Travel guide to Ancient Rome

History of Rome by Jacob Romans Have a Myth about the start of Rome and here it is. Once there were II twin baby boys called Romulus and Remus. Their Father was Mars, the God of War. However, their uncle stole the babies from their Mother and threw them into the Tiber river. Thankfully, a she wolf saved them and kept them alive with her milk. When they were a little older, a kindly herdsman rescued them and brought them up. Later when they were adults, Romulus built a settlement at the spot the wolf saved them. After an argument, Romulus killed Remus and named the settlement Rome, after himself.

What to do in Rome Theatre by Elsie Romans love the theatre. I am going to tell you about it. Rome's biggest theatre holds 27,000 people. Women and children sit separately from the men. Plays are usually funny comedies and sometimes tragedies. They are often put on as part of their religious ceremonies to please the gods. All the actors in the theatre are men but they wear masks to show what person they are. They brown masks for the men and white for the women.

Baths by Elsie If you want to have a swim you can go to the baths. In one time of the day the men and boys can go. In another time, the women and girls can go in. In another, the whole family can go! You can have a bath there, then go to a really heated room. Bring your servant with you and they will scrape you down at the end to get all the dirt off. At the end you'll have a really cold bath!

Gladiators by Elsie The Romans like fighting each other and watching fights. Gladiators fight each other and lions and bears while a big crowd watches.

Chariot races by Elsie Chariots are like cars but with horses - a little cart with two wheels behind it. Romans like racing chariots. The place to see the races is Circus Maximus.

Religion By Rebecca Hello! I will be showing you the customs and diet of the ancient Romans. You can look at other versions to know more. Romans believe in a variety of gods. They are different from other gods because they are in human form. They copy gods from other countries because they think it will bring them luck. Copying is one of their chief customs. They copy anything from theatre to the plumes on their helmets! Romans love violence. They have a lot of Christians killed cruelly and slowly in the first century AD. But that doesn't stop Christians. Lots of people want to become Christians and die like them. One of the gruesome deaths for Christians is tying a Christian to a pole and covering them with tar. Romans like to offer sacrifices to the gods in temples. Inside the temple there is usually a statue of a god. People called priests look after the temple. Sometimes they kill an animal like a bull as part of a sacrifice. They also do lots of sacrifices at home.

Food by Rebecca Poor Romans eat mostly bread, vegetable soup and porridge. If they are lucky they get meat Poor people don't have kitchens so they take things to the baker to be baked. Most people take takeaways like sausages from shops. Rich people have slaves that cook the food. They mostly eat a small breakfast and a snack at lunchtime. The snack is usually bread and cheese or eggs and salad. They have dinner in the afternoon with a meat course (like pigeon and hare). Then they had fruit or nuts. Ice cream is a treat. We have salad at the end because it makes you go to sleep.

The Roman Army by Jacob The Roman army is very powerful. As our empire expands we have taken more and more people into it. It includes people from Greece, Africa, Gaul*, Spain, Germany, the Balkans and the Middle East! There are around thirty legions in The Roman Army and each legion has at least 4000 men in them! But it isn't numbers that make us so powerful, its our superior army strategies!

When approaching the enemy In war, our soldiers march with our shields protecting us almost entirely! Let me explain. When marching, the front row of soldiers hold their shields in front of them and all the rest held their shields above their head in case of arrows. This army posture is called "The Tortoise." Roman soldiers have discipline! They almost always obey orders. Each century ( a troop of about 80 men in the army) obeys their leader, called a Centurion. There are 6 Centuries in a Cohort and 10 cohorts in a legion. The officer controlling all the Legion is known as a Legate. * Modern day France

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