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Exam Review

Units: 3 -4

Estos ejercicios os servirn para repasar los contenidos estudiados en las unidades 3 y 4.
1.- Translate into English the following sentences.
1. Cul es el ro ms ancho del mundo?

2. El ro Amazonas es el ro ms ancho del mundo. 3. Yo soy el chico ms alto de mi clase. 4. Mi hermano es ms bajo que yo. 5. El len es ms rpido que la jirafa. 6. Pars es ms grande que Madrid. 2.- Completar la siguiente tabla con los comparativos y superlativos correspondientes. Adjective tall short dangerous Comparative Superlative Adjective deep hot cold Comparative Superlative

3.- Answer in English using the words in brackets. 1. Who is the tallest boy your classroom? ( Peter) 2. What is the biggest city in Spain? ( Madrid)
3. What is the fastest mammal in the world? (the cheetah)

4. What is the highest mountain in Africa? (mount Kilimanjaro) 5. Who is the fastest man in the world? (Usain Bolt) 4.- Complete the sentences with the right words. 1. There _____ a shopping centre ____ the city. 2. Is ______ a theatre ____ Yecla? Yes, ________ _____. 3. There _________ a lot ____ stars _____ the sky. 4. How ________ schools ________ there ____ Yecla? 5. _________ _________ eleven schools in Yecla.

5.- Translate into English the following sentences. 1. Hay muchas tiendas en mi ciudad.

2. Hay un cine en mi ciudad. 3. No hay un aeropuerto en mi ciudad. 4. Hay un centro comercial en Yecla? No. 5. Hay tiendas en Yecla? S. 6. Cuntos alumnos hay en el colegio? 7. Hay 400 alumnos en el colegio? 6.- Translate into Spanish. 1. The rocket is going through the clouds. 2. The satellite takes thirty hours to go around the planet. 3. The car is going over the bridge.
4. The plane is going under the clouds.

5. The boat is going under a bridge. 6. The car is going up the hill. 7. The horse is going down the hill. 7.- Write questions according to the following answers. 1. There are three rings around Saturn. 2. No , there arent any aliens on the moon. 3. Yes , there are a lot of astronauts in the USA. 4. The driest desert in the world is Atacama Desert. 5. The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal , in Russia. 8.- Answer the questions. 1. Why is life possible on the Earth? ( oxygen) 2. How long does the moon take to go around the Earth? ( 28 days) 3. How many times is Jupiter bigger than the Earth? (11) 4. What is the coldest planet in our Solar System? (Neptune) 5. Why is Venus the hottest planet? ( there are thick clouds around Venus)
6. How is the planet Mars called? ( red planet)

7. What is the biggest ocean in the world? ( Pacific Ocean)