National Power Training Institute, E.

R City Centre, Durgapur: 16 MASTER ROUTINE Even Semester, 2011: Classes will be started by 17th January, 2011
8.30a.m-9.30a.m 9.30a.m-10.30a.m 10.30a.m-11.30a.m 11.30a.m-12.30p.m 12.30p.m-1.30p.m 2nd PH (S.D) B.E.E (SM) MS (S.Dey) M (S.B.P) F.M (N.N.B) 4th CS (A.M) HVE (M.S)/RAC (A.P) 6th OR&IE (S.B.P) MFS(T.R.B)/ ED (N.T) 8th 2nd PH (S.D) M.S (S.Dey) M (S.B.P) B.E.E (SM) Practical 4th EM (S.M) SGA (C.B) OR&IE (S.B.P) PH (S.D) DEIC (A.M) M.S (S.K) PTD (A.I) CS (A.M) TMPPOM (GF) M (S.B.P) Practical B.E.E (S.M) 2.30p.m-3.30 p.m 3.30p.m-4.30p.m 4.30p.m-5.30p.m Practical TM (K.C.S) EEPS (A.I)




Practical MST (T.R.B) Practical


E 6th S 8th W 2nd E 4th D 6th 8th T 2nd H 4th R 6th 8th F 2nd R 4th I 6th 8th

TMMC (Dr. B.K.S)/HVDC(M.S) CS (H.R) EM (S.M) Practical MFS(T.R.B)/ ED (N.T) Practical MST (T.R.B) Practical MFS(T.R.B)/ ED (N.T) Practical E.T (A.P) Practical E.M (S.M) E.T (A.P)

STA (D.P) PH (S.D) DEIC(A.M) M.S (S.Dey)

EEPS (A.B) TMPPOM (G.F) CS (H.Y) Practical PTD (A.I) MS (S.K) Practical


E.T (A.P)

SGA (C.B) O.R&IE (S.B.P) M (S.B.P) DEIC(A.M) STA (D.P)




B. (Ms. S. Patra) M 201 Mathematics (Sh. S.Kumar) ME 201 Engg. Mazumder) R 2. Dey) 11.30-1. S. Thermo & Fluid Mech. Master copy Extra classes may be held if required ( A. Roy) Practical Tuesday Wednesday E Thursday Friday M 101 Mathematics (Sh.30-12.B.m Monday 9. Dey) M 201 Mathematics (Sh.m PH 201 Physics (Mrs. Banerjee) Director & HOI . Thermo & Fluid Mech.30-10. Mazumder) ES 201 Basic Electrical & Elect. Durgapur: 16 Routine of 1st year 2nd Semester Even Semester.Kumar) S S Practical Saturday Copy to: 1.m M 201 Mathematics (Sh. 2011 8. S. 2011: Classes will be held on and from 17th August.m ES 201 Basic Electrical & Elect.m Practical E Practical C CS 201 Basic Computation & Principles of Computer (Mr.National Power Training Institute. Thermo & Basic Electrical & Elect. S. Thermo & Fluid Mech.30-11. (Ms. Mishra) CS 201 Basic Computation & Principles of Computer (Mr. S. Fluid Mech. S.30 p. H. (Mr. (Ms.30 a. S.30-4. E. (Dr. S. (Dr. S.30 p.30-9.30p. S. (Ms. Mazumder) PH 201 Physics (Mrs. Thermo & Fluid Mech. Patra) 12. All faculty members 3. S. S. S. Das PH 201 Physics (Mrs. Student notice board 4. Patra) ES 201 Basic Electrical & Elect. Director / HOI 2. Dey) ME 201 Engg.m 3. Mazumder) (Mr.30 p.30 a.R City Centre.30 a. (Dr. S.m ME 201 Engg. Das) PH 201 Physics (Mrs. T. Das) ME 201 Engg.30-3. Das) 10. S.B. Roy) ME 201 ES 201 Engg. H.

