1. Apfelbeißen
Zwei Äpfel werden in zwei Schüsseln mit Wasser gelegt oder an zwei Kordeln in Kopfhöhe aufgehängt. Zwei Spieler oder zwei Zweierteams treten gegeneinander im Wettessen an und müssen so schnell wie möglich ihren Apfel verspeisen. Es dürfen jedoch keine Hände, Arme oder Füße verwendet werden sondern lediglich der Kopf. Wer nach einer festgelegten Zeit den größten Teil seines Apfels verspeist hat, ist der Gewinner / das Gewinnerteam.

2. Händekreis
Alle Spieler knien sich in einen Kreis am Boden und stützen ihre Hände vor sich auf den Boden. Dabei überkreuzen sich die Arme jeweils mit den Armen des linken und rechten Nachbarn, so dass ich zwischen meinen beiden Händen zwei fremde Hände (eine vom linken und einem vom rechten Nachbarn) liegen. Nun wird im Kreis herum geklopft: Ein einfaches Klopfen bedeutet, dass die Richtung beibehalten wird. Klopft jedoch eine Hand zweimal (schnell hintereinander), so wird die Richtung gewechselt. Verschläft eine Hand ihren Einsatz, fliegt diese raus. Mit der anderen Hand darf man noch weiterspielen. Das Spiel sollte in einem zügigen Klopfrythmus (Sekundentakt) gespielt werden. Wessen Hand als letztes überlebt hat gewonnen.

3. Electricity
Arrange everyone into two equally numbered teams. Have both teams line up in parallel lines. At the end of the line, place the object about five feet away (in equal distance from both ends of the line). You’ll be at the head of the line. Explain the rules: Everyone in line will need to hold hands and close their eyes. Only the first person of both lines can open their eyes. Flip the coin in the air, catch it, and reveal the quarter to the first person of both teams. If the quarter comes up as “heads”, the first person squeezes the next person’s hand. The second person squeezes the next person’s hand, and so forth. At the end of the line, the last person runs to grab the object. The team that grabs the object first wins a point for the round. If the quarter comes up as “tails”, then no one squeezes anyone’s hand. If there’s an “accidental” hand squeeze and the quarter comes up as “tails”, the team that grabbed the object loses a point for the round. For the second round, the first person goes to the back of the line and the game continues. The first team that reaches 10 points wins the game.

4. Chair Basketball
Place masking tape on the floor to split the room into two equal sides. Divide everyone into two equally numbered teams. Arrange the chairs into three equal, spaced rows (or as close to being equal as possible). Place a basket on the corners of each side. Ask for one volunteer from each team to be the “runner”. The Runners will be able to get up from their chairs and

pass the ball to their teammates- but cannot pass to the opponent’s side. Runners cannot shoot the ball as well. When you say “go”, each team tries to toss the ball into the basket. A basket made from the third row is three points, second row is two points, and first row is one point. The team with the most points after fifteen minutes wins the game.

5. Interview Game
Split everyone into pairs. Distribute the list of questions and pens/pencils to one person in each pair. The person with the paper will be given five minutes to ask as many questions as they can about their partner based on the questions on the list, without showing their partner the questions. The questions may be asked in any order. After five minutes, have everyone stop asking questions. Announce how the points are distributed (in the Interview Game Points download, the highlighted questions are worth three points, while the unhighlighted questions are worth one point). Have each person calculate the number of points they received. Whoever has the most points wins the game.

6. Four On A Couch
Split everyone into two equal teams and ask them to sit in a circle. Add one empty seat in the circle. When starting, each participant needs to sit next to his/her opponent on both sides (alternating team members), including the four people on the "couch". Hand out the pieces of paper and pens (one per person). Ask everyone to write their names on their piece of paper and to put their pieces of paper in the bag. After this, pass around the bag and ask everyone to draw one piece of paper with someone else's name on it. Each person should read their own piece of paper without letting anyone else know what his or her paper says. Explain that the goal of the game is to get four of their teammates on the couch. The person on the right of empty chair/spot calls the name of a game participant. The person whose piece of paper has the called name sits in the empty chair. Whoever sits on the right of the new empty chair calls out another name. Start by asking the person to the right of the empty chair to call a name. The person with the piece of paper with the written name sits in the empty chair. Continue this pattern. The first team to have four of their members on the couch wins the game.

Four On A Couch Set-up:

each player writes down 3 names that everyone would know on a small piece of paper. Following that. ask one volunteer to be in the middle of the circle. Fishbowl At the beginning. Round 2: Player may act out anything but may not say a word. 9. The last one remaining wins. A round is defined as the time from a full bucket to an empty bucket. There are three total rounds and each round has unique rules for guessing what's on the paper. one per person. The person that collects the most pieces of paper wins the game. Ask each person to write their names on a piece of paper and place each piece of paper inside the hat or bag. The volunteer cannot use letters. or hand gestures in the game and must be polite. Distribute the pieces of paper and pens. If a player touches the chair. Salad Bowl Have everyone sit in a chair. The leader says 3-2-1-go at which point players. arranged in a circle facing inwards. whichever team has won more names throughout all 3 rounds is the game winner. Amoeba Players stand in a circle and hold hands. At the end of round 3. then the person in the middle of the circle draws another piece of paper and the process continues. Round 3: Player may only say one word. If two players let go of each others hands.7. After one minute. "sounds like". while holding tightly to the hands of the players next to them. Once someone correctly guesses the person listed. it goes back to the first team and the two teams alternate until all of the papers are gone from the bucket. the person takes the paper out of the bucket and passes the bucket to the next person. A chair is in the middle of the circle. the other team gets to do the same. One team begins and the first person draws a name from the bucket and tries to get teammates to guess what it is (details described later). Round 1: Player may say everything but the name on the piece of paper. 8. while the people sitting in the chairs attempt to guess who is listed on the paper. then folds those papers in half and puts them in a bucket. Explain the rules: The person in the middle takes a piece of paper from the hat or bag. These small sessions are a part of a larger round. . Then. The person in the middle has 45 seconds to collect as many pieces of paper as possible. both of those players are out. The more correct guesses means the more points a team gets. When time runs out. If guessed correctly. try to pull the circle back so that other plays are pulled into the chair. they are out. No actions allowed. Nothing more. Two even teams are then formed. the person sitting to the right of the volunteer will be the next person to be in the middle of the circle. The volunteer describes the person listed on the paper as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Teams should sit next to teammates forming a semi-circle (and a complete circle with both teams).

11. Ninja Players stand in a circle. The facilitator then tells the doctor to wake up. Following that the two people on either side of the person who was just pointed at must. The facilitator then tells the mafia to go to sleep. The facilitator can come up with an elaborate story of what happened but the basic storyline is one of the following: .. The detective points. they are eliminated from the game. The facilitator asks the mafia members who they want to kill and the two. The facilitator tells everyone to go to sleep (put their head down) and selects (taps on the head) 2 mafia members. the doctor points. goes too soon). with their palms together. point inward to that person and say "Ha!" simultaneously. The facilitator then tells the townspeople (everyone) to wake up. 12. Ha. Then the person who was pointed at points at another. going around the circle. Players take turns. Optional: Players are eliminated if they try to evade an attack when the attacker was really attacking someone else. in the air and say "Ha!". If a players' hand is slapped. The order that repeats is: Ha! (person points at someone) Ha! (person receives point) Ha! (people adjacent to person pointed at point inward) If anyone messes up the beat (fails to go. and the pattern continues. using non-verbals.. they make a chopping motion to point at someone else in the circle during which they say "Ha!".. all evenly spaced out. The motion must last not much more than 1 second. Ha Players form a circle. The facilitator then tells the story of what happened last night. Ha. The facilitator then tells the mafia members to wake up (put their head up). decide upon one person. and then the facilitator tells the doctor to go to sleep. The facilitator does the same for 1 doctor and 1 detective. This move must also last not much more than 1 second and the player then freezes in whatever position he or she ends in. If a players' move is not swift and quick. The catch in this game is that players need to follow a certain beat. The facilitator then tells the detective to wake up and asks the detective who he or she wants to arrest. they are eliminated from the circle. to evade being hand-slapped. The facilitator asks the doctor who he or she wants to save.10. they are eliminated from the circle. or says "Ha!" when it is not their turn. also with one quick move. The person who is pointed at must then put their hands (palms together). The player being assaulted must try. The player who is up can make one quick motion in order to slap the hand of another player. Mafia Players sit in a circle and one player is the facilitator. When played successfully. One person starts it and with their palms together. The player freezes in the position he or she ends in. the game sounds like Ha. Ha. and then the facilitator tells the detective to wake up.

