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Dont seek a great church. Seek a great city. If you seek a great church, you wont have a great church or a great city. But if you seek a great city, you will have a great church and a great city. Pastor tim Keller,
redeemer Presbyterian ChurCh, new yorK City


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lords favor. - Luke 4:18-19

ThE lOCAl ChuRCh Is ThE hOPE Of ThE WORld.

PasTor Bill HyBels, WilloW Creek CommuniTy CHurCH

We are a group of Christfollowers who are united by a common faith, mission, and love for each other.
We reject

casual Christianity and make four

commitments To Gather together throughout the week, to Grow through our small Community Groups, to Give of ourselves to the people and work of God, and to Go into the community living out the life of Jesus.

By Gods grace, our mission is to live as fully devoted

To one mission

followers of Jesus Christ and to love our neighbors to do the same. Our vision is to be part of a restored community living in wholeness by the grace of God.

I have found great joy in living, working, and worshipping in the same community. It has made sense of Christianity for me. The students I teach, their families, and many coworkers are my neighbors whom I desire to disciple to Christ. Christianity is no longer an event or checklist, but daily life shared among the people of God and those who need the Gospel of Jesus. The scripture comes alive with mission and the beauty of the Gospel shines brightest when the people of God become a part of a local community with the mission of loving God and loving others to do the same. - Josh Gosa
Resident of the Clayton neiGhboRhood, teaCheR at bRuCe Randolph hiGh sChool, Community GRoup leadeR, husband to holly and fatheR of thRee boys

With one people

together to be one body.

We are ethnically, generationally, and socio-economically diverse. We believe this is a testimony to the great power of the Gospel that people from different ethnic groups, classes, and age groups gather

In OnE plaCE For liFe!

acceptance, and staying for life.

We are a group of urban and suburban Christians who are all united behind the mission of claiming Gospel responsibility for nine neighborhoods that sit inside twelve square miles in NE Denver Five Points, Whittier, Cole, Globeville, Elyria/Swansea, Skyland, Clayton, North Park Hill, and Northeast Park Hill.

In a highly mobile culture, deep relationships are rare. In a poverty-stricken neighborhood, change is hard. In a racially divided city, trust has to be developed over time. Therefore, we are committed to hunkering down with one another, working through our conflicts, fostering an atmosphere of love and

we PUrSUe the miSSion throUgh three avenUeS...

CommUnitY groUPS

, ,

Establishing Gathering together 1 missional 2 OnE BODY vibrant as to worship together weekly and to come together for greater impact in the community

throughout the neighborhoods

Our Community Groups are small groups of 5-15 people who have re-oriented their lives to journey together on the mission of God. These groups are the core of our church.
CGs live out three main functions: Spiritual growth, outreach, and discipleship. We use the metaphor of a house to describe these functions. livinG room Weekly meetings of prayer, fellowship, Bible study, and accountability FronT PorCH Outreach ministry to a group of people or a neighborhood

CommUnitY groUPS

BasemenT Environments where we study to hear the voice of God through the Word and therefore produce disciples who make disciples


We believe in having a strong unified identity in our neighborhood. We band together to do worship, study Gods word, send missionaries, form partnerships, allocate resources, cast the ministry vision, and give focus and direction to our non-profit work. We meet weekly on sunday mornings to magnify Jesus Christ in fellowship, song, testimonies, sermon, and communion.

Uplifting the 3 community through


encompass uplifts single moms, fatherless kids, and widows in Denver who are in need. We currently host Single Moms Night Out for single mothers in the neighborhood. We also run a Cub Scout program for 50 fatherless boys. We collaborate with Denver Human Services to recruit and retain foster families. strong Tower helps exoffenders re-integrate into society. We work with over 1000 ex-offenders every year and provide them with immediate resources, a computer lab, and a Thursday night church service and small group ministry. Providence Center for urban leadership Development develops young leaders for the urban church. We recruit Fellows who work with us for a period of two years to impact the neighborhood. upstream impact is our strategic partner in helping families move out of poverty and achieve their dreams. We work to get families out of poverty, and our ultimate goal is to get 10% of the families in poverty of the 4400 families in NE Denver out of poverty in 10 years. mission Denver assists the local church in educating, engaging, and equipping Christians in Gods heart for the poor. We facilitate mission teams from around the country to minister in our neighborhood.

