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Day1 (29/10/2009)

We all reached at agartala by bus @5.30pm on joe was waiting for us with a jeep. we reached bhujnagar house by 6.30.then we celebrated Melvins birthday, judes feast n fr.hormis ordination day there by cutting cake. all sisters also were there. they all gave us a warm welcome. as we were so much tired by the bus journey we went for sleep soon.

Day2 (30/10/09) Morning we had holymass. Then fr.joe introduced all of us to school assembly (bl.andria) @8.30am. we took classes about personal hygiene, motivation n prolife for 9,10,11& 12th std students. it was a wonderful experience for all of us by the guidance of holyspirit. We took sessions in English for the first time. Afternoon we went to holycross college @agartala n took detailed session of prolife for one hr. about 60ppl attended. Holyspirit guided us.2 of us done intercession. After that we conducted prayer group in the same campus. we shared our experiences n they also shared. we returned from there after lunch @4.30pm,in holycross provincial house. Evening we conducted adoration for hostellers. about 200 attended. It was also a blessed one We had evaluation of the day at evng n decided who all are going to other places on the next day

Day 3 - 31/10/09 Morning we had holymass. After breakfast we just visited boys town. went for Eucharistic procession at agartala was for d 1st time they were conducting such one. about 6000ppl from various tribes was a wonderful one. we all met agartala bishop too on that occation.don n jude were sent to gunduchira . niji n anitta were sent to ambassa forest with the ppl came for the procession from the respective places. Evening we conducted rosary in hostels

Day 4- 1/11/2009

Melvin,linda n sr.ligy- conducted prog in murakami mugda helped us for translation into their local language kobrok. we had prolife, testimony of them also shared. We also taught some action songs. all enjoyed it. about 40ppl participated. On d way back v visited one bazaar too. afternoon we went for another prog n we met chief minister of Tripura. Others had village visits n taken class in school.

Day 5 2/11/09 Morning we conducted jy prog 4 classes 8-12(bl.andria scl, bujnagar).had testimony, church, jy ,videos n action songs etc. about 90 ppl participated. afternoon we went to a village (barkathal) n had holymass in kobrok. evening we prepared for adoration conducting in next day for fathers of agartala diocese. We had evaluation abt d day in d evng. Others had house visits in villages

Pray for all of us to strengthen in prayer & faith n to have a good time with Christ Pray esply 4 jude n don as they are staying in highly malaria prone area.

Mother mary, pray for us! St.francis xaviour, pray for us! St. little flower, pray for us! St. alphonsa, pray for us! St. camilus, pray for us!