The detective caught someone The townspeople can then vote on who they think the mafia member in the circle is. the townspeople win. Each stack of papers should contain the number of sheets for how many people are playing (i.. The receiving player looks at the drawing. That person then writes their name on the paper plate. Then then pass the plate to the left again and the process continues. is killed. if 6 people are playing. Each person is given a paper plate and some markers.The mafia killed someone . The player then. Then the players stack their own sheets so that 1 is on top and the highest number is on the bottom. proceeds to draw a picture representing the message the first player wrote. After 1 minute. This continues until everyone receives their own paper plate back. Each person writes a note (or one positive adjective) on that person's paper plate that they think describes the owner of the plate. with the message on top. Players may read through the stacks. reads the message.. everyone passes their paper plate one person to the left. If more than 50 percent vote to remove that member. the facilitator can call for a vote. The facilitator continues saying "switch" every 1 minute with players alternating from writing to drawing and back to writing and so on. If the mafia members are eliminated before the townspeople. and writes a message about what the drawing was. on the 2nd card. filled with encouraging messages and words about the strengths their peers see in them. When the stacks of paper are all used. After 1 minute. this time with the number 2 card (drawing) on top. If one or two of the mafia members are the last in the game. The message can be whatever desires.The doctor saved someone .. the facilitator says switch and players again slide their entire stack to the right. From that point on. the mafia win. The facilitator instructs players to put a small number on the bottom right of each sheet in incremental order (first sheet has a 1. . After everyone has their name written. laughing at the modifications their original sentence took as it passed through multiple pictures and multiple interpretations of those pictures. the players should slide the stack to their right one final time and the originator of the stack should now have their own stack.). The receiving player takes the stack. to the right. The facilitator says go and every player writes a message on the 1st sheet. 14. that member watches the game and sees all the actions that occur while the townspeople are asleep. After making an accusation. Paper Telephone Each player receives a stack of papers.e. and so on. puts it in the back of the stack. second sheet a 2. and then puts the message on the back of the stack. each person should have 6 pieces of paper for a total of 36 sheets altogether). regardless of if he or she was the mafia. Paper Plates Sit comfortably in a circle and relax in a room. then that member. 13. the facilitator says switch and all the players slide their entire stack.

If the person is found to be guilty. Here is where it really starts to get good.following the taps is what is important.. Psychologist Players sit in a circle. 16. twice. sitting in the center of the circle.Everyone thinks they are on the moon . the "football" goes one person to the right.. (There is not really a football. If it's one tap on the right leg. When the dispute is resolved (or before if the mayor wishes).No laughing . The facilitator explains how the game works. having to talk in a high/low pitched voice the rest of the game. The facilitator/major then facilitates a discussion about the grievance done to the community by this breach in rules. The facilitator then gives the rules which are as follows: .Everyone is afraid of walls . The creativity of the mayor along with the citizens is what makes this game good. If two. if three.May not tap unless you have the "football" .Everyone is late for a class The psychologist outside the room can come in whenever the facilitator says.No talking unless asked to talk The above provides a framework for the game but it is not what makes the game fun. The psychologist gets 3 guesses to identify what the problem is. Examples include: . While psychologist is gone. then two people. The facilitator picks them by saying "Citizen ______". The facilitator explains that if anyone sees any other people breaking any of the four rules. The rest of the players then must subtly act out or have conversations that give hints about what the problem is. .Must be aware of the "football" if it comes to you . that person may raise their hand.Everyone believes they are 3 years old . it's imaginary . facilitator asks group to come up with one problem they all have. the mayor can ask for the citizens thoughts on what an appropriate punishment might be (i.. Silent Football aka Sir Mayor Sir Players sit in a circle..15.No pointing . The player raising their hand must address the facilitator by saying "Sir Mayor Sir. Whoever receives the "football" must tap their leg in the same manner to pass the football on. then three people. One player is selected at the psychologist and that player must leave the room. etc). or three times.) If a player wishes to pass the football further than 3 people the player must point using their elbow and eye contact at the person they are passing it to." and then give their complaint. The facilitator starts the "football" by tapping on his right or left leg once.e. players return to the game of silent football until another dispute arises.

For example. 18. they take on the super ninja action/sound corresponding to that new location. If two people happen to be looking at each other (i. If someone screams when they are not making eye contact with anyone. a player making a large forward sweep with their arms and saying "Ka-Pow!" would qualify. That's okay). they are also eliminated. \"I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You\".e. the teams may write down \"Can you Feel the Love Tonight\". If the leader gets out. This move involves a sound and an action. The facilitator yells "look up". rock paper scissors or the game "Star Wars" can help pick a winner. After each person has shared their super ninja move (more than once preferably). In addition to moving up.8 people. (For this game to work. \"The Barney Song\". players should know each other well so that "punishments" are not taken personally and that players are comfortable with one another that they can be silly/creative) 17. they both have to scream. and the last position is the position to the right of the leader. The facilitator then says "look down" and everyone looks down. make eye contact). the person left to the leader is in the second to top position. (For instance. all with their heads looking down. The facilitator yells out one word for all the teams to hear. that player must go to the bottom of the circle (position to the right of the leader). Then the leader presents his super ninja action/sound followed by another player's super ninja action/sound. After the 2 minutes are up. All players look up at someone else (they cannot change who they are looking at after they look up).The game is finished whenever the major wishes. 19. the leader would go to the lowest spot and everyone would move up and there would be a new leader starting the rounds. all the teams . The game continues until there are only two players left. Look Up Look Down Players stand in a circle. The player that corresponds to that action then has to give first their super ninja action/sound and then another players. Whoever screams last is eliminated from the circle. the leader explains that there is a hierarchy to the circle. Each player comes up with their "super ninja move". All the players lower than that player move up one. Super Ninja Game Players form a circle. At least 4 teams are required and ideal team size is 5 . Sing Your Heart Out Group splits into multiple teams. The leader is in the top position. If a player messes up. The teams then have 2 minutes to write down all the songs they can think of involving that word. (It does not make grammatical sense. Players above the player who got out do not move and so do not take on a different action. The facilitator then says "look up" and the process continues. and so on. When there are only two people left. The leader then yells out "What time is it?" and everyone else responds by saying "Super Ninja Game". third to the left is third to top. This continues until a player does not respond quick enough or a player messes up in giving the ninja action/sound. if the word is \"love\".

