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RSS feed with the latest TOPdesk news
Want to stay updated on all the latest TOPdesk news? Use the following URLs to subscribe to the latest TOPdesk news from the TOPdesk extranet: You need to be logged in to the extranet in order to be able to read the RSS feed. Using an RSS reader such as Google reader you can then read the news.

ID photos in the Person and Operator cards
Applies in: TOPdesk Professional 3.8 and Enterprise 4.0 ID photos can now be displayed in the Person and Operator cards. This can be activated in the System Settings > People. The location and the name configuration of the photo files can be indicated here, for example: John Smith. First name + the first letter of the surname, extension .jpg = johns.jpg. In the Web interface 3.8 and Enterprise 4.0 versions, these functions can be activated in the ApplicationServer console under Modules > Photo Module.

ALT+F11 and ALT+F12
Applies in: TOPdesk Professional 3.8 By using the familiar F11 and F12 functions in TOPdesk, you can place a date and login name stamp in a memo field (for example, in the fields ‘Request’ and ‘Action’). It is now also possible to use ALT+F11 or ALT+F12 to place a stamp on the line after the present position of the cursor. However, this does not work in the TOPdesk 3.8 Web interface.

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