Anglotopia’s Dictionary of British English

British Slang from A to Zed
Jonathan Thomas Anglotopia

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geared towards viewers of British TV. While Americans and the British speak the same language. With this dictionary by your side. we wanted this text to be a quick reference. we thought it would be fun to write a dictionary to British English . you’ll always have a way to translate from Brit speak to American English. . We’ve excluded words that basically have the same meaning in both American and British English and there are a lot of words that were cut because there is no need to be redundant.Anglotopia’s Dictionary of British English Introduction We’ve all been there. So. Most of our definitions are based on comparisons to American English so that’s the perspective from which we have written. No longer will you have to scratch your head about the meaning of something. the British use many words differently than we do. It was not possible to include every word the British use differently without it becoming an actual dictionary so we’ve limited the list to more common words and phrases. We’re watching a charming British TV show and enjoying all it has to offer and then suddenly you hear a word used in a strange way and you don’t understand the meaning.

A bit of warning. This is for educational purposes and we certainly don’t advocate insulting people. we dispensed with that and made one master dictionary of all British English words and created several sections exploring distinct dialects of British English (such as Scouse. etc). Enjoy! Cheers. But it would be nice to be armed with the knowledge of what a particular insult means. If you feel we’ve forgotten a word. Jonathan Anglophile-in-Chief Anglotopia . West Country.Jonathan Thomas Other British Slang Dictionaries separate words by category. Yorkshire. we have included everyday words as well as offensive and derogatory terms. there is a handy form in the back of the book that you can cut out send it to us so we can consider it for inclusion in the next edition.

Alight .n . Joe or a man that does macho things. AGA .Canned or carbonated fruit drinks with alcohol in them.How the British spell ‘airplane’.n .The British Automobile Association.n . Agony Aunt . A .To disembark or get off a mode of transport like a train or bus.adj Someone who is lacking in strength or ability. A&E .adj .n .The equivalent to the U.n .n . Air Biscuit . what Americans would call the Emergency Room. Abdabs . whom you call when your car breaks down.n . usually located on the roof.n .To be scared or frightened of something.A newspaper advice columnist. Alcopop . Aggro .S.To be drunk as the result of drinking ale. Action man .Anglotopia’s Dictionary of British English A AA .A massive cooking range modeled with a vintage look. G.n .n To agree with someone highly in a rather enthusiastic fashion.The highest level of secondary education that culminates in a series of standardized tests. Abattoir .A fart. Aerial .An advertisement or commercial. Somewhat vulgar.n . Absobloodylootely . Aled up . Advert .n .n .A place where an animal is butchered.A television antenna.Excellent or wonderful.Levels .abbr . . Airy-Fairy .I.Another name for the dessert course at dinner. Afters .n . Aeroplane .v .n .n . Ace .Abbreviation of "aggravation".Accident and Emergency. Something that is rather annoying.

All over the Gaff . Anchors .n .An answering machine. A light waterproof jacket perfect for rambling in the countryside.n . Arsehole .exlam . Anorak . Alright! . 2.Brakes on a car.Prenatal care.n . Anti-clockwise . trainspotter or Anglophile.adj .A woman who looks good on the surface but has no substance. Arse about Face .adj 1. Arrows . Argue the toss .A home or car with all the modern conveniences.n . the actual darts themselves.An asshole. Arsemonger .Back to front.n . Arse .It’s just Aluminum.adj . Ankle-biters . Argy-bargy . . Amber nectar . All over the shop . A nerd or someone who is geeky about something like a planespotter.adj .Lager (beer). not the game.n .Another word for darts. All mouth and no trousers .A garden plot in a shared community garden.1.adv . Answerphone .v .To be disorganized.A simple greeting.To be boastful without justification.A derogatory term for children.n . noisy or having an argument. Bit of an outdated term now that voicemail is common.It means the same thing as ‘counter clockwise. 2.n . Everywhere All to pot .n .Jonathan Thomas All fur coat and no knickers .n .n . All Mod Cons .adj .’ Antenatal . Allotment .Trouble.Buttocks.n .adj Something that’s gone completely wrong.n . It’s not a question asking how you are. To be disorganized.To dispute something at length.A person worthy of contempt. Aluminium .

Aubergine .n .n . Axe wound .Oral sex on a woman.n .Otherwise known as an eggplant.A guitar. Autumn . the season that precedes winter.adj .n . .Vagina.Something that’s rare. ASBO .Anti-social behavior order . As rare as hen’s teeth adj . To be intoxicated.To fall over.a punishment on people who repeatedly disturb the peace. often as the result of alcohol. they have Autumn.Anglotopia’s Dictionary of British English Arse-over-tit .The British don’t have Fall. Aussie kiss .n . Axe .n .

Boxing Day etc are usually Bank Holidays as well.To annoy someone incessantly.Semen.n . Barking .To describe something as very cold. Bagsie .Exactly or correct.n . Usually they don’t have any special meaning other than a day off that allows a long weekend.Bribe.Jonathan Thomas B Baby batter .adj . Bally . Bap .Another word for baby.n .n .Anus. Backhander . referring to the Baltic region. I call bagsies on the front seat of the car. Baps .n.n .adj Totally unacceptable.n .The anus.A situation that’s all messed up. Baldy notion . Back scuttle .n . Bank Holiday .A public holiday in the UK.n . However.To say that there is a lot of something.n . Banger .A breadroll.v .n . Bang on .Insane or crazy.n .n . Bare . Badger . Ball bag .adj .n .v . When served with mashed potatoes. Ballsed up .Another name for a woman’s breasts. it's called bangers and mash. Back passage . Bang out of order . Bairn .Scrotum.Short term for the traditional English sausage.n .To have an idea or a clue about something. a type of mask that covers your face. For example. . Balloon Knot . Christmas.Short for Balaclava.Calling dibbs on something.adj . usually used in Scotland. Baltic .Anal intercourse.

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