30-5.m ctical ctical ctical ctical anerjee) or & HOI .30p.4.

m 10. S.30-10.30p.R. Pathak) EE 401 Electrical Mechanics (Ms. A. Saha) Tuesday EE 401 Electrical Mechanics (Ms. (Mrs.30 a.m ME 401 Fluid Machinery (Mr.m Monday 9. S. A. Bondopadhyay) ME 402 Engg. Thermodynamics (Mr. & Technology (Mr. Mondal) EC 402 Digital Elect.30 a. & Technology (Mr. A. Student notice board 4.30-5. Thermodynamics (Mr. S.C.30-4. C. Mondal) Laboratory Work ME 402 Engg. A. 2011: Classes will be held on and from 17th August. Pathak) ME 402 Engg.30-12. Banerjee) Director / HOI .30 p. 2011 8.m 4. Mondal) Laboratory Work E ME 405 Material Sc.m 11. A.National Power Training Institute. Basu) ME 412 Theory of Machines (Mr.30-11. A.m 12. Durgapur: 16 Routine of 2nd year 2nd Semester Even Semester. Master copy Extra classes may be held if required (A. N.R City Centre.30-3. T. Bondopadhyay) EC 402 Digital Elect.K. K. A. S.30p.30 p.30 a.Director / HOI 2.30-1.R.30 p. Pathak) Saturday Copy to: 1.m ME 412 TM (Mr.Tewari) 3. E.Saha) R 2. (Mrs. (Mrs. T. Thermodynamics (Mr. (Mrs. All faculty members 3. Mazumder) Thursday Laboratory Work S S Friday EC 402 Digital Elect.30-9. Mondal) C Laboratory Work E Wednesday EE 401 Electrical Mechanics (Ms. Mazumder) EC 402 Digital Elect. Mazumder) ME 405 Material Sc. N.m HU-481 (Mr.

m Monday PWE 605 Control System (Mrs. Banerjee) PWE 604 Pwe 606A RAC (Mr.30 p. Indira) PWE 603 EEPS (Mrs. Power Pathak)/ PWE 606B Transmission & (Mr. Banerjee) Director & HOI . Bhattacharya) S Laboratory Work S Friday PWE 602 Steam Turbines & Aux. M.30p. A.m 4. & Air cond. (Mr. Singh) R PWE 604 Power Transmission & Distribution (Mrs. A. All faculty members 3.m 9. Mondal) (Mrs.m 2.30-4.30-1.30 a. A.30-12. A. C. Engg. Bhattacharya) PWE 605 Control System (Mrs. 2011: Classes will be held on and from 17th August. Director / HOI 2.R City Centre. (Mr. Indira) E Thursday PWE 601 Steam Generator & Aux.30 p.30-5. Student notice board 4. C. E. Pandit) PWE 603 EEPS (Mr. Durgapur: 16 Routine of 3rd year 2nd Semester Even Semester. A.30-10. A.30-9. Pandit) Laboratory Work Saturday Copy to: 1. Pathak)/ PWE 606B High Volt. Mondal) E Laboratory Work C Laboratory Work Wednesday PWE 602 Steam Turbines & Aux.30-3. (Mr.30-11. 2011 8. D. A. A.m 3. Mondal) PWE 606A Refriger.30 a. A.m 12. D. A.m 10. Indira) PWE 604 Power PWE 605 Transmission & Control System Distribution (Mrs. Singh) Distribution (Mrs. Master copy Extra classes may be held if required (A. Indira) Tuesday PWE 601 Steam Generator & Aux.30 a. M.30 p. (Mr.National Power Training Institute. (Mr. (Mr.30p.m 11.

P) PWE 803B ED (N.B.F) E S Thursday OR & IE (S.30 a. Student notice board 4.30-10.B)/ OR & IE (S.T) PWE 804A TMMC (Dr.m 10.R. B.R.m 11.F) 2.30-1.30 a.B.30-4. 2011 8.30p.S) PWE 804B HVDC (M.S) 3.R City Centre.m R E C Wednesday TPPOM (G. All faculty members 3.30 p.m 12. E.B) PWE 803B ED (N.B.m 9.K.30-9.30p.30 p.30-12.30 a.P) S PWE 803A MFS (T.T) OR & IE (S.S) Saturday Copy to: 1.30-11.30-5.National Power Training Institute.30-3. 2011: Classes will be held on and from 17th August.B) PWE 803B ED (N.T) PWE 803A MFS (T.K. Director / HOI 2.m Monday Tuesday Friday PWE 804A TMMC (Dr. Master copy (A.m PWE 802 PWE 803A MFS (T.R.Banerjee) Director & HOI .30 p. Durgapur: 16 Routine of 4th year 2 nd Semester Even Semester.S) PWE 804B HVDC (M.m 4. B.P) TPPOM (G.

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