pile all the bananas in a heap at the front of the room. This continues until only one train remains. We like to do this in rounds like the best of three. The team that finishes eating all their bananas first. Basically you have all the balloons for each team blow up their balloons and stand on opposite ends of the room. Balloon Frenzy The aim of this balloon game is to knock the opposing teams balloons to the floor whilst keeping your own in the air. To play as an elimination game have music that when it stops who ever is in the middle is now out. leaving one empty chair in the circle. 22.stand up. Whoever loses must put their hands on the should of the winner. When the whistle is blown all the balloons must be launched into the air and cannot be held but only hit. The front person of that train leads their train to another train and the front people of each train play against each other. Our kids loved this one! 24. The people sitting down have to slide to the empty chair to their side. Person in the middle trys to sit in the empty seat. If the person gets in the seat then whoever was suppose to move now is in the middle. If this happens. The leader needs to yell a number. the team must sit and the remaining teams continue on. Using the same teams line them up at the back of the room. 21. Banana Chomp Relay 2 Using the Bananas with the kids' names on them. Rock Paper Scissors Train All the players find a partner and play rock paper scissors. its a super fun balloon game! 23. As soon as a balloon hits the ground that balloon is eliminated (it is good to have runners to collect the sunken balloons) The first team to sink all their opponents balloons to the ground is the winner. 20. The facilitator continues doing. like volley ball. including the selected word in their song. The train that losses attaches to the back of the winning train. and the kids with that number from each group run up. until a team either repeats a song or does not have a song to sing. wins. The last team standing wins. Additional. The facilitator then points at a team that starts and they need to sing at least 6 words from one of their songs. run back to the group. The facilitator then points at the next team and that team must do the same. Give each team member a number. and eat it. cycling through all the teams. While playing leader yells switch and the group changes the direction they were moving. Chairball . find their banana. forming a train. Shuffle your Buns Players start sitting in a circle all facing inward. One person is selected and stands up in the middle of the circle. We had numbers 1-5 on each team.

you could wrap the candy in layers of gift-wrapping paper as well. or just acted out on the spot. and the 2nd person must try to eat the candy before someone else rolls six." and ask who did it. but really the first person who talks is the killer. Chocolate Game Place a chocolate bar in the center of the table. Each person sitting around the table takes a turn at rolling the dice. Blindfolded Llamington Eat The aim of this game is for a blindfolded person to eat the lamingtons that are placed randomly on a tray as fast as they can. Great for a sleepover and always provides lots of laughs! Maybe have some light-hearted judges on the side also? . Pretty sure that's all! 25. The candy should stay in its wrapper and. The 2 teams have to sit in the chairs and hit the ball (or balloon) with their hands and try to get a goal at their end. People will assume that is was the person who was pointed to first. The 'black' chairs face to the right goal and the 'white' chairs face to the left goal. Serve about two lamingtons per tray. While he is getting ready (according to the instructions above) to eat the candy bar. an apron. 26. to make the game last longer. and only after he runs once around the table.S someone needs to hold the tray stilland wipe it out after each persons turn. 2 chairs or maybe someone standing on a chair. Create A Commercial This game can either be done using a video camera and a TV. the group keeps taking turns rolling the dice. P.Set up your hall like a foosball table: With chairs as the black and white team. The goal could be a bucket. Then with only with a knife and fork he must remove the wrapper and cut and eat the squares of the chocolate one at a time. The 1st person who rolls a six gets to start eating the candy bar -. If someone rolls a six. a cap. It's very funny to watch! The person with the quikest time wins. it took me like 15 minutes to finally find out how you play this game! 28. facemask. Rules: They are to use no hands only their mouths and have to find the lamingtons on the tray. Split your group up into teams and give each team a random object which they will need to advertise and maybe something like a theme (ie "school" or "hospital") that they will need to run with. then the person who rolled the six before him relinquishes his right to the candy bar. Click Click Bang Bang The leader will point to 4 people and say "click click bang bang. 27. Send each team off to prepare their commericial then either get each team to individually film their ad.but only after he puts on a pair of rubber gloves. or just bring them all back to the hall and get them to act it out in front of each other. Add or remove whatever steps you want to make the game easier or more difficult. The game is over when the candy bar is finished.

Cup Stack Relay Line two teams up next to each other with a table a few metres away from the start of the line. When the allocated time limit is over. then get the next word and continue. Break. The youth leader (or the one in middle. 30. The first team to run through all their players wins. Chicken. if youth leader wants to play) will call out one or two fruits. Cow. Those who have that fruit as their "name" must get up and go to another chair. Apple. Stairs. Bed. put half of them upside down and the other half the right way up. Creationary A friend suggested this game to me and we played it at youth group the following week to give it a test run and it worked really well.29. Each team sends one player up to find out the first word. Here are 2 sample lists I used: List #1 House. Truck. Worship. Circus. Divide the group into 2 teams and give each team a name (ie ups or downs) . Computer. Cups and Downs This game is best played with a small group. This continues until the team completes all the words. Place 20 or more cups in the middle of the room. that player runs up to the leader with the words and gets the next word.that one is in the middle. I got the idea from speed stacking its on youtube if your unsure. Once a player in their team guesses what word they've created. house. The first player will run to the table then collapse the pyramid so that all the cups now sit inside each other. Garden. FAST! We have a rule . Doctor. . You'll need a random assortment of lego blocks. Once a player guesses the word they need to run a lap of the church. Go around the circle and give everyone 1 of 3 fruit names (or 4 or 5 . Prepare a good list of (10 or more) words which won't be too challenging to make with lego. each team has 15 cups stacked up like a pyramid. . 32. We sometimes add in an extra challenge. count all the cups and whichever team has the most turned up their way wins. hospital Divide the group into teams and give each team a supply of lego blocks.the 'up' team needs to turn as many cups up the right way as possible. Sunshine. .depending on how many is playing and don't forget to give a name to the one in the middle). List #2 Tomato. Fire. and the 'down' team needs to flip them upside down. For example: tree. Then the player will proceed to restack all the cups back into the pyramid formation before running back to their team for the next player to do the same. They then have to return to the rest of their team and "create" the word out of the lego. Fruit Basket Turnover Everyone sits in chairs that are facing in a circle except one player . It's called "Creationary" and works in a similar way to pictionary and sculptionary. car. Boat. Soccer. Moon. dinosaur. Police. 31.

Once done. where would you choose to go and why? 10. what would you get? 2. Meanwhile the rest of the team must crush the fruit in the bowl with potato mashers to begin making the fruit juice mix. You do not have to use fruit you can use anything. between the bowl and the bucket. and why? 9. It might help to have some fruit juice already in the bowl to make it a bit more juicy! When all the fruit items have been collected and crushed in the bowl. The first team to do this wins! Icebreaker Questions A great way to help people open up to each other is to ask them fun questions that allow them to express their personality or interesting things about them. or numbers. What's the ideal dream job for you? 11. call "Fruit Basket Turnover" and EVERYONE must find a new chair. 13.. just don't choose too many. In the middle. If you were an animal. which one would you be and why? 8. You could keep playing on and on or someone can be "out" when they have been in the middle more than once . a romantic-comedy. At the other end there must be a bucket of water with one of each type of fruit in there (preferably one for each team member). what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you? 7. What's your favorite cartoon character. like biblical names. who was your favorite superhero and why? 5. It is a blast! Hope you enjoy! Fruit Juice Face-off Each team must line up behind an empty bowl. If you could have an endless supply of any food. there can be some kind of obstacle like a chair. the team must completely finish their mixture by drinking it through straws. Then the next team member can go and do the same thing. or books of the Bible. If you were an ice cream flavor. We love this game and play it quite often. it would be. they must bring it back the same way they came and drop it in the bowl. Or. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? 12. what would you be and why? 3. Here is a list of 13 icebreaker questions to help break the ice: 1. When you were little. and army crawl under the chair. action film. If you had to describe yourself using three words. This youth group icebreaker game basically just provides a way for kids to find out more about each other . If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama.just be sure to put one chair out and place someone else in middle to keep playing. The one in the middle tries to find an empty chair so someone else will be "it" and not him. Keep it about 3 to 5 different "names" depending on the size of the group. When the leader says "Go!" the first team member must run up to the other end.it would work well for a small group introductory session. then stick their head in the bucket and grab one of the pieces of fruit using no hands. or science fiction? . What is one goal you'd like to accomplish during your lifetime? 4. If they made a movie of your life.. a comedy.that you can't go to the chair next to you to make people run everywhere. If you could visit any place in the world. What's your favorite thing to do in the summer? 6.

