Five Extracts from my book ‘CONVITE’ (‘Invitation’

Evil and its remedy – concept, causes and degrees of obsession – Spiritist life, occupations and missions of spirits – the signs of the times – the teachings of Jesus to the Samaritan woman

**** I - evil and its remedy 1
SOURCE: Gospel according to the Spiritism cap. V. 19 and 20.


SYNTHESIS: I - Evil and its remedy: 19 )- Is the Earth a place of enjoyment and a paradise of delights? * Does the voice of the prophet no longer reach in your ears? * Did he not proclaim there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who were born into this valley of pain? * Oh mankind! Can you not recognize the power of our Lord except when He cures the sores of your bodies, and crowns your days with beauty and fortune? * Can you not recognize His love except He adorns you with all the glories, and restores the brilliance and whiteness? * How long will your eyes remain fixed upon the horizon limited by death? When will your soul finally decide to launch itself beyond the limits of the tomb? * But even if you suffer and cry the whole of this life, what is that compared to the eternal glory reserved for those who suffer their trials with faith, love and resignation? Seek consolation for your ills in the future which God will prepare for you, and search for the causes in the past. And you, who have suffered the most, consider yourselves the blessed of this Earth. * As discarnate, when floating in space, you chose your own trials, judging yourselves sufficiently strong to support them. Why then do you complain now? You asked for riches and glory because you wished to hold fight with temptation and overcome it. You asked to fight with body and soul against both moral and physical evil, knowing that the harder the trial the greater and more glorious the victory; that as long as you have triumphed, despite the fact of your body ending up on a dung heap at death, it will release a soul of radiant whiteness purified by the baptism of atonement and suffering. * Faith is the only sure remedy for suffering. It will always show the infinite horizon before which the few cloudy days of the present will vanish. * The Lord has put His seal upon all those who believe in Him. Christ told you that it was possible to move mountains by faith alone, and I tell you that he who suffers, yet has faith to uphold him, will remain under the protection of the Lord and will suffer no more. The moments of greatest pain will become the first happy notes of eternity. * The soul will detach itself from the body in such a manner that, while the latter is still writhing in convulsions, it will be gliding into the celestial regions, singing hymns of gratitude and glory to the Lord together with the Angels. Fortunate are those who suffer and weep! * Happy be their souls because God will heap them with blessings (St. Augustin, Paris, 1863). SYNTHESIS: II - Happiness is not of this world 20 )- Mankind in general, from all walks of society, is constantly complaining either that he is not happy, or that happiness was not made for him. This, dear brothers and sisters, proves better than any possible form of reasoning the truth of the maxim from the book of Ecclesiastes: „Happiness is not of this world.‟ Indeed, not riches, power or even the blossom of youth are essential conditions for happiness. * Furthermore, not even by uniting these three elements, so desired by many, can happiness be assured because we are constantly hearing of people of all ages, even those from the most privileged classes, bitterly complaining of the situation in which they find themselves. * In this world, despite what anyone can do, each must face his own part of work and misery, his quota of suffering and deceptions, from which it is easy to reach the conclusion that the Earth is a planet of trials and atonement.


Studied at Joana d‟Arc, on 05/06/2001.

* So then, those who preach that the Earth is Man's only home, and that it is here during only one existence he must reach the highest level of happiness possible to his nature, are mere deluding themselves and those who listen to them, seeing that it has been demonstrated through multi-secular experiences that only in exceptional cases can this globe offer the necessary conditions for complete happiness for any one individual. * If the sensible man or woman is a rarity in the world, then the absolutely happy person has never been found. * Happiness on Earth consists of something so fleeting for those who are not guided by wisdom, that but for a year, a month or a week of complete satisfaction the rest of their existence is a series of bitter deceptions. And note, dear children that I refer to those who are considered the lucky ones of the Earth, those who are the envy of the masses. * Consequently, if the earthly dwelling- place is specifically for trials and atonement, then we are forced to admit that somewhere there are more favored dwelling places where the Spirit, although still a prisoner in a material body, may possess the delights of human life in all its fullness. * This is the reason why God has planted those beautiful superior planets in your vortex, towards which your efforts and tendencies will one day cause you to gravitate, when you have become sufficiently purified and perfected. * However, do not deduce from my words that the Earth is perpetually destined to remain a penitentiary. No, certainly not! From the progress that has already been achieved we may readily infer further progression, and from the various social betterments obtained, new and more fertile improvements. This is the immense task allotted to this new doctrine which the Spirits have revealed. * Everyone should dedicate themselves to the propagation of Spiritism, which has already begun your own regeneration. It is your duty to help your brothers and sisters to participate in the rays of this sacred light. * Let us hope that within this solemn reunion all hearts may aspire to this great objective, which is to prepare a world for future generations where the word happiness is no longer meaningless. (François-Nicolas-Madeleine,
Cardinal MORLOT; Paris, 1863).