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. - Galatians 6:14



Mary and I cried together in the car after our 4th Sunday at Providence. Having just heard Jesus parable about the treasure in the field, I grabbed my wifes hand and headed out the back. The parable demanded a decision, especially from the likes of two souls so thoroughly prepared to hear it. We had visited churches here and there in the past but always left feeling like it just wasnt for us. Somehow the idea of joining a church felt like a step backward. I was grateful for my upbringing and I knew I would always be inspired by Jesus but in view of my ample cynicism, disappointment with the American church, and lack of a better option, our fate seemed clear; we would have to follow Jesus alone. We had been wearing down under that understanding for 4-5 years when this parable, and this church, came along and slapped hope into us. There in the car we realized anew that, even with all the inconveniences and other associated costs, living within the kingdom of God is well worth it. A man doesnt liquidate all his assets for negligible rewards. No, he glimpses a glimmer of that treasure in the soil and becomes consumed by it. He gets gold fever. Suddenly hes no longer the protagonist; instead the treasure haunts him. Thats how we felt in the car. So we decided to jump in. We joined a community group and received many new close and meaningful relationships. During the Sunday services the eldership gave themselves to preaching and we began to hear the gospel again. All of these elements cooperated in restoring our weary souls. Before long we started helping to transport Congolese refugees to our Sunday morning services. We began to want the Congolese to experience the same sense of belonging so we opened up a new community group in one of their homes out in Aurora. The best part was the style of relationship that developed. The love was reciprocal. Sure I felt some responsibility but I didnt venture out to aurora to give love, I ventured out there to be loved. All this to say, any chip I had on my shoulder towards the church is gone now. For the first time, I understand why God calls the church his bride.


My name is Felipe and my wife is Monica. We are from Ciudad de Jurez in Mexico. We arrived in Denver in May 2011 and within weeks started attending Providence Bible Church. We were invited by Pepe and Chabi, who from the beginning were interested in our spiritual needs, praying fervently that we might receive consolation in our hearts, from the pain caused by the recent loss of our oldest son, victim of violence in Ciudad Jurez. Last year we were challenged to step out in faith and be baptized into the church. Pastor Juan Pea explained to us the meaning of believers baptism, and in August 2012 my wife and I gave public witness of our faith

in Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior by being baptized. We testify that from that moment came a change in ourselves! Our thinking is positive and full of hope; our speech is more kind, loving and reflects what we have learned from the Word of God; the vices of cigarette and alcohol are long gone, and our marriage has become stronger. We can say that we are different people. We owe everything to the mercy and grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, whom we thank from the depths of our being. Over the past year we have opened our apartment to host a Basement group where we read the Bible together in community with other Latinos and pray. Every day we are growing more and more in our understanding of the teachings of Scripture. We hope to continue to serve in the church, along with our daughters, in a greater level of commitment to the glory of God.


My father was a gangsta. His life was full of fancy cars, clothes, money and women. My mom was a single parent who worked to provide a good home for me and my sister. My mom was dating a guy for a few years. He abused her regularly and so one time, I stabbed him in the leg when he was beating her. He took the knife and started stabbing her. From my earliest days, I remember a lot of violence. I thought it was just part of life. I became a gang member for the glamour and respect it gave my father and to protect my mom. At age 11, I was sent to Lookout Mountain for a shooting and when I got out, my boys showed me so much love I thought this was my way of making a name for myself. Now, I had to live up to my name. I got involved in another shooting when I supplied guns for a drive by that ended up taking the life of a three-year-old