then go up one wall and along the adjacent wall . Person is 'out' if they either forget name or object. Teams go back and forth trying to figure out which person on the other team has chosen what well-known person ("Will is Abe Lincoln" or "Lauren is Madonna"). A variation of this could be with a ping pong ball and a straw. the player with the most wins. They are disqualified if they touch the box with anything other than their nose. There is then a countdown (usually by the Youth Group leader) at which point the youth do the action which they beleive reflects the statement said by the player. . Teams sit together and posterboard is displayed by the corresponding team. If it goes out. You are keeping secret the identity of the person you wrote down but teams work together to figure out who is who. Contestants line up at the start. designate two actions for 'true' and 'false' (such as hands on heads or hands behind back)and hand out five matchsticks to each player.7cm x 1. Group is seated in circle. I would take (1st person's name and object) and (their object).. Matchstick Truth or Lie Before playing. making sure the ball stays inside the 'path'. Third person continues. 'My name is . If I went to Mars. 'My name is . "Well-known" can mean famous (Madonna) or very well known (Abe Lincoln). On your command they push the matchbox with their nose to the finish line. with their hands on the floor. The leader then collects the notecards (one team at a time) and writes on a piece of posterboard the names. The matchbox must be empty. They have to blow the ping pong ball with the straw. they have to start again.. When it is a players turn they say their ONE STATEMENT about themselves (true or false). If they guess right that person then joins their team. "Aaron's apple")' Next person in circle then says. Players have a path made for them from two strips of masking tape...do not have more than a 90 degree turn in your track. measure out a 20m track. Game is over when there is only one person 'left' (or you have a set time.2cm x 3..Identity Divide your group into 2 teams. aiming to remember each previous person and their item before adding his/ her own. First person begins. If your hall is less than 20m long. which is as straight as possible. In the hall. and is 5. If I went to Mars. I would take.. Matchbox Nose Race You need an empty matchbox for each person and a hall (preferably carpeted). The player then reveals the correct answer and those who got it wrong must give the player one of their matchsticks. Once everyone has had a turn get them to count up how many matchsticks they have.6cm. say 5 minutes). Game goes until all players are on one team and that team is the winner. If I Went to Mars.(a object beginning with the first letter of their name e. and their noses on a matchbox which is on the floor. or make a mistake in recalling name or object. Each person writes the name of a well known person they would like to be play for this game on a notecard.g.

If the person killed was the police officer. beginning the sentence with the phrase "Never have I ever. the game is over. a person could say.Messy Chiocolate Eating Competition Tie the chiocolate to a string. take up the cards. the lights turn back off. Party Blower Matchbox Race Line up everyone in one long line. but you haven't. those three people must put down a finger.each pair being a "team".. Never Have I Ever Hold out 5 fingers (well. Not as easy as sounds. They do not have to reveal their identity. Murder in the Dark This game is very simple. Give each child a party blower and empty match box. or the killer is identified. The game is incredible fun. If a student "runs into" a dead person they yell out "MURDER IN THE DARK. and I'm serious pitch black. Make a room be able to go from pitch black to full light with the flick of a switch. When this is over. "Never have I ever been to Europe. Play Dough Pictionary . each person announces something that they have never done. shuffle. To win. One people lies on the floor and one holds the string. Everyone should guess who the killer is. turn off the lights. First one to other side wins. and if the police officer chooses to reveal him/herself they can make one person show their card." For example. The student who draws the Ace is the murderer. On knees blow match box to the other end of room. The police officer only gets one chance per round. and students usually end up playing for hours." At this time the lights need to be turned on. Split the group into pairs . Shuffle and pass out a deck of cards. of course). If not. This repeats until all people are killed. The string holder has to dip the chiocolate in the bowl of syrup and take it to the other team member. Evidently there is no way to win. The goal is to stay in the game the longest (to be the last person with fingers remaining). When everyone has drawn cards. The team member who is lying down has to try to eat the chiocolate. Cover up emergency lights and exit signs. leaving them with 4 fingers. and the student who draws the King is the police officer. all the other players drop a finger if they have done that statement. unless it's illegal in your area. The job of the murderer is to walk around amongst the students and kill people by slicing throats with their index finger. the game ends. 4 and your thumb) Go around the circle and one at a time. So. The first to finish it is the winner." For each statement that is said. Be creative and silly (but not rude. it's a good strategy to say statements that most people have done. If the guess is correct. Make sure that there is only one Ace and one King in the stack. the officer is killed.. and play again. if three other people have been to Europe before.

Eine kleine Schachtel (Schuhschachtel. Als Variante kann man das Spiel auch mit einem Päckchen Kaugummi und (dicken) Gummihandschuhen spielen.. The process continues until a team wins by getting through 5 words. einen Schaal und dicke Handschuhe. ohne mit den Händen oder Füssen den Boden zu berühren.ä. die man anziehen muss. nothing happens. Schaal und Handschuhe. Zudem gibt es noch eine Pudelmütze. gewinnt. Dabei gelten folgende Regeln: Man darf zum Essen nur Messer und Gabel verwenden.. Duct tape the bottom of the pant legs to their ankles. The leader should stand in the middle with a list of objects. hektisches Schmausen steht bevor. Memories. Das Team. Nun dürfen die Kinder reihum würfeln. When all the quiz questions are finished or all the porridge is poured. one person from each group runs to the leader to get a word and then runs back to their group and uses the play dough to create the object or character. Zigarettenpackung o. Porridge Pants This game can either be played as an up-front game or as an all-play game. The remaining group members are given a quiz. For each correct answer. bevor man mit dem Essen beginnt. Die Tafel Schokolade wurde gut eingepackt mit dickem Papier und Paketband. Each incorrect answer results in the volunteers getting a bowl full of cold porridge (or oatmeal) poured down their pants. Lustig ist es auch. reihum eine Tafel Schokolade um die Wette zu essen. the rest of the team tries to guess what is being created by asking 'yes' or 'no' questions. Hole dir die Kiste Die Mitspieler sitzen auf einem Stuhl mit überkreuzten Beinen. Schokolade-Essen Dieses uralte Spiel besteht darin. You may like to include things like "star jumps" to make it even more fun. Ein lustiges. Wer eine 6 würfelt schnappt sich zuerst Mütze. Each group is given a ball of play dough. The person who is creating cannot talk or write the word. Each team nominates one volunteer. another member of the team runs up and tells the leader the answer and gets the new word. Aufgabe ist es nun mit den Zähnen diese Box aufzuheben. Once the game starts. zwei Teams gegeneinander antreten zu lassen.) wird auf den Boden gestellt. die Gabel in die Hand zu nehmen. have the volunteers run around an obstacle course with their squelching porridge filled pants on. Vermutlich sogar bevor man Zeit hatte. During this process. Als weitere Hürde muss man mit dem Würfel eine 6 gewürfelt haben bevor man loslegen darf. Dann bekommt er Messer und Gabel und macht sich über die Schokolade her.Split the group into groups of about 5 pleople and distribute them around the room. stories or Bible characters. Während dessen haben die anderen Kinder natürlich schon weiter gewürfelt und wahrscheinlich ist die nächste 6 bereits gefallen. in dem sich zuerst acht Spieler jeweils einen Kaugummi in den Mund gesteckt haben. Either bring 4 people up front or break your group up into even teams of 4-6. . Each volunteer puts on a very large pair of overalls or pants (way too big for them). Das ganze spielt sich so ab: Die Kinder sitzen um den Tisch herum. which the creator answers with a 'yes' or 'no'! Once the object is guessed correctly.