CONSIDERATIONS: What can be said that is not explicit in this study of "Evil and its Remedy" and the study of "Happiness is not of this World?" Yes, from the times in which the Spirits gave us these studies, in 1863, 138 years have passed, thence the world on these years developed a lot, it developed very much and had much progress, morally maybe not so much, but certain that the understanding among men progressed, there is more tolerance among men, there is more democratic politics, there is more union of nations, there is more freedom of religion, and certain that, on seeing all this, one concludes that man has developed a great deal, very much indeed! And with his progress his happiness also got better; we see that since the studies were given us in 1863, the man went through wars among nations, there was division between nations and a cold war, now it seems that the world is only one, the hate among nations is ending and among many nations there is peace and freedom. There was a time in which there was no freedom, nor political nor religious. All for their own sake were forced to think in the same way, the generalization was as religious monopoly and as political monopoly, those who thought different from the existent opinions and already sowed, they were censured immediately and they had to rethink their feelings. Certain that they were not for that very reason, times of total happiness; now that we have freedom of thinking and of acting, will it be that we are already happy in this world? The truth then is that the world got better for us! But we still have in front of us quiet a lot so that the world might be a happy world. Even if the world gives us everything for our physical and material needs, we still have a lot to work for our morals and for our neighbor‟s morals. Yes, for our neighbour! Why, what advantages me to be a man of peace if my neighbour is not, but it is worthwhile yes, because one by one the world is filled with men of welfare as the saying: “grain in grain does fill the bugbear", but, also if the neighbour be not evangelized which means also moralized, how can we walk in the street? Where we be assaulted, where one is injured, where everything could happen against women, men and even to innocent children, where one can be kidnapped, where one cannot have a good car or jewels and even a thousand other things obtained by our own efforts and our own deserved merits? If the world around us does not moralize itself; our happiness cannot be complete because of fear and terror, even with faith in God, because in reality we are human beings and still very imperfect, but even so the world has improved thanks be to God, and to them that suffered in donating themselves in favour of goodness.


How many were not those who lived a good example, for others to follow, and certain that the greatest exemplificador was as all guess and know to have been, Jesus, who continues influencing us in the good path of our total happiness. Certain that from the doctrine which Jesus brought, from the Father who sent Him, (John, 7: 16-18) many men interpreted and dogmatized it to their taste, however from the examples of Jesus, (John, 13: 15) nobody can doubt that Jesus is the way of goodness, the way of peace, the way of understanding, the way of our moralization, and certainly the way of happiness, as much ours as of the world. Will it be that difficult to follow Jesus? Will it be that difficult to forgive those who have offended us? Will it be difficult for us to give the other cheek when offended? Will it be difficult to live in this world in peace and love? Yes, difficult it is, but worst will be if we do not follow Jesus! As well as helping our neighbour also to follow Him! (Mark, 9: 38 - Luke, 9:57-60) And, if all seek in the world peace and love, in that law of peace and of love, who doubts the world will not become a happy world? A World of union and harmony, academic school of ascension to God, because, if happiness be in us, everything around us will be redundant of happiness, because it is the being that makes the environment! In the same way that we are responsible for the present, we are also responsible for the future as much ours as of our neighbour, let there be no doubt. According to the saying: "the future belongs to God", let us then live with faith and hope in God confident in a better future! And, that this world be of good advantage for all of us and that we all may depart approved of our proofs! That Jesus may tell us “Well come!" with a smile in His face, which would explain everything, when we see Him as He is and thank Him for His having looked after us and helped us the whole time, as well as to thank Him for having sent superior Spirits to accompany us re-teaching the doctrine which Jesus brought as well as to recall it, thanking all those who were donated and continue to donate themselves as Spirits to help the Earth to be a happy globe. May God be with us, as formerly, today and always!


