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79111 Freiburg
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About us
At the SantaFontis Cancer Hospital, we like to offer what is often
unavailable to most cancer patients: an individualized and com-
prehensive cancer therapy. We combine state-of-the-art treat-
ment with a caring and patient-orientated approach and involve
our patients in all our therapeutic decisions – as far as they wish
to be involved. An international team of physicians and nurses
not only provides care and advice in several languages, but also
considers the cultural and religious needs of our patients from

Our quality standards compare with the ones applied by other

international cancer centres. Although our principle is to treat
our cancer patients according to current standards, we are also
open to innovative and complementary therapeutic approaches.
At our Clinical Study Centre, new and promising drugs are
being investigated in order to make them available to cancer
patients as soon as possible.

Suffering from cancer is a very frightening experience. Everyone

working at our hospital – whether they are physicians, nursing
staff or administrative personnel – is aware of this and prepared
to support the patients, throughout the various phases of their
disease with compassion and dedication.

Yours sincerely,

Joachim Drevs MD, PhD

The SanaFontis Cancer Hospital –
International competence at the highest medical level

The private SanaFontis Hospital in Freiburg, Breisgau

(Germany) was opened in April 2006. Specialising in acute can-
cer care, the hospital has beds for 85 patients suffering from solid
tumours, lymphoma and certain types of leukaemia. We provide
a holistic approach to cancer therapy that is tailored to the indi-
vidual needs of a patient. Our clinic is situated in the middle of
the romantic "Mooswald" nature reserve, an area that is ideally
suited to people who need to rest recover and regain their emo-
tional balance.

Being an international competence

centre, the SanaFontis Hospital is in
close contact with other cancer centres
worldwide and is part of the infra-
structure of the Medical University of
Freiburg and the surrounding clinics.

Freiburg is famous for its medieval

architecture, its mild climate and its
fascinating location between the vast
Rhine valley and the mountains of the
Black Forest, its proximity to Switzer-
land and the French Alsace region.
Nature at its best and a centuries-old
culture go hand in hand with the
charm and liveliness of a modern
university town.
Regaining energy –
in a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere

The SanaFontis hospital offers an

ambiance that resembles a hotel more
than a hospital. A well-appointed
lobby, comfortable rest areas, luxu-
riant plants, fresh flowers in every
room and the ever-friendly staff
create an atmosphere in which our
patients feel at ease.

The cosy inner courtyard with its

little herb garden laid out with
loving care and the small pond invite
the visitor to relax and rest. It is here
that small concerts and events take

Besides the room reserved for

Christian prayer service, our clinic
also has a room suited to Muslim
prayer and makes rooms available to
people of other religions.
Tracking down tumours –
with modern technologies and high precision equipment

Whether we use state-of-the-art laboratory medicine, such as the

determination of biomarkers, or the latest diagnostic imaging
procedures – at our hospital, we put our trust in forward-looking
diagnostic technologies.

The hospital’s department of Diagnostic Imaging has a PET-CT

scanner, which is a device combining positron emission tomo-
graphy (PET) with computer tomography (CT). This combina-
tion of two imaging procedures in one scanner allows locating
even small cancer sites with utmost precision, planning the
optimal treatment and monitoring the course of the disease.

For outpatients who are being treated but have questions about
the treatment strategy we offer a special service. They can obtain
a second opinion from one of our experienced oncologists who
will issue a comprehensive written expert opinion.
Treating the disease –
with individual concepts and loving care

Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are said to be the “three

pillars“ of cancer treatment. Cancer surgery, radiation therapy
and drug therapy have been fundamentally improved and added
to over the last ten years. The much-feared side effects of
previous cancer therapies can be avoided or reduced today by
using modern drugs and effective concomitant therapies.

At the SanaFontis Hospital, meticulous preliminary tests are

performed in order to work out an individual therapy plan
together with the patient and his relatives. We consider carefully
whether the expected benefits of a therapy outweigh the poten-
tial harm that may be caused by the side effects of the drugs.

A highly motivated nursing team is committed to providing

the patients with competent and compassionate medical care.
24 hours a day, qualified nurses strive to not only look after their
patients, but to also help them to regain their independence and
“joie de vivre”.
Preserving life –
with new medication and clinical studies

Frequently, standard therapies become ineffective when the

tumour is at an advanced stage. In order to still get the cancer
under control and to prevent the formation of metastases, the
physicians of the SanaFontis Hospital are pursuing innovative
treatment strategies.

Thanks to new target-orientated medicines that cut off the blood

supply to the tumour, tumours are literally starved to death.
Administering antibodies or cytokines can increase the body’s
endogenous defences.

At our Clinical Study Centre, new

drugs are investigated and developed
further. Outpatients as well as inpa-
tients can take part in clinical trials,
as long as this is considered to be of
benefit to them and there are no
other therapeutic options left.

Our highest priority consists in

making new and promising therapies
available to our patients as quickly as
Strengthening the body defences –
through complementary therapies for body and mind

In order to keep the physical and mental side effects of stressful

therapies to a minimum the SanaFontis Hospital offers a range
of complementary therapies.

Our micronutrients programme supports the immune system

and increases the resistance of the body to radiotherapies or
chemotherapies. Many cancer patients suffer from a deficiency in
important vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, after thorough
examinations, we put together a formula of micronutrients for
each patient that is specifically tailored to the personal require-

The mistletoe therapy can ease the side effects of aggressive the-
rapies. Our experienced medical staff knows which preparations
are effective and on which tumours they are to be used.

The physical therapy controls the physical symptoms of the

disease as well as its treatment. Its primary aim is to maintain and
improve the patient’s mobility, independence and physiological

Psycho-oncology helps overcome the mental crisis triggered by

the disease as both, body and soul, need professional help during
cancer therapy.
Controlling pain –
with Eastern wisdom and Western know-how

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps to soften the side

effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, improves the
patient’s physical well-being and strengthens the immune system
in its fight against cancer.

