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Established in late 2001, PT. Suryajaya Teknotama (SJA) is committed to support the growth of Mobile Telecommunication business in Indonesia. Adapting to the fast growing and demanding business environment, we have evolved from a common trading company into a supply chain management based service and wireless systems solution provider. SJA Technologies, is the name chosen for this business unit, to signify it's role in providing products and services of telecommunications and information technology. To simplify brand awareness for customers, a simple logo which clearly shows our brand name was chosen. To advance in market coverage, Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia was selected as the center of operations of this new business unit. For 10 years we have been serving Cellular Operators, directly or indirectly, to help them achieve their On-Air targets. Our employees are trained and experienced to ensure customer's targets are achieved in time. We share the passion and sentiments, including those 3-shifts weekends and everyday midnight deliveries. And we are committed to give - whatever it takes - in helping our customers achieve whatever targets that they might have set for today, this week, this month and so forth. Contact us anytime, we may have what you need in our stock, right now.

Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

About Us
We are a leading distributor and solution provider for RF-Path systems in Indonesia. This is the focus of our business. As time goes, by good relation with customer, this business unit is experiencing steady increase in sales.

The Vision
Our vision is to become a world-class company that delivers the best product and service

The Mission
Ensure Customer satisfaction through dedication on completion of task. Continuous innovate and improvement through the whole business process. Everlasting effort ensuring profitability and revenue base metrics. Striving to achieve better quality of life for all stake holders.

Finance Information :
Company Name Date of Incorporated VAT Registration : P.T Suryajaya Teknotama : January 2001 : 01.935.237.6-023.000 Jl. Mangga Besar I Blok F 96 Taman Sari Jakarta Utara IDR Account Number USD Account Number : 528-010-00188-1 : 528-011-00006-6

BankingComplete RF Subsystem Solutions Information : BANK NISP, Cabang Glodok

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Our Organization Chart

Internal Business Control Sales & Marketing Dept


Account Executive

HR & GA HR & GA Dept. HR Development Progress Control Director Finance & Accounting Dept.
Complete RF Subsystem Solutions


Tax & Internal Audit


Logistic & Operation Dept.


Quality Control


PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

ISO 9001:2008

Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Product and Services

The company is constantly developing and improving its technical services to be able to provide high quality and cost effective solution as the company develops its activities, experienced personnel is recruited to support the customers need whenever and wherever necessary.

Our Global Partner :

Andrew, which became part of CommScope in December 2007, is a global leader in radio frequency subsystem solutions for wireless networks and one of the worlds most recognized brands in communication infrastructure. Previously strong on their own, CommScope and Andrew have an even more promising future together. Thanks to this acquisition, CommScope is now a world leader in infrastructure solutions for wireless, enterprise and broadband communications networks. Around the globe, in a world being transformed by communications, people anticipate more than ever that wireless services will enhance their lives, workplaces, and communities. With the convergence of voice, data, and video, we experience the promise of mobilityand we
Complete RF Subsystem Solutions experience Andrew Solutions. Andrew supports the emerging mobile society, and the

companies that make this today's reality, with a comprehensive portfolio of complete wireless solutions.

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Our Product 1. Andrew Base Station Antenna

Andrew Solutions is a leading supplier of Base Station Antenna Systems, including products for every major air interface technology with broad deployment in all regions. The portfolio of products includes antennas for UHF/VHF, CDMA, GSM, 3G, and WiMAX systems in bands ranging from 30 MHz to 3.5 GHz. Andrew Solutions is an industry leader in comprehensive antenna systems, including a comprehensive portfolio of accessories to provide remote antenna tilt management and antennas designed for future applications such as MIMO and digital beam forming. Band Family Low Band Quad Low Band GSM 900 2xGSM 900 Frequency (MHz) Code Family LBX series LBXX series HBX series HBXX series DBXLH series QBXLH series TBXLH series CSH series SA and W2 series

High Complete RF Subsystem Solutions 2100 Band GSM 1800/UMTS Quad High Band Dual Band Quad Dual Band Triple Band Tri-Sector Antenna WiMax 2xGSM 1800/UMTS 2100 GSM 900 & GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 2xGSM 900 & GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 GSM 900 & GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 3x GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 2300 2700 MHz

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Our Product
2. Andrew Transmission Line and Accessories
Andrew Solutions manufactures technically advanced, high performance transmission line products for a wide range of RF applications from base station sites, to in-cabinet, to indoors. Transmission line components include cables, waveguide, connectors, assemblies, and installation accessories, all designed for performance compatibility.

