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Customer Service Management
Continuous controlling, whether services are provided as promised in the customer contracts Provision of contractually defined reporting data with involved service providers, that are agreed upon with SDM Support of sales and proposal activities with customer know-how if by PSU or SDA requested (sales support, no operational processing, clarify and evaluate current configuration data for proposal creation by SDA in case of changes) Takes over an active and steering part in basically solving conflicts between service delivery and customer view with all involved parties Supports the SDM customer communication in case of escalation within fault management on a technical base Ensure invoicing of delivered services Control of order/ contract related costs for the services and if necessary initiate measures in order to lower costs as well as verifying the service invoicing in accordance to the contracts. Initiates and supports quality and productivity improving measures for customers and services considering economic aspects Coordinate and control all parties involved in the service delivery within service operation (e.g. coordinate maintenance hours – mass changes (e.g. patches, switchupdates, scan activities, vendor-maintenance) only for production line contracts -, priories internal changes etc, processing and communication within production line delivery units must be conducted on their own (stand-alone) Ensure production line specific services; for DS- and AO-services also order tracking in order to ensure in-time implementation of customer requests as well as providing status reports (order acknowledgment, delivery delays, realization confirmation, cancellation confirmation) Maintain data in order to provide actual and correct contractual data (ISDA and OLA)

Capabilities and Experience      Have directive authorities towards service providers within the scope of contract specific OLAs/ SLAs and the guidelines of the service offering Have access to all contract documents. Error! Reference source not found. Error! Unknown document property name.Error! Unknown document property name.1 Competence Knowledge. especially contracts.2          Skills Delivery experience Technical knowledge concerning IT services High customer orientation Contract and claim management experience Budget management / controlling experience People management / experiences in steering teams Project management (partly) Portfolio knowledge Good knowledge in native language and English Error! Unknown document property name. Error! Unknown document property name. 2 Error! Unknown document property name.: Error! Unknown document property name. solution design and calculation documents at their partner organizations Get unrestricted transparence over realized costs and invoiced services by CF Must be informed about all changes concerning its contracts/ services by the partners and has a right to be consulted Direct communication to the SDM for contracts directly being responsible for 2.: Error! Unknown document property name. 2 . Error! Unknown document property name. 2 2. Error! Reference source not found.