SOURCE: Apostila ESDE. FEB. Program V. Itinerary 36


SYNTHESIS: * As a consequence of the moral inferiority of the population of our planet, are of a large number the inferior spirits that inhabit the plan of the disincarnated. * The obsession is one of the results of the negative action of those inferior spirits that influence us. * The obsession in general is the persistent action that a bad spirit exercises on an individual. * The medianimic faculties are very prejudiced by obsession. * The Spirits influence gradual and progressively until sometimes to reach extreme situations * * In the beginning of the obsession it can be recognized as a psychic force or inquietude without apparent reason. * Alcoholism brings organic consequences, drugs, act on the nervous system; the unbalanced sexuality tunes in with consciences disincarnated; the glutonia, the slander, the anger, the jealousy, the envy, the avarice and the selfishness, they are equally access highways to spirits of an inferior nature. * “The Spirits‟ Book, Question, 459) - Do Spirits influence our thoughts and our actions?

“Their influence upon them is greater than you suppose, for it is very often they who direct both.”
* Q. 460 )- Have you some thoughts that originate with ourselves, and others that are suggested to us? “Your soul is a spirit who thinks. You must have observed that many thoughts, and frequently very opposite ones, come into your mind reference to the same subject, and at the same time. In such cases, some of them are your own, and some are ours. This is the cause of your uncertainties, because you have thus in your mind two ideas that are opposed to each other.” * Q. 461)- How can we distinguish between the thoughts which are our own and those which are suggested to us? “ When a thought is suggested, it is like a voice speaking to you. Your own thoughts are generally those which first occur to you. In point of fact, this distinction is not of much practical importance for you, and it is often better for you not to be able to make it. Man‟s action is thus left in greater freedom. If he decides for the right road, he does so more spontaneously; if he takes the wrong one, he is more distinctly responsible for his mistake.” COMPLEMENTARY: The spiritist doctrine which is in its most essence, the study and knowledge of the soul, it shows us in their display of links and linkages which take us to the knowledge of ourselves, of our neighbour and of God, then on studying the linkages of affinities, of spiritual degrees and of the graduations of the worlds and multiplicity of lives we will notice that, according to our degree of likeness; we influence and are influenced, thence according to our moral degree and of likeness we can fall in obsession, nobody is immune to this law, thence, Jesus to have taught us that we should watch and pray (Matthew, 26: 41). Our own Master was submitted to a confrontation of inferior Spirits, who tried to influence Him. We know that Jesus when was hungry, it was suggested to him to transform the stones into bread, to what He refused, thence His moral superiority, (Luke, 4:1-11) and great lesson for the humanity. On this study, showing that the inferior influences can only be overcome, with superior moral and that the inferior influence only wins when it finds affinities, for that end, thence we conclude that we have free will and we can refuse, if it were not so it would be difficult to dominate bad influences, but as we all, are more or less still inferior, we can only take refuge in God and in Jesus Christ, in prayer and submission to His Mercy in faith and trust and to follow the maximum we can in the light of the Gospel, which teaches us that it is in Love and in Charity, that we overcome the obstacles in our path and that we are carrying with us a past and a spiritual present, wherefore if the obsession cause is not in the current life, we should accept that it is in the last lives like Job said (Job) to his friends: “For we are but of yesterday, and we know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow " (Job, 8: 9) and well teaches Jesus: “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;” (Matthew, 5:44) “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also .” (Matthew, 5:39) , teachings that are true cures for endless currents of causes and effects.



Studied at Luz e Verdade. S. J. Meriti. RJ. On 15/05/1996 and 22/05/ 1996.