boy. I did 17 years on a 22-year sentence. While in prison, I began to read the Bible. I mean really read it. Gods Word touched me and I knew I wanted and needed to be His servant. I was thrown in the hole after a prison riot broke out that I was blamed for, but had no part in. I found a Bible and read a Scripture that said If you ask and believe, He will answer. I got on my knees and asked God to let the warden see I had nothing to do with it. After what seemed like ten minutes, the door was opened and I was released back into general population. At that moment, I knew I belonged to God. After being released from prison, I walked into A Strong Tower Ministry. I told them my testimony and immediately began telling people that something needed to be done for the kids in my hood so they wouldnt go down my same path. God listened to my heart and put me to the test. I am now working with the Cub Scouts and I speak to all that I encounter about how different their lives will be if they look to a more positive outcome and God. Im 37 years old, out of prison, doing what I love, and enjoying the blessings He has continued to give me. All praise goes to God who makes all things possible. It still took me another 2 years to pull my head out and start listening. It took me bouncing off of the pavement bottom 3 or 4 times before I gave my life back to God and let Him have control again. He always did anyway; I was just deluded and deceived. That is when I ran into A Strong Tower Ministry and Providence Bible Church where I was properly taught how to read the bible and build my relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and to be a man of God. Discipleship, What a concept!


I was raised in a Christian family with Christian values. I walked away from the church when I was 6 yrs old. The people at the church were very hypocritical. Their actions did not reflect their walk. My Father died when I was 8 years old which started a series of deaths throughout my family over the next 10 years. I walked through life trying to make sense out of each trial that I had to endure. I started smoking marijuana when I was

12 years old, drinking when I was 13, taking speed when I was 14 and cocaine when I was 16. This was just to kill the pain of the loss I had experienced. The final blow was when one of my best friends that I had grown up with committed suicide. This was the final straw that sent me over the edge. I vowed and waged a full on war against God. How could he be so cruel, mean and evil to do these things to me? I hated him with every piece of my body and mind. So I ran down the road with my hair on fire and working myself into a perfect alcoholic stupor laced with lots of drugs and bad actions for the next 24 years. All in all I walked away from God for 40 years, but God in his infinite wisdom threw a trash truck at me for a wake-up call.

community gRoupS
The fellowship of the church is part of Gods good news to men. It imparts to the gospel one of its most thrilling notesthat when Christ saves a man he not only saves him from his sin, he saves him from his solitude. ToTal ChrisTianiTy by Frank Colquhoun

The primary focus of our Community Group ministry in 2012 was outreach and discipleship. Our groups were busy engaging their communities through cookouts, single mom outreaches, Vacation Bible Schools, Easter egg hunts, soccer clinics, block parties, and much more. Collectively, we spent thousands of hours loving our neighbors to Christ. As a result of all these outreaches, Providence is becoming known as the church that truly cares for our community not by just talking about God but by showing His love in tangible ways. This year we also placed significant emphasis on growing our Basement Groups. We believe that the people of Providence will not make disciples of others if they themselves are not hearing from God through his Word on a regular basis. This year we saw the number of basement groups expand from 15 to 26. We also saw the number of active participants grow from 69 to 98. We now have a basement group meeting every day of the week!
And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need. And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved. - Acts 2:42-47


community gRoupS By the numBeRS


Goals FoR 2013 LEaDERshIP PRaYER 2 1

Deepen our prayer ministry. We would like to see every group become more intentional about prayer.

Strengthen leadership development and multiplication. We are providing greater support for existing and new CG leaders. We desire to move from 14 CGs to 20 by the end of the year. We also desire to see our CG leadership team become more multi-ethnic.

OuTREach 3

Dramatically increase our front-porch outreach ministry. We desire to see each CG come up with an outreach plan and implement it throughout the year with an investment of time and intentional Gospel conversations.