Coaxial Cable
Andrew Solutions offers the most widely deployed RF cable in the industry. Its brand names represent the most complete, cost-effective, high-performance coaxial cables in the world. For more than 50 years, Andrew Solutions has led the industry in meeting the need for semi-flexible RF transmission line in land mobile, broadcast, cellular, PCS, military, terrestrial microwave, HF, earth station, personal communication, and many other applications. Available Type and Size : AVA Series Corrugated Cable (1/2 up to 1-5/8) FXL Series Smooth Wall Cable (1/2 up to 1-5/8) LDF Series Low Density Foam (1/2) CNT Series Braided Cable (RG Series) Waveguide Cable

Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Andrew Solutions HELIAX and EZfit connectors are designed for fast, accurate installation and to ensure system integrity in the harshest of outdoor environments. Andrew Solutions provides four families of connectors: the new EZfit connectors, our standard HELIAX connectors, OnePiece connectors, and RingFlare connectors.

Accessories Andrew Solutions offers a number of installation accessories that are designed to work with wireless transmission line systems. After youve selected the cable and connectors for your system, it's important to choose the best mounting and protection products. Andrew Solutions offers a comprehensive line of installation accessories and lightning protection systems to help you realize your communications systems full potential.

Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

Add the final measure of protection to you equipment from lightning current traveling down the transmission line with Arrestor Plus surge arrestors. All designs are completely weatherproof and feature low return, insertion loss, and low inter-modulation. Our wide range of surge arrestor types and configurations support most applications, including WiMAX and AISG.

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

3. Indoor Passive Component

When it comes to in-building engineering designs, Andrew understands your challenges are numerous. Andrew offers our line of passive devices to improve your in-building coverage issues. 1 Cell-Max Omni-directional Antenna Unique compact multiband design allows coverage for a wide range of frequencies. 2 Low Power Splitter This well designed product evenly splits lowpower cellular signals with minimal reflections or loss and allows for simple wall mounting. 3 Directional Coupler/Unequal Splitter Couples a defined fraction of a highpower cellular signal with minimal reflection or loss and allows for simple wall mounting. 4 Cell-Max Directional In-building Antenna Compact and visually unobtrusive, this antenna contains an integral low-loss coaxial cable pigtail eliminating connectors, reducing overall costs and losses associated with connector junctions.
Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

5 High Power Splitter The reactive design of this high-power splitter employs no resistors, eliminating their contribution to passive intermodulation (PIM) and potential damage. 6 Hybrid Coupler The 3 dB hybrid coupler combines two wireless carriers to a single antenna feed or cable, while maximizing isolation in the wireless bands and minimizing PIM. 7 Combiner, Diplexer and Triplexer

The application example shown offers an indoor footprint solution using Andrews passive devices.
3 PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

By combining your system it would provide an effective cost and efficient implementaition.

4. Site Installation Material

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama (SJA) as Andrew product distributor in Indonesia offers products and services to regional telecom operators and system OEMs. Our main products include package of BTS installation materials: antenna, feeder (Cu and Al), connector, cable ladder, cable tray, feeder clamp, grounding kit, entry panel, antenna mounting, etc.

Fastener System Bolt and Nut

Jacketed Flexible Metal Conduit

Terminal Cable

Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Our Service

Site Integrated Material


Site Integrated Material

The main product that we have been providing for our customers is based on a supply-chain management product-service mix, which we call the SIM (Site Integrated Material). SIM is a supply chain management Concept put into action that includes: Site Requirement Consultant SIM Site Model On-Site Delivery Customize Work Flow Model that follows customer inquiries. SIM in its lifetime has been undergoing many development phases to best suit the need of our Valued Customers. Nowadays, SIM is implemented in major roll-outs of mobile wireless infrastructure project throughout the country. By carefully observing customers need and action patterns, we are able to maintain the time-critical aspects of material-availability. Whereby this is achievable by diligently applying JIT-method based on customers needs. SIM is basically:
Complete needed, anytime-anywhere Availability, whenRF Subsystem Solutions

