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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 12, 2013 CONTACT Joan Fabiano Tina Dupont 517616


State-wide Grassroots Activists Speak Out on Health Care Exchange and Medicaid Expansion Lansing – Grassroots activists from across the state have joined forces in opposition to appropriating Federal money to implement the Health Care Exchange and choosing to expand Medicaid. Joan Fabiano of Grassroots in Michigan says, "The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the states which have elected not to expand Medicaid will reduce their deficit by $84 billion.” [1] "And as for the Health Care Exchange, the CBO significantly hiked the amount of taxpayer money needed to fund the Exchanges subsidies to $233 billion." Fabiano goes on to say, "For the governor to place a misguided hope in a promise from a Federal government that is out of our taxpayer money and in debt to substantially pay for these programs is irresponsible to the taxpayers of Michigan." Conservative author, Jen Kuznicki, says, "In every case, when the Federal Government promises our tax money to pay for programs in States, We the People get twice the headache. The Federal Government promises my money to my State, and never gives it back, and then the State will ask for more of my money when the Federal Government's subsidy is phased out. Kuznicki continues, "Governor Snyder may think this is a win-win for the State of Michigan, but I see it as a lose-lose, right when our nation's debt is 17 Trillion dollars." The coalition of activists urges those who are like-minded members of The Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM), Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Manufacturing Association and The

Michigan Business and Professional Association to cancel membership until these organizations withdraw their support of the Exchange. Tina DuPont of Tea Party of West Michigan says,” I don't understand why the Michigan Chamber of Commerce endorses opening the door to the Employer Mandate that hurts Michigan businesses." [2]

Signed by: Joan Fabiano Grassroots in Michigan Tina Dupont Tea Party of West Michigan Bill Gavette Lapeer County Tea Party Patriots Marco Lollio small business owner Matt Dane Rattle with Us Gene Clem Southwest Michigan Patriots Deb OHagan Lakes Tea Party Rose Drouillard Brighton TEA Party Wes Nakagiri RetakeOurGov Donald Eckland Mid Michigan Patriots Michael Konners Proud Legacy Alliance Eileen Iler Manistee Area Tea Party Don Koeppen OCTP Tea Party Liaison Jen Kuznicki Conservative author Thomas Biggs D.V.M Precinct Delegate Manistee County Randy Jasky - Director - FedUpUSA Dr Fadwa Gillanders, clinical pharmacist Vince Dragonetti former Ingham County Commissioner Gene Currow Grassroots activist Mary MacMaster Grassroots activist

Abigail Nobel Grassroots activist Mary McCoy Grassroots activist David Yardley Berrien County Republican Executive Commitee Isabelle Elise Terry, Vice President Gerald R. Ford Republican Women Marcy Desmond Jankovich Jackson County Republican Executive Committee Andrea Blachford, Newaygo County Precinct Delegate Pastor Richard Deitering Mike Reid Grassroots activist Rhonda Fuller Ingham County Precinct Delegate Elizabeth Gillanders Grassroots activist Lana Theis Grassroot Activist Rose Bogaert Wayne County Taxpayers Association Jason Gillman

Editor’s Note [1] Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Estimates for the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act Updated for the Recent Supreme Court Decision [2] Obama Care and its Mandates ### Joan Fabiano Grassroots in Michigan E-Mail On Facebook On Twitter and MidWGrassroots