We had a thrilling year as a church body and saw evidence of Gods working all around. It was a year of new ministry opportunities both here and abroad.

WeeKenD WoRShip SeRVice

This year, we studied through the book of II Samuel and saw God work through trial, despair, and even sin in order to accomplish His plan and glorify Himself. We also spent time as a church revisiting our core identity. We modified our mission statement, focused our ministries, and called the church to a deeper commitment to make disciples who make disciples. In our childrens ministry we desire to see the children taste and see that God is good, so they will take refuge in him (Ps 34:8). We continue to have a steady attendance of 80 children each week and are expecting many new little ones to join our Providence family this year. We also have seen a significant increase in the number of children attending from our community. Our ministry with refugees gained traction this year as a volunteer team gathered steam. They joined together to start a Community Group centered around the refugee community. Also, God provided us with some needed leadership as Kelli Woodard left her job, raised support, and came on staff to oversee this ministry. Emile Nsengiyumva also joined our Fellows program and has a burden to be a bridge with new refugees coming into our city.


We sent out our first international missionaries this year. Matt and Bethany Champlin will be doing Gospel work in the Middle East. We were delighted that they were able to raise their financial support in just one year. Providence supports them for 17% ($850 a month) of their needed income, and individuals from Providence support them for another 22%. We praise the Lord that they have the prayer and financial support necessary to give themselves devotedly to the work and mission of God. We have also supported two church plants over the past two years Sola Church in Centennial, Colorado and Restore Church in Detroit, Michigan. This year Sola was able to bring their pastor on full-time and they are doing well financially, so we have completed our financial commitment to them. They are averaging 85 in attendance on Sunday mornings at the 2-year mark. We celebrate this young and growing ministry! Restore Church is an innercity church much like Providence where the average income in the neighborhood is $21,000 a year. The core group started two years ago, began services on Easter of 2012, and are now averaging 100 people on Sunday mornings with four small groups. We have decided to continue their financial support for another year as this important Gospel work gathers traction.

What binds us together is not common education, common race, common income levels, common politics, common nationality, common accents,common jobs, or anything else of that sort. Christians come together because they have all been loved by Jesus himself. They are a band of natural enemies who love one another for Jesus sake. D. A. CArson



Globeville Community Center

Last year we made it a goal to reach deeper into the Globeville neighborhood. The first three months of the year were relatively silent, and nothing was happening. On March 22nd, the elders did a prayer walk through Globeville, and it came to our attention that there was an empty church building in the neighborhood. We prayed around it and asked for Gods will to be done. The next morning we received an email from a community partner telling us the city was going to give that same building away to an organization that would best benefit the community. The city was asking for proposals. This partner asked us if we would partner with others to go after the building and we accepted. Our proposal was submitted with eight others and, praise the Lord, the city accepted ours and awarded us the building. The Community Center will serve the community in a holistic way, primarily working in the area of education.

upstream Impact
We have always desired to be a church that modeled the 1st century church. One passage that has captivated us is Acts 4:34-35 which says, There was not a needy person among them, for as many as were owners of lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the apostles feet, and it was distributed to each as any had need. We believe that if the church is being the church we can eliminate poverty in our church. In January, we met with Scott Miller the founder of Circles, a community approach to eliminating poverty. We loved his model as it coincided with our belief about the power of human relationships to affect change. We were instrumental in the founding of a new non-profit called Upstream Impact which is focused on not just helping people in poverty but in actually getting them out of poverty. Two of our pastors and all of our Fellows work in the non-profit which has started working with 28 families in our neighborhood.

