top architectural media: architecten krant ® ® de l’ le journal architecte Save up to €150 on visitor passes when you register before 18 September 2009 Visit www. // Bobby mukherji Lestage Architecture design Urbain // dellekamp Arquitectos // dewhurst macfarlane and motion // Foster + Partners // Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos // gACA // gACA // gayathri & rchitects // Henning Larsen Architects // iOAKim LOiZAS // Jackson Coles // Jancina architekti s // Koleksiyon Holding // KPA // KWK Promes // LAVA Laboratory // LELLi & ASSOCiATi // Lend mcAdam Architects // mcAdam Architects // mdN marco Visconti & Partners // moChen Architects s & Planners // nps tchoban voss // O’mahony Pike Architects // Office25 Architects // OTO + Ramon Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura // Razan textcontext // Rivington Street Studio // RLCOm // & Engineers // Satnam Namita and Asso // Shahira H. de C. Fahmy // Shanghai xiandai // Silva dias Landscape Architects // Studio AdS // Sybarite // Trablex 50/50 Project // Treusch architecture // ip Architects // Ziya Necati Ozkan // Zuhair Fayez Partnership // + many.

Avatar group dr Rachel Armstrong.45 CiTiES REgENERATiON Examining an international mix of cities where regeneration is changing the look at feel of the urban environment Lee mallett. Researcher. Founder. + can a stadium be created with ‘built in obsolescence’? + What is the appropriate lifespan and lifecycle for this type of building? Rod Sheard.45 17. moving forward? Keynote one ARCHiTECTURE iN THE NEW WORLd ECONOmY International panel discussion on prospects for architecture and the effects of global economic change. regenerate a large part of the city and reinvigorate its people + What are the issues that now face Barcelona? + What should its agenda be.00-18. Senior Principal. Many international cities have been characterised by explosive growth which in turn creates its own problems + How can this be managed? + What can architects contribute to this and what opportunities exist within this conundrum? michel Rojkind.45 CiTiES BEYONd PERmANENCE . Lake Estates Cezary Bednarski. The programme may change due to unforeseen circumstances.00 LESS dOES mORE Keynote two – Rafael Vinoly – an international architect whose work ranges from the US to Europe to the Far East Keynote three ROAd TO COPENHAgEN A perspective on sustainable architecture as the Kyoto Protocol is revised. Director. Populous Paul Westbury. chemical and biological potential of different materials can be best understood to serve the ends of designers. + Identifying how this affects the role of the designer + outlining the practical implications of scientific innovation for architecture and design • “Reburbia” – rethinking the concept of home • Creating artificial physical environments that serve a dynamic practical purpose Prof Neil Spiller. Architecture00 Friday Category winner presentations 11. Rojkind Arquitectos Thursday CREATiNg VALUE: HOUSiNg Examining how housing fits within. PRESERViNg HERiTAgE International panel discussing perils and privileges of cities where preserving heritage is crucial. Design Principal. Looking at the examples of St Petersburg. Havana and cairo + What are the pitfalls of designing and planning in a Heritage city? + What are the opportunities? Peter Kudryavtsev.00-14. THE mOST RAdiCAL & AmBiTiOUS URBAN dEVELOPmENT iN THE WORLd + Exploring how intelligent architectural thinking can navigate traditional problems encountered with extreme climates + Harnessing the power of the desert to create a habitable community that is sustainable and has zero net output. Studio Bednarski indy Johar. Founder. maintained and replenished locally creating a fully sustainable complex + Making buildings habitable in an equatorial zone without over-reliance on complex power systems Ralph Johnson. © Emap Ltd 2009. Managing Director.00-10. takes advantage of and serves a particular social context.45 LESS dOES mORE mAKiNg THE UNiNHABiTABLE HABiTABLE mASdAR CiTY . Founding chairman World Architecture Community OPPORTUNiTiES iN THE SUPPLY CHAiN Demonstrating how intelligent co-operation with product suppliers can achieve more with less + ‘Dove tailing’ the design. Director. + Examining how the natural.00-16.45 LESS dOES mORE 12. Emap reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers.00-12. Perkins+Will guy Battle. Director. Director.Seminar programme Wednesday 10. Building ARx magazine Professor Julio César Pérez Hernández Harvard University Loeb Fellow Suha Ozkan. construction and procurement processes whilst benefiting from cost savings alongside an increase in quality + Examining how less transportation can lead to better use of products used in the construction process James Pickard.45 UNLEASHiNg THE ENERgETiCS OF NATURE Exploring what new scientific discoveries may offer architecture. + Identifying how a collaborative international effort can help accelerate the development of renewable energies and clean technology. Editor-in-chief. in both developing and developed worlds. + Demonstrating the materials to build the institution can be sourced. Buro Happold BARCELONA NOW – BARCELONA 21 The 1992 olympics was Barcelona’s post-Franco opening to the world and helped give it an international identity. Urbik 14.00-11. Principal. economic and physical resources of a particular place + Designing economic security and benefit into the building Roger Zogolovitch. 16. .00-15. Cartwright Pickard Architects BARCELONA NOW young catalan architects speak about their vision for Barcelona for the next 10 years 15. Avatar group gOVERNANCE: OBLigATiONS ANd OPPORTUNiTiES FOR ARCHiTECTS + What are the obligations and opportunities that architects face depending on forms of governance? + How can scientific modelling aid good architectural governance and future planning? STABiLiSiNg A COUNTRY: AgOSTiNHO NETO UNiVERSiTY outlining how an intelligent approach to architecture can help create an institution whose graduates can help the future of Angola. Researcher. Battle mcCarthy Consulting Engineers mANAgiNg ExPLOSiVE URBAN gROWTH Looking at examples of Mexico city and Shenzhen.THE dESigN OF THE 2012 STAdiUm + Using intelligent design to solve the paradox of an olympic stadium by targeting resources exactly where needed + Maintaining the balance between a temporary and permanent built legacy for 2012. + Exploring how a radically rethink of approach to the typology of housing can create asset revenue and social value + Tapping the social.

