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Same reliability, fraction of the cost.


uge understands that there is a substantial need in the telecoms market for an

energy solution that is reliable,


resilient, affordable, and easy to maintain. with the substantial worldwide growth expected from the telecoms industry in the coming years, renewable energy systems will eliminate dependence on fossil fuels or unpredictable electric grids, allowing stations to function with independent of exterior variables. fusion by uge telecoms provides scalable hybrid energy solutions that meet the distributed energy needs of stand-alone mobile base stations at a


- combining energy sources allows for stable and constant energy production, running day and night with limited variability.

low operating expenses,

advanced Design Reliable

- uge turbines lead the industry in low vibration, low noise, and low maintenance.

fraction of the cost offered by

- Dependable system, featuring high-quality, cutting-edge and certified components, ensures system reliability over the status quo.

traditional diesel generators. fusion is able to easily match the energy needs of any telecom tower.


- offset generator usage by up to 90% and see a payback in as low as 2 years!



How it woRkS
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uge wind turbines are highly versatile and are able to create energy in a wide variety of settings. a solar system complements the turbine, as fusion combines power sources with ease. fusion hybrid charge controller controls battery charging and maximizes efficiency of all systems. Diesel generators supply any back-up power necessary. Real-time energy production from the renewable systems, diagnostics, and diesel consumption are simultaneously recorded and can be accessed remotely by Viewuge.
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