As board President of the Globeville Community Center, I cant think of how we would have gotten off the ground without Providence. The church and its members have helped in almost every way imaginable, from moving playground equipment the center purchased, helping pay for labor, conducting a community survey during program identification reaching out to local businesses, to providing space for center staff to work from. Most importantly, however, we are lucky to have two members of the Providence family serving as members of the Centers board of directors. All in all, I would call that impacting a project and helping drive that project to success. - CHRISTOPHER SCOTT







12% 25%

2012 EXpEnSES

Staff & Personnel Operations Ministries Community Groups Missions Church Planting Outreach Mercy Ministry Total

$131,602 $72,107 $34,569 $15,227 $10,228 $5,000 $7,590 $10,547 $286,870

24% 10%
Staff & Personnel Operations Ministries Community Groups Missions Outreach Mercy Ministry Total $157,336 $79,999 $33,820 $26,500 $13,200 $12,250 $10,000 $333,105

2013 BUDget

4% 4%


assIMILaTIOn 2 YOuTh 1
Develop and implement an assimilation process to move people from attenders to CG members. Begin a youth ministry. We desire to create a weekly middle school youth group and a Sunday morning teaching time for middle and high school students.

sPanIsh 3

Re-structure our service and outreach activities to better serve our Spanish-speaking neighbors.


NoN-Profit Work 2013 Goals

fundInG 1
Strengthen our funding structure. We desire to hire a Development Director to help us raise the funds needed for the ministries.


Integrate our We plan on ministries with our Community Groups. We desire to see Encompass moms and Strong Tower men find a permanent support group for life in our CGs. incorporating all the ministries under a 501(c)3. We also will do our first strategic plan and begin searching for additional facilities.


To cities filled with the homeless and impoverished, Christianity offered charity as well as hope. To cities filled with newcomers and strangers, Christianity offered an immediate basis for attachments. To cities filled with widows and orphans, Christianity provided a new and expanded sense of family. To cities torn by violent ethnic strife, Christianity offered a new basis for social solidarity. People had been enduring catastrophes for centuries without the aid of Christian theology or social structures. Hence I am by no means suggesting that the misery of the ancient world caused the advent of Christianity. What I am going to argue is that once Christianity did appear, its superior capacity for meeting these chronic problems soon became evident and played a major role in its ultimate triumph[for what Christians] brought was not simply an urban movement, but a new culture. Rodney StaRk in the RiSe of ChRiStianity



Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. - James 1:27

Pack 97 kicked off in september, and in just four months we had 70 boys who attended at least one night of Boy scouts and approximately 16 men serving as leaders. Boys earned awards through activities such as rocket launching, basketball, trips to the fire department and the Capitol building, and shooting air rifles with ROTC leaders. Weekly attendance has averaged around 25 boys.


1 2 3

100 boys registered for Cub Scouts by year-end with regular attendance of 75 boys.

20 men as Den Leaders

2 in-home visits per week with families of Scouts


Single momS night oUt

single Moms night Out exists to welcome single mothers from our neighborhood into a loving environment where they will be encouraged to seek their potential by leading as women, mothers, and followers of Jesus Christ. In 2012, 18 SMNO evenings were held, with 62 women attending at least one week and two of those moms accepted Christ as their Savior. This year we have experienced growth as single moms are now living out their potential as they are leading the SMNO Friday night meetings. They utilized the Diapers 4 Denver program to meet more mothers in the 9 neighborhoods and distributed 100,000 diapers!

1 2 3


25 ladies in attendance each night and 3 new women join the steering team.

Launch a SMNO chapter in Globeville with an average attendance of 15 moms. Recruit two Globeville moms to the steering team.


See 12 women move from SMNO into a supportive, encompassing spiritual environment


FoSter Care
In 2012 Encompass took an active role in engaging the foster care needs of our community. A partnership was created with Denver Human Services to participate in recruitment activities in the 9 neighborhoods. Encompass held 9 movie nights in the community with information about foster care. A bi-weekly support group was created for foster/adoptive moms.


1 2 3

Continue to partner with DHS for recruitment of foster parents in the 9 Neighborhoods by participating in at least 4 recruitment events.

