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Global Command Center

- Executive Summary

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IT Infrastructure Management
In the past, IT organizations were internally focused and concentrated on technical issues. However with the growing dependence of business on IT, there is a higher expectation towards the quality of IT services and these expectations are constantly increasing with time. To measure and match up to these expectations, it is important for IT organizations to concentrate more on service quality and adopt a customer oriented approach. A business like attitude to the provision of service and cost associated with these has become a top priority on the agenda for all businesses.

Service Delivery Processes
Security Management Service Level Management Service Reporting Capacity Management

Availability & Continuity Management

Control Processes
Configuration Management Change Management

Financial Management

Release Processes
Resolution Processes
Release Management Incident Management Problem Management

Relationship Processes
Business Relationship Management

Supplier Management

Figure 1: Service Design and Management Processes To deliver business like services it is imperative for IT organizations to build a system and service management framework. System management is the use of enterprise management tools to identify problems, detect inefficiencies, and take corrective action on a proactive basis. Service management is focused on the customer’s requirements and implies that the customer requirements are known and not assumed. It is designed around maximizing the availability, responsiveness, cost effectiveness, and high quality service to the customers at an agreed upon cost level. The different processes and activities involved in using a Service management approach are illustrated in Figure 1. Some of the benefits of IT infrastructure management using system and service management framework are: • Improved quality of service – more reliable business support • IT service continuity procedures are more focused, and higher confidence in the ability to follow them • Clearer view of current IT capability and opportunities where changes can bring about most benefits • More motivated staff; improved job satisfaction through better understanding of capability and better management of expectations • System led benefits for example, improvements in security, accuracy, speed, availability as required for the required level of service • Enhanced customer satisfaction

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Wipro Global Command Center (GCC)
Management Service Providers deliver information technology (IT) infrastructure management services to multiple customers over a network on a subscription basis. MSP operates similar to Application Service Providers (ASP’s) in that they deliver services via a network that are billed to their clients.

Figure 2: Global Command Center As one of the world’s leading providers of IT services Wipro has been in the IT Infrastructure Support business for over two decades catering to the needs of fortune 500 companies. Wipro offers a complete IT Infrastructure Management Solution through our state of the art Global Command Center. The NOC in U.S and U.K are equipped with Enterprise Management Framework ensuring that the core management setup remains close to customers and also in providing Inter-continental Global Disaster Recovery capability to Wipro’s GCC. The NOC setup helps in faster root cause analysis and in prioritizing tickets based on business impact.

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1. India a. Bangalore (HQ) 2. U.S.A b. Mountain View (HQ) c. Redwood City d. New York 3. U.K

e. London (HQ) f. Reading 4. Japan g. Tokyo (HQ) 5. China 6. Hong Kong

7. Australia 8. New Zealand 9. Korea 10. Malaysia 11. Taiwan 12. Philippines 13. Indonesia 14. Thailand

15. Vietnam 16. Ireland

Global Command Center NOC POP Location Development Centers

Figure 3: Global Delivery Model Wipro has an impressive Global Delivery Model with NOC locations in U.S and U.K and POP locations in U.S, U.K and Japan (Fig. 3). The NOC and POP locations are connected to Global Command Center in India through High Availability links using multiple service providers, media and point of landing.
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GCC What we can manage?
The vision of Wipro’s Global Command Center is to offer services based on World class infrastructure, Industry expert skills and proven process oriented stable operations. We offer remote management services for elements like : Network: Cisco, Nortel, 3Com, Cabletron, Alteon, Juniper, F5, Foundry Networks OS: All Unix variants – SCO, AIX, HP-UX; DEC-VMS, NT 2000 & WS, Novell Netware, Linux etc Database: Microsoft SQL, Oracle etc Applications: Exchange, and Lotus Notes etc Storage: NetApps and EMC etc Security: Checkpoint, Cisco PIX, Nokia, Gauntlet etc

GCC Service Offering
Monitoring Network and other IT infrastructures are monitored continuously. Based on the thresholds sets, automatic alerts are generated. This proactive method helps in detecting the problem even before the link or component actually goes down. Monitoring services can be for any service window (e.g. 9x5, 16x6, 24x7). Monitoring activity is most cost effective when done offshore. Administration Administration activity is a typical process document based activity, which is done at defined frequency or time frame based on the processes defined. Some of these activities can be automated using scripts or tools. Routine administrative activities can be done offshore. Diagnostics Diagnostics Service can be classified as proactive maintenance services and fix-on-fail services. Proactive maintenance service is a checklist-based activity, which is done periodically, or on alerts generated by the monitoring services. Scripts/tools can be used for proactive services. Fix-on-fail service is to rectify faults that are possible to be rectified remotely. The aim of diagnostics service is to minimize the un-scheduled downtime. Trend Based Consultancy Data collected from monitoring, administration and preventive maintenance services can be very valuable. These are like nuggets of gold. Based on these historic data, trend based consultancy can be done.