At the SanaFontis Hospital, several medical consultants with

special training in TCM provide an individualised therapy
using methods from Traditional Chinese Medicine to comple-
ment standard cancer therapy. These include acupuncture,
Chinese phytotherapy, which is predominantly based on the
use of medicinal herbs, Chinese dietetics, the massaging of
meridian and reflex points in order to remove dysfunctions,
breathing and motion techniques for relaxation such as Tai

Our holistic approach to pain therapy combines standard therapy

with complementary methods in order to best control any pain
Self-expression –
through imagination, creativity and joy

The creative energy boosted through

artistic activities gives the patients
renewed courage to cope with their
disease. They are often better able to
express their emotions and expe-
riences through the paintings and/
or sculptures they create than with
words. This is not about producing
perfect or beautiful works of art.

Our experienced art therapist and

the committed staff members of
the Art & Culture Group of the
SanaFontis Patient Charity provide
workshops where the patients can
engage in free painting, painting on
silk, soapstone work, basket weaving
or flower arranging. They organize
outings, readings, lectures and con-
certs. The various activities add ima-
gination and entertainment to the
daily routine at the hospital. They
encourage the social interaction
between patients and they help
create a joyful and optimistic atmo-
Elegant accommodation –
in friendly rooms with many amenities

We want our patients and guests to

feel comfortable. They should have
the feeling that they are staying at a
nice hotel rather than at a hospital.
Therefore, our patients are offered
bright and friendly rooms that are
elegantly furnished. They are provi-
ded with modern bathrooms, tele-
phones with a direct dialling facility
as well as flat screen television sets.
Many of them also have access to the To patients with high expectations
Internet and E-Mail by WLAN. we offer spacious suites that are sub-
divided into separate sleeping and
living areas and have lovely balconies.

Relatives who wish to keep our

patients company during their hos-
pital stay are provided with single
rooms at the hospital or we can arran-
ge accommodation at special rates in
nearby hotels.
Meals that can be enjoyed –
healthy food based on fresh organic ingredients

At the SanaFontis hospital we offer organic food which is fresh,

balanced, full of vitamins and healthy. Out of respect for our
patients from abroad, we use neither pork nor alcohol in the pre-
paration of the food, and we offer a vegetarian menu every day.
Our team of chefs is used to catering for people from different
cultures and will be delighted to fulfil your wishes.

To patients who need to follow a diet

or wish to adhere to special nutritio-
nal concepts, we offer a large variety
of special meals. Our nutritionist is
ready to help finding the adequate
diet for each case.
A centre of excellence in oncology –
due to an extensive range of services Further services:
• Pastoral care
• Advice on social assistance
• Speech therapy
The SanaFontis hospital specialises in acute cancer care and
• Ergotherapy
treats patients with solid tumours, lymphoma and certain types • Hospital discharge management
of leukaemia. The hospital’s medical information centre is avai- • Patient information material
lable to doctors and patients alike for any questions concerning • Events for medical staff and patients
the hospital and/or cancer in general. By simply dialling the
number: + 49 (0) 761 - 888 59 58 74 you can speak directly Technical facilities:
with a member of the medical staff on a daily basis. You can also • Positron emission tomography combined
reach us by e-mail at: or by fax: with computer tomography (PET/CT)

+ 49 (0) 761 - 888 59 59 57. • Positron emission tomography (PET)

• Computer tomography (CT)
• X-rays
Range of therapies and services on offer: • Echocardiography
• Electroencephalograms (EEG)
• Adjuvant and neoadjuvant, curative and palliative • Pulmonary function diagnostics
• Biological tumour therapies based on hormones, cytokines, • Sonography/Ultrasound with puncture option and
contrast medium sonography
monoclonal antibodies, immune therapies
• Use of new drugs in clinical trials • Cytology

• Radiation therapy in cooperation with the University • Intervention room

Hospital of Freiburg • Endoscopy

• Pain therapy • Rectoscopy

• Stoma and wound care • Patient monitors

• Palliative medicine and care • Port implantation

• Physiotherapy
Outpatient treatment options:
Additional range of therapies and services: • Outpatient diagnostics covering the entire range of haematological/
oncological diagnostic procedures including all imaging and
• Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
PET/CT diagnostics.
• Nutritional advice and micro-nutritional therapy
• Second opinion
• Art and occupational therapy
• Day Clinic to carry out simple as well as more complex chemotherapies
• Psycho-oncology
• Cytological diagnostics
• Clinical Study Centre with outpatient unit
• Diagnostic and therapeutic punctures to release effusions from the costal
pleura and the abdominal cavities
• Nutritional tubes
Directions –
How to get to us

By air
To get to Freiburg, it is best to fly to Basle/Mulhouse Airport
or Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport.

At Basle/Mulhouse Airport you can take a taxi to the hospital.

The journey takes approx. 45 minutes. There is also a shuttle bus
service between the Euro Airport and Freiburg Main Station.
The bus leaves eight times a day and the journey takes around
one hour.

From Frankfurt/Main Airport there is a direct train (ICE) to

Freiburg Main Station. The journey takes about 2 hours.

By train
The Intercity Express (ICE) from Basle to Frankfurt/Main stops
at Freiburg. ICE trains leave every hour to head north, south,
and east.

By car
Leave the A5 motorway at the "Freiburg Sued" exit and continue Legal
on the B31 towards "Freiburg". After roughly 2.5 km turn left, • Publisher:
Tumorklinik SanaFontis
and follow the directions to Eugen-Keidel-Mineral-Thermalbad. Alpine GmbH, Freiburg
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