Mountain Memories

Volume 6, Issue 1

Winter 2012-2013

President’s Note:
Happy New Year! A lot of good things have been happening with the historical society; we received a call from the Family Trust that owned the Post Office property. The Family Trust offered the property to the Stirling City Historical Society (SCHS) as a Grant. The Board of Directors voted to except the Grant. The people of Stirling City and the SCHS are now proud owners of a Post Office with an active USPS five-year lease providing an income.

A letter from Mr. Nelson Wentworth:
January 1, 2013 Dear Mr. Schaefer and Historical Society Board members: I have had the pleasure of spending several hours exploring the Stirling City website, especially the sections showing old photographs. I have also used the Google Earth Street View to wander around town many times looking for anything familiar. Never having actually been to Stirling City, I have, instead, had in my possession for many years, a collection of several original photographs of the town and surrounding area, taken in 1905. My great uncle, Jesse Snow, along with his brother, Jimmy, left their home in Durham, Maine to visit their nephew, Ray Snow, who had taken on the job of running the Cramer Meat Shop on Granite Street in Stirling City. Arriving by train on December 16, 1904, they took a room at Mrs. Spangler’s and were to board at Mrs. Robe’s for $5 per week. Uncle Jesse accepted Ray’s offer to help him out at the meat shop and went to work the very next day. Jimmy was to do odd jobs like making the sausage. Their visit lasted 7 months, and during that time, Uncle Jesse used his new camera to take pictures around the raw new town, occasionally referring to it in his daily diary as “Stump City.” Well, the point of that last long and tedious paragraph is to explain my hope that the Historical Society will be interested in having those pictures. Having almost reached the age of 81, I am in the process of getting my worldly …Continued page 2

Also, we now have a working heater in the Museum. Franks Refrigeration and Heating in Paradise came in with a bid that was very close to our resources on hand, and donated $1,000.00 in the form
…Continued page 2

Inside this issue:
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Annie B’s Annual Fundraiser
The Stirling City Historical Society thanks you so much for your generous donations as well as Annie B’s 9% match to the donations received by us this year. We are truly honored to be a part of this wonderful fundraising event! Because of events such as this, we can continue to take our job seriously as “Caretakers of Our History.”
Linda Cutchen-Clark Robert and Patsy Colby Gary and Marilyn Connor Madelyn Henry Barbara Helen Hughes Don Litton Marshall and Mary Schaefer George and Sheila Scott

thanks to...




Continued … President’s Note of a discount off the already reasonable bid. Franks completed the installation on Friday the 11th of January, just in time for the nighttime temperature to drop to 16 degrees. Thank you to all who donated to this heating fund. We can now protect our archives and artifacts, HOORAH! My sincere thank you goes to the Board of Directors, the Officers and Staff that have worked hard to make these things happen! The SCHS is now working toward getting a 1946 Caterpillar D7 that Pete Cuming and his crew found abandoned in the forest. The Cat D7 has been “re-vitalized” and will be moved down to the Museum grounds. It will be connected to the Arch and become a static display. Stay warm and safe, Marshall

Continued … A letter from Mr. Nelson Wentworth
“stuff” settled and thought that your organization could make better use of them than my children or grandchildren, who obviously did not know Uncle Jesse Snow as I did as a child. Even as I might hope to be the first person to live forever and keep on looking at those pictures, that will probably not happen. So, if you think they might be an interesting addition to your collection, please make use of them. Uncle Jesse wrote descriptive notes on the back of each one, which is helpful. I added exact dates from his diary on some of them wherever possible. I think his spirit would be pleased to know that his pictures ended up being seen and admired back in Stirling City after all these 108 years. A few years ago, I corresponded briefly with Mr. Brakebill. He remembered Ray Snow’s sister, Lucy, and her husband, Tom Bragdon, who also came to live in Stirling City and raised three children, Dick, Tom and Betty, during the 1920s. Ray Snow’s parents and several siblings followed him to the Chico area and their descendants are still there. Ray made the Chico Meat Co. a thriving business for many years. Uncle Jesse made another trip to California in 1925-26, to see his Snow relatives. He was visiting my family here in Kennebunk when he died in 1942. Indeed, he would now be somewhat amazed to see me wandering around the streets of Stirling City on my computer! Sincerely yours, Nelson Wentworth
Inside Cramer’s Meat Shop (R-Jesse Snow L-Ray Snow)

“I think his spirit would be pleased to know that his pictures ended up being seen and admired back in Stirling City after



Biscuit Shooter: A waitress Blanket: A measure of a cold night. As a one blanket night, two blanket night, three blanket night and so on. Cut’er: To be able to do all that the job requires and do it well. Crimpy: Cold weather. On the Tramp: a. Busted, b. No good, c. Fired
Excerpts from Woods Words a Comprehensive Dictionary of Loggers Terms By: Dean Walter F. McCulloch, School of Forestry, Oregon State College (Published 1958, Oregon Historical Society and The Champoeg Press)






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White Christmas in Stirling City
Hosted by the Stirling City Historical Society, our town Christmas Social on December 9, 2012 held at the Museum Complex was a great success! Stirling City families, Historical Society members, and friends traveled through the snow to spend an afternoon celebrating with homemade food, Christmas music, and gifts for the children. The Christmas tree was donated by the Volunteer Fire Company No. 12 and decorated with Carol Lewis' family heirloom lights and decorations from the 1950's. Carol also displayed her antique doll collection, buggy and other Christmas decorations on the fireplace mantel. (L to R - Glenda Chombeau, Mary Schaefer, Ellen Cheda, and Carol Lewis) Visitors enjoyed the south room of the library decorated with a lighted-fiber optic tree from the 1950's along with a lighted Department 56 Christmas Village display that included Christmas in the City, Dicken's Village, Country Village with a Skating Palace, and a replica of England's Kensington Palace. - Mary Schaefer

Many thanks go out to the following for their wonderful donations to the Stirling City Historical Society that continue to broaden our knowledge of life "Back In The Day" in Stirling City! Peggy Adamson - Photos & Metal Diamond Match box Butte Meadows/Jonesville Comm. Assoc. - Photos of camp life len Deitz - Photos of Diamond Match Mill Carol Lewis - Asst. items for a home shop & farm life, glass pitcher, mixing bowls & asst. papers James Geiger - Family history & photographs Jack Duncan - Bridge plaque & photographs Bob Colby - Bearing tree plaques, RR spikes, metal pick & hook Forest Service decal & asst. Smokey Bear items Paul Vandegrift - Asst. fishing poles & reels Robert Moore - Asst. logging items & potato masher from SC Hotel. Nelson Wentworth - Photos of early S.C. and journal entries about S.C.
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Quilt Raffle Winner
Congratulations to David Gallia, Stirling City home owner. He was shocked and so happy. He said, “I’ve never won anything in my life!” The “man quilt” was crafted by the Stirling City Quilters. It was made out of denim and flannel.

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