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The Windsor Nazi Conspiracy Most people know that National Socialism has it’s most famous roots

in Adolph Hitler’s Germany…but what is the agenda and who is involved these days? In 1837 there was the death of King William the Fourth of England and the crown went to Victoria William and his wife Adelaide had a child who was put up the Tower of London and Victoria’s Uncle Ernest fled to Hanover…this is why England lost Hanover from the Court of Arms. The play by Oscar Wilde called The Importance of Being Ernest makes fun of the situation of the usurped German uncle with Lady Bracknell sitting in judgement as Victoria and Ernest’s noble descent being unprovable due to his discovery in a handbag! But in the run up to the First World War Edward the Seventh son of Victoria had good reason to collude in laying the foundations for war with Germany so as to force his cousin Ernst in Hanover to loose his perhaps better claim on the throne. Edward’s son George the Fifth, Kaiser Wilhelm Emperor of Germany and Czar Nicholas the Second of Russia were all first cousins and during the Great War talk was rife of George’s collusion with his Cousin Wilhelm as the disasters on the Western Front unfolded…in 1917 two things happened:1. George changed the family name to Windsor from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and 2. Cousin Ernst who was forced to side with Germany lost his English titles. The Great War had settled the dispute over the Crown from the Kings of Hanover. But as England was on the winning side she kept her Democracy. After George the Fifth’s death Edward the Eighth was crowned in 1936…he was a full supporter of Adolph Hitler and the new Nation Socialism that portrayed democratic nations as in paralysis and theirs as dynamic with strong economies and free from the restraint of Civil Rights and the Rule of Law they showed that they could get things done a lot more efficiently. Edward the Eight in 1935 briefed the Home Secretary about how he supported the idea of Hitler and the Anglo counter part the British Union of Fascists but said that he thought Sir Oswald Mosley their leader was a problem as he would want to be the Dictator when the Germans invade and

I. The Germans were allowed over to build a secret network of airfields in East Anglia marked by steel framed red barns and the plan was hammered out for England to lose the air force to the better German one and then over night land the whole German army on the door step of the Capital and knock England out of the war…a plan that had been discovered by M. In the mean time Windsor cousin Prescott Bush grandfather of former President George W Bush tried to fulfil his part of the deal with Hitler and stage a coup in the USA to over throw Democracy there…he decided to involve the military and sought the help of Brigadier General Smedley Butler who got involved in the plot long enough to find out what it was about and who was involved and then turned the conspirators in to The Senate. And so the Totalitarian Fascist Agenda plotted in secret society places like the . The Windsor Nazi Conspiracy took a set back but Edward’s brother Albert took the Crown as George the Sixth and the deal with Hitler to invade England and get rid of Democracy continued.that was going to his job…he was forced to abdicate and an unconvincing story about his desire to marry an American divorcee was spun to the press as a fig leaf…Catholics are barred from the throne by the Act of Settlement 1701 and Henry the Eighth founded the Protestant Church because he wanted a divorce. The plan failed when the RAF won the Battle of Britain…Hitler was so sure of George the Sixth he sent Rudolph Hess the second in command of the whole Nazi Reich over to England by officer transport to see the King and ask what had happened…to Hitler the deal was real…and so he had generously allowed the British army to escape at Dunkirk the previous May in 1940.5 and was known to certain members of Parliament including Winston Churchill and they. Hitler used False Flag Terrorism to make the case for the restriction of Civil Rights in Germany…as soon as he won the 1933 election he set fire to the German Parliament the Reichstag and blamed it on the Communists…then claiming to be under attack he began the removal of all safe guards to dangerous state authority. had invested a lot of money in the new world class fighters the Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire. There is no scope to claim divorce was a reason to cause the abdication of the King of England. having control over the Chancellor. Hess was imprisoned and kept under total information shield in prison until 1987 when the long lost descendent of Victor Luneburg was asked if he could be freed and the answer was Yes and so they had to hang him and say it was suicide…he was too old to do it himself.

but ask yourself this. And where there is terrorism there are terrorists with demands and the only people to step forward with an Agenda to support were the authorities who said they want to increase the power of The State. And so ask not what your country is becoming. The first and last time in history that steel framed buildings have collapsed due to fire. how many divisions have you got? . the middle class intellectuals are the target…like with Pol Pot it is the rulers and peasants that make the Brave New Society and people who have heard of Magna Carta are trouble making intellectuals.Bohemian Grove needed to be re-booted and on 9/11 2001 in New York and Washington the False Flag Terrorism that worked so well for Hitler was used again. where only proletariat peasants are kept for labour. Charles dreams of a Feudal system and Divine Right where the only rights are his and if he wanted you dead you would be dead in a de-populated world.

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