Counting the Ways the Media Lies About the Economy

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Pop quiz: What was the biggest news story this week? And I don't mean, what was the biggest news story according to Obama's media.
Obviously, it was the economy taking a nosedive into negative territory last quarter, along with the fact that hardly enough jobs were created last month to keep up with population growth. Oh, and the unemployment rate increased. Of course the economy is the biggest story; it affects the most people and Obama's doing it wrong. But not only is the media never-minding the economy, much of the media coverage related to economic bad news is forever being spun into good news. A few examples… Politico saw the jobs numbers as something ( /january-unemployment-numbers-for-url-87063.html?hp=r13) that "could soothe some of the renewed economic anxiety in Washington[.]" The AP saw ( the jobs numbers as proof "[t]he U.S. job market is proving sturdier than expected" and "mostly encouraging." CBS News wants to assure ( /latest-job-numbers-signal-economic-recovery/) all of us that the "[l]atest job numbers signal economic recovery." Yahoo News says (, "Don't Be Fooled by the GDP Report: The Economy Is Gaining Strength" You can add all that to what we documented yesterday ( /Big-Journalism/2013/02/01/Media-Spins-Unemployment-Increase-As-Good-Thing). Granted, some in the media took the report a little more seriously, but they still joined the coordinated wagon-circling to ensure bad news for Obama in no way became The

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2/2/2013 11:20 AM

Counting the Ways the Media Lies About the Economy

Narrative -- for that might damage Obama politically, and he's on a left-wing cultural rampage against those God and guns Bitter Clingers, donchaknow. What you’re seeing from the media isn't happy talk, and it's not bias; it's shamelessly dishonest propaganda -- it's the media nakedly saying, "The chocolate ration has been increased from 30 to 25 grams per week ( /ns-dict.html)." How do you like these chocolate rations: 1. Poverty's increasing ( /poverty_rate_income/index.htm). 2. Gas prices have almost doubled ( 3. The price of health care premiums has exploded ( /obamacare-isnt-reducing-health-care-costs/article/2509026) and will only explode more ( (but-but-but Obama said…!) 4. Poor and middle class incomes are falling ( /100212-627662-under-obama-poor-middle-class-incomes-fall-sharply.aspx). 5. One-in-five Americans are on food stamps ( /05/food-stamps-record-high-june-2012_n_1857224.html). 6. The non-partisan GAO says Obama's exploding deficit is unsustainable ( 7. Eight million people are looking for work ( /01/january-jobs-report-unemployment-rises-to-7-9-157k-jobs-added/). 8. Our labor force has shrunk to thirty-year levels ( /050412-610306-labor-force-shrinks-as-disability-grows.htm) (170k more dropped out ( last month). 9. Chronic unemployment hasn't been this bad since World War II ( 10. The long-term unemployment rate is over 14%, ( /01/january-jobs-report-unemployment-rises-to-7-9-157k-jobs-added/) and if the labor force was merely the same size today as it was the day Obama took office, today's unemployment rate would be closer to 11%.

When's the last time the media talked about any of that? But what Economic Narrative does the media obsess over? Naturally, the only news that can be spun into wonderfulness for Lightbringer: Wall Street, baby! Oh my, it's a whole new world. Suddenly the media loves the idea of the rich getting richer. But why are the rich getting richer? It's not the economy, stupid -- it's The Fed ( -- pumpity, pumpity, pumpity pump ( /04/berko-dow-sp-may-move-higher-in.html). It's nothing more than an ongoing boob job to take our eyes off the line for government cheese. And after the media's done shouting squirrel at the Dow, it then turns around and lies explains that any hiccups in the economy were caused by the fact that The State didn't spend enough last quarter. If the State were bigger, more powerful, and taking more money out of the private economy The Twenties Will Roar Again! You see, children America *furrows brow* the reason the GDP collapsed *scratches beard* is due to the fact our blessed State is not spending us into bankruptcy fast enough. It was the decrease in government spending last quarter *adjusts prescription-less smart-person glasses* that hurt our economy. But if we listen to Dear Leader *leans, forward, entwines fingers* and increase the power of The State

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2/2/2013 11:20 AM

Counting the Ways the Media Lies About the Economy

*smiles warmly* chocolate rations will increase from 25 to 20 grams. We're being told that, even though, uhm, federal spending increased ( last quarter. Obama's abysmal record in all things not involving killing Osama bin Laden, has forced the media to move from bias into outright lying. The media doesn’t care about the poor or the ongoing creation of Two Americas. All the media cares about is protecting The State and making sure nothing saps Obama's political power. You see, should Obama be politically damaged, the media thinks to its wicked self, churches won't be forced to violate their conscience, the NRA might not be damaged, Bitter Clingers might keep their guns, The State might shrink, and the GOP might not be destroyed in time for Obama to control absolutely everything after 2014. Now that the media and The State have aligned, we live in a world where the economy is good -- not because it's good -- but because the media and the White House say it's good. So shut up and eat your chocolate, racists.

