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MUHAMAD AMIRRUL HAKIM BIN MANSOR 2011211350082 910805-01-5975 Subject Class Enrolment Level Time Theme Topic

: : : : : : : English Year 4 30 students Intermediate students 30 minutes World of Self Living in Harmony Writing Reading , Listening and Speaking Learning Outcomes 4.1 Copy correctly Specifications 4.1.2 Copy words, phrases, and sentences in clear, legible cursive writing 4.5 Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and 4.5.1 Form simple sentences and questions by arranging words (5-6 words in a sentence)

Focused Skill : Integrated Skills:



caring. Anticipated problems: Pupils find it hard to describe their favourite friend because they lag of vocabulary. rhythm and intonation iii.Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson. Moral values: gratitude Language Content: Grammar: adjectives (e. talk about personal experiences about the quality of an effective teacher ii. make a teacher’s day card for their favourite teacher Educational Emphases: i. Thinking skills: express oneself creatively iii. humorous. hardworking. knowledgeable). Contextual learning: use the language in context by writing to friend ii. list three to five good qualities about the favourite teacher iv. pupils should be able to: i. caring. fair.g. 2 .: loving. recite the poem aloud with correct pronunciation. Solutions: Teacher asks questions regarding the pupils’ experiences with their friends and try to connect the pupils prior knowledge with the lesson.

: Do you have a favourite friend? . vocabulary pupils' -adjectives used arouse favourite friends. 2.g. To iii. e. ii. everyone equally iv. Humorous: jokes 2. 3 . 1.Stage/Time Set Induction (3 minutes) Content Teacher asks questions to pupils. favourite friends ii. i. To fulfil pupils’ need as part of the classroom to contribute in the ranking of the qualities of an ideal friend. Teaching-Learning Activity Teacher asks pupils to name their Pupils share the qualities of their i. Teacher call up some pupils name to write on the board the adjectives/words that describe the qualities of an ideal friend. Pupils rank their favourite qualities of an ideal friend. Rationale Remarks To introduce the topic of Elicitation of the day. Caring: concern Show Treat Tell 2. To interest by asking the to describe their questions based on their teachers personal experience. To relate allow to pupils’ to personal interest pupils express their views White board 1. Fair: 3. Presentation (5 minutes) Examples of qualities of an ideal teacher: 1. To introduce adjectives List of words that describe an ideal friend.

What did you learn today? 2. iii. Teacher shows some example of simple sentences 2. Production (10 minutes) Write a card to your 1. To enhance pupils’ on the understanding new vocabulary. ii. i. To check on pupils’ ability to write sentences correctly. To draw pupils’ attention to Teacher adjectives in real life. iii. 1. To reinforce the use of teacher’s cards. Pupils decorate the cards. To instill values on To develop students’ respect for their friends. To consolidate what they have learnt. i. Can you tell me the words learnt? you have 1. shows day favourite friend some samples of Closure (5 minutes) Teacher asks questions to pupils. confidence by showing their work ii. 4 . Teacher shows and displays the good examples of card made. Pupils do the task sheet after the teacher gives the instruction. Pupils use words learnt such as qualities identified to write a simple card to send to their friends 2.Practice (7 minutes) Example of question and answer in task sheet A: Q: I my friend love A: I love my friend 1. Teacher distributes a task sheet A to each of the pupils 3. adjectives. i. Asks pupils how they show appreciation for their friends. Teacher summarise the lesson by restating the qualities of good friends. 2.