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MY LETTER TO THE HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE OF KS Is there anyone among us that can honestly say:
if we lined up every suspected drug user and shot them in the head that the drug epidemic would go just away? Even if we took the harshest attitude toward the drug problem - no one could agree that it would disappear?

King Canute commanded the tide of the sea to stop at his feet. The blind followers of the King assured him that his commands would be obeyed by the ocean and yet, the tides still came in.

Americas war on drugs is similar to King Canutes dilemma. We blindly accept the governments assumptions that a drug war is winnable despite the drugs remain here after 70 years, and whats worse: we all have paid a hefty cost with more than just money to watch the sea come back once more

Nobody wants Billy on the playground doing hard dope, - but, America has no better solution for Billy than a full ride scholarship to Criminal Collage, that assures Billys new teachers are the murders or rapists that we all sought to protect Billy from. As get tough culture has provided no better solution to Billys problem it has gotten much worse.

I found this article on the internet the other day: it is a dozen or so photographs of a Chinese woman that was executed by her government that convicted her of drug trafficking and subsequently sentenced her to death:

Unlike King Canute, - is commanding her death going to stop this flow of drugs? Is her death going to make the drug problem go away? If you honestly think that it will you may just as equally pick a fight with the sea. (Or just throw your money in to it - to feel equally satisfied with the result.)

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What I find particularly alarming about this photo documentary link above is that it is presented in English to a US audience; - it is unmistakably designed to provide proof of justice to those who view it here in America via the guarded Chinese media. (Including all other English speaking nations.) This online publication evokes is this is what WE do to Billy in China. no single person should be used as an example; there is no better example of the leadership among nations than the United States.

This is the example that we provide to you to prove we are all (just) doing our jobs as set from the prohibition laws that come from America. We are just like you

Oh! You say! Thats China!!! And *NOT* America. In America we do not impose such harsh sentences or- our society does not lack the empathy as those terrible communist countries! As per always: the cloaked American flag provides the hubris that misleads us, - in America our standard is much lower

John Adams 64 years old from Lebanon, Tennessee DIED on October, 2000 was shot to death during a SWAT drug raid while watching TV. The house he lived in didnt even match the description on the warrant.

Rev. Jonathan Ayers 28 years old from Toccoa, Georgia DIED on September, 2009 after meeting with a parishioner who was under surveillance by drug cops, the pastor went to a Convenience store ATM. Coming out, he was confronted by men waving guns. He didnt know they were undercover cops, and he was shot to death while driving off, fearing for his life.

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Delbert Bonnar 57 years old Belpre, Ohio DIED on October, 1998 was shot 8 times by police in drug raid. They were looking for his son.

(no picture available)

Veronica Bowers a 35 years old woman and her daughter Charity Bowers (7 months old) DIED on April, 2001 was part of a long-standing arrangement to stop drug shipments; the U.S. government tracking provided the information for the Peruvian Air Force to mistakenly shoot down a Cessna plane carrying missionaries. Killed in the incident were Roni Bowers, a missionary with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, and her daughter, Charity. In 2008, a new report surfaced indicating widespread problems with the shoot-down program that had been withheld from Congress by the CIA.

Rudolfo Rudy Cardenas a 43 year old man from San Jose, California DIED February, 2004 was a father of five who was passing by a house targeted by narcotics officers attempting to serve a parole violation warrant and the police mistakenly thought he was the one they were there to arrest. They chased Cardenas, and he fled, apparently afraid of them (they were not uniformed). Cardenas was shot multiple times in the back. Dorothy Duckett, 78, told the Mercury News she looked out her fifth-floor window after hearing one gunshot and saw Cardenas pleading for his life. I watched him running with his hands in the air. He kept saying, Dont shoot. Dont shoot, Duckett said. He had absolutely nothing in his hands.