Which whilest the world does not love we have to be satisfied in a world of tests and atonements, until we learn love and charity. Jesus began, exemplified and he said: “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.” (John, 15:12). Now it is us that have to give continuity; if we are poor exemplary then we have to improve ourselves, wherefore there is no doubt that we want a better and happier world, is it easy for us to see everyone wrong, but we have to give a contribution and we are not talking only about the incarnated but the disincarnated as well, that we ask them for God‟s sake and please do not obsess us, may God so want. Obsession is sometimes as a political movement where there is opposition. Like so, also as religions or sects that fight themselves, each one thinking to be the holder of truth, so much in the beyond as in this side, thence the obsession until love and tolerance be born amongst them all. As the revenges, the cruelties, the hates, the rivalries make the inferior spirits seek satisfaction in the obsession until dominating the opponent thinking as soon as about the conquest of the dominance are superior without to analyze or to ratiocinate if they are right or not. The obsessores are in general bad spirits or inferior; now, inferior spirits can only be evangelized with whom has a superior moral; thence the constant recommendation: “Spiritists! Love one another, that is the first precept; educate yourselves is the second", (he Gospel according to Spiritism, 6:5) and "Without Charity there is no salvation", (The gospel according to Spiritism, 15:10) it is the synthesis more synthesized that the Spirits can offer and which Jesus Himself summarized the laws and prophets in: “to Love God above all things and our neighbour as ourselves". (The Gospel according to Spiritism, 15:4 - Matthew, 22: 34-40). Now if we get these syntheses of loving God and our neighbor, illuminated Spirits we will accompany and then after obsessing Spirits will stand back; but in case God allows; that some Spirit may demand something, let us remember that Jesus taught: "pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you" (Matthew, 5:44) which certainly means to say to pray also for our obsessores and very especially, we to ask Heaven for help, because a persistent obsessor can only understand, that he is wrong, by superior interference of illuminated Spirits, who have the condition of illuminating the inferior obscurities, to cure spiritual wounds and to cause a outcome of the good which God planted in every being embodied or disincarnated; these realities the beneficent spirits do teach us who want us well, and so that we may have a healthy spiritual illumination. Let us walk in this rail of syntheses to us given and certainly it will not be a slack rope, because if there is a mistake or: "if there is evil in man, it is him who has to modify or correct himself " (The Spirits‟ Book, Q. 847 - A Gênese, 3: 10) thereof the need never too much to remind of our interior transformation . “The true Spiritist can be recognized by their moral transformation and by the efforts they employ in order to dominate their bad instincts” (The
Gospel according to Spiritism, 17: 4)


"Yes, we know that it is difficult, yes, because nature does not give jumps, (The Spirits‟ Book, Q. 120) but we can yes, begin if we have not as yet began to follow Jesus and being a little bit like Him in essence and truth, this should be today our desire and may God, accompany us and help us. As well as formerly, today and always. NOTES:
In Caibar Schutel's" saying the spirit that tried to interrogate Jesus could not have been as the Churches think to be": a superior being of light that succumbed, because if he were he would not be ignorant of who Jesus was. It was certainly a legion of inferior spirits, arrogant with a spokesperson, curious, ignorant, absolute, irreverent, immoral and persuaded that the Earth belonged them. They make us to remind the spirits (priests) that also tested Jesus saying "if thou be the son of God, come down from the cross", (Matthew, 27: 40) who is he that smote thee." (Matthew, 26: 68) They are spirits difficult to use their use of reason, they only learn through the force of things and even seeing they do not believe, they are more guided by the instinct and curiosity. Now the Spiritist Doctrine says that "the Spirit does not retrograde (The Spirits‟ Book, Q. 118), the Spirit is always in progress-evolution towards God", then of if God had created a Superior Angel of Light, certain that; darkness could not obscure him and if in God just and good he would lack of nothing, why should he have any reason to riot? Oh, they say it was pride, now, pride is something that a perfect being does not have! How could Satan gain an imperfection, if God created him already a Perfect Angel of Light, certainly that through the use of reason we demand a lot of explanation, explanation that is demanded which nobody, knows how to give, because they speak, now, we know by tradition, now through the use of reason if one raises the tradition, one comes to reach at the distant times of faith in a Good God and in a bad God, as they reached to that understanding, there is an entangled of difficulties and then of the subject is remains thereabout, with a stone on top, until a better understanding, of those who explore and manipulate their convenient belief in a Satan and so irreverent they are that they dare say that it was God who created him, now God who does not create anything imperfect nor injustice; to attribute to God a bad inferior being's creation is at least an irreverence, and it can only show, a total ignorance of God and His attributes, most on the contrary of what Jesus thought when they called him, of good, He refused that attribute and he said: “And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God:” (Matthew, 19: 17) Now we see that if the man does not know how to explain and to answer to serious questions and responsible! Let us seek somewhere else, and certainly that the spirits did come and do come to help us and to explain: without a doubt nor fears, nor fear of speaking: “God Created the spirits simple and ignorant" (The Spirits‟ Book, Q. 115) and God as He is infinitely just, (The spirits‟ Book, chap. I) He did not create Spirits in Angel's degree but yes that they themselves gained through the times that merit! (O Céu e o Inferno, Chap. 8: 12 - “Heaven and Hell”)