durch das gezogene Symbol.B. Players do not show their cards to anyone but themselves. Mütze). achtet auf Einhaltung der Regeln und führt die Stoppuhr. OUTDOOR GAMES Body Body All players are given one card. Hierzu hat sie eine vorher festgelegt Zeit zur Verfügung. if inside you can use different types of balls like nerf stuff but I would not recomend balloons it does not move fast enough. Blinded Volleyball Have your group split up into two teams and set up like they are going to play volley ball. Whoever gets the most votes is eliminated. Make sure only two cards are kings.Activity Es werden zwei Mannschaften gebildet. The dead person and the person voted off both sit in a designated area (the graveyard). When someone comes across a dead body. This continues until only the killer(s) are left or the killers are successfully voted off. Weiterhin werden mehrere Zettel mit einen Symbol für Zeichnen (Stift). Players then put the cards back in a pile. Nun kommen die Zettel mit den Begriffen in eine Urne (z. Der Spielleiter dokumentiert die Punkte. Der/die SpielleiterIN oder die Mannschaften denken sich eine gerade Anzahl an Begriffen aus und schreiben dies auf einen kleinen Zettel. die Zettel mit den Symbolen in eine andere Urne. you can have the kids stay on their knees or make them sit down to play. Hat die Mannschaft. Then take and set up the net and put the sheet over it so each team cannot see the other team and tell the kids to play volley ball. z. Pantomime (Strichmännchen) oder mündliche Erklärung (Mund) vorbereitet. Für jeden erratenen Begriff gibt es einen Punkt. Gewonnen hat am Ende die Mannschaft. A killer kills people by squeezing their shoulder. Pretty funny to see the reactions as the ball comes over the net. Players walk around a dark house at night (darker the better). they yell "Body Body!" and everyone comes to that place and the lights go on. 1 Minute. Also. The squeezed person then falls to the ground silently and lies there. Those that drew the kings know they are the killers . Body Part Musical Chairs . Dann zieht ein Mitglied der einen Mannschaft aus jeder Urne einen Zetteln und muß den gezogenenen Begriff auf die. ist die andere Mannschaft dran.those that did not are civilians. den Begriff erraten oder ist die Zeit abgelaufen.B. die die meisten Punkte hat. vorgeschriebene Weise der eigenen Mannschaft erklären. Everyone then votes to decide who they think the killer is (based on where people were/are in the house).

OR You can use stealth and sneakily cross over the other half and pretend to be on the other team (easier to do with large groups.. So there are 2 ways to play the game. Remove one chair.your bare feet. and if they touch you. ALL ways to get the ball over the wall is permitted but no holding or grabbing the ball. What you do when you've falsely convinced others you're on their team is completely up to you! Be Creative! However if they ask you straight out. Each team needs to start on their designated side. squat down and wait to be rescued. you are caught. Countries This is a really great running wide game . However. Set up a wide field with 2 halves. eliminations. you must drop it where you are. all you have to do is tag them.they are safe.good for burning off a lot of energy. but towards the end we get more complicated . 5. Blind Volley Ball 1. or if it is their fault even though a player tries to save an un-savable hit. 7. (You don't need to use ice cream containers. making sure it's relatively even on both sides to begin with. if they fail to get it over the net and it hits the ground. and then move them to the volley ball court laid out earlier. When the music stops. even while they are escaping they can be caught again.. or when you're not 6 foot 8 tall). Once they are tagged. 4. While a player is on their team's side . Have music ready. As soon as they cross the line (ie have no feet in their own half) then they can be tagged. Serving the ball must be conducted behind the back line of the players side of the court. The one person who doesn't get a chair is also out. Sort Youth group into two teams. 3. 9. pick up 1 bucket (and only 1) and bring it back to your half. 5. If they touch a chair before the body part is called. Scatter lots and lots of empty ice cream containers all around the playing field. You may NOT move the buckets that are on your side. just run to the other side. 2. RULES: Now a team member is out: if the ball hits the ground closest to them. The basic aim of the game is get as many buckets (or objects) onto your side as possible. . When the music starts everyone must walk around the chairs (again it's fun if you make them jog). 10. Spiking is permitted . they are out. 4. hair. To get a bucket. just use something light. 2. With one of the BIG balls the teams play normal volley ball. To rescue a team mate.Have everyone form a big circle of chairs with the chairs facing outward. Divide the group into 2 teams. However. someone else's left hand (they must grab one of the people who are already out). a caller yells out a body part. you can remove more chairs. To speed it up. then they are free to run back to their side. The object is to be the last one left. they must stay where they are. 1. If you get tagged while capturing a bucket. We usually start out simple . etc.and is good strategy to be used especially when no one can see it coming. it's also a good wide game for those who might not like to run as it involves a lot of strategy.nose. unbreakable. 8. one person per chair only. Then everyone races to touch that body part to a chair. We usually divided the field using a long hose. you can't lie. cost efficent and something that you can get a lot of the more the better!) 3. So no points are awarded but the team left standing is the winner of the round. left elbow. 6. you can run like crazy and rescue as many players as possible and get buckets.

And line each team up single file down one end of the room. The game starts with each group being given a clue which will lead them to their first challenge. The competitors must pick up their ears holing them up to their head like donkey ears and run to the other side of the room. 1. To achieve max impact get people to run as soon as possible after spin up. you have to work as a team to hide from the spotters. while one or two players take a foot away and remove the shoe. making a kind of table. as not only are you taking care of a cup of custard and an egg... Dizzy Donkey Love this game . . This game continues until one team is left standing and they win that round.again. At the other end of the room set up two chairs side by side. Spin up the next pair of competitors and let the chaos begin . The aim of the game is to complete all the mini challenges with both the egg and custard in tack. the teams must be stealth as there are spotters on the loose. Once sufficiently dizzy shout GO.. First person to sit on their chair wins. who take points off the teams if they are spotted. so this will mean keeping the balance of the bucket. Another variation we tried was giving people faux donkey tails to wear.so funny. Egg and Custard Game This is a wide game that we play across the grounds of a school. Other than that make sure the balls aren't too hard to prevent injury and HAVE FUN!!! Bucket Balance Get 4 kids to lie down on their backs in a small circle with their legs sticking up in the air. Beforehand. 2. pretty much when you have the bouncy balls you can use them again ad again to play this game. Once each challenge is completed. The cost is only to buy the BIG bouncy balls. (you may want to put some distance between the chairs here to avoid collisions as people tend to go wildly in all directions) 4. thread their other arm through the middle (like an elephant trunk).. (I dare you to try it. Each team is given an egg and a cup of custard. best done at night time. you can modify to play in with your program but we usually swap sides every round or so. Split your group into two even teams. This is a great element to the game. bend over and spin around quickly drawing circles around themselves with their arm pointing to the floor and almost touching the floor. 6. To get them completely whacked dizzy have them hold their nose.. In between challenges. cut out a pair of donkey ears using the cardboard or paper. So their feet should be touching at the top.6. The aim is for all of the kids to remove their shoes in the given time limit. When people are out they can be brought back in IF their team hits the opposing floor with the ball on the full (without hitting anything after being hit by the player. they gain points for their team and the next clue which leads them to the next challenge. Put the full bucket of water on here.. Have the first two competitors line up at the starting line.) 5.

