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Tanvi Patel Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Review Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible, beautiful locales, and very

interesting trailers, have created a huge hype for the fourth in the series of impossible missions. So, did the movie live up to expectations? Well lets talk about expectations first. The 3 preceding movies in the franchise were extremely well received and just the name Tom Cruise sets your expectations really high. Add in the very exciting and eye-catching trailers, and you have some very high expectations. A problem that we see in cinema today is clich plots, where the ending can be seen in the first 30 minutes of the movie. That is certainly not the problem with Ghost Protocol. Frankly speaking, the audience isnt even completely clear on what the plot is in the first 30 minutes. The continuous plot changes are noteworthy. The movie begins with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) being broken out of a Russian prison. The reason of imprisonment is unknown. The team, Ethan, Benji, and Jade, are sent to infiltrate the Moscow Kremlin. They find that they were beat to their mission and whoever beat them, planted bombs so that it looked like the Americans were attacking Russia. This worked because Ethan was found by Russian officials. When Ethan escapes, he is told that IMF has been shut down. Then the Secretary who gave this information to Ethan, and the head of IMF is shot dead and the car falls into a river. The chief analyst, also in the car with Ethan and the secretary, and Ethan are able to escape and Jade and Benji also catchup. Ethan gives them the news but everyone wants to go on and get Hendricks (this is the man behind the framing of America at the Kremlin and the one IMF was after). They know that Hendricks will be buying the nuclear launch codes in Dubai and so they try to intercept. After some deception and action, the Team, loses the codes and a crazy man now had his hands on nuclear launch codes. Their next step is to stop him from instigating a nuclear war. The team heads to Mumbai. Here the team is met with some crazy twists and this time, they may just be too late.

Tanvi Patel Ghost Protocol is just any other spy movie, with some extreme twists that definitely make it worth the watch. The actors are also very convincing. Tom Cruise, with no doubt, knows how to act. The hold he had on the audience from the first scene to the last is almost like a trance. Simon Pegg and Paula Patton, who play Benji and Jane are also very convincing in their parts. Jeremy Renner who plays the chief analyst, Brandt, gets the whole troubled act down pat. The rest all do their job well and keep the movie interesting. Then there is the scenery. This movie was shot for IMAX and the utter beauty in the opening shot hits you hard. From there, it only gets better. After Russia there is Dubai, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Both the desert and the beach are depicted so amazingly. One thing that no one can deny is that if nothing else, the scenery of the movie is breathtaking. This one goes to cinematography and lighting. It is safe it say that stunts and action are what make a spy movie and this one is no different. While watching the movie, all you are thinking is how did this happen? One thing that truly caught my attention was when Tom Cruise scaled the world famous hotel. Now logically, you know that this is impossible. A vertical scaling of a building with nothing but fancy gloves thats not exactly reality. But the way he does it, you sit there and try to calculate how they did it. Any mathematician or scientist can sit there and list the reasons why this is not possible. The fact that gloves cant carry a whole mans weight especially not one. Also there is the fact that while scaling a building that tall, you would need an angle of some sort between each floor. Another crazy stunt is when a car falls front first. The angle, at which the car falls, is shocking. The fact that the driver survives, is even more shocking. But it is these crazy stunts that make the movie that much more interesting. The movie revolves around the topic of future nuclear war. This is a topic that we should definitely be thinking about. The movie makes you think of the statistics. How likely it is that there are many terrorists out there thinking about nuclear war, how possible it is for them to get their hands on weapons, and just how hard it may be for us to stop them if they start. If you really think about it, the numbers are scary.

Tanvi Patel

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