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The AGM of Brierley Hill Civic Society will take place on Monday 18th February 2013 commencing at 5.30pm.

It will be held at the usual venue of St Michaels Church, Bell Street South, Brierley Hill. The agenda for the meeting is: 1. 2. 3. 4. Apologies Minutes of previous AGM (see below) Minutes of previous meeting (see below) Officers reports a. Chair b. Secretary c. Treasurer Election of officers a. Chair b. Vice Chair c. Secretary d. Treasurer Brierley Hill Community Forum Christmas 2013 Community First Brierley Hill Ward Action Plan Future programme Information Exchange Any other urgent business


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I look forward to seeing you on Monday. Kind regards, Tim

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Brierley Hill Civic Society held on Monday 20th February 2012 commencing at 5.30 pm at St Michaels Church Brierley Hill Present Geoff Attwood, Janet Attwood, Joy Cooper, Beryl Fisher, John James, Betsy Lafferty, Stephen Masters, Maggie Norton, Jenny Sunter, Tim Sunter, Dennis Whittaker, Andrew Mann-Ray Apologies

Beryl Biggs, Shane Birch-Bastock, June Bowen, Rachel Harris, Kane Husbands, Rosemary Tomkinson Minutes of the meeting of 17th October 2011 The minutes of the meeting of 17th October 2011 were agreed as a correct record. Matters Arising All matters arising were covered elsewhere on the agenda. Christmas Lights 2012 JS explained that the local authority was reducing its role in the 'switch on event' for the Christmas lights. As such had met with the town centre manager Andrea Jones (who is leaving on 29th February) to find out as much information about how the event could be organised. The key points from the meeting were: Christmas lights: Where the electricity sources are How the electricity is paid for Who will co-ordinate on tree and lights for the Council? Where does the tree come from? Who do you talk to in the Moor Centre? Who should I talk to about budget? Who are the key voices in the traders? First Aid/Health and Safety? Staging? A great deal of helpful information had been exchanged. It was hoped that the following groups would be able to get involved in the event: Churches and faith groups; Schools; College; Scouts; Guides; St John Ambulance; Police; Fire Brigade and others. The meeting discussed ideas on that could take place. These included stalls; a marquee; a Santa race. Stephen Masters indicated that the canoe club had a marquee and generator with appropriate insurance which might be availalble for the event and Andrew Mann-Ray agreed to liaise with local church groups.

It was agreed that JS would facilitate a working group meeting to make further arrangements. Brierley Hill in Bloom TS reported that SC had completed the feasibility report and he would make this available on the blog. There had been some delays in the implementation of the scheme, but it may be possible to pick up part way through the year. One of the key points in the report was the advantage of starting small and growing. Community First An update on the Community First scheme was given. This provides match funding for community projects and circa 67,000 had been made available for Brierley Hill ward, and over 80,000 for Brockmoor and Pensnett. A meeting was scheduled for early March to look at how this could be taken forward and funding applied for. Brierley Hill Community Forum AGM This has been scheduled for 13th March 2012. Members were encouraged to attend. Future meetings Because of a clash of dates it was agreed to move the April meeting of the Society to 23rd. Michael Taylor, local author, had been invited to attend the meeting and deliver a talk. The Society agreed to meet his fee. It was also agreed to investigate whether Community First match funding might be available to fund a future programme of speakers. John Parry would attend the March meeting to talk about the Parry People Mover and its potential to provide a rapid transport link between Brierley Hill and Stourbridge using existing railway lines. It was hoped that Pete Boland would be able to deliver his talk on the historic landscape of Silverend in May and Stephen Masters had kindly agreed to conduct another local walk in June. There was interest in trying to arrange a speaker on the Pensnett railway for July. Ned Williams was a very good speaker who might be able to do this. TS to ask. The meeting concluded at 7pm Minutes of the meeting of Brierley Hill Civic Society held on 17th September 2012 at St Michael's Church Brierley Hill commencing at 5.30pm Present Geoff Attwood, Janet Attwood,Joy Cooper, Beryl Fisher, Kathy Garten, John James, Pat McAlpin, Maggie Norton, John Rogers, Jenny Sunter, Tim Sunter, Dennis Whittaker Apologies

Peter Hobbs,Rachel Harris, Betsy Lafferty, Andrew Mann-Ray, Stephen Masters, Rosemary Tomkinson Minutes of the Previous Meeting The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a true record Matters Arising The chair reported that the Portas Bid submitted for Dudley Town Centre had been unsuccessful. He was still hoping that a meeting would take place in the near future to look at what could be done to support the revival of Brierley Hill High Street. The on-line consultation form for the Clean Power proposal had been completed on behalf of the Society, but to date there had been no feedback. Future Programme It was reported that Ned Williams had been booked to talk on "Looking at the Pensnett Railway Line" for the meeting on 15th October and Geoff Tristram was booked for the 19th November meeting to deliver his popular talk "Confessions of an Artist". The meeting agreed to pay the relevant fees. It was hoped that we could boost our audience for the two speakers and members were asked to all that they could to bring friends, contacts, relatives along. Looking forward it was felt that speakers were a successful part of the Society's work. It would be possible to submit a grant to Community First and Brierley Hill Community Forum to seed fund a programme of speakers for 2013. During the year the aim would be to identify ways of self funding future speakers into the future. Once a progamme had been determined it would be easier to advertise events in the local paper (including the Black Country Bugle), through flyers, posters, social media etc. Agreed that Dennis Whittaker, John James, Tim Sunter and Stephen Masters should talk about topics for talks and who potential speakers might be. TS would draft a bid for resources. Christmas Lights Switch On Jenny Sunter reported on the plans for the Christmas Lights Switch on and members contributed their thoughts and ideas. The key points are: Date Saturday - 24th November Switch on time - 4.30pm Lead up events from 2.30pm Positive co-ordinating meeting had taken place at Himley Hall Insight would provide facilities for stalls on the day

Music to be provided at venues around the town. Schools were being engaged and a timetable drawn up Santa Run looking feasible. Running club contacted to organise. It was possible a temporary road closure for a very short period of time would be needed. Traders were being contacted re doing a display in each of their windows. This may be a competition with the winner invited to switch on the lights Pop Up Nativity scenes to be organised Candel lit procession being tested for feasibility Possibility of collecting donations towards next years revent/charity Need to invite cadets, scouts etc. This was the first year that the event was being organised through community engagement and it was important to keep ambitions realistic and to accept that there will be lots of scope for learning. The event will be a building block for future years. The meeting expressed its thanks to Jenny Sunter for all her hard work. Secret Cafe/Insight It was noted that the Insight Centre/Secret Cafe was carrying out very strong work. It was agreed to invite a representative to a future meeting give a presentation about the centre. Community First Tim Sunter gave a presentation on Community First and its approach to an action plan for Brierley Hill Ward. Members were asked for their views on how to take matters forward. Key points emerged: 1. Stage one should be an audit of existing plans and compiling a target list of community organisations and stakeholders in Brierley hill. 2. During this time a review of demographics should take place to inform priorities 3. It would be important to have a framework for the questions so communities and groups would know exactly what was being asked from them and be able to respond accordingly. TS indicated that he would take the action plan to the community panel the following evening and refer back to a future meeting on progress. Any Other Business Dennis Whittaker informed the meeting that an English Oak Tree was to be planted on a date to be fixed in Marsh Park to celebrate the Jubilee.