Foster/adoptive parent support group will begin to serve as an entry point for prospective foster parents

Become a certified training site for new foster parents


1% 7%
Administrative & Personnel Operations Programs Marketing & Development Total Expenses $36,255 $7,555 $3,103 $88 $47,001


2012 eXPenses




Administrative & Personnel Operations Programs Marketing & Development 2013 Budget

$31,092 $4,690 $2,838 $2,480 $41,100

2013 BUDget


The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe. - PROVERBS 18:10 Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. Then the righteous will answer him, saying, Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you? And the King will answer them, Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me. - Matthew 25:34-40

a Strong tower miniStrY

The mission of A strong Tower Ministry is to show Christ to men and women coming out of incarceration through provision of spiritual and physical needs. ASTM helped over 1,150 individuals in 2012. 837 of


those were new to the ministry and visited an average of 5 times. We provided these individuals with over 130 backpacks, 265 hygiene kits, 6800 bus trips, 200 monthly bus passes, and 9 bikes as well as access to our computer lab, employment resources, training, and spiritual counseling. In March, ASTM launched Living Free: a 12-month Bible study and life skills program. 194 individuals have participated. We have a Thursday night church service called Refuge for all ex-offenders. This year, we launched a small group component. The testimonies of God working in these men and womens lives never cease to amaze!




2012 eXPenses

Administrative & Personnel Direct Services Operations Programs Total Expenses

$105,631 $26,214 $18,900 $2,114 $152,859


Administrative & Personnel Direct Services Operations Programs 2013 Budget $82,830 $29,420 $33,850 $3,900 $150,000

2013 BUDget




Disciple a minimum of 12 individuals into a stable environment (employment, housing, food, and transportation) and active involvement in a church and community group.

Foster more involvement from the Christian community: Recruit 6-8 individuals to disciple our small group leaders and team together in leading their small groups. Recruit 8 individuals and churches to donate hygiene items. Recruit 6 volunteers for help during office hours (receptionist, employment help, computer instruction, etc.)

Develop a system of tracking employment.


the ProviDenCe Center For UrBan leaDerShiP DeveloPment

The mission of The Providence Center for urban leadership development is to launch a movement of lifelong urban church leaders who will work through local churches and their communities to advance the mission of God and transform the cities of the world. This year we were able to recruit 9 sold-out Christians in their 20s that have committed to being at Providence for two years. Our goal over the next two years is to provide an experience for our Fellows that will transform them into urban leaders.


Jessica Presley coaches the Manual high school cheerleading squad

While walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon (who is called Peter) and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. And he said to them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Immediately they left their nets and followed him. And going on from there he saw two other brothers, James the son of Zebedee and John his brother, in the boat with Zebedee their father, mending their nets, and he called them. Immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him. - Matthew 4:18-22


sPIRITuAl GROWTh - Fellows start each day with one hour of Bible study and prayer (basement group).

ChuRCh IMMERsIOn - Fellows are actively involved at Providence Bible Church. Primarily, Fellows join one of our missional community groups where we do life together in the neighborhood. ACAdEMICs And TRAInInG

PuBlIC EduCATIOn Fellows do data-driven literacy tutoring at Garden Place Elementary. They are currently tutoring 30 1st thru 3rd graders. Our goal is that every Fellow knows how to engage a public school in a thoughtful manner wherever God leads them. MInIsTRy PAssIOn - Fellows are encouraged to pursue an area of personal ministry passion. Many Fellows come to us with a desire to help in the areas of homelessness, fatherlessness, sex trafficking, public education, etc. We provide time and avenues for every Fellow to work in their desired area.

PERsOnAl dEvElOPMEnT - Fellows are guided to understand their personality, find their gifting, employ their strengths, gauge their capacity, and determine their unique contribution to further Gods work. Fellows gain this through sessions with the staff as well as being matched with a personal mentor. We also provide a morning each week for private reflection, reading, and writing.