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It's too hard to count all of the lies.


What a mess. On the bright side, Obama is expanding his horizons and consulting with some real experts on where this economy is heading: http://midwest-ledger.blogspot...
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Pay no attention to that economy behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!
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2/2/2013 11:20 AM

Counting the Ways the Media Lies About the Economy

And then it all crashes down. Whose fault will it be??? The poor and civil unrest. All part of the big plan....much more to come.
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All of this won't get better, of course. They keep spending and Obamacare is imminently to take full effect. Obama may end up being the Democrat's Herbert Hoover.
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Pravda was nothing compared to the MSM. No one with two neurons firing would believe anything they sling out.
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I would never use these sources of the MSM to make investment decisions. That will put you on a path to poverty. Look at some of the stocks they tout GM, Facebook; they think people are as foolish with their money like the government is.
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Welcome to 1984! War is peace, slavery is freedom, recession is recovery, debt is prosperity. How long before Obama suggests a Ministry of Truth?
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He's already got one. It's called the MSM.
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Might I add another? The alleged bull market. It is fueled by the same tainted numbers the media puts up there. The Dow is speculation driven by rumor. No one involved in it wants to see it go down even if the value isn't there. So these fund managers pump up the average to 14,000. But no one looks at the lack of VOLUME. The retail money is parked. 130 million shares is not a rally. The market is a bubble, tweaked by bogus growth numbers and the Fed QE3. They keep hoping to lure new money back, but that just hasn't happened. The only bull in this market is coming from Washington.
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Hey man cut that out, there you go with that fact thingy again. You’ll destroy the lefts hard fought narrative.
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And that idiot Mr. Potato Head keeps on grinning. Man oh man, I wish someone would wipe that grin off his face .
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He can grin, because he has Republicans on his side.
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2/2/2013 11:20 AM

Counting the Ways the Media Lies About the Economy

I never saw a TURD smile before!
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Accurate portrayal of the number of ways the MSM lies and spins about the economy will require statistics displayed to the power of 10.
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With so many workers and families now well "injured" by the Democrat Failed Economic program...when does the old rule kick in when there is intentional injury then it becomes a crime...we have long ago reached that point. What democrats do to America injures it severely now and is unabashedly a crime. Arrest the invasion.
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Liberals and the eternal sponge baths they give each other. Priceless.
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The sheep have voted. They will get it good and hard. Its really quite amusing for the leftists to come in here and fantasize how bad it would have been under Romney and a GOP controlled Senate. Hilarious.
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$13 TRILLION SPENT IN FIRST 4 YEARS...= record poverty, record unemployment, record debt, = record WHERE'S THE F-ING MONEY GOING? redistributed funds apparently stops in DC elites pockets!
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~~~~~~~ The truth of the matter is we have a guy [Obama] who goes alarmist on issues, and then nothing follows by failed policies and unintended consequences... ..and the LSMedia is complicit in this strategy. Look no further than how they rallied behind an INCREASE in unemployment, but failed to follow-up on the massive revisions (read lies) to earlier reports ! > The “war on jobs” has only resulted in a real unemployment rate >14%, longest recession in US since WWII, lowest number of new businesses since 1977. > The “war on guns” has only resulted in more guns being sold, thus manufactured. > The “war on healthcare for all” has only resulted in a program we can’t afford, nor implement. > The “war on debt” did not cut our $10 trillion debt. Its $16 trillion going on $20 trillion... > The “war on fossil fuel” has resulted in a policy driven by the “green” alternate energy fairy who drives a Volt and lives in fantasyland. > The “war on women” has only resulted in more women worried about their family’s future. > The “war on wars” via Obama’s appeasement policy has only resulted in a less safe world. > The “war on illegal immigration” has been MIA and undermined by Obama's vote buying desires. > The “war on poverty” has cost trillions and created a more dependent society with >47 million on food stamps. The LSMedia is complicit in supporting this with their BS tsunami of propaganda to cover-up all the failed leftist ideas. ~~~
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2/2/2013 11:20 AM

Counting the Ways the Media Lies About the Economy


The MSM is part of the axis of evil, Washington, K-Street, and Wall Street. In their minds, things are just ducky. It’s off to the Maserati dealer.
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2/2/2013 11:20 AM