Anthony Andrew Diotaiuto a 23 years old resident of Sunrise, Florida DIED on August, 2005 Anthony worked two jobs to help pay for the house he lived in with his mother. He had permit for a concealed weapon because of the areas he traveled through for his night job. Sunrise police claimed that he had sold some marijuana, and because they knew he had a legal gun, decided to use SWAT. Neighbors claim that the police did not identify themselves. Police first claimed that Anthony pointed his gun at them, and later changed their story. Regardless, Anthony was dead with 10 bullets in him, and the police found 2 ounces of marijuana.

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Patrick Dorismond 26 years old New York, New York DIED on March, 2000 who was a security guard who wanted to become a policeman. Patrick was an off-duty and unarmed when he went out with friends. Standing on the street looking for a taxi, he was approached by undercover police who asked to buy some marijuana from him. Patrick was offended by the request (he didnt use drugs), and a scuffle ensued. Dorismond was then shot to death by the police.

Shirley Dorsey a 56 years old Placerville, California resident committed suicide on April, 1991 because rather than being compelled to testify against her 70-year-old boyfriend (Byron Stamate) for cultivating the medicinal cannabis she depended upon to help control her crippling back pain, Shirley Dorsey committed suicide. She saw it as the only way to prevent the forfeiture of their home and property. Despite her suicide, Stamate was sentenced to 9 months prison, and his home, cottage, and $177,000 life savings was seized.

Derek Hale a 25 year old Wilmington, Delaware son who DIED on November, 2006 he was retired Marine Sergeant who served two tours in Iraq. Hale was peacefully sitting on the front stoop of a house, when police in unmarked cars that had him under surveillance (believing based on his acquaintances that he might be part of a narcotics ring) pulled up and tasered him three times, causing him to go into convulsions and throw up. Because he had not gotten his hand free from his jacket quickly enough (while convulsing) an officer then shot him point blank in the chest with three .40 caliber rounds.

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Esequiel Hernandez was an 18 year old Redford, Texas kid who DIED on May, 1997 because he was shot and killed by a Marine sniper in camouflage who was part of a military unit conducting drug interdiction activities near the Mexican border. Esequiel was out herding his familys goats and had taken a break to shoot at some tin cans with his antique rifle.

John Hirko was a 21 year old Pennsylvania man who DIED in 1997 who was an unarmed man with no prior offenses was shot to death in his house by a squad of masked police. In a no-knock raid, they tossed a smoke grenade in through a window, setting the house on fire. Hirko, suspected of dealing small amounts of marijuana and cocaine, was found face down on his stairway, shot in the back while fleeing the burning building. When the fire was finally put out, officers found some marijuana seeds in a plastic bag.

Officer Ron Jones 29 years old DIED in Prentiss, Mississippi on December, 2001 Officer Jones was in the process of serving a drug warrant, based on an informant tip. While trying to enter the rear of a duplex, he broke into the wrong apartment and was shot by the resident, Corey Maye, who had no prior record and was protecting his daughter. No drugs were found. Maye was charged with capital murder, and sentenced to death.

Ismael Mena 45 years old from Denver, Colorado DIED on September, 1999 Mena was killed when police barged into his house looking for drugs. They had the wrong address.

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Manuel Ramirez and Officer Arthur P. Parga 32 years old both from Stockton, California January, 1993 both DIED at 2 am, when the police smashed down the door and rushed into the home of Manuel Ramirez, a retired golf course groundskeeper. Ramirez awoke, grabbed a pistol and shot and killed officer Arthur Parga before other officers killed him. Police were raiding the house based on a tip that drugs were on the premises, but they found no drugs.

Deputy Keith Ruiz 36 years old Travis County, Texas DIED on February, 2001 Ruiz was a husband and father who was a veteran of numerous SWAT raids. In the process of serving a drug warrant, he was trying to break down the door to a mobile home occupied by painter Edwin Delamora, his wife, and two young children. Confused by the raid at night, Delamora yelled to his wife that they were being robbed and shot through the door, killing Ruiz.

