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Nairobi Star Tuesday, 27 January 2009 news 5

YOUR Duke Ngare,
24, Marketer,
Joseph Nabuto-
la, 53, Salesman,
Peter Kam-
wende,30, Advo-

VIEW Nairobi:
They should not.
Kimunya is not
Harleys Kenya:
They are wrong to
impeach him be-
cate, Nairobi: They
are not and should
make sure that a
clean. They should cause he is a presi- vote of no confi-
Was it right for the frustrate him to dential appointee. dence against the
government to re- quit from the They should give minister is passed. POLITICal
appoint Kimunya? cabinet. him time to work. He could be corrupt. gossip

KHALWALE GETS DEATH W e are told that At-
torney General Amos
Wako is not in a hurry

to table the amend-
ments to the contro-
versial ICT Act, which allows kanga
raids on me-
dia houses.
PHOTO/file He was over-
BY FRANCIS OPENDA heard saying
that he has
Public Accounts Committee more serious
chairman Bonny Khalwale has things to
received two death threats for bring to the
probing the maize scandal. House than
He received two threatening the amend-
calls and an SMS informing ments to the
him telling him to go slow on Act.
the maize saga.
He said an anonymous man HHH
called twice and accused him
of tarnishing the name of his The CEO of a parastatal under
sister who is a widow. the Ministry of Agriculture has
“The caller told me I should “disappeared” with Sh600 mil-
have respect for the widow lion belonging to farmers. It is
whose husband he said was my not clear when the money went
colleague in medical school and missing but those in the know
warned me of dire consequenc- tell us that the CEO involved
es if I continued to tarnish their diverted it to his personal ac-
family name,” he said. counts. The diversion was dis-
The text message from yet covered last week by a team of
another anonymous person ac- auditors contracted to undertake
cused him of using his position a forensic audit.
as the PAC chairman to seek
“cheap publicity”. HHH
“Don’t use you chairman-
ship of PSC to advance and We are told that the League of
give propaganda to backstreet Women Voters might be broke.
tabloids,” said part of the Our contact in the League tells
SMS. WARNED: Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale says he received threatening phone calls. that some people fighting for the
Khalwale said he had not re- control of the League seem to
ported the matter to the police Food reserve, was expected to ence, infuriated committee linked to the maize scandal but have the impression that taking
but said together with other inform the committee what his members who included Gov- said the whistle blowers had control of the NGO will see them
PAC members they would not office had taken on the audit ernment Chief Whip George provided copies of the same also take control of millions of shil-
be cowed from discharging queries raised by the Controller Thuo and MPs, Boaz Keino to the National Security Intel- lings from donors. The truth is that
their duties. and Auditor General and PAC (Marakwet West), Elias Mbau ligence Service. donors withdrew funding to the
“I am not a coward and will on the operations at NCPB (Maragwa) and Alex Mwiru “We have received the nec- League soon after wrangles broke
not be intimidated and see no since 2003. (Tharaka) said the government essary points and assembled a out more than a year ago.
need in taking up the matter The committee chaired by seems not to be taking the credible case from our whistle  
with the police,” he said. Khalwale sat from 9am to 1pm work of parliamentary com- blowers,” he said. HHH
But we later established that waiting in vain for Kinyua. mittees seriously. Mbau explained that one
as an afterthought the MP Khalwale said apart from “The PS has simply decided to of the trustees of the National Remember Johnnie Carson,
recorded a statement at the Kinyua, they had also sum- ignore or go slow on the inquiry Strategic Food reserve held at the former US ambassador to
Parliament Police Station last moned Agriculture PS Roman that touches on a serious matter NCPB the PS Treasury, and his Kenya? We hear he might be
evening. Kiome, Special Programmes of hunger,” said Khalwale. agriculture and special pro- promoted to take up the post of
In the morning, Treasury PS Ali Mohamed and sacked The committee welcomed grammes counterparts should Secretary of State for Africa, a
Permanent Secretary Joseph NCPB Managing Director Prof the dissolution of the NCPB be in a position to explain how job, we hear the current US am-
Kinyua snubbed summons to Gideon Misoi who are sched- board and the sacking of top the stocks were depleted. bassador Michael Ranneberger
appear before the Committee uled to appear today. managers but said it should not He said despite various has been hop-
to help probe the operations of “The focus of the investiga- be used as a cover up to con- memoranda from PSC dating ing for. Car-
the National Cereals and Pro- tion is the current food situa- ceal the scandal. back to 2003 on the NCPB au- son, has been
duce Board. tion in the country with specific He said they had received dit queries the PS Treasury has serving as
Kinyua, as one of the trust- reference to maize,” he said. information that there were never shown any action taken Senior Vice
ees of the National Strategic Addressing a press confer- efforts to destroy documents to address the matter. President of
the National
Tlb launches number to tame rogue drivers University in
DC since he
BY IRENE WAIRIMU law or risk the cancellation of reporting drivers who broke Legei told buses and matatus left Kenya.
licenses and having their names the law. in major towns to remove
The Transport Licens- published in national dailies in Legei said heavy commercial tinted windows saying they Call us with your news, tips and photos
ing Board has launched a a list of shame. vehicles, tour firms, school were being used to shield im- Corridor Hotlines 4244119/144/148
special telephone number “We are soon going to pub- buses and parastatal vehicles moral videos. E-mail:
2333 through which vehicles lish offenders of traffic rules in will not be spared and must At the same time, Legei di-
breaking traffic rules can be the dailies and summon their install speed governors and rected traffic base commanders
reported. companies,” Legei said. safety belts. in the country to arrest drivers Send the word POWER to 5544
Board chairman Wilfred ole
Legei said the TLB planned
He was addressing public
transport stakeholders at St.
He called upon the trans-
port companies to take
and conductors not wearing
uniforms and check drunken
to get the hottest political
to reinforce rules in light of Mary’s Pastoral Centre in charge of their vehicles on driving. gossip before anyone does.
the increasing number of fatal Nakuru. the road by ensuring drivers He said that all passenger
road accidents. Legei called on Kenyans to obeyed the rules particularly vehicles must be accompanied
Legei warned transport rise up and protect themselves regarding speeding and over- by a uniformed conductor and
firms that they must obey the against road accidents by loading. driver. BE THE FIRST TO KNOW