SOURCE: Apostila ESDE. FEB. Program IV. Itinerary 14

SYNTHESIS: * To the Spirits besides the work of getting themselves better personally it is assigned to them of executing the will of God, so concurring for the harmony of the Universe. * The occupation of the Spirits is continuous. * The continuous action of the Spirits is not painful to them, because they are not subject to the fatigue of the terrestrial life. * The inferior Spirits also carry out useful function in the Universe. * The Spirits ought to go through all the different degrees of the evolutionary scale to improve themselves. * The Spirits that are idle later or early have a desire for their progress, that desire impels them to the activity, which turns them happy for being useful. * The missions of the Spirits always have for objective the goodness. * The Spirits are in charge of the things of this world in agreement with the evolution degree in which they are, the superiors are in charge of the progress; the inferior with the material things! * The attributions are proportionate to the progress which they possess, nor favors, nor privileges, everything is measured and weighted in the scale of the strict justice. * The most important missions are given or confided to Spirits that God judges capable of accomplishing and unable of faintness or compromising. * Each incarnate has duties to fill out to the goodness of his neighbour. * All intelligences compete for the general work, whichever degree they may have achieved, be it in the incarnated state or in the spiritual, in mutual support, giving hands to reach out the zenith. CONSIDERATIONS: Jesus said: "and then he shall reward every man according to his works." (Matthew, 16:27) Jesus also said: "and their works do follow them " (Revelation, 14:13). Being we able therefore to say that: "according to his works”, be the spiritual degree in which the incarnated or disincarnated Spirits are; and that: "their works do follow them" are the merits, the vocations, his intellectual-moral level, and the merits to which worlds he may deserve to be, therefore according to Jesus teaching: “In my Father‟s House are many mansions" (John, 14:2), our acting are relevant to the world according to our graduation, the more rude the world be, more difficult the tasks, in worlds more quintessenciated, certainly that the tasks are smoothed and happy ones. In the same way the more rude the Spirit is, ruder is the world that he may deserve or need to be. The help which God gives us is proportional to our effort and will, as the Spirits may say: "Heaven helps him who helps himself" (The spirits‟ Book, Q. 663 - The G. acc. To Sp. 25: 1-5). There is no privileged nor favorite, the laws of God are merciful and tolerant; Jesus recommends: “Knock and it shall be opened unto you", “seek and you shall find"," Ask and it shall be given". (Matthew, 7:78)


God helps but He does not do for us; God inspires us but He does not do for us. The law of progress demands work and effort. Idleness brings suffering and dissatisfaction. Selfishness brings stagnation. The law of Work develops the man and brings merit and spiritual graduation more and more beneficent. The Law of Charity is a need. The law of Love to the neighbor is a sublime law. As well as it is an universal law, because,” we Influence and we are influenced" (The spirits‟ Book, Q. 495), and only love builds and in love and in God, the whole Universe develops, because for us to ascend to God, we need charity, as ascension steps, Jesus said: “And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant". (Matthew,
20: 27)

The law demands that the strongest should help the weakest.

Studied at Luz e Verdade, on 29/03/2000.

The law demands that there should be mutual aid. Thence the laws are favorable to altruism, what is summarized in: “Without Charity there is no salvation". (The Gospel according to Spiritism, 15: 8) The universal law is love or to love, then Jesus brought us the universal law and he taught: “Love one another, as I have loved you"; (John, 15: 12). Besides: “For I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you". (John, 13: 15) Well then walk in the paths to us given and to us favored by God. God be with us, as formerly, today and always.

LIFE OF CONTEMPLATION: The Spirits‟ book, Question, 657: “Have men who give themselves up to a life of contemplation, doing nothing evil, and thinking only of God, any special merit in His eyes? “No, for if they do nothing evil, they do nothing good; and besides, not to do good is, in itself, evil. God wills that His children should think of Him; but He does not will that they should think only of Him, since He has given men duties to discharge upon earth. He who consumes his life in meditation and contemplation does nothing meritorious in the sight of God, because such a life is entirely personal and useless to mankind; and God will call him to account for the good he has failed to do.” Question, 661: “Is there any use in asking God to forgive us our faults? “God discerns the good and the evil: prayer does not hid faults from His eyes. He, who asks of God the forgiveness of his faults, obtains that forgiveness only through a change of conduct. Good deeds are the best prayers, for deeds are of more worth than words” Question, 666: May we pray to Spirits? “You may pray to good Spirits as being the messengers of God, and the executants of His will; but their power, which is always proportionate to their elevation, depends entirely on the Master of all things, without whose permission anything takes place. For this reason, prayers addressed to them are only efficacious if accepted by God.”