GCC Technology
The Global Command Center deploys latest management software and hardware from leading product vendors for providing Monitoring and Management of Networks, Systems, Applications, Security and Web supported by strong service management and Help Desk platform. Systems Management: • • • • • • HP Open View Operations Management Framework containing OV Operations, Network Node Manager (NNM), Service Information Portal (SIP) Zen Works for managing Novell Platform Cisco WAN Manager 3Com Transcend Manager Strata view Plus Logec for Event Correlation and Event Suppression

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Internet Services: • HP OV Internet Services (OV-IS) Security Management: • Internet Security Systems (ISS) Service Management: • Remedy Action Request System (ARS) • Tel Alert • E-Dashboard

GCC infrastructure
Wipro delivers its infrastructure management services through its state-of-the-art Global Command Center from India with Point of Presence (POP) locations in US of A, UK and Japan. The POP locations are equipped with HP-OV management servers to handle the traps of the monitored elements in the given region and perform basic event correlation and event suppression functions. This ensures localization of management traffic of customers to the respective POP servers thus resulting in valuable savings on bandwidth. POP management servers are in turn integrated with Remedy ARS Server in the Global Command Center in India and the engineers in GCC get a notification of trouble ticket and proceeds to take appropriate action.

GCC Architecture
Web Server Management Help Desk Escalation Management SLA Management Help Desk Database Database Management Network Management

Asset Management

Server Management

Integrated Database

Security Management

Performance Reporting

Remote Control Mail Management

Service Portal

Backup Management


Figure 4: GCC Architecture

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GCC Quality Process & Framework

Figure 5: Milestone of Wipro’s Quality Journey Wipro adopted and obtained an organization wide ISO certification in 1995. Wipro has been a trendsetter as far as quality focus is concerned. Wipro became the world’s first SEI-CMM Level 5 company in 1998. Wipro went on to add PCMM Level 5 and CMMI during subsequent years as depicted in figure 5.
GCC Service Offerings

Service Delivery

Capacity Management Availability Management Business Continuity Financial Management Pilot

Service Level Management

Service Support

Release Mgmt

Help Desk

Problem Mgmt

Change Mgmt

Config Mgmt

KAP Remote

Figure 6: GCC Process Framework As depicted in the Figure 6, GCC follows ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework to develop its process framework. ITIL has become the world wide defacto standard in IT service management. In the IT infrastructure management space, Wipro’s goal is to focus on ISO 9000 and BS15000 certifications based on ITIL standards. Having obtained ISO certification for Infrastructure practice, Wipro is pursuing to obtain BS15000 certification for its Global Command Center as and when it is released by iTSMF of UK. Wipro continues its journey to retain its global leadership in the quality journey.
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GCC Security Framework

Figure 7: GCC Security Framework As depicted in the Figure 7, Wipro has a comprehensive Security Framework deployed to ensure that that security is addressed in every aspect. Wipro is actively pursuing BS7799 to obtain global certification on highest security standards. Customer benefit of this effort is a highly secured environment and a peace of mind.

GCC - Key Differentiators
• • • • • • • • • • • • State-of-the-art facility Innovative Architecture – GCC in India with PoP Locations in US, UK and Japan Quality driven organization Guaranteed Service Levels One-Stop Solution provider 2 decades of IT Infrastructure Management expertise Best-in-class tool sets Vendor Plural Management – Focus is to address customer needs – Not married to any specific tool set Continuous Technology Tracking and deployment of latest tool set Global presence with an impressive customer base in US, UK and Japan Has the largest base of infrastructure elements being managed compared to any other player in India Experience of having handled large projects and Global customers.

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GCC Fact Sheet as on Feb 2003
• • • Coverage: 16 countries NOC’s: 2 - US & UK POP’s: 3 - US, UK & Japan

Elements Managed from GCC: • 3200 networking elements • 620 production servers containing NT, Novell, various flavors of UNIX • 50 database servers • Remote Monitoring of 10,000 mail boxes • User Administration of 6700 users • Anti-Virus Management and Back-up Restore Services for over 16,000 users Alliance with leading Technology Vendors:

Figure 8: Key Alliances

In Summary
Wipro’s Global Command Center’s vision is to offer services by using: 1. World Class infrastructure 2. Industry Expert skills 3. Proven Process Oriented Service Operations and 4. Backed by principals to ensure the best way of delivering IT infrastructure management solutions.

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