Donald P. Scott 61 years old man from Malibu, California DIED on October, 1992 because government agencies were interested in the property of this reclusive millionaire. A warrant was issued based on concocted evidence of supposed marijuana plantings, and a major raid was conducted with a 32-man assault team. Scott was shot to death in front of his wife. No drugs were found. A later official report found: It is the District Attorneys opinion that the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department was motivated, at least in part, by a desire to seize and forfeit the ranch for the government. Based in part upon the possibility of forfeiture, Spencer obtained a search warrant that was not supported by probable cause. This search warrant became Donald Scotts death warrant.

Alberto Sepulveda was a bright 11 year old boy from Modesto, California who DIED September, 2000 Alberto was killed by a shotgun blast to the back while following police orders and lying face down on the floor during a SWAT raid. He was a seventh-grader at Prescott Senior Elementary School. (no picture available)
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Isaac Singletary was an 80 years old man from Jacksonville, Florida January, 2007 who DIED because Isaac lived in a rough neighborhood and often brought out his gun to chase off drug dealers. So when he saw a couple of low-lifes conducting transactions on his lawn, he came out with it again and told them to get off his property. Except they were undercover narcotics officers - so they shot him. Isaac managed to get a shot or two off in response, but the officers were able to finish him off.

Alberta Spruill was a kind 57 year old from Harlem, New York May, 2003 that DIED because Police, acting on a tip, forced their way into Spruills home, setting off flash grenades. She suffered a heart attack and died. It was the wrong address.

Ashley Villareal a 14 year old girl from San Antonio, Texas DIED on February, 2003 when she went outside at night with a family friend to move their freshly washed car under shelter. DEA agents, interested in her father, were staking out the house, and believing that her father was driving, shot and killed Ashley. The agents did not have a warrant for her father.

More on her sad story:

Kenneth B. Walker 39 year old man from Columbus, Georgia DIED on December, 2003 Walker and three companions were pulled over in an SUV by police in a drug investigation. No drugs or weapons were found, but Walker was shot in the head. Walker was a devoted husband and father, a respected member of his church, and a 15-year middle-management employee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

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Accelyne Williams 75 years old Boston, Massachusetts DIED on March, 1994 Accelyne was a retired Methodist Minister and substance abuse counselor. After an informant gave police a bad address, a SWAT raid was conducted on the minsters home. The door was battered down, Williams was tackled to the floor and his hands tied behind his back. He died of a heart attack.

Tarika Wilson 26 years old Lima, Ohio DIED on January, 2008 Tarika was a single mother of six. Lima police executed a SWAT raid with guns drawn to arrest her boyfriend on small-time drug dealing charges. Officer Joseph Chavalia was upstairs when the sound of the other officers shooting Wilsons dogs downstairs startled him. He shot and killed Tarika, who was unarmed, on her knees, holding her 14-month-old son and complying with orders to get down on the floor (her son was shot twice but survived). Chavalia was cleared of any wrong-doing.

Payton & Chase are two dogs from Berwyn Heights, Maryland who DIED on July, 2008 as any, many dogs have been slaughtered in drug raids Payton and Chase are the most famous. Prince George County SWAT, intercepting a package of marijuana addressed to Mayor Cheye Calvos wife Trinity, and knowing that criminals were addressing packages to innocents and intercepting them, nonetheless burst into the Mayors home without even enough investigation to know he was the Mayor or even notifying local police, shot the two dogs (Chase was running away from them when they killed him), and kept the Mayor and his mother-in-law handcuffed on the floor for hours in their dogs blood.

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Peter McWilliams 50 years old Laurel Canyon, California DIED June, 2000. Peter was an author and an advocate of medical marijuana, not only because he believed in it in principle, but because it was keeping him alive (he had AIDS and non-Hodgkins lymphoma). After California passed a law legalizing medical marijuana, Peter helped finance the efforts of Todd McCormick to cultivate marijuana for distribution to those who needed it for medical reasons. Federal agents got wind of his involvement, and Peter was a target for his advocacy. He was arrested, and in federal court was prevented from mentioning his medical condition or Californias law. While he was on bail awaiting sentencing, the prosecutors threatened to take away his mothers house (used for bail) if he failed a drug test, so he stopped using the marijuana which controlled his nausea from the medications and allowed him to keep them down. He was found dead on the bathroom floor, choked to death on his own vomit. (I guess he couldnt keep down all those Marinol pills he could have legally been prescribed.)