Everybody else will be divided into 2 teams. Summary ----Overview: The aim of the game is for each team to try to capture as many of the opposition players as possible. each team member must take their turn running with the egg and custard through the tyres) etc.You do this till you get it into you're basket! The other team has the chance to steal the ball as well! The person on the chair can move the bucket around to catch it. When the leader says go. have them peek through the blindfold (or turn on the lights) and reorient themselves. you have to freeze and throw it to another member of you're team then they have to freeze and so on. Explosive Relay Split into two groups and go to opposite sides of the room. The more even the teams are. Nomans land. Once everyone crosses over. They are going to be holding the buckets. Fresh Fresh is a classic youth group running and strategy game. It's good for those kids who like to show off their speed. Awesome awesome game. team A's end zone and team B's end zone. they both "explode" and are out of the game. Have them cross again and again until one or two persons are left to win. the better! The catch is that you cannot move with the ball! Once you catch the ball. but very time consuming. Be creative with the challenges. Layout: The playing area needs to be divided into three sections as in Figure 1 below. It can be a really complicated game to explain.Examples of mini challeneges include an egg toss (stand in a circle and throw the egg to one another). When all challenges are complete. You can either play this game in the dark. You're going to pick 2 teens to stand on the chairs. the aim is to make it more difficult to keep all the custard and your egg. Extreme Bucket Ball You start out by setting up 2 chairs on each end of the room or wherever you are playing. If anyone touches another player. they head back to the end where points gained and lost are tallied up and the winner declared (or you can do it as a time trial). . If you play outside. tyre jump (like the army. or get everyone to put on a blindfold. both groups try to cross the room. so take care in reading the instructions. make sure you have a good size gap between the two chair. but cannot come off of the chair. but also for those who'd rather stand still and out wit someone.obstacle course (across a playground maybe).

they must walk back to the oppositions end zone with the player who caught them. but as time continues. When a player exits their end zone (and enters no-mans land) they are "fresh" for the first instant. 3. why would someone want to leave their end zone? Well. Caught players join the back of line. When a player is caught. they are the "freshest". See Figure 2 below. Once you've tagged them . Once one player is tagged. their "freshness" fades away. Playing the game ----1. The simplest way to think about "freshness" is this: You are only "fresher" than another player if you enter nomans land after they entered.you both have a free walk back to your team's end zone. you must tag the player. The mechanics of "fresh"ness are described above in the summary section. 4. Each team begins the game in their end zone. if player A exits their end zone. that's when teams start sending in people to rescure their team mates and the game gets more interesting. so you'll be able to capture them. if player C exits their end zone after player A & player B do. For example.Freshness: A key part of the game is the "freshness" of each player. All the caught players must form a line in the centre of the end zone line. The question is often asked. Again. 5. the aim of the game is to capture as many opposition players as possible. To rescue a caught player. . But as soon as player B exits their end zone at any time after player A does. A player can be caught by a fresher player tagging a non-fresh player. 2. player B is now "fresher" than player A. Team tactics can often include sending out distractions and taunting opposition players. A more detailed description follows: Imagine the end zones as fridges. so do that you'll need to draw them out. they are currently "fresh". The line must extend out into no-mans land.

Get each team to pick one player to start as the bomber. anyone the "Gargon" touches must sit down and is 'caught. Gargon This game is to be played in the dark. EACH PIECE MUST BE VISABLE IF THE LIGHTS WERE TURNED ON.' To be freed a person holding a part of the flashlight can touch the person who is 'caught. ending the game. Then divide the group in half and send one team to each side. the player that gets hit must then say "You sunk my battleship!" and they are out. Daniel beats the lion. GARGON" and must say it through out the whole game to warn of it's presence.' Note: If a person holding a flashlight part is 'caught' the flashlight part cannot be transferred to a new person. The team that beats the other team (it depends on the sign that they have done) has to try and tag the other team before they get back to thei base. the lion. Each team is going to talk about whter they want to be Daniel. (no hiding in cuboards closets etc. Each team takes it in turns to get their bomber to sit at the back of the area and throw a ball over the barrier to the other side.) Send the group into the area to hide and search for the flashlight parts. the gargon takes it and re-hides the piece. the Gargon is sent out repeatedly saying "GARGON. the lion and the king We have Daniel. Human Battleships One of my favourite things is taking something normal and making it life-size. Once your team has decided what they want to be.2. If you tag someone from the losing team before they get back to their base. the lion beats the King and the King beats Daniel.a human version is twice as fun. take apart flashlight into it's parts and have the person who is "it" (the Gargon) to go around the building and hide all the pieces separetly. Daniel. HOWEVER. or when the designated time is expired. One team will gather over one side and the other team will gather to the other side. The game ends when the one team is entirely caught. or the king. put it together. so naturally . The game of battleships is great fun to play normally. If their ball hits someone from the other team.3. After one minute. and shine it on the "Gargon".6. You'll need to divide the area/room into 2 by setting up a barrier or sheet in the middle something that you can't see through. These players cannot move. They can now become another bomber for their team and they must sit with the other bomber. fight. and the lion and the king. you’ll say 1. then you can bring them back over and they will become part of your team. Hint: have the group find a set place to store the pices during the game. Once your teams meet in the centerline. so the pieces don't get taken by the gargon all the time. . once they have them all then assemble the flashligt and catch the Gargon. The goal of the group is to find each part of the flashlight. both teams will walk up to the centerline to fight. the rest of the players need to sit spread themselves across the area and sit down (or lie down) as a battleship.

or like capture the flag. The leader yells "out of the tomb or in the tomb". Once in place. This can only be done if he rest of the team (who are outside the set area) shout directions for the blind folded person. or whether both people are out if it hits two people in a row who are next to each other. But if the team can catch it. You may wish to suggest to the teams to plan out their order in the line according to who needs to carry who. The youth from year 8 to post highschool loved this game! It is also very amusing to watch and I recommend recording it on video!! In The Tomb. The last player in wins the game. Marshmellow Wars Split the group in to 2 teams. This can be played either scored. We do 3 hits your out rule. Man Mines Two teams. Out of the Tomb Draw a long line using yarn or masking tape.you may wish to let them figure it out also).like whether a ball can bounce before hitting someone. Once an entire team is out. (It works the easiest if you go from strongest or heaviest to the weakest or smallest . Give a count down.everyone seperate -then teams try to hit the other team with marshmellows. Basically its played like paint ball or dodge ball. they are not allowed to move or talk until round is over. One team lies down and makes an obstacle course for the other team in a set area. giving each team an equal amount of marshmellows. When the relay commences the first member of the team has to carry the second team member across to the finish line. There are other variations. These people are the man mines. This has become our youths favorite game. The leader will try and get the players to miss jump by pointing to one side as they yell to jump to the opposite side or by repeating the same side and/or changing the pace. or first one over.it doesnt count. . such as everyone is on there own.You'll need to make up rules . they must all yell "YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!" Human Relay Each team stands in a straight line behind one another at the start line. Once there the person that was carried has to run back to the team and carry the next person across to the finish line. The game is finished when all team members are over at the finish line. One person is blind-folded from the other team and that person has to make it across the set area without touching any of the man mines. The right side of the line is called "In the tomb" and the left side of the line is named "out of the tomb". Have the children line up in a straight line facing the leader on the right side of the line. Upon hearing the command the children jump from one side to the other. If the children jump in the wrong direction or don't jump to the other side when it's a vaild command they are out of the game.

