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Ma 12 February 2009

Long Exam 3 (Statistics) Joey Tuason


I. Multiple Choice: WRITE the letter of the best answer on your answer sheet. [4 pts. each]

1. The science of collecting, organizing and analyzing data.

(a) psychology (c) chemistry
(b) statistics (d) physics

2. How many quartiles did we use to construct the box plot?

(a) 1 (c) 3
(b) 2 (d) 4

3. The interquartile range is

(a) difference between highest and lowest (c) Q3 − Q1
(b) the length from one whisker to another (d) all of the above

4. It was determined that the correlation coefficient between amount spent and length of stay
in mall is r = 0.02. What can be said between the two variables?

(a) Someone who stays in the mall for a long (c) If a person spends $100 worth of items,
period would have larger amount spent. s/he stays in the mall for 100 hours.
(b) A rich spender prefers to leave immediately
after shopping. (d) None of the above.

5. A box plot was constructed such that Q2 is closer to Q3 than Q1 . If this box plot represents daily
consumption of an Atenean, what best describes the dietary routine from a student in Ateneo?

(a) As compared with an average, Ateneans (c) An average Atenean tends to eat a lot of
tend to overeat but not so much. food and only few eats.
(b) There are more people eating less food
than an average Atenean. (d) Needs more information.

6. The “2 to the k” rule selects an integer value for k such that 2k it is

(a) smaller that n (c) larger than n
(b) equal to n (d) none of the above

7. Which of the following is NOT a measure of central tendency?

(a) mode (c) standard deviation
(b) weighted mean (d) median

8. Which method of central tendency is easier to use if one is only given the frequency distribution
of a data set?

(a) mode (c) standard deviation
(b) weighted mean (d) median

9. What method is used in the calculator to find the best fit line y = a + bx?

(a) median-median (c) least squares
(b) residuals (d) none of the above

-more at the back-
10. The box in the box plot contains how many percent of the observations in the dataset?

(a) 25% (c) 75%
(b) 50% (d) 100%

11. If two math classes have equal average score in a particular long exam, then both classes performed
equally. This statement is

(a) always true (c) never true
(b) sometimes true (d) all of the above

12. Which measure of central tendency is highly affected by presence of outliers?

(a) mean (c) mode
(b) median (d) all of the above

13. Which measure of central tendency can possibly not exist given a data set.

(a) mean (c) mode
(b) median (d) all of the above

14. Which measure of central tendency need not be unique?

(a) mean (c) mode
(b) median (d) all of the above

For #s15-17: Two math classes, Section A and Section B, took two identical exams from a
particular teacher. The box plots of the classes, drawn over the same scale, is shown below:

15. What section do you expect to have scores which are more scattered?

(a) Section A (b) Section B

16. If the upcoming exams are tougher than the usual ones, which section should the teacher be more
concerned for?

(a) Section A (b) Section B

17. If the two outliers in Section B transferred to Section A, would their scores still be considered
outliers in that class?

(a) Yes. Both will still be outliers. (c) No. Both will not be outliers.
(b) Yes. Only one will be an outlier. (d) All of the above.
For #s18-20: The proportion of the population made up of elderly persons in the US is rapidly
increasing. The implications for health care expenditures is profound because elderly persons use
the health care system more frequently than younger persons. In one study the mean cumulative
expenditures per person for acute and long-term care from the age of 65 years until death and
the corresponding age at death were recorded. Expenditures are given in 1996 dollars. (Brenda
Spillman and James Lubitz, “The effect of longevity on spending for acute and long-term care.”
The New England Journal of Medicine, 2000, 342: 1409-1415.)

Age at Death Mean Expenditure
65 31,181
70 87,116
75 123,823
80 157,903
85 193,727
90 235,369
95 287,980
100 358,174

18. Find the equation of the best fit line using least squares method.

(a) y = −535252 + 8723.17381x (c) y = −535252 + 8723.17318x
(b) y = −535525 + 8723.17381x (d) y = −353252 + 8723.17831x

19. If the mean expenditure for health care of an elderly was $250,000, at what age could s/he probably
have died?

(a) 88 (c) 90
(b) 89 (d) 91

20. Calculate the coefficient of correlation r.

(a) 0.9935 (c) 0.9937
(b) 0.9936 (d) 0.9938

II. Problem Solving: A survey was conducted to determine how freshmen Atenean’s found his or
her academic experience during the first semester. They were asked to rate their first semester class
encounters from 1-100, with 100 being the highest. The following are the response of 19 students: [20]

42 77 81 91 83
88 53 81 78 76
100 78 75 75 99
92 84 58 74

1. Find the mean, median, mode, quartiles and sample standard deviation of the student response.

2. Construct the frequency histogram for the data set. Start with class interval 41-52, and so on.
Put your answer on the table below.

Class Interval LCB UCB Frequency

3. Calculate the weighted mean of the frequency distribution.
4. Plot the frequency histrogram and box plot for the student response to freshmen academics
in Ateneo.