27 names are far too many to list to be considered isolated incident(s) in any capacity. (There are many, MANY more I can list too.) Where were THESE peoples trials? Where were these peoples last photos from death row? How many police officers were involved in these legal murders / death sentences without judge and jury that continue to serve with your tax dollars??? (Makes China seem pretty lenient doesnt it?) If you dont think these incidents no longer will happen after the fact these innocent people paid with their lives? Why should I be concerned with four people who died because of terrorist actions in Libya - as I can easily provide 27 names and faces of people who were killed in a war declared by our own government in our own fucking country!?!

Where is the congressional hearing on that? ~ I DEMAND SOMEONE BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.

Why has America assured absolute disaster on EVERYTHING it has declared war on since World War II?

Obama has recognized the need to end perpetual war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, how about ending the longest perpetual war America has declared upon its own citizens? THE WAR ON DRUGS? Have we gotten anywhere? Are we to the point of shooting anyone we suspect of this? Is this stopping the drugs???

9 2013


Many of these deaths involved people of multiple diversities, class statuses, age, and places accost this country, but, - NOT HERE!!! Says the Kansas / Missouri resident!!!


All that requires a SWAT team at YOUR house (with Judges who sign unread search warrants like rock stars sign autographs) is simply an anonymous tip for THIS to happen at YOUR house!

This will no doubt become worse, America.

Those who are not familiar with modern communications: there are multiple telephony services available from Skype that can be installed on any computer to redirect a phone call through anonymous points that could make these calls to turn in anyones addresses and accuse them of any kind of crime without a warrant. It is called SWATTING. (As if the police or the courts care about warrants anyway; the US Courts have upheld raids on homes with mistaken addresses.) Dont believe for a second that you can SUE if the police do this to you. (They have immunity; YOU DONT.)

Apparently, the tradeoff for your home, security, children, you, and your spouse isnt worth much of a damn to your country so long as the hysteria of have-nothing-to-hide is acceptable. Remember, this only matters AFTER they raid your home by mistake not before, DONT expect an apology, or success in a law suit as years of too-good-for-the-death-penalty juries will PROTECT the police under LEON and the presumption of you COULD HAVE HAD drugs there alone.
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It would be an interesting experiment to see that if someone called the police in multiple jurisdictions on neighborhoods that were wealthy or poor which neighborhoods would get raided? Or even better: on the residences of judiciaries that mindlessly rubber-stamp these search warrants. (It really doesnt take much to reverse look up addresses of anyone - particularly of upstanding long-time residences of those who subvert the law to their own political means to set an example of doing their jobs while ignoring real crime. ) It is strange to me that those who are sworn to uphold and PROTECT the law commonly violate the US Constitution that the 4th amendment holds that the: "Physical entry of the home is the CHIEF EVIL against which the wording of the Fourth Amendment is directed." -- Payton vs. New York (US Supreme Court) YET, *nothing* from this document (from which our laws come from) say ANYTHING (at all) about drug use. Drug hysteria over rules the liberties our forefathers made to preserve our lives of a tyrannical government we had sought to escape from.

Again, no one wants Billy Jr doing hard dope on the playground, but the scenario(s) illustrated here are far worse than Snoop Dog twisting a doobie. If you added up all the US deaths caused by the government in response with your tax dollars it comes nowhere close to the overdoses of all the Billys in America put together for the last 30 years multiplied by 12.

Law enforcement and drug dealers embrace each other upon a singular issue: to keep drugs illegal for mutually self-interested reasons. These peoples deaths are because of a matter of policy, - and policy *CAN be changed. The only people who can change policy are our elected leaders - and they must know that we no longer support the war on drugs, and they NEED to lead. If you still believe that throughout your lifetime that there has been an effective change due to law enforcement, please feel free to go to the ocean and just say no to the tides

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