SIM Advantages : Easy to install with Less routine work Door to site JIT delivery Less warehouse expense Few Part Numbers in system Better supply chain management Less transportation and handling costs

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Supporting Information Technology

It is common in today's environment for a company to operate company in one area, source in another, manufacture and assemble in yet another, and finally sell it to customer. In its simplest form, logistics is a transaction-intensive function tying together this spatially diverse operation. With the added diversity in global business, logistics poses a formidable challenge to manage effectively and efficiently a longer logistics pipeline involving multiple countries. The need for efficient information processing is essential to meeting this task. We PT. Suryajaya Teknotama has supported by Integrated System IT which handling all transaction in our company start from customers order , sourcing material, receiving into warehouse up to delivery to customer. We did all this transaction by Integrated System which provide more accurate information which needed by customer, supplier, staff and stakeholder. With in-house software development and supported by professional programmer, our system can handle a report which refer to customer need.
Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Supporting Infrastructure
To live up to our commitments, we have established necessary infrastructure to support our operations. Central Warehouse Address : Jl. Jati Mekar, No.14 Jati Asih - Bekasi Office : 1.500 m2 (including closed space) Open Space : 1,500 m2 Operation : Feeder Rolling Production, Warehousing, Packaging and Delivering Balikpapan (Distribution Center) Medan (Distribution Center)

Bitung - Tangerang (Distribution Center) Jati Asih Bekasi (Distribution Center) Kemang Jakarta (Main Office)

Distribution Center RF Subsystem Solutions Complete (Bitung-Tangerang) Address : Komp. Pergudangan Graha Niaga Office : 400 m2 Closed Space : 1.500 m2 Operations : Feeder Rolling Production, Warehousing, Packaging and Delivering Distribution Center (Medan North Sumatera) Address : Komplek Pergudangan KIMSTAR Closed Space : 2.700 m2 Operations : Feeder Rolling Production, Warehousing, Packaging and Delivering Distribution Center (Balikpapan East Kalimantan) Address : Jl. Sumber Rejo V No.4 Office : 400m2 Operation : Feeder Rolling Production, Warehousing, Packaging and Delivering

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Project Experience
No 1 Company Telkomsel Project Name Supply Antenna line System Supply Antenna and Feeder Site Package Redeployment ex. Siemens BTS and ex.Motorola BTS (all Indonesia area) 2 3 4 5 Excelcomindo Hutchinson Hutchinson Ericsson Supply Feeder Site Package Supply Repeater Strategic Partner for Indoor Project Supply Antenna Line System TSEL, ISAT, XL, NTS Project Supply Feeder Site Package RBS TSEL, ISAT,XL, NTS Project 6 Hua Wei Supply Antenna Lines System All Project Supply Feeder Site Package RBS NTS Project 7 8 8 9 Nokia Siemens Networks Supply Feeder Site Package and ancillaries Year 2001 Now 2006 Now

2001 - Now 2008 2007 2009 2001 2004 2004 Now 2008 Now 2009 Now 2001 2009 2001 2008 2008 2008 Now

Motorola RF Subsystem Solutions Site Package and ancillaries, Supply Feeder Complete TSEL and Flexi ZTE Indonesia Indoor System Integrator Supply Feeder ancillaries Supply ION-M, feeder and ancillaries

And more..

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Our Customer
Cellular Operators :

BTS Providers :

Integrated System Company :

Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

and more ..

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama

Contact Supports :
PT. Suryajaya Teknotama Jl. Benda Raya No.11 Kemang Jakarta Indonesia Phone Fax Website : +62 21 781 9880 : +62 21 781 9770 :

Email (info) : Sales Support : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Yudy Mulyana Chairuz Zammany Pariwantono Febby Putri Eko Daryanto ( m. +62 812 978 5454 ) (m. +62 811 850 5695) ( m. +62 817 788 075) (m. +62 811 843 985) (m. 0818 944 200)

Complete RF Subsystem Solutions

PT. Suryajaya Teknotama