Ltd.R. Perkins Eastman. Uruguay isay Weinfeld Vietnam Vo Trong Nghia Co. Owings & merrill LLP Sybarite The Boston Visionary Cell.V. represented in the awards shows the international impact the Festival has made since its launch last year and points to a great three days in Barcelona come November..A. morphogenesis Sanjay Puri Architects indonesia mamostudio Pt Bambu iran Bonsar architectural studio Eleni Kostika Architecture Fluid motion ireland Amanda Levete Architects Boyd Cody architects Keith Williams Architects mcCullough mulvin Architects moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners NmA Architects Populous Scott Tallon Walker israel Zeidler Partnership Architects italy Lelli & Associati Architettura Amanda Levete Architects Japan Future-scape Architects Klein dytham architecture Nikken Sekkei Ltd Jordan maisam architects & engineers Korea South Archium Samoo Architects & Engineers unsangdong architects Kuwait Perkins+Will Latvia Fletcher Priest Architect Lebanon mikou design Studio Nabil gholam Architects Luxembourg miralles Tagliabue Embt malta Architecture Project mexico Archetonic S. Kleinfeldt mychajlowycz Architects inc. Evgeny gerasimov and Partners mosproekt-4 Sergey Skuratov Architects Totan Kuzembaev architectural workshop Vitruvius and Sons. .melentyev(project architect). mashabane Rose Associates. Produkcija 004 Tower 151 Architects upi-2m denmark 3xN COBE dorte mandrup Arkitekter Entasis Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects dominica BURO ii Egypt manuelle gautrand Architecture Shahira H. de C. mcdowell+Benedetti 272 shortlisted entrants from practices based in 60 countries around the world.Ltd mAd Architects miralles Tagliabue Embt moChen Architects & Engineers Perkins+Will Red House China Ltd. dellekamp Arquitectos RVdg arquitectura+urbanismo Sordo madaleno Arquitectos morocco Odile decq Benoît Cornette Architects and Urban Planners Netherlands 70F Architecture One Architecture RAU Strootman Landscape Architects UArchitects New Zealand Fearon Hay ArchitectsLtd Opus Architecture Pacific Environments Architects NZ Ltd. Brazil gustavo Penna Arquiteto & Associados isay Weinfeld Studio mK27 Canada Fast + Epp Structural Engineers Hughes Condon marler : Architects Janet Rosenberg & Associates Kearns mancini Architects inc. S.Asadov Architectural studio Architectural bureau of Belousov N. RTA Studio Warren and mahoney Norway a-lab Fasting Arkitekter AS Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects mNAL Narud-Stokke-Wiig AS Sivilarkitekter mNAL Onix Various Architects Poland ingarden & Ewy Architects KWK Promes Trablex 50/50 Project Portugal Atelier Nini Andrade Silva Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos imago . 81.L. S. Ltd..O. PKSB Architects Coop Himmelb(l)au Ehrlich Architects Eight inc Epstein | metter Studio Foster + Partners grimshaw KieranTimberlake Little Office of Ben Ryuki miyagi Perkins+Will Ross Barney Architects Skidmore.Awards programme The amazing number of countries.Atelier de arquitectura e Engenharia miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados Silva dias arquitectos Qatar Surbana international Consultants Russia A. multiprofessionele Architectenvennootschap/ Architektenburo de Vloed Bhutan Christopher Charles Benninger Architects Pvt. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Sweden Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor Kim Utzon Architects murman Arkitekter White arkitekter Wingårdh Arkitektkontor Switzerland group8 associated architects davide macullo Architetto Syrian Arab Republic Henning Larsen Architects Taiwan C-Laboratory UNStudio Thailand VaSLab Architecture (VaSLab Co. Ltd. Kosenko(architect) Sierra Leone Article 25 Singapore. SEA architects France Archi5 Foster + Partners Jakob + macFarlane mario Cucinella Architects Odile decq Benoît Cornette Architects and Urban Planners germany Behnisch Architekten fabriKg ingenhoven architects ghana Article 25 greece davide macullo Architetto Hungary A4 Studio india Christopher Charles Benninger Architects Pvt.. Kengo Kuma and Cezary Bednarski . Fahmy Architects Estonia EFFEKT. mmA Architects mashabane Rose & Associates Peter Rich Architects Spain Batlle & Roig Architects gPY Arquitectos miralles Tagliabue Embt Rockwell group Europe. Ltd. don’t forget – you can save €150 on tickets to WAF before 18 September.) Amanda Levete Architects WOHA Turkey Acibadem Project management EAA-Emre Arolat Architects Koleksiyon Holding tabanlioglu architects United Arab Emirates Lava Laboratory for visionary architecture moChen Architects & Engineers P&T group Studio Altieri Spa WS Atkins United Kingdom Adams Kara Taylor Allford Hall monaghan morris Alsop Architects design for London dRmm dSdHA Farrells Hawkins Brown malishev Wilson Engineers mcdowell+Benedetti Populous Rivington Street Studio Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Stephen davy Peter Smith Architects Stephenson Bell Stiff+Trevillion United States of America Aedas Sport Choi Ropiha Choi WAF features our shortlisted architects presenting live to a jury that includes Vittorio M Lampugnani. Algeria John mcaslan + partners Argentina gramatica Sara/morini Jorge/Pisani José/Urtubey Eduardo Architects and Lucio morini Architect Australia ARm Allen Jack+Cottier BVN Architecture design Forum Architects in Site mcBride Charles Ryan NmBW Architecture Studio Woods Bagot Austria arch-more Treusch architecture UNStudio Bangladesh Shatotto Belgium BOB361 architecten Perkins+Will TV S.Padalko(head of bureau).V. Surbana international Consultants Turenscape (Beijing Turen design institute) ZB Studio Croatia Ag Planum Arhitekt Faculty of Architecture. Renato Benedetti. Zagreb Kincl Ltd. Register online at www.worldarchitecturefestival.. Republic of Look Architects Pte Ltd Foster + Partners WOHA Slovenia Enota mojca gregorski&Ajda Vogelnik Saje South Africa gAPP Architects / Urban designers. Stantec Architecture Ltd Cape Verde OTO + Jorge graça Costa Architect China Aedas Atkins CA-gROUP Farrells Logon Co. Partner.