Spiritism undoubtedly was sent by God the Father and by Jesus, because nothing happens without His knowledge, permission or will thanks be to God, the Spirits of the Lord are everywhere and in the whole universe; God is in the heart of all things, the Spirits in scale as a chain, whose degrees are links that unites each other, each one interpreting the will of God, working for themselves and for their neighbour, all have a function before God, and His will is done thanks be to God.


Source: “Teachings and Parables of Jesus". Cairbar Schutel; and Mark, XIII: 1-27.

EXPLANATORY NOTES: Jesus announces to the disciples on the temple of Jerusalem, Jesus prophesies that the temple would be thrown down and taking advantage enunciated the signs of times that the world would pass, until Kingdom of God be established in Earth! * Cairbar Schutel, tries to understand this study to the light of Spiritism, and we surely, should also try to understand the study to the light of Spiritism which is to the light of reason and of logic. CONSIDERATIONS AND CONSIDERATIONS: The study of the signs of times, according to the opinion of most of the religions is interpreted materially, that is, such and which as it is in the Bible, the stars falling, Jesus to arrive visibly in the clouds with His angels, (A Gênese, - by Allan Kardec, chap. XVII:8) etc.. And they do not seek the Spirit of the letter, in other words, to look as allegories that help us to understand the spiritual reality. Well then, with the spiritist key, which does not get tired of proving the existence of the perispírit, which is the key of understanding many phenomena and the predictions of times and even to events. With the Spiritist Doctrine which gives us the key: "reincarnation" there is a big difference and differs very much on the ones that believe in only a life; we have the key, "evolution and progress of the souls", which makes a difference in the interpretation of the scriptures, we have the key that: "the Gospel saves us", but not the way that many say to be salvation, because many think to be lost, for reason of the Devil to have deceived our ancestors Adam and Eve, and thereof, they deposit their faith in Jesus for that salvation, necessary that we know: “Jesus did not come to condemn the world". (John, 3: 17) Certainly that his Gospel planted in the world will grow, will spread itself and bring fruit and certain that in ends of times the world will be capable to accept him (Jesus), but there are many that egoistically and proudly wait for Jesus, literally coming in the clouds to fetch them, which means:” to be privileged", and that it means that the others who are not privileged will be condemned, but now with Spiritism we have the key": causes and effects", Jesus does not condemn anybody, each one is responsible for himself, at the end of times of course if the Earth be regenerated with good spirits, (The Spirits‟ Book, Q. 1019) the inferior will be taken for compatible worlds with their spiritual degrees, it is not that horrible teaching which I think I was taught that they will be thrown unto Hell. With the spiritist key we know that God created the Spirits, "simple and ignorant", (The Spirits‟ Book, Q. 133) now if God did not destroy the men when they were very barbaric or extremely bad, certainly that now He will not do that, now necessary is to be made a choice in the end of times, (A Gênese, by Allan Kardec, 17 - „Juizo final” and those who do not have condition, for the good of all they shall be taken or helped along to another School! Certainly democratically, because nothing will be done against the will or understanding of any citizen of Heavens, because Jesus said: “Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them, and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.", (John, 20: 23) and "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.", (Matthew, 18: 20) I believe that the inferior Spirits will be taken almost voluntarily. After they hear explanations and lectures from their superiors, obviously the more obstinate will be taken compulsorily even within the divine protection, in agreement with the laws of God. Our own Master Jesus Christ will take care with care and love of the case, (John, 10: 14) although it may be a serious subject, but the laws of the Universe are of "evolution and progress" and no matter how much the people make an effort, "Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black”, (Matthew, 5: 36). Let us surrender to God our Father and to our Lord Jesus, the decisions of the ends of the times, because, they are not of our concern, and let us seek if possible, to be better, to improve ourselves, to learn to not to condemn, to seek in our Master's lessons more faith and hope. Which we can pass ahead, to others or for whom be needy. Jesus said that He came for the patients or even for this sick world, (Matthew, 9: 12) almost world hospital; world of tests and atonements. For those who are already with their reformed spirit, with always good intentions, this world is a happy world, it is a world of beneficent work, now for those who have their spirit with sore spots, rioted and unsatisfied, this world is still of tests and atonements, but it is a world in which we deserve to be.


Studied at Joana d‟Arc, on 02/05/2000.