- Fellows are taught weekly by local and national experts in the Fellowship Forum. Also, Fellows have the option to get 18-hours of Masters level credit by a regionally accredited college for their participation in the seminars and work in the Fellowship. POvERTy ElIMInATIOn Fellows work with Upstream Impact a high-impact poverty elimination program where they develop relationships with families in poverty. Our goal is to not just help people in poverty but to help them escape it completely.


greg hahl
Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the Fellowship for me has been the community of Christians living on mission together. Forsaking the American Dream, embracing diversity and loving my neighbors alone would be scary, frustrating, and difficult. But loving my neighbors with my neighbors has been a beautiful, transformative experience. I plan on being family with these people for the rest of my life.

The fellowship is a program that will stretch you and will reveal to you the holes in your relationship with Christ. You will learn about Gods heart for the poor, the broken, and how he desires redemption not just at a spiritual level. This program reveals the difference between cookie-cutter Christianity, and what it truly means to follow Christ no matter what the obstacles are. I have also learned the importance of relationships, and being light in an area where its not seen very often. This has been my experience, and Im loving every moment of it.

Since I began The Fellowship, Ive been challenged and pushed in ways like never before. My relationship and walk with God have grown tremendously, and my marriage has been strengthened. I also love working with the people in these neighborhoods and finding new ways to be a help to them. God is going to do a great work through The Fellowship and I am so excited to be a part of it.

AnToineTTe Johnson
Through being a part of this Fellowship, God has shown me that I am not in this world alone. The Fellows have become my brothers and sisters. God has taught me that I need to fear Him and have no fear of man. I find myself being afraid of what man may think of me more than how the Lord has created me as fearfully and wonderfully made. This Fellowship is Gods mission for me in Denver.


ouR goAl foR 2013 iS to RecRuit 9 moRe felloWS to the pRogRAm.


Administrative Fellows Support Program Operations Recruitment & Marketing Total Expenses

$49,293 $59,959 $24,608 $22,498 $10,454 $166,812


2012 eXPenses
6% 13%




2013 BUDget
9% 4% 6%

Administrative & Personnel Fellows Support Programs Operations Recruitment & Marketing 2013 Budget

$67,350 $160,071 $26,750 $16,399 $11,500 $282,070


This year, Providence made the commitment to be like the early church in Acts 4 of

UPStream imPaCt

whom it was said that there was not a needy person among them. If any person in our congregation is in poverty and wants to get out, we have committed to do whatever it takes to help them. We partnered in helping to form a new non-profit called Upstream Impact. Upstream Impact was started with the desire to not just help families in poverty but to actually change their condition by getting them out of poverty. We are currently working with 28 families. In the 12-square mile area that makes up Northeast Denver, 4,400 families live below the poverty line. Our goal, in partnering with Upstream Impact, is to get 10% of the 4400 families in NE Denver out of poverty in 10 years.

FamilieS taking the leaD

The Circles model focuses on building community relationships across class, race, and cultural lines to eliminate poverty. It taps low-income families to act as Circle Leaders and shape their own path to self-sufficiency. Circle Leaders build close relationships with their Allies, who provide a key resource. They give the Circle Leader a stable support system to help them succeed. Together each Circle takes a journey to examine and overcome the barriers that keep people in poverty. Its an amazing experience that ultimately transforms both Leader and Ally and inspires a transformation within the community as well.


DeFinition oF SUCCeSS at 18 monthS

50% increase in earned income 6 out of 8 milestones completed

30% reduction in welfare benefits (food stamps, cash assistance) 100% off of payday loans One months expenses in a savings account

A debt retirement plan with 12 months of payments on nonstudent loan debt 75 hours of volunteer work in NE Denver A health plan with knowledge on how to access the system

An education plan for the children to become academically proficient in Math and Reading An adult education plan which includes a completed GED and enrollment in a posthigh school education program

FinanCial inFo
While the core program is funded through a community philanthropist, the Providence Center partnered with Upstream Impact and has donated $130,000 of in-kind labor to help make Upstream Impact a success.

