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org AmericAns AgAinst FrAcking BreAst cAncer Action center For BiologicAl Diversity center For HeAltH, environment & Justice (cHeJ) creDo Action DemocrAcy For AmericA eArtHworks FooD & wAter wAtcH greenFAitH greenpeAce progressive DemocrAts oF AmericA sierrA cluB womens internAtionAl leAgue For peAce AnD FreeDom, u.s. section ADvocAtes For cHerry vAlley, inc. ADvocAtes For morris AllAmAkee county protectors AtHens county FrAcking Action network BAlAnceD nAtion BAlDwin Hills oil wAtcH BAlDwin oAks civic AssociAtion BeAcon climAte Action Berks gAs trutH BeyonD toxics Brooklyn For peAce Bus For progress cApitAl District AgAinst FrAcking cArBon squeeze cAtskill citizens For sAFe energy cAtskill mountAinkeeper cHeFs For tHe mArcellus citizens AgAinst Drilling on puBlic lAnD citizens For A cleAn pompton lAkes citizens environmentAl coAlition city oF BingHAmton AgAinst FrAcking climAte mAmA coAlition AgAinst tHe rockAwAy pipeline committee For environmentAlly sounD Development communities For sAFe AnD sustAinABle energy concerneD Burlington neigHBors concerneD citizens For cleAn Air concerneD citizens oF covert concerneD citizens oF DAnBy concerneD citizens oF meDinA county concerneD citizens oF rurAl Broome concerneD citizens oHio concerneD resiDents oF oxForD (new york) concerneD worcester citizens coos wAterkeeper crossroADs community FooD network DelAwAre-otsego AuDuBon society Dont FrAck micHigAn elmirAns AnD FrienDs AgAinst FrAcking energy in DeniAl, inc. environment AnD HumAn rigHts ADvisory essex/pAssAic green pArty FAitH communities togetHer (For FrAck AwAreness) FrAck Action FrAck Free genesee FrAck Free oHio FrAck Free stArk county, oHio FresHwAter AccountABility proJect FrienDs oF Butternuts FrienDs oF sustAinABle siDney FrienDs oF tHe Augres-riFle wAtersHeD gAs Free senecA glenmAry Home missioners commission on Justice gmo Free nJ green environmentAl coAlition green pArty oF nAssAu county green stAte solutions green zionist AlliAnce groton resource AwAreness coAlition guArDiAns oF mill creek pArk youngstown oHio guernsey county citizens support on Drilling issues HuDson river sloop cleArwAter illinois peoples Action internAtionAl FeDerAtion oF proFessionAl & tecHnicAl engineers, iFpte locAl 194 iowA citizens For community improvement iowA pHysiciAns For sociAl responsiBility ironBounD community corporAtion Jpic commission, eAstern province ursulines lAs vegAs (nm) peAce & Justice center leHigH vAlley gAs trutH ligHt AlliAnce FounDAtion, inc. locAl energy long islAnD HorticulturAl society mADion (motHers AgAinst Drilling in our neigHBorHooDs) micHigAn citizens For wAter conservAtion miDDleFielD neigHBors milForD Doers/resiDents oF crumHorn montgomery county young DemocrAts motHers uniteD For sustAinABle tecHnologies mrAD (mArylAnD resiDents AgAinst Drilling) neogAp - network For oil AnD gAs AccountABility AnD protection neuse riverkeeper FounDAtion new york city FrienDs oF cleArwAter new york environmentAl lAw AnD Justice proJect nJ stAte inDustriAl union council no FrAcking in stokes no gAs pipeline nortHwest oHio AlliAnce to BAn FrAcking oHio citizen Action oHio FrAcktion olive DeFense AgAinst FrAcking otsego 2000, inc. our HeAltH, our Future, our longmont pAscAck sustAinABility group people For A HeAltHy environment peters townsHip mArcellus sHAle AwAreness plymoutH FrienDs oF cleAn wAter pro-Brockport protect lAurens protecting our wAters rAmApougH lunAApe nAtion reAcH out AmericA resiDents opposing unsAFe sHAle-gAs extrAction (rouse) roAr AgAinst FrAcking rocHester DeFense AgAinst FrAcking s-oAcc sAFe wAter society sAne energy proJect soutH sHore AuDuBon society soutHeAst oHio AlliAnce to sAve our wAter soutHern cAyugA Anti-FrAcking AlliAnce soutHwest environmentAl center soutHwest oHio no FrAck Forum sustAinABle seA cliFF cooperAtive tHe river proJect tHe wittenBerg center For AlternAtive resources unitAriAn universAlist legislAtive ministry puBlic policy network uniteD For Action upper unADillA vAlley AssociAtion vestAl resiDents For sAFe energy wAter equAlity western new york peAce center, inc. westForD neigHBors williAms county AlliAnce

paid for by food & Water Watch, Greenpeace, and center for bioloGical diversity

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