n Providing housing in some of the world’s poorest urban communities and understanding and transforming their economic potential for social gain. decide the future for a world. The Less does more curated. The Human Science strand will explore what new imaginative and creative architectural thinking can contribute to the most essential and widespread building type. interactive exhibition and seminar sessions. Demonstrating how new research into the nature of materials could help capture and unleash huge yet currently under-utilised chemical and biological potential. to a large extent. The Exhibition will include. Natural Science. examined through specific examples of innovative housing practice in the developed and developing worlds. . Striking imagery will provide inspiration and insight into future thinking about how science and architecture will interact. 2. Less Does More features both economically in the context of the need for ‘less for more’ and socially. n Investigating the process involved in producing housing against a changing pattern of economic geography. to improve conditions for communities. in which resource depletion is met with greater pressure on those same resources to be distributed evenly and equitably. highlight architecture’s role at the heart of world economy and explore how architecture can respond to the changing global environment. 1.Less does more – Thematic Exhibition International Architects are increasingly required to marry the realities of both environmental and economic necessity. Human Science. Learnings include: n Conjuring more space and utility locations with high values and high levels of regulation. Such response will. the home.

3. challenge and incite debate and will be a main attraction at the festival this November. But the reward is the creation of an institution that will help to stabilise a country that has suffered civil strife for nearly 50 years – by educating its own nationals to a level where they can help to develop the country’s resources. provoke. The exhibition will inform. Agostinho Neto University . masdar City – The world’s largest and most ambitious zero carbon. To make the cost of attending WAF and travelling and staying in staying Barcelona easier to manage. Save up to €150 on visitor passes when you register before 18 September 2009 Visit or call +44 (0) 20 7554 5800 to speak to our friendly team . There are hotel rooms available from €71 a night. ✔ PLUS! Savings on tickets – register before 18 September 2009 Never has there been a more appropriate time to showcase the vast talent.000 people and then have seating and roof partially removed to ensure that it is a viable size in future? WAF on a budget WAF represents outstanding value in what it offers to delegates. 4. If you would like us to book you a room. 5 2012 games Stadium – How do you make a stadium that will have the eyes of the world on it for 16 your hotel through us to get preferential rates. ingenuity and innovation that exists within the industry.Get a discounted flight – see our site for details. Book your flight using our website and enter the code WAF09 to claim up to a 20% discount on your return flight. zero waste city. Masdar aims to redefine the design and construction of cities in the future and it meets the goals of environmental. ✔ Staying in Barcelona . social and economic sustainability. in the Abu Dhabi desert.The challenge to make a modern university campus with the limited material and skill resources that are locally available calls for a high degree of design input so that demands on construction are reduced. we can offer the following advice and information: ✔ getting there . The project demonstrates how to make the desert habitable to modern standards of comfort and service without creating any negative impact on the environment by combining advanced technology with clever adaptations of traditional patterns of urbanism.worldarchitecturefestival. contact our accommodation team on + 34 93 550 03 58 or waf@beinbeyond. that holds upto 90.

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