13 AD = CE Christian Era www.13Anti-ChristDisclosures.

com 9 Democracy Deviates Deviate De jure De facto Denial Doublethink Disbelief Decipher 11 TECE PNTR RCR Trial Error Cause Effect Progressive Nature Thought Reason Retrospect Constant Recalibration AD 13 Assess Docket 13
Aiding abetting flight from justice

Puppet Attorney General Legislature/parliament have the RUNS

Frog prince croaks


Truth watcher
Equality all she wrote

Electricity afoot

SOS Sanctity of Spirit

Docket13.com www.FrankTruthTree13.com 14-13 Emerge 1 HE – Human Era Confucius Jesus 14 aka year 1 HE Reality is the Truth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception Truth is that which would be observed by God whether or not He exists or whether or not one believes He exists IDEAL Simply Reality Sanely Dealt With 1 Planet 1 People 1 Spirit 1 Force 1 Law 1 Sense They who do not agree are possessed of Evil Perception deliberate or entranced must change for HE Humanity Enhanced ADULT Ascertained Demonstrably Unprecedented Law Terrestrials


BANAL VIBES Bias anomaly natural antiquated logistics Vulnerable insidious bribes evil sanctimonious SS Segregated Solidarity Achieving ages of adulthood never to mature as creatures of habit blinded by the blinders PRICK I FIBIB Political Religious Intellectual Charlatan Kleptocrats inciting Fickle Inherent Bias Ignorant Bliss

With APG - Apposite Parental Guidance know well what it is to be human, what is and what is not receptive to a fellow human prior to the first day of SSS Satanic Sucker School however by the time they enter the WW – Working World of HE – Human Enslavement know well what it is to be the innards of the SSS Satanic Sucker Sandwich Attempting to eat themselves inside out in NEWS Never Ending War Story Financing the buns that encapsulate on a merry-go round attempting to go up the down 2

escalator on the treadmill dire straits of the circle of life child play never to venture ORBIT ROP Outside routine box intellectual trigger Reverse osmosis psychosis GURU Grow Up Responsibly Unadulterated

Franky says ―Pick your Knows‖

―Do not do to others what you would not wish for self‖ ―Recompense injury with Justice and recompense kindness with kindness‖ BLOT Bright Light of Truth Trans is a Latin noun or prefix, meaning "across", "beyond" or "on the opposite side".

1. Not experienced but knowable Philosophy independent of human experience of phenomena but within the range of knowledge 2. Mystical Relating to mystical or supernatural experience and therefore beyond the material world GRACKLE Golden Rule Axiom Commonly Knowable Logistics Emphatic Though in our face free for all Justice is not, being in the realm of mystical or supernatural experience beyond the material world precisely why beliefs that Justice exists is challenged by the Truths that irrefutably prove it’s non-existence unexplainable to them of BOMS – Bias Osmosis Mind Set – PIG – Personal Interest Groups look to each other for support, in a world of PIG NEWS – Never Ending War Story being 3

favorable to them of the material world where Justice is not served the informer tries until eventually success caused to Trans … never to be heard from again by them of the cooperative supporters of the material world of which there is no legal explanation.

The gradual, often unconscious, absorption of knowledge or ideas through continual exposure

rather than deliberate learning
Should there be no STP - Satanic Truth Prohibition much wiser the MOSES Majority Osmosis Supporters Enslaving Self www.McHellions13.com Alas they are not aware of the White Pope Satanic Good Guy and Black Pope satanic Bad Guy routine
Black Pope obviously in charge proving to the World God Father of the material world in charge

God damned if they didn’t call it Good Friday for Christ sake

Years later the puppet White Pope surfaced providing the assurance of NEWS Never Ending War Story "Thy kingdom come"

Black Pope
The request for God's kingdom to come is usually interpreted as a reference to the belief, common at the time, that a Messiah figure would bring about a Kingdom of God. Traditionally the coming of God's Kingdom is seen as a divine gift to be prayed for,

not a human achievement.
This idea is frequently challenged by groups who believe that the Kingdom will come by the hands of those faithful to work for a better world. It is believed by these individuals that Jesus' commands to feed the hungry and clothe the needy are the Kingdom to which he was referring.

White Pope

http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=QH4ZfSECJxg&feature=fvwp Black Pope’s Power Structure Soon possibly Good Friday the Black Pope will surface with HEAVEN Humanity Enslaved Advanced Vulnerability Emphasis Naivety

Old Money Evolves Nefariously OMEN http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monarchy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aristocracy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictatorship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy AMEN Pagan God PG Parental Guidance http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=X5L_x6RHE4s Empire of the City Vatican, London, DC AMEN Satanic God Popular sovereignty or the sovereignty of the people is

the belief
that the legitimacy of the state is created by the will or consent of its people, who are the source of all political power. It is closely associated to the social contract philosophers, among whom are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Popular sovereignty expresses a concept and does not necessarily reflect or describe a political reality.[1] It is often

contrasted with the concept of
parliamentary sovereignty, and with individual sovereignty. Once susceptible to belief can be led to believe we have no parliament or individual sovereignty ruling us in façade of De jure administering De facto www.CleptocracyCoitusAhSo13.com


Perhaps none so dumb as the majority with the exception ET dying to tell you the Truth


According to some theories of democracy, popular sovereignty is the founding principle of such a system.[3] However, the democratic principle has also been expressed as

"the freedom to call something into being which did not exist before,
which was not given… and which therefore, strictly speaking, could not be known."[4] This type of freedom, which is connected to human "natality," or the capacity to begin anew, sees democracy as "not only a political system… [but] an ideal, an aspiration, really, intimately connected to and dependent upon a picture of what it is to be human— of what it is a human should be to be fully human."[5]

"the freedom to call something into being which did not exist before, Transcendental
1. Not experienced but knowable Philosophy independent of human experience of phenomena but within the range of knowledge

Justice Minister

―Do not do to others what you would not wish for self‖ ―Recompense injury with Justice and recompense kindness with kindness‖


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