God is exactly and He would have placed us in a better world to this if we deserved, but even with all the contrasts of this world there are a lot of developed souls and happy who ask God permission to be reincarnated here, we Spiritists have an idea and we sometimes explain: it is as a citizen of a big city that returns to his village, he feels himself well and helps everybody around, and in that all are to gain!. (Matthew, 9: 12) Then, we will not condemn ourselves or condemn this world, because it is a beautiful and wonderful world, it was God who created it, we too for God, I think we are beautiful, because it was God who created us but we are still in apprenticeship and incomplete. God is still working in us, to improve, however we are already been done marvelously, there are already among us many virtuous and many with a brilliant breeze of very desirable colours, but the purpose of the will of God for us is to be Spirits of bright Light as Jesus, a pure Spirit. (The Spirits‟ Book, Q. 112-113). May God so want and that our faith and hope be so..

Incarnation of spirits - Aim of incarnation:
Question, 132: “What is the aim of the incarnation of Spirits? “It is a necessity imposed on them by God, as a means of attaining perfection. For some of them it is an expiation; for others a mission. In order to attain perfection, it is necessary for them to undergo all the vicissitudes of corporeal existence. It is the experience acquired by expiation that constitutes its usefulness. Incarnation has also another aim - viz., that of fitting the spirit to perform his share in the work of creation; for which purpose he is made to assume a corporeal apparatus in harmony with the material state of each world into which he is sent, and by means of which he is enabled to accomplish the special work, in connection with that world, which has been appointed to him by the divine ordering. He is thus made to contribute his quota towards the general weal, while achieving his own advancement.” Question, 133: “Is incarnation necessary for the Spirits who, from the beginning, have followed the right road? “All are created simple and ignorant; they gain instruction in the struggles and tribulations of corporeal life. God, being just, could not make some of them happy, without trouble and without exertion, and consequently without merit.” -- But it so, what do Spirits gain by having followed the right road, since they are not thereby exempted from the pains of corporeal life? “They arrive more quickly at the goal. And besides, the sufferings of life are often a consequence of the imperfection of the Spirit; therefore, the fewer his imperfections, the less will be his sufferings. He who is neither envious, nor jealous, or avaricious, nor ambitious, will not have to undergo the torments which are a consequence of those defects.” Question, 625: “What is the most perfect type that God has offered to man as his guide and model? “Jesus.” Jesus is the type of the moral perfection to which man may attain upon this earth. God offers Him to our thought as our most perfect model; and the doctrine taught by Him is the purest expression of the divine law, because He was animated by the divine spirit, and was the purest being that has ever appeared upon the earth. If some of those who have professed to instruct man in the law of god have sometimes led him astray by the inculcation of error, it is because they have allowed themselves to be swayed by sentiments of too earthly a nature, and because they have confounded the laws which regulate the conditions of the life of the soul which regulate the life of the body. Many pretended revealers have announced as divine laws what were only human laws, devised by them for serving their own passions and obtaining dominion over their fellow-men.” Question, 627: “Since the true laws of God have been taught by Jesus, what is the use of the teachings given by Spirits? Have they anything more to teach us? “The teachings of Jesus were often allegoric, and conveyed in parables; because He spoke according to the time and place in which He lived. The time has now come when the truth must be made intelligible for all. It is necessary to explain and develop the divine laws, because few among you understand them, and still fewer practice them. Our mission is to strike the eyes and ears of all, in order to confound pride, and to unmask the hypocrisy of those who assume the outward appearances of virtue and of religion as a cloak for their turpitudes. We are charged to prepare the reign of good announced by Jesus; to furnish the explanations that will render it impossible for men to continue to interpret the law of God according to their passions, or to pervert the meaning of what is wholly a law of love and of kindness.”



Source": Parables and teachings of Jesus by Caibar Schutel; and John, IV: 1 -26.

SYNTHESES OF THE GOSPEL: * Jesus needed to cross Samaria and he stopped to drink water in the well of Jacob. * A Samatarian woman came to draw water and Jesus asked her to give him water to drink. * She was surprised, because Jesus was Jewish and her Samaritan. * Jesus offered her living water. * Jesus exposes knowledge of life to the woman. * Jesus explains about the eternal life and that God is Spirit and that he who adores Him, must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. * Jesus revealed that he was Christ whom she awaited to come. SYNTHESIS OF CAIBAR * We are living in the 3rd day or be the day of the resurrection of Christianity. * Jesus made the Samaritan woman see that God was greater than Jew, grater than Samaritan. * The woman thought that Jesus offered her a better way to draw water. * Jesus taught her that the water that satiates the whole thirst is the one that gushes from high, his doctrine. * The doctrine is of life, of light, of truth, of peace. CONSIDERATIONS: The encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman gives us a very valuable study, the question of Jesus to have revealed that the true values are the spiritual ones. In this study, Jesus, reveals that it is not in Samaria nor in Jerusalem that one should worship God, but anywhere.

