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Our Vision
To be thought leaders: when it comes to providing web-based products, systems and solutions with
complete focus on better RO! (Returns on !nvestment).
About Us
!n this world where technology has become a part of our eco-system, every individual needs to be
informed, updated and present online to be in complete harmony with this online eco-system. We call
this online world as `NANGLOK' where people and organizations come to get creative solutions for all their
web-based requirements.
We work with clients giving them end-to-end consultancy regarding online market space. We make sure
that our advice results in a better return on investment (RO!) for our clients. !n present times information
is easily available and there are multiple sources from which the same can be collected, however we
focus on following key areas:
Brand Building
Website and Nobile Apps Designing
Online Narketing
User friendly Content Nanagement System (CNS)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Nedia Nanagement (SNN)
We believe that building a website is easy but building a Brand !mage in the minds of your customers is
an art and it comes from lot of creative thinking and innovative solutions. !n today's technology world,
people and businesses can leverage the immense capabilities of web-based solutions as a powerful
medium to connect with other people, customers and suppliers.

Nanglok Eco-system
NEED: Where there's a Problem, there's a NEED for Solution.

SOLVE: Client-Centric Approach to SOLvE your Needs.
EVOLVE: EvOLvE with the changing Technology every second.

Our Services
1. Website Design & Development

Web Designing Web Development

Logo design

Static Websites

Flash web design

Dynamic Websites

Open source themes

Payment Gateway

Nobile site design

B2B and B2C websites

User !nterface (U!) design

E-commerce websites

Brand building and Promotion

Theme based websites (Auction, Education,
matrimonial, classified, job portals, deals, travel
websites etc.)

Animation videos

Content Nanagement System

2. Cn||ne 8rand|ng & romot|on

Building your reputation online is similar to starting a new business and spreading a word about it, but
online platform has its own advantages and challenges. We provide a systematic and step-by-step
strategy in your Brand building and promotional activities.

3. Internet Marketing & SEO

Strategic Keyword Selection

Developing potential keyword list

Refining potential keywords to produce top 8-12
keywords and phrases

Analyze relevancy to specific market

Target Keywords will be further used in every phase
of SEO process

On page SEO

Title and Neta tag optimization

HTNL source code optimization

Sitemap creation and submission

RSS Feed implementation

Social booking integration

Off page SEO

Nanual directory submission

Article submission

Business directory submission

Blog f forum submissions

Local directory submission

PPC Ad Campaign Management

PPC ad campaign management on Google search

PPC ad campaign management on Google partner

PPC ad campaign management on YouTube.

PPC ad campaign management on Facebook.

Budgeting, designing, execution, monitoring and
reporting of PPC Ad campaigns.

4. Soc|a| Med|a Management

We cover following aspects in social media management services:

Facebook page creation

Facebook fan club (like club) building

Facebook promotions

Twitter account setup, promotion and management

Linked!n account setup, promotion and management

YouTube promotions

Blogging and various forums through appropriate content

Our Founders

Mr. Pankaj Jain - Co-Founder & Technology Head

He has a rich experience of more than 6 years working in !nfosys on designing and
developing web-based products, systems and solutions. At NANGLOK he looks after the
technology aspect for solving any web based need of the clients and ensuring that
clients are fully satisfied for any type of technical query.

Mr. Priyesh Shah - Co-Founder & Strategic Head

He has a rich experience of more than 6 years in various fields of planning including
finance, creative content writing and other technical matters. At NANGLOK he looks
after the strategic planning and development of any project along with Branding and
Promotion insights.

Mr. Rakesh Jain - Co-Founder & Marketing Head

He has a rich experience of more than 6 years working in TCS and other organizations
where he looked after specific need based understanding and analysis of client's
requirement. At NANGLOK he looks after client acquisition and business development.
He ensures that the client's needs are properly understood so that the best solution can
be offered to the client.

Our Team Members
Mr. Vikas Athavale - Team Member & Project Manager
He has a rich experience of over 20 years in the field of !nformation Technology, Web designing and
development. His experience helps in saving lot of time and money while designing and developing
websites for clients. At NANGLOK he ensures that the Projects are effectively developed and delivered to
the clients in predefined time and with 100 client satisfaction.
Mr. Pragnesh Khatri - Team Member & Project Expert
He has creative experience of more than 8 years in website designing, development, technical logic build,
server management etc. He has done multiple projects from various industries and his practical thinking
helps us to crystallize client's thoughts into sound technical workflow. At NANGLOK he ensures that
different projects from multiple domains are managed effectively and in a timely manner.
Mr. Nilesh Jain - Team Member & SEO expert
He has a unique expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) since past + years. His expertise has
helped several companies websites attain Top Web Ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo,
NSN f Bing, ASK, AOL etc. At NANGLOK he is specifically focused on all on-page and off-page SEO
requirements of clients.
Mr Achin Tyagi - Team Member & Online Marketing Manager
He has around 5 years of experience in providing online marketing solutions. He has expertise in
preparing targeted Google and Facebook campaigns, You Tube videos etc. Corporate short films,
interactive videos, animations and social media marketing is his forte. He has executed several
campaigns for online and social media marketing for businesses in various industries.
Mrs. Darshana Akshekar - Team Member & Design Expert

She has more than 10 years of experience in designing and print media. Her prompt understanding and
designing helps clients get a unique and creative brand identity. At NANGLOK she looks after the
designing aspect related to Logo, !llustrations, visiting Card, Stationery, Advertisements, Online Banners

List of Our Clients

1. www.lensmarL.ln

2. www.colnbazaar.ln



3. hLLps://

6. hLLp://www.mlradeslgns.ln/

7. hLLp://

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Contact Us
NANGLOK Consultancy
Development Office
A-2 Tripti CHS, Hanuman Road, vile Parle (E), Numbai +00057.
Branch Office Address
+28, Arun Chambers, +th Floor, Next to A.C.Narket, Tardeo Nain Road,
Numbai - +0003+.
Technical Contact
Nr. Pankaj Jain +91 8879339366
Marketing Contact
Nr. Rakesh Jain +91 9769368659
Strategic Contact
Nr. Priyesh Shah +91 9821371101