The team with the most points wins the game. Each team must come back within one hour . Each team must come back within one hour . collect their documents. Photo Scavenger Hunt Split everyone into groups of four (make sure each group has access to a driver. Prepare the laptop. then each minute past the time will count as a point deducted from the final score. and television by the time the teams return. then each minute past the time will count as a point deducted from the final score. When the teams return. car. The team must stick together at all times. The team with the most stickers or stamps wins the game. Make sure to record the time that each team comes back and track deducted points. The team with the most points wins the game. scattered in the main mall "hallway" areas. Explain the rules: All teams must go out and find as many items or perform as many actions on the list as they can. A Light In Darkness . view the videos together and record the points using the Scoresheet. At least two members of the team must be in the photo doing the actions.When the teams return. view the photos together and record the points using the Scoresheet. car. Once they find the items or complete the action. If a team finds a listed person.if a team is late. the disguised person will give a special sticker or stamp on the document next to his or her photo. Video Scavenger Hunt Split everyone into groups of four (make sure each group has access to a driver. cables. Hand each team two lists.SCAVENGER HUNT Mall Disguise Scavenger Hunt and List Split everyone into groups of four or five groups at the mall. "Who is your grandma?". and a digital camera). cables. The people on the list will be dressed up in a variety of costumes and disguises. If said correctly. they must take a video of the item or action. then each minute past the time will count as a point deducted from the final score.if a team is late. Once they find the items or complete the action. Each team must come back within 1 hour . and television by the time the teams return.if a team is late. Make sure to record the time that each team comes back and track deducted points. the team must ask the person. Hand each team two lists. At least two members of the team must be in the video doing the actions. Explain the rules: All teams must go out and take as many pictures from the list as they can. they must take a picture. When the teams return. Prepare the laptop. and a digital camera). Hand each team two lists. Make sure to record the time that each team comes back and track deducted points. Explain the rules: All teams must go out find as many people on the list as possible within one hour.

The goal is to seek and save the lost. "lost" in the dark with a base of some kind where they return to if caught. Milko Chief Chiko Strawberries & Cream Police / Prison Guard(s) RULES Teams start in dining hall Told a report of the terrorists mad plot to annialate the world through chemical warfare Our only chance of survival is to find the molecule of all molecules that will act as a counter attack to anything that comes our way Problem: only one person knows the make up of this molecule . "demons" beforehand or have some surprise guest adults join in as demons. ROLES Mad Scientist Singing Raspberry Bush Banana Man 0011 . The lighted Christians now try to find the lost and give them the clue to the lighted cross. It also helps to have hooded robes for the demons. Most importantly. reaching the lost. "have the found the light" as Christians. The demons have to work in pairs to harass Christians but can go solo to catch the lost. It involves a lot of running and team work but also involves some problem solving skills. 5. fun game for leading into topics like spiritual warfare. Have fun! Molecule This simulation game is a great one to play on a youth camp. etc. 4. be sure to talk it over with youth when done. having the light of Christ.Dame Bond Mr. You will need enough glow bracelets for everyone once they. Everyone starts out being. Ask questions about parallels with facing real fear. A variation is to only give out a few bracelets and to have the Christians try to get as many lost to the cross as they can. The helper will also give the lighted ones a prayer on a piece of paper they have to read out loud to chase off demons trying to stop them. etc. 1. (our youth loved this!) 2.be sure to pay close attention to the bonds and elements required . You can either chose 2-3. 3. As a leader be sure to have Scripture on hand to support answers and dialogue.Use a cross with a light attached. evil. The helper also gives them a paper slip with a CLUE for the lost as to where the lighted cross can be found. etc. The lost also can have the option of staying or leaving once they got to the cross. You'll need a decent bunch of leaders to run the game and to fill the all roles. The lost are looking for the lighted cross. -This is best played with low lights and room to run and hide.-This is a great. "find the light". 6. While they are looking the demons can tag them and escort them back to base where they have to stay for a 5 minutes or have them do jumping jacks. We used Scripture as a clue.the Mad Scientist The Mad Scientist will only allow you see his secret molecule for a short time . a helper at the cross will give them a glow bracelet signifying they. If the lost find the lighted cross.

Only one team member may enter The Lab at any time You may also visit the rest of the keepers of the elements more than once.There are a number of police out to catch you and your team members If caught.so DON'T eat the elements or you won't have enough to complete the molecule! PRISON Be warned .is to find the keepers of the various elements and bonds to replicate EXACTLY the Mad Scientist's molecule in order to win the prize AND save the world You may visit the Mad Scientist more than once . Drop a sponge ball into a bucket of water. use a random assortment of the lollies you have bought and stick them together using toothpicks to create a molecule structure. Toilet Paper Costume Game Arrange everyone into teams of about four or five. the last person has to pass it forward in the same pattern as before. the first person of both lines needs to take out the sponge ball from the bucket and pass the ball over the head to the person behind them. Have both teams line up in parallel lines. The goal of the game is to wrap the person up in the most creative and original toilet paper costume (for example: Statue of Liberty).if you choose to accept it . Each team selects a volunteer from their group. At the very end of the line. The third person passes the ball over their head to the next person. When you say “go”. Make it complex enough to be challenging to remember. The second person in line must pass the sponge ball between their legs to the third person behind them. Everyone in line needs to be facing the front.Your task/mission . but will only receive TWO elements at a time Upon each visit you will be given a task which your entire team must complete before your team receives any elements A maximum number of elements will be given to each team . Give each team a roll of toilet paper and a roll of masking tape. you'll be imprisoned for 2 mins before being released back into the molecule building race EXTRA INSTRUCTIONS To make up the molecule. The teams have only 10 minutes to wrap the person up using only toilet paper and masking tape. but don't make it so confusing that it can't be replicated. and so forth in the same “over-under” pattern. MINI OLYMPICS Over Under Game Split everyone into two equal teams. The first team that passes the ball back to the first person wins the game. and hand the bucket to the first person in line. .

the leader says no and the player returns. the team is awarded 4 points. who is the winner. they cannot change their answer. Once their answer has been written. Have the teams present their costume to the judge and convince the person to choose their costume. the third “zoomed out” slide is 3 points. if a team correctly identifies the object by the second "zoomed out" slide. etc the larger the more difficult). *You’ll need to ask and take note on which slide they wrote down their answers. 8 x 8. The leader then asks all the players to circle up around the grid on the floor. the fruit is distributed randomly. If the team answers incorrectly. to get the maximum amount of points. Each team tries to identify the object as soon as possible. After explaining the object of the game. Players continue going one after another from around the circle until the maze has been solved.After 10 minutes. The object of the game is to identify as many objects from the Powerpoint as possible as a group. If the player stepped on the same piece of paper that the leader marked as the start. Give each team a piece of paper and pen. that the only word the leader may say is no. Second. the leader says that there are two rules. the team that has the correct answer will receive the amount of points for the slide that they stopped at. If the player steps on one of the papers that is not the starting page. To start the activity. For example. The goal will be to get each person to hold the right clour of fruit. and the fourth “zoomed out” slide is worth only 1 point. giving each team 1 minute to look at. they have to raise their hand and write their answer down on the piece of paper. First. The first “zoomed” slide is worth 5 points. You may . that no one may talk. Paper Maze The leader gathers a bunch of paper and lays them out in a grid on the floor (5 x 5. Once the object is revealed. Zoom In Game Separate everyone into teams of 5. A player the leader selects starts and begins by stepping onto one of the papers on the perimeter of the grid. The team with the most points wins the game. the leader remains silent and the player has a chance to take another step. and an opportunity to write their answer down. You are only allowed to pass fruit to someone beside you who has an empty hand. make their way through the maze. and the next player in the circle gets up. discuss each slide. they do not gain any points for that round. As soon as the group thinks they know what the object is. Go through each slide. the second “zoomed out” slide is 4 points. Players slowly. with guessing. The judge will have to decide who has the best-looking costume. The leader then draws a route that is the correct way through the paper maze. The Orange Game We are going to be passing fruit around a network of five people. and is ultimately. The leader then takes another piece of paper which the players never see and draws a representation of the grid on the paper. tell everyone to stop. having to remember the path that the previous players took.