Up to now those who call themselves Palestinian fight for the ownership of the area where was the temple of Israel, at present there are only the walls, and the people still did not understand that one can pray anywhere, (John, 4: 20-24) although it be remains of the temple, in other words, of the walls, many pilgrims go to regret their sorrows; I do not censure them and I even admire their faith.


In those days men insisted of feeling themselves privileged and the Samaritan and Jews did not speak to each other, (John, 4:9) in certain way nowadays many say, for instance, that it is at the Catholic Church that one should pray that it is the true Church, others argue saying that it is not! It falls onto the Spiritists, because many consider them as heretical and thence they do not have many businesses with Spiritists. There was a time in which in a form for a job, there was the question: "What is your religion?" and it is spoken about a case in which an interested party answered: "Spiritist", to what the interviewer said: do not put spiritist because you may not gain the job put: "Catholic" or put "without religion." Nowadays one does not have to speak anymore in religion subject in form but for the old Spiritists it was a hard proof and some paid for that being denied them a job, the people nowadays think to live without prejudice but I know about a case in which an employee was reading a spiritist book and the boss told him: "look I do not want you to read that sort of book here, the employee answered that it was a Christian book about spiritism, and the boss told him: I do not want because for me that brings bad luck in business." We all do have some experience of sometimes without us asking a piece of advice, somebody tell not to read spiritist books or to have anything to do with that, the reason is because they have prejudice or total ignorance of Spiritism, then it still is in man's character, the Samaritans not wanting anything with the Jews, is it not so? It is also dealt of their having superstitions and taboos, taboos because the people are for a lifetime conditioned to repel a lot of things and one of them is certainly Spiritism, is it not that I am right...


Studied at Joana d‟Arc, on 01/08/2000.

We all follow the doctrine of Jesus, (John, 14:6) but we are not yet tired to say that Spiritism is not dogmatic, but a science of the soul with religious consequences or moral and a philosophy that is based on the evolution natural laws and in the universal laws of progress through the use of reason and of logic, therefore, it cannot be a blind faith. It is a faith which can be questioned, which ends up being an unshakable faith, having as foundation God and the Universe and which helps from the effects to reach out to the causes. From the spiritual phenomena one arrives to the spirits who revealed themselves to be, spirits of people who, like us, lived in the world, and Allan Kardec codified and put in order the questions done to the spirits and their answers, to what consequently The Spirits‟ Book was formulated and there from were born other works. As Spirits are very alive and still active today, many books continue to be written. Yes, nowadays Jesus continues to be the source of living water, and we continue asking him water, well then, may Jesus continue to give us the water that quenches the spiritual thirst and is perpetuated forever and we will not be thirsty anymore, and nor need of material waters unless enough to maintain the physical body. (John,

The Samaritan woman asked Jesus to give her eternal water, certain that we also come to Jesus asking Him, that blessed water. God be with us, as formerly, today and always. **** DIVISION OR NATURAL LAW:
The Spirits‟ book, Question, 647: “Is the whole of the law of God contained in the rule of love of the neighbour laid down by Jesus? “That rule certainly contains all the duties of men to one another; but it is necessary to show them in various applications, or they will continue to neglect them, as they do at the present day, besides, natural law embraces all the circumstances of life, and the rule you have cited is only a part of it. Men need precise directions; general precepts are too vague, and leave too many doors open to human interpretations.” Question, 648: “What do you think of the division of natural law into ten parts, viz., the laws of adoration, labour, reproduction, preservation, society, equality, liberty, justice, love, and charity? “The division of the law of God into ten parts is that of Moses, and may be made to include all the circumstances of life, which is the essential point. You may therefore adopt it, without its being held to have any absolute value, any more than the various other systems of classification which depend on the aspect under which the subject is considered. The last of those parts is the most important; because the law of charity includes all the others, and it is therefore through the observance of this law that mankind advances most rapidly in spiritual life.” Question, 893: “Which is the most meritorious of all the virtues? “All virtues are meritorious, for all of them are signs of progress on the upward road. There is virtue in every act of voluntary resistance to the seductive influence of evil tendencies; but the sublimity of virtue consists in the sacrifice of selfinterest to the good of others. The highest of all virtues is that which takes the form of the widest and most disinterested kindness.”


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