The document has to include: • • • • Front cover: Project title, group, names of the components. List of materials: Everything you have employed Project Diary: Everyday we have to note that we have made, the tasks of each person, what were the difficulties identified, etc... Technical Drawings: There must be a front view drawing of the project, with its measurements and annotations.

How to evaluate the memory?. With this rubric:

0 Presentation (10%)

2 (negative)

4 (incorrect)
Poor handwriting and does not respect margins, spacing, line spacing, without stapling, improper file name

5 (correct)
Presentation adequate minimum standards respecting most explained style (header, footer, numbering, styles, etc..) It is well articulated and clearly expressed its ideas, and there is no faults

7 (quite good)
Respect all rules of style, has a good presence

9 (excelent)
Is perfectly finished and includes the original typography, good layout, invited to be read.

Not done Poor handwriting, almost incomprehensible

Written expression (10%)

Not done Not understand the phrases, bad syntax, disconnected data, many misspellings.

It is expressed incorrectly and as summarized that doesn´t express criticism or reviews, no misspellings.

In addition to a correct expression and absence of faults, it manifests reviews and opinions. Appropriate content for the project. Prove you have made significative learning. Appropriate planes, made to ruler, according to standard dimension without errors.

It contributes with reviews that improve future teaching and learning processes.

Contents (50%)

Not done Missing many sections to fill.

Missing required minimum contents or project sections are not properly completed.

Minimum content required. All sections properly completed.

In addition to above, include valuable additional data.

Technical Drawings (30%)

Not done Numerous drawings are missing, and those included are poorly presented, no rulers, no dimensions, no scale.

Missing minimum required drawings, dimensioning without respecting the rules, nonparallel lines, does not respect the scales.

Drawings required minimum

In addition to above, at the further description to improve understanding.

Bilingual Section. Projects


To evaluate the project itself, we will use this rubric


0 Good finishing Not done (20%)

2 (Negative)
It is poorly constructed, has wasted material (termofusible..), Unions appear hollow, is dangerous to use for chips, etc.. It does not incorporate anything studied, has no difficulty, no significative learning can be extracted.

4 (Incorrect)
The poor finish prevents proper operation, has wasted material.

5 (Correct)
Finishing minimum required, some joints do not fit well.

7 (Quite good)
Is well finished, most of the surfaces are smooth, the joints fit well.

9 (Excelent)
Perfectly finished, all surfaces are smooth, all joints fit well, has not wasted any material

Difficulty (10%)

Not done

It doesn´t correspond with the level of education of the students.

Conforms to the minimum required.

The level is appropriate to the student's educational level and reports value.

It is of a higher level than the students, demonstrating mastery of the material, combines several content blocks. Works great and includes some additional improvement. Very good coordination and team organization.

Operating (40%)

Not done

It is not finished.

Does not work, not meet the requirements.

Operation required minimum.

It works well.

Team working (10%)

Not done

Very poor organization and coordination of the team: nobody does anything productive. He has worked very little and wasted material. Play and endangers the safety of others.

Missing minimal coordination and organization: one does something, the others look.

Coordination and Good coordination organization and organization required of the team. minimum to take the project forward. He has worked and meets the minimum required safety standards all the time Perfect job, made all your tasks with responsibility and independence. He has watched and helped his teammates to meet standards.

Individual work and Safety Compliance (20%)

Not done

It has not worked the required minimum. Does not meet strict safety standards.

Excellent work, with additional contributions have benefited the group.

Bilingual Section. Projects