the facilitator says stop. The player who gets their set of clothes on first wins. (Being exact on this count is not nearly as important as just having fun. so that the team can continue covering new ground. When the facilitator says go. Players must go down and back 10 times with a different person riding each time. so players swap out who is carrying. If at any point the person touches the ground. The facilitator tells one team to flip the cup so that it is upright. Drop two complete sets of clothes (shirt. Players may flip a cup that has already been flipped by the other day. Each team will have five people carrying the blanket and one riding.they may only touch it to quickly flip it. strech hands again. Pool Clothes Great game for pool party. (Can separate group into teams and have multiple rounds with the team cheering for their player. When the facilitator says go.) Aardvark Race . The facilitator then divides the group into two teams. First team to make it to the finish line wins. Flip the Cup The facilitator puts a bunch of cups on their side all over a room. Each team gets 1 point for a cup matching their team's goal. shoes) into the deep end of the pool and let them sink to the bottom. With a bit of cooperation each person ends up with the right pieces of fruit. Players may not hang on to a cup . As the people at the back of the line have the person move of them onto the rest of the people. After 5 minutes. Players select one person who will be the roller and the rest of the team pairs up. A start line is chosen and a finish line is chosen. Have to players start on the opposite end of the pool.) People Roll Players divide into teams. socks. the team must restart at the start line.) (It is helpful to give a warning that destroyed cups will cost a team 5 points for whoever destroyed it. Start at a line. they must stand up and run to the front of the team. pants. Person who gets off the blanket has to take up carrying the next run. both players must jump in and swim to the clothes on the bottom and begin putting the clothes on while in the water.have to give up your own coloured fruit to help reach the goal. while the other team wants to flip the cups upsidedown. the team in pairs are holding hands so the person selected can move from one pair to another. and race around a certain point and back. Blanket Race Each team has a blanket. The facilitator says "go" and players begin flipping cups to match their teams' goal.

The team with the most beans at the end of the time limit wins!!! Baby Burp You need two people per team. and only. you still have to eat it since you picked it. chips. you have to chug it!). This works well if you are a hungry bunch!!:) Biblical Detectives This kind of thing can be really fun if it is done properly and works out well. salami. Everybody is behind a line. etc. which can be a cloth for a diaper and saftey pins. by feeling. One member/leader is holding the garbage bag with these items in it. a whole pack of gum/candy. So one clues leads to another which leads to another which eventually leads to the end. crackers (small box). More cruel choices are onions. Have the "parent" stand near the clothing station and the "baby" near the bottle station. (Be aware of food allergies). You can add in a lolly or prize at each clue to add some more excitement to the game. you can make as many teams as you like. fresh produce. and or a bonnett. When the baby is dressed completely the parent runs for the bottle and has to run back to the baby and feed the baby with the baby sitting on their lap. a bib. To start the game have the fist person inhale a bean in there straw. warm ginger beer (remember. You start the game with the "babies" cralwing to the "parent". The member behind line has to go up to the bag.ones that are quick to open and eat. Set up on opposite ends of the room or playing area (the bigger the area the better) two stations. Bag Of Goodies Gather all kinds of really horrible foods . If the person drops the bean in mid voyage the person has to engulf it off of the floor and continue. Once they get there the "parent" has to dress the "baby". For instance. Have each person in the team have a straw. or the game will just be a whole lot of kids running around looking for needles in haystacks! . Once the baby drinks the WHOLE bottle they have to burp. Race to the finish. ie.(NIV) Isaiah c12 v2 w 1 = "surely". time I have played this game was when I used the net version of NLT which was newer than the NLT bibles at my church. The first baby to burp wins. baby food. not seeing what it is.Set the game up by having two lots of two bowls facing each other (One on one side of the room and one on the other side of the room) Have 2 teams line up on one side of the room. The bean will saty at the end of the straw as long as the person is inhaling air. Be very careful of which versions and translations of the Bible you use. In one station place the babies bottles that have been filled with soda in the other place the clothing. eat it there. and one person is the "parent" and the other is the "baby". So most of the words were off so the sentences didn't make sense! Double check this. 10 ft. which leads the team to the location or area of the next clue. So use a whole lot of those to make up a sentence. pick something out. refer to each chapter / verse / word to make up a sentence . then run back to end of line. or clue. The first. Basically the idea is to create a scavenger hunt for the kids using words from the Bible to make up clues. The first player then has to crawl to the other bowl and blow about the bean into the bowl. If you don't like something.

The player then reveals the correct answer and those who got it wrong must give the player one of their matchsticks. and your kness are at a 90 degree angle. Matthew starts by saying "Matthew Matthew.e. This person starts clapping. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GAMES Matchstick Truth or Lie Before playing. When it is a players turn they say their ONE STATEMENT about themselves (true or false).6 etc. 4 teams line up at one end. a team must get all of it's players to bring back 1 pea each. Then they must carry it back to their team. Matthew sits in the super chair. gets out of rhythm. There is no equipment required. two claps on legs. the player with the most wins. Your back should still against the wall. say five. Matthew Matthew One One Players are numbered off: Matthew. when you move your back off of the wall completely. Just say someone makes a mistake or fouls . There is then a countdown (usually by the Youth Group leader) at which point the youth do the action which they beleive reflects the statement said by the player. 1.3. they must pick it up again (with the straw) and continue back. two claps with fists (more quiet).e.Chair on the Wall This is an event for the real he-men in your youth group.2. John. Disqualification occurs when you lift a foot off the ground. "walking" your feet out. The first player from each team has to run to the other end and pick up a pea by sucking it on the end of the straw. To win. Number Number" where number is the number or book that he/she send it to. Place a bowl of peas (or whatever you are using) at the other end. or when you scream out in pain and fall into a heap of muscle spasms. Line up against the wall. your thighs are parallel to the floor. Luke. Once everyone has had a turn get them to count up how many matchsticks they have. Two Two". The winner is the last person who can remain in this position. when you touch the wall or floor with your hands.i. until you are in a sitting position .4.5. says the person . when you touch the floow with any part of your body other than your feet.i. Mark. Pea Pipes Simple relay structure for this game. If the pea falls off while they are returning. except a blank patch of smooth wall. designate two actions for 'true' and 'false' (such as hands on heads or hands behind back)and hand out five matchsticks to each player. Your hands should be on your thighs or knees. Slowly move down the wall. Then Five says "Five Five. with your backs right against the wall.

. that player responds. Is he/she guesses right.next to them."Freddy" has a big nose.)When you get told the rumor. everyone below that person stands up and moves up one number so that thier number changes. Like. Matthew can speed up the rhythm every time it get back to them. "I didn't know that!" And that player carries that rumor all around the circle. Like "Sierra has a big nose. Then the person who is "IT" has one time to guess who the liar was. speeks out of place. The aim of the game is to get to matthew and stay there. the "Liar" changes the name to someone else in the group. If someone sends it back to whoever sent it to them both are in a lock. Then that rumor is carried the rest of the way around the circle. The last person to hear the rumor. "Moshi moshi! Did you know that. Then they stand up and goes down to the lowest number. The "Liar" once told then changes the rumor. Pick one person to be "IT" that person leaves the room. The person who is "IT" whispers a rumor in the closest persons ear. says the person who sent it to them. then the person stays "IT" Recommended for 10 or more people. Moshi Moshi Sit in a circle. says aloud what he/she heard. then the "Liar" has to be "IT" if not. Variations 1. 2. claps incorrectly. Everyone else picks one person to be the "Liar" then the person who is "IT" comes back in and sits completing the circle. they must keep on sending it to each other until someone makes a mistake/fouls. Instead of "Freddy" having a big nose. ." (Picking a persons name and telling a funny thing about them.

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