goalS For 2013

Our 2013 goals are to continue our work with our current cohort and to launch a second cohort in the Fall.


miSSion Denver

Mission denver is our mission trip organization that brings teams from all over the country to help us in the mission of reaching the 9 neighborhoods of northeast denver for Christ. This past year we had 110 participants come and do street level missions. They ministered by running 3-day Bible club events and helping the elderly and families in the neighborhood with work around their homes and yards. They also held community cook-outs to assist small groups in beginning relationships with Gospel intentionality. The work that these teams do assists us in our desire to see many come to know Christ and the power of His resurrections in their lives. Our prayer is that 2013 will be the best year Mission Denver has had in both ministry scale and impact as we see God utilize our ministry landscape to impact lives across this country.

Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him? James 2:5


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250 participants

Engage 6 of the 9 neighborhoods with MD teams

Integrate the teams more closely with our Community Groups




2012 eXPenses

Administrative & Personnel Programs Marketing & Development Operations Total Expenses

$8,802 $4,848 $4,760 $1,183 $19,593



Administrative & Personnel Programs Operations Recruitment & Marketing 2013 Budget

$44,000 $14,000 $17,000 $4,000 $79,000

2013 BUDget




Jason Janz
Elder of Teaching & Vision


Youth Music

Mindy Cederquist Pam Austin

Nursery Director

Jean Johnston Kevin Root holly Gosa

CG Secretary Director of Missions

Juan Pena

Elder of Community Groups Elder of Mercy & Childrens Ministry

david Cederquist Josh larsen

donna McCarthy dani neal

Toddler Director

sarah Root Isabel Rojas

Interpretation Sound Ministry

Elder of Missions & Team Development

Erin Wilkolm

Pre-School Director

Matt Champlin
Elder Missionary

Chris & Katie Ellis

Directors of K-2nd

Brandon & lane Parker Greg & Tori Reed

Directors of 3rd-5th

Keaton leikam nic howe

Sound Ministry

Katie larsen
Administrative Assistant

Martha Grosskopf
Greeting Ministry Sunday Morning Set Up Ministry

Business Administrator

Amy Barnett Kim hurst

Kelli Woodard Jennifer Janz Zenzal Carr
Director of Community Ministries Executive Director of Encompass Director of Womens Development Director of Community Engagement

Andrew Goslovich hudson Janz

Sunday Morning Set Up Ministry

Director of Facilities Snow Removal

hudson Janz Kip Pyle

IT Director

Curriculum Writer

Craig Barnett

Pepe Rojas

Spanish Ministry

Willie Mosley lauren steidl


Refugee Ministry

Kelli Woodard Brent Byrd dJ Barks

Executive Assistant

Development Director

Randy McCall 32

Director of Mercy Ministries

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. - PHILIPPIANS 1:3

ProviDenCe Center For UrBan leaDerShiP DeveloPment

Juan Pea
Executive Director

a Strong tower miniStrY

Craig Redd
Executive Director

CommUnitY groUP leaDerS:

Josh & Katie larsen Josh & holly Gosa Juan & Courtney Pena Pepe & Isabel Rojas Joel & lauren steidl Kert & Rachael Eichorn Jason & Jennifer Janz david & Mindy Cederquist henry & Mary hendrickson scott & Christie lanzen Geoff Moses Matt Emge Chris & Katie Ellis John & Janet hannah Jonathan & laurel hammond Kevin & sarah Root dJ Barks

scott lanzen Pepe Rojas


Operations Director

PCUlD FellowS
Alysa McManus sarah Root Jessica Presley Antoinette Johnson Alexz Brawley Micah Brewster Emile nsengiyumva niko Athanasiou Greg hahl

Office Manager Intake Counselor

Kip Pyle

Willie Mosley Zenzal Carr

Director of Womens Development

miSSion Denver
david Cederquist
Executive Director


We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus sake, so that his life may also be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